Only Human (Divine Forgiveness)

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To err is human to forgive divine

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



At times I don't do all that I could.

At times I do more than I should.


I've learned that some of the choices I make,

for my own and other's sake,

and the trails and paths I take,

now and then turn out to be a mistake.


I've lied to improve my predicament.

I've told the truth to my detriment.

I've stood fierce for what I know is right.

I've cowered in fear instead of stand and fight.

I've taken what I've not rightfully earned.

I've given to the last and got burned.


What do you want from me?

Who is it you want me to be?

Perfection is an impossibility,

I'm only human.


Sometimes my intentions are tainted.

Sometimes my intentions are sainted,


I've learned that hit and miss and miss and hit,

more often then not ends up getting me in shit.

Once again with determination and grit,

I struggle and dig my way out of this pit.


I've stepped up taking the burden of responsibility.

I've slacked off waiting for others to do for me.

I've passed by with cold indifference.

I've circled back around with love and patience.

I've given kidness, comfort and passion.

I've held back a simple expression of compassion.


The things I do and the things I don't.

The things I will and the things I won't.


I've learned that the comforting words I've said,

helped those who need it abate their dread,

and by good example I've led,

minds, bodies, and spirits I've fed.


I've thrown rocks on my path making me stumble.

The path is cluttered so I sweep away the rubble.

I've lifted others up in their times of need,

and held other back for my personal greed.

I've heeded fool's words and fell for their guise,

ignoring the guidance and advice of the wise.


What do you want from me?

Who is it you want me to be?

Perfection is an impossibility,

I'm only human.


I'm only human, I'm weak and strong.

I'm only human, I'm right and wrong.


I've learned that reflection is the key.

That the easy way is not always easy.

Through trial and error I now see,

nothing worthwhile is ever free.


I strive to be better than the day before.

Isn't that what this journey called life is for?

Spout and sputter, judge and curse.

Can you honestly tell me I'm worse?

You convict and pass down my sentence,

but my repentance is none of your business.


You tell me with a smile I'm your angel.

You tell me with a smile I'm your devil.


I've learned a few of the things I do,

with good intentions have fallen through.

The path to hell is paved with all these too,

All a person can do is laugh and say, "Who knew?"


I've told the truth, and I'm sure you can relate,

to our common condition, our singular fate.

We all have secrets we want hidden from sight.

Things kept out of the scrutiny of the light.

Things that weigh on our conscious hard.

Things that left our souls battered and scarred.


Why do you expect more from me?

What is it you expect me to be?

Perfection is an impossibility,

I'm only human.


Are you different? You think perhaps your superior?

Am I different? You think perhaps I'm inferior?


Must I fall all over msyelf hysterically?

Act over the top dramatically,

to convince you of my sincerity,

that with the chance I would do it differently?


Or maybe I wouldn't,

because I just couldn't.

Maybe I'd do it better than before.

Maybe I'd just mess it up even more.

But, must I apologize again and again,

for being only human?

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