the crossing

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a short story

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



The Crossing


Lyria awoke to the vision of her crossing from Trinidad to Areben flashing through her mind. Lyria drowsily stood up off the hay bales and brushed off her tattered leather armor. She took in the open field while standing in front of the rolling green hills filled with the beautiful lush grass. Too bad she could never live here. She had illegally broken through the shield that protected Areben from attackers and their worst fear, other people. Even if you were lucky enough to get through the barrier legally you were usually met with high levels of suspicion and disapproval. Lyria was one of the few to ever make it past the shield and into the country.

Lyria had paid a powerful druid to break the shield. When the druid broke the shield it released a powerful burst of energy that burned straight through him and leveled the forest behind them. The blast had knocked Lyria prone she stood up and dove through the shrinking hole in the shield. The shield sealed behind her with an electric crackle and then it was silent. Lyria cleared her mind of the memory and walked out of the field to the main road. She had no idea where the city was but decided to walk towards the center away from the shield. Lyria had walked for about 5 hours before she saw the bright blue electric stream from the generator at the center of the city.

Soon she was in the center of the city. As she was walking through the local market she could see people staring her down and throwing her dirty looks. She saw several people writing notes and releasing messenger pigeons. After two or three minutes the market had become very quiet. Lyria knew something was wrong so she started running through the market realizing that there were less and less people. Eventually she heard the pounding of feet and clanking of armor and realized that is was the Areben guard. As she was running, the door of a shop opened and she was felt a tug on her leather armor. The next thing she knew, someone had pulled her into an open room. The guards ran passed the shop and continued the search. Lyria looked to see who had saved her from capture. She looked up and saw it was a short old woman.

The woman said, “My name is Odet. If you want me to keep you safe, you will have to work for me making armor.” Lyria replied, “I'm Lyria. I just came through the shield, thank you so much for saving me from those guards.”

“No problem. You are not the first or last person I’m going to save.”

“So what do I need to do?”

“Well, you need to get in the back and start stitching armor. You will be paid three copper for every suit you make,” said Odet.

“WAIT -- THREE COPPER?!?!? That is almost nothing,” screamed Lyria.

“Well, you could always go back out that door and deal with the guards,” she said as she slowly began to open the door, ushering Lyria out.

“FINE I’ll stitch your armor just let me stay,” yelped Lyria.

“Alright, as you wish,” said Odet shutting the door and locking it.

“Follow me,” she said as she walked towards the back of the room shoving a matted old curtain out of the way and walked up to a mirror.

“This is it,” said Odet

“This is what?” asked Lyria

“This is the entrance to your new home” Odet waved her hand and the mirror opened into a swirling  portal. They stepped through and appeared in a bustling workshop with several people stitching.

Lyria knew that Odet had trapped her and many others, while taking advantage of the illegal immigrants. An old raven flew over and landed on Odet’s shoulder, staring at Lyria and said “Oh look another sla-(cough) worker you will be of great use.” Odet lead her over to a table and dropped various pieces of leather and metal and said, “Get to work.” Lyria worked hard for the next several days until she felt a power take over her. The draconic blood in her veins began to light and she felt the primal magic course through her veins. Her skin burst into flames as the heat began to course off her body, scorching the ground around her. She began to try to control and focus the power. She focused the power into her hands and then launched it as a giant bolt of magic energy through the wall. Then out of the plaster fell a small gold ring with a snake looping around it. She picked it up and felt the power course through as she slipped it on and began devising a plan to escape.

She decided that the next time Odet came through the portal before it closed she would fuel it with some of her power, so that it would stay open long enough for her to escape. Later that day, the white shimmering of the portal appeared and Odet stepped through. Lyria formed a gold spear of pure energy and hurled it at Odet. It burned a hole through her body and she dropped dead as she slowly disintegrated. Lyria held open the portal and all the immigrants ran through. As they came out of the house, they all dispersed except Lyria who ran towards the center of the city where the generator was. Several guards ran out to get Lyria and she continued to pelt them with orbs of energy that launched them back. She blasted open the gates and fought her way to the core. The core of the shield was a swirling blue crystal. She held out her hand and yellow energy began to swirl around her hand. The skies began to darken as she prepared to destroy the shield. “SEND FORWARD YOUR LEADER OR I DESTROY THE SHIELD!!!!!” screamed Lyria. Shortly after a tall, old man wearing long robes appeared “What are your demands?” he asked “I want citizenship for all immigrants in Areben,” She said

“As long as you do not harm the shield your demands will be met,” he replied.

“Good,” she said absorbing the power from the ring causing her eyes to become gold then returning to their normal color. 


This story was written to show the struggles of immigrants and what effects they can have ona country if you would like to help  please go to the following websites.


© Copyright 2018 Hue Mann. All rights reserved.

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