Everyone Will Have Their Dead

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“These woods are rumored to mess with folks head,” grandpa had said

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016




Every winter break David would go stay at his grandpa's house. Those few weeks seemed to last forever; long days and the nights even longer: grandpa telling war stories in his sleep.

David, now 13, didn't think he could survive another “vacation” at his grandpa's. David’s parents had told him that his grandpa no longer lived in the city; he had moved to an old cabin in the woods and that it might be more fun this year.

“His buddy Bill used to own the cabin,” dad mentioned, “it wasn't being used so he let pops stay there for a while. It should be fun for you guys... I'm sure Gramps will take you fishing and maybe even teach you how to shoot. It'll be good for ya. ”

David smiled but was doubting it would be a fun let alone good for him,  “Sounds great dad...but why can't I just stay here?”

His mom popped her head out of the kitchen, “Nonsense! You can't stay home alone.. Besides, grandpa loves having you over.”

“Well I don't know about that….he's crazy. ” David mumbled.

“Come on, none of that. Now I want you to be nice to grandpa while you're there.”  His mom walked over to the living room and started to fix his hair.

“Mom I always am. And stop with the hair, I had it how I wanted.”

She smiled a motherly smile, “Fine. Try and have fun... I love you.”

David's dad had already left the house and was waiting in the car.

David stood there with his hand on the door knob, “bye mom, love you.”


Car rides with dad could be fun or dreadful depending on his mood. Dad was in a fun mood today so he sang along with the radio and told funny stories. David usually liked to joke along but today he felt glum and only laughed every once in awhile so not to hurt his feelings. Eventually, his dad quit talking and the rest of the ride was quiet and melancholy. David stared out the window for about an hour, examining the small towns they passed. To him, life without the city would be no life at all. He had no idea how he’d survive the three weeks.

After a while, they became surrounded by trees and David knew it wouldn't be much longer. As they drove up the windy roads, David’s phone started to lose service. He sighed. A few minutes later the radio started to cut out. His dad tried to fix it while keeping his eyes on the road. Then gave up, also sighing.

David glanced out the window, his eyes scanning the trees. He looked through the windshield and his eyes focused in on a black figure standing in the distance. As the van grew closer he could see the face was very pale and shaped funny.  Suddenly, the van felt like it was driving in slow motion. The man glared at David as they zoomed by. His eyes looked jet black.

David jumped as the radio cut back on.

“Yippie.” his dad exclaimed referring to the radio.

“Did you see that guy?”

“What guy?” his dad furrowed his eyebrows still not taking his eyes off the road- he was in his own world, casually whistling.

“He was standing by the road and looked so strange. He had black eyes and--.”

His dad snickered.

“I’m serious Dad- he looked... creepy.”

His dad coughed then smirked at him. There was silence for a while and David tried to forget about it,

“How many people live around here anyway?”

“Well,” his dad sighed, “not too many. Couple cabins here and there. Not many people come here.  Kinda abandoned.”

Something about that didn't settle well with David. Suddenly, he got goosebumps as they drove deeper into the woods. The trees started to grow closer together, casting one big shadow. It’s as if they were working together; some kind of cult- the branches like ghostly fingers scratching at the windows.


It was only 6pm  but in the winter time, it started to get dark at five.  David wondered what the woods would look like in the daytime. As the car approached the cabin, grandpa was standing outside his front door, as if he knew they were going to arrive at that exact time.

His dad waved from inside the car then quickly parked. He got out and grabbed David's suitcase out of the trunk.

David was still sitting in the front seat. He watched his dad make his way over to his grandpa then he turned around and glared at David which meant he was to supposed to get his butt over there.

David sighed and left the safety of the van.Grandpas faced looked grim, “How goes it kid?” he Pat him on the back. His voice sounded just like he remembered: gruff and raspy.

“I'm good” David replied politely.

“The trip okay george?”

His Dad shrugged his shoulders then yawned while smiling, “well, you know.”  

