Vulnerable Women No More

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Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



I feel sad. Because...

I know I'm vulnerable. And I feel like someone is taking advantage of that, or trying to.

I feel mad. Angry. Hurt. Helpless.

As a woman in this world, I often encounter bad men trying to take advantage of me.

This makes me sad and mad. I don't want to talk about this anymore.

I know I should face ugly truths about life.

There's just something about being a woman/female that makes us vulnerable. And I'm not just talking about being physically vulnerable...

It's a mentality. We doubt ourselves. Even in the most ridiculous circumstances to. In fact, it can be that the more we have reason not to doubt ourselves, the more we do. It's our natural predisposition.

Some men in this world are bad. Bad, bad, bad. The bad ones get a kick out of making us feel worthless. They like seeing us SUFFER like this. They want to see how worthless they can make us feel. I hate them.

They try to get as close to us as they can get, when they know it's not wanted. It doesn't just have to be unwanted sexual closeness, which we know as rape or any kind of sexual assault/harassment.

It can also be unwanted emotional closeness. Acting like our boyfriend/husband/love interest, as if we have that emotional bond, when we don't. Just like in forced sexual contact, the forced emotional contact can range in severity. The severity depends on how much the bad man enforces his conduct, and also depends on how objectively unlikely the romantic emotional bond is. For example, all other factors being equal, it is much worse when a much older, married man acts this way toward us, than when a single man close to our age does.

They're trying to take everything away from us, the most important parts of us away from us. Men know how important love and intimacy are to women.

They make us feel worthless.

And once we are in this weakened state, it becomes even harder for us to pick ourselves up and stand up for ourselves and defend ourselves than it was before. Because, as women, we were already prone to doubting ourselves and standing up for ourselves, to begin with. The bad men know all this, and they capitalize on it.

But they don't always win. And they're not going to win, any bad man who tries any of this stuff with me.

I will stand up for myself, in the face of these actions, done to me as a woman. I will fight against them, every time they do this to me, now, and should it ever happen to me again.

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