Next Stop - Part V

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Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



Part V

Maggie and Carlos Vega are in the kitchen of their house on Beach 43rd Street off of Beach Channel Drive.  Maggie is cutting up a loaf of Italian bread, while Carlos finishes a cheese omelet.  Carlos puts his omelet with green and red peppers, white and yellow cheese, black olives and slices of tomato, on two plates and onto the kitchen table.  Maggie places two small plates of bread on the table and the two begin to eat.

“Are you going back to Cuba again?” Maggie asks.

“No, I don’t think so.  I saw my parents, they both looked very old, but we were happy to be together again.  I hope to get them into the States.” Carlos.

“Who else did you see there, a few old girlfriends maybe?” Maggie.

“What do you care? What about Mister Lover man?” Carlos.

“He just comes in for a shave on Wednesday and Saturday and a haircut once a month.” Maggie.

“And what else? A little special grooming? He brings you flowers and jewelry.” Carlos.

“That’s not true, who told you that? I’m a business woman, not a fool.  You of all people shouldn’t be asking any of these questions, your activities are less than honorable.” Maggie.

“I will destroy these rumors with my future actions.” Carlos.

“What actions?” Maggie.

“You will no longer hear vicious rumors.  I will dedicate myself to you, you’ll see.” Carlos.

Maggie studies Carlos’ face and sees the sincerity.



Mora is on an uptown “A” train looking for Sam.  At Broad Channel he finds him, desperate, but yet somehow clean. 

“Okay, dirty dude, you got your wish.  Go see Wilson ASAP.  Your job is waiting.” Mora.

“Are you serious, Alfred?” Sam.

“Of course I’m serious.  Go see him right away.  If you get off the train now you can jump in Jamaica Bay and have a really good bath, plenty water but no soap.” Mora.

“I don’t like what you called me, but I do need to clean up.” Sam.

“Clean up? Ha, you need a power hose.  Get off now we’ll go back to my place, you can clean up there.” Mora.

The train pulls into Broad Channel with Sam and Alfred getting off.



End of Part V 

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