Gramps nodded then asked David's dad if he wanted to stay awhile.

“Thats alright.  I better get going. It was nice to see you though.” He smiled and waved to David, “I'll see you before you know it.”

David nodded and watched him as he drove away.

“Me and him were never close were we?” his Grandpa mentioned. David just stood there awkwardly.

“Well, come on in.”

They both stepped inside.

“No T.V. here but we got radio.” He pointed at the radio that was placed on top of a messy table nearby. The table had a bunch of newspapers and random wood carvings.

It was very warm inside, the fire had been going and dinner smelt like it was cooking. The place seemed welcoming enough.

“Make yourself at home.” Grandpa started stirring a pot in the kitchen.

David set his bag down and took a seat at the table.

“You make all this stuff?” David picked up a carving of a bear and held it up to the candle light.

His grandpa glanced over and nodded modestly, “Yeah, gives me something to do.”

David placed the bear back down, “That's neat.”

“I could make you one if you'd like.”

“Really? Thanks.” David replied honestly; he actually would like one.

Grandpa brought the food over to the table, “just beans and cornbread, hope that's alright.”

“Oh, uh, yeah sounds good. I'm not a picky eater.” David fibed.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet. The two hardly spoke. David's grandpa showed him to the spare room at the back of the house.

It was chilly so his grandpa set the fire for him.

“Sorry I don't got electricity.”

David wasn't sure how to respond so he just nodded.

“If you need anything just holler...Guess I'll see you in the morning.” He shut the door and left David alone.

David had remembered his grandpa being talkative and full of energy but now he seemed so reserved and tired. Perhaps it was old age, or maybe it was because he lived way out here in the woods all by himself with no one to talk to.

David sat at the edge of the bed and stared out the large window. David should have been thinking about how boring it would be here and how it would suck not having internet or cable or even electricity, but he wasn't thinking any of these things. He just stared at the trees, thinking nothing in particular. He slowly lied back in his bed, his eyes growing heavy.


David awoke the next day to his grandpa chopping wood outside.

David grabbed his coat and stepped out the door. It must have been pretty early based on the look of the sky.

“Morning grandpa.”

“Oh...hey kid.”

David just sat there watching him chop wood. Then he glanced at the trees.

“Hey pops? I think I'm gonna go explorin. Is that alright?”

“You dont gotta ask me. Do whatever you like.”

“Alright...hey, have you seen any….strange things around here?” David asked, thinking back to the pale man he had seen.

“Yep. All the time.”

David was taken aback, “Really?”

“Yeah all sorts of things.”

David thought it was strange he was so straight forward about it.

“Well, what kinda of things?”

“People. Creatures. Kinda hard to explain.” He coughed and wiped his brow as he continued to chop.

“Creatures? What do you mean?”

“I don't want to talk about it.”

“But grandpa, I seen-”

“Didn't you hear me boy? I don't wanna talk!” He threw down the axe then looked at David with crazed eyes, “Now get.” He whispered in a low growl. All of a sudden his eyes turned black and he looked like he wanted to kill him.

David looked at him wide eyed and ran towards the trees, not really sure what to think. Once he got to the creek he sat down on a log to catch his breath. What had just happnend? That wasn't just an over reaction, his grandpa had changed into…. something else. Something evil in his eyes. Like the pale man…

He had said he seen things? Creatures. What did he mean? David wish he knew. So many thoughts were going through his head. He was scared to be in the woods yet he didn't want to go back to the cabin, at least not right now.  Just as he thought this he heard rustling in the distance, he reluctantly turned to look behind him. A dark figure was nearby. He saw a glimpse of him through the mess of trees. He wasn't coming towards him. What was he doing? David slowly moved his head in a different position so he could see: The man was digging.

David wanted to run away but his gut told him to check it out. He tip toed closer, hiding behind each tree as he got to it.

Suddenly, David's feet snapped a twig and he winced; heart pounding. The man stopped digging almost instantly and it was silent.

