Tales of Great Fortune XXIV - A tale of injustice

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The Great Trenlin has to put a temporary stop to his efforts of becoming the next big thin in the business of fortune telling as criminal masterminds succeed in delaying his progress.

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



"So, they were able to surprise you?"

With the awe-inspiring ability of every true fortune teller, the Great Trenlin sensed a hint of irony, maybe even sarcasm, in the voice of the police officer. A silent sigh escaped from his mind as the image of yet another clueless and close-minded public servant materialized before him. The Great Trenlin would not be the slightest bit surprised that it was the same person who also rejected his job application in the field of forensic research.
"Not at all, my dear officer," the Great Trenlin explained, "fate is inexorable."
Carefully, he eyed the officer who had just stopped taking notes and was just watching the Great Trenlin.
"Inexorable is written with an i and only one x, somewhere in the middle," he offered some advice. 
The police officer did not seem to appreciate it.
"Yes, there is no y in inexorable," Porric added.
Both normal people in the room turned their attention to Porric now. The Great Trenlin's overfunded and overestimated underling seemed to be uncomfortable with the sudden attention.
"Get it?" he said nervously, "There is no 'why' in..."
"Shut up, Porric!"
"Please, mister Trenlin."
"Great. Great Trenlin."
"Yes... Sir. Please do recount the events to me, will you? There seem to be one or two details missing from the plot."
"Ah. The plot sickens."
"Please, Porric, I am trying to concentrate!"
The Great Trenlin calmly suppressed the urge to apply a random act of violence to his co-worker. The feature was especially impressive for the fact that the battle stick of the police officer made it quite tempting.
"Well," the Great Trenlin started off with the guile and craftmanship of a real showman, fortune telling remained part entertainment after all, "It was a nice late winter day, somewhere in February."
"This afternoon to be precise, sir."
"Shut up, Porric, I am trying to get a message across."
"At the corner of Main's and Glasgow street, I was happily whistling a tune of the Ramones."
"Was it Blitzkrieg Bop, sir?"
"I believe it was a song in English, Porric."
"You can whistle in different language, sir?"
With great skill and composure, the Great Trenlin managed to knee his employee in the groin unnoticed.
"Good God!" Porric squaked in a high pitched voice, presumably only to be heard by dogs and fortune tellers.
The police officer gave Porric an odd look.
"Yes, Porric," the Great Trenlin consolated him, "and do say a prayer for world peace as well, would you?"
"So... I was walking down Main street, approaching the corner of Elm's?"
"Please do not interrupt me, officer, you are not being paid for making it hard for me to appreciate your job," the Great Trenlin explained sincerely.
"Right... Please continue... sir."
"So I was approaching the corner, whistling happily and looking around when I suddenly sensed danger."
"In the form of a baseball bat that hit you in the face?"
The Great Trenlin did not like the tone of the officer at all. He regretted the fact that decent manners were not practiced any more, not even by public servants. If only there would be some presidential candidates who could serve as an example to the common man, that would greatly improve matters. Alas! The Great Trenlin did not foresee anything like this happening in the near future.
"The future manifests itself in all layers of our existence, officer. You need all your sensory and extra-sensory input to be aware of that and only a holistic approach is a guaranteed path to effective predictions.
"And when you were on the ground, he took your wallet?"
"And my iphone."
"And your iphone."
"And two of his teeth."
"Those were only minor teeth, Porric. I did not use them that often at all. In fact, I was very dissatisfied with them. Not the quality one would expect from a pair of grinders. And please, do not use that high-pitched voice, Porric. My headache is big enough without it."
"That is encouraging news, sir," the officer added while taking notes, "I guess you switched on the tracking system in your iphone before the incident?"
"Tracking system?"
"Yes... Those phones have a tracking system so that you can find them whenever you..."
"O!" the Great Trenlin started laughing, "Why on earth would you expect that a fortune teller needs a tracking system?"
The officer seemed to be taken aback. The Great Trenlin was not surprised. The servant of law had demonstrated a worrying lack of knowledge about the universe already.
"So you know where your phone is at the moment?"
"Yes, it has been sold to the highest bidder," the Great Trenlin immediately felt the answer.
"By whom and to whom then?"
"My dear officer," the Great Trenlin once again had to inform him, "I only know these things that the universe sees fit for me to know. And suppose, even if I would know the name and even if it would not be obstruction of justice to remain silent of it, I would still not provide it to you. Some things are meant to be. Others are not. Fate is inexorable, remember?"
"But you could at least..."
"Ok then," the Great Trenlin raised his hands in surrender and started the session clock to track payments for his readings, "Ever heard of a man called James Randi, officer?"  

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