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Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016




When reasons,rhymes,blood and glory,

Started failing with each blow to the head.

You, me and all eternity cramped up inside

your dreams of idealism

And totalitarian folly of men.

And when poets and visionaries

burnt their words for a greater cause,

The cause never showed its face,

nor did the words...

We sacrificed humanity for fun,

And while two lunatics sat side by side,

dreaming about reality

And conversing about the conspiracies of time,

We smile behind masks of fallen generations

And preaching silence for eternal pain.

They saw through their lunatic eyes,

The entire lunatic,burning world.

So they smiled and found solace,

And went back to being lunatics

once again.

We are the leaders of an eutopian world,

Governed by faith,

Just to be slaves of an ideal world,

Governed by love. 


© Copyright 2019 Reet Bhattacharya. All rights reserved.

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