Could the man see him?

David gulped and peaked his head around. The man must have already been staring at the tree; when David peaked around the pale man's eyes met his instantly.

David stopped breathing.

The man seemed to have no expression. He wasn't angry, frightened, or even surprised.

David was about to start backing up but  the man moved first; he dropped the shovel and started to run away in the opposite direction.

Maybe it was the adrenaline, but David felt a burst of courage and called out for him to stop, “Hey! Who are you?” But of course the man kept running.

David started to breathe hard now; the fog closing in around him. But he could still see the man in the distance, running down the hill. The sun was rising right above it. David shielded his eyes and made his way to where the man was once standing.

There was a deep hole.

His heart felt like it was about to fall out of his chest. He hesitatingly stretched out his neck to look inside. He couldn't believe it, Grandpa lay there inside; dead as yesterday morning.


David ran to the house as fast as his legs could carry him.

Grandpa was dead....But How?

What was he to do? Call the cops? His dad? Run away? The murderer was nearby….perhaps he was coming back to kill him. He couldn't leave the house. He couldn't run away.He was in shock.

Just to be safe he grabbed his grandpas gun that was sitting near the door. He loaded it with shaking hands then grabbed the phone off the hook.

“Hey! What are you doing!”

David spun around with tears in his eyes. His stomach dropped.

“Grandpa? How…”

“What is the matter boy? Give me that gun! What were you planning on doing?”

“Grandpa, I swear….I just seen your dead body!  This guy was... he was burying you.I know it sounds insane. I don't understand what's happening.”

His grandpa didn't reply for a while and placed the gun back on its honorable shelf.

“You believe me don't you?”

“Well, I believe that you believe what ya saw. But… those woods have been rumored to mess with folks head.”

“But it was real.  I don't understand though...I had just talked to you a minute before and that body had been dead for awhile and-”

“Wait. Talked? We haven't talked today until now. I just woke up.”

“No! You were chopping wood earlier. Dont you remember?”

“I was sleeping, son. I don't know what else to tell you.”

His grandpa grabbed the axe and stepped outside. David just stood there. Speechless.

Davids thoughs raced through his head: I’ve gone completely insane. But insane people don't know their insane, do they? Maybe it was just a vivid dream. I slept walked.

David stopped at that thought and left it at that. It was the only way he could keep sane.

He stepped back outside when he was ready and stared at his grandpa as if he were a ghost.

“Stop looking at me like that.” He grumbled.

“Sorry. I just can't believe it.”

He continued to chop wood.

“Have you seen anything strange around here?” David dared to ask.

“Yep. All sorts.”

David felt he was going to pass out,  “What sorts?” his voice cracked and it came out a horse whisper.

“People. Creatures," He paused,  “Actually theres this man...very pale.”

David sighed, though he felt like screaming, “Pops are you messing with me?”

His grandpa stopped chopping for a second and was breathing heavy, “No. I've Lived here a while. I see the man every now and then. I figure he lives around here...somewhere”

There was silence.

“Will you walk with me in the woods? I'll show you where I seen your body. I seen a pale man too.... he was the one burying you.”

His grandpa didn't say anything but looked at David with a face he'd never forget.

“Let's go.” He whispered.

As his grandpa walked behind him, David felt the terror sink in. This was all too much. His breathing became shaky and his grandpa must have noticed. He placed his hand on David's shoulder. David jumped a little and his grandpa smirked.

“It's okay.  We’re in this together.”

In that moment, David felt an abundance of comfort. Everything would be okay. As his grandpa stared at him with those old familiar eyes David heard a sound and wasn't sure what it was until his grandpas eyes widened and he gasped as the arrow pierced  his heart. He fell to the ground.

“Grandpa!” David almost fell to his knees. He felt as if  he had also gotten shot but reality was much worse: he was alive...and the pale man was staring at him, smiling in the distance.


This time David ran. He ran because there seemed nothing else to do at this point. Though in his mind he was still standing by his grandpa, pops was already far behind him.

