The Day They Saw Mars

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an observation on a relationship evolving with time.

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



When B was small she was A’s everything. With an immature, naive understanding she carried the weight of confidante on her frail shoulders the best she could. After all, A was her everything too. Egging her on to be smarter, fearless and reach for things she was too shy to all on her own.

The years went by. A and B exchanged roles back and forth. They quarrelled and tore at each other’s throats. Yet they always leaned back soon after. Then one day B went away and A was left helpless. She tried clinging on as hard as she could but a telephone cord could never provide the comfort of a shoulder. At first B clung onto that cord from miles away and it was all alright. But B had places to go and people to know, wars to win inside her head, and corners of her mind to discover. Soon the cord gave away and B flung into the world all by herself.  Scarring her heart over and over, she unearthed a disturbing secret. No one could be her everything, no not even A, because she had to be her own everything. She had to give herself over to herself and only then could she be free, the zephyr to her own wings.

A could not fathom this. She could not understand where the wide eyed girl who hung onto her every word had disappeared.  B came home but they only grew farther apart. A lashed out and B grew bitter. B danced to her own tune and she fell further and further in A’s eyes. They had given up. What once was would never be. Secretly they both wanted to reach out but they were too vain. Only the weak begged for affection. The strong earned it.  Yet again years went by. B looked to friends for comfort and A only lashed out more. Eventually indifference bandaged the smite and things grew calm on the surface.

B was leaving home again. And this time she was crossing seas. The last few days before departure were the hardest. A had got it into her head that B’s friends were untrustworthy and hours which could have been spent creating memories were spent arguing instead. B had had it. She couldn’t be happier that she was going away, far, far away. Funnily enough a few days after landing she cried and she could not understand why the only person she wanted was A. Learning deceit at a tender age had hardened her heart and she had not cried in long time. Yet here she was crying over the person she was so glad to get away from. Months went by and many suns rose and set by the beach. It was time to go home again. But this time things were different. Somehow A and B had reconciled. Neither knew what it was that had settled matters but for the first time in many years there was true peace. Not painted with any other shade, no hidden undertone, just bold pure peace.

On one particular evening, work had taken the rest of the family to another city. A and B were engrossed in a very gripping retelling of a real life murder. B had been informed that Mars was out in the sky that night. Around midnight soon after the police had convicted the right victims, B wanted to go downstairs and take a peek at Mars. A was too sleepy and disinterested. B said she was going to go anyway whether A came or not. Of course A wouldn’t let her precious B go alone so reluctantly she went downstairs too. As they turned around the corner of their block, peeking through the trees was a brilliant full moon. They walked on towards a clearing in the canopy and right there a little away from the moon was a shining red dot. A sight so many light years away and yet so magnificent. They both stood there startled by the beauty of it all. It had rained a while ago and the clouds had cleared up leaving the sky a little brighter, the stars a little shinier and the planet in proud view for all of mankind to see and wonder. 

They stood there in silence and then smiled at each other. They were a little older, a little wiser and very tired from all of life’s battles. A was glad B had insisted on coming out that night and B was glad A had agreed. It reminded B of a sunny afternoon from long ago when everyone else had lost faith in her and A had taken her to the beach to cheer her up. As they had stood waist deep in the ocean and stared into the distance B knew she would be alright because she had A.

You see, A and B can manage very well all by themselves. But in the end when it comes down to the alphabet they are always together, one after the other. And it can never be another way, no matter how hard anyone tries.

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