David wondered why the man hadn't shot him yet. As he was running he slowed down and turned his head to see where the man was.

The man was way over there….dragging his grandpas body into the hole.

David grabbed at his hair in utter terror. His mouth hung open. He shook his head over and over until he became dizzy. After staring for a while, David began to run again. He noticed it was darker than before. The sun was starting to set. Where had the time gone?

David made his way to the door, swinging it open like a mad man, then slammed it shut. Locking every single lock all the way up the door. He went to every window and locked it. He ran to the phone and dialed 911 then put the phone to his ear.Unfortunately, there was no comforting voice, just a deafening Dial tone.

“No! No, no, no!” He cried out in complete desperation. “Please, God, no!”

Somehow the gun had disappeared, it was no longer on the shelf where his grandpa had placed it. He threw things off the table until he found his grandpas sharp carving knife. He ran out of the room knocking over the carved bear on his way out.

He closed all the curtains. Suddenly the sun set and it seemed to become dark almost instantly. David made his way to his room. He was sobbing uncontrollably. His hands reached around in the darkness until he finally grasped a match. He lit the candle.

He sat there forever. Just crying and gasping for air. It had to have been hours later but it was still dark out. His eyes grew heavy and he was about to nod off to sleep until something jolted him awake.

He heard a faint tapping at the window.

David sat there scared out of his mind. He closed his eyes and rocked back and forth. He tried to ignore it. Each quiet knock made his heart pound violently against his chest.

He tried desperately to ignore it, but the knocking wouldn't stop.

“It's just a nightmare. A long dream. it just has to be.” He mumble as he slowly crawled over to the window.

Don't open it! His mind screamed.

Suddenly, he was so frightened he became full of anger. He grabbed the curtain aggressively flinging it open.

Grandpa stood there with black eyes; Shotgun in hand.


When his grandpa saw him he smiled and stopped knocking.

“Hey! I figured you were in there!” He yelled. Though the window was closed, David could hear him. It was faint but he could definitely hear.

“Its okay….Open the window, David!”

David shut the curtain and fell to the knees gasping. This made grandpa angry.

“David! What are you doing? Let me in right now, boy!”

“Leave me alone!” David screamed at the top of his lungs. He was sweating profusely.

Suddenly there was a big crash. He had used the gun to smash the window.

David screamed and couldnt stop. Grandpa made his way inside, the glass cut up his body as he squeezed himself through.

“Please!” David pleaded, his body shruken in the corner of the room.

Grandpa kneeled down beside him and David was so scared he whimpered like a dog. The black eyes looked through his soul.

“David,” grandpa whispered softly, “its time to go, you gotta come with me.”

David just stared at him blankly, “what?”

Grandpa placed his hand out in front of him as if David were supposed to take it.

“You're not my grandpa!” David cried.

His grandpa could see he wasn't going to cooperate. He had no choice but to knock David on the head with the gun. David passed out almost instantly. He slung David over his shoulder and carried him out of the house.

When David awoke he was laying in the woods. It was snowing; the flakes clouded his vision when he opened his eyes. Through blurred vision he saw two figures standing  beside him. Grandpa...and the pale man.

“David!” David could faintly hear his mom and dad calling to him. They called out his name over and over.The rescue team pushed their way through branches.

David rubbed his head and drowsily stood up.

“Dad?”  David whispered. He tried to yell but it was as if his voice wasn't capable. He tried again anyways:“Dad!”

He saw his dad in the distance and tried running to him but something stopped him. His legs and arms were wrapped in chains.

He looked behind him and the pale man held the chains tightly. It was then Daivd noticed something he hadn't before; though it was dark he could see a bunch of pale faced figures hiding behind the trees.

“You belong to the forest now.”

“Here in the forest, we keep death.” They all said this together.

“But I'm not dead!” David hissed.

“Not yet.” The pale man agreed, “but...by the time were done with you, it's guaranteed.”






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