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The child who was born in a third world country, but became one of the richest men alive It seems like a dream that is only as realistic as pigs flying and men with wands. The child always wanted to be rich. It was only age 14 when he realized that he needed to put in some effort to succeed. At that time he was still in school trying to figure out what become in life. The boy could sit on the pavement outside his abode, staring into the sky daydreaming of becoming a legend. So he tried to develop himself, physically, mentally… But he kept one failing to reach the standard he wanted.

Once he was 16 his mind had expanded for he read so many books that gave him inspiration. He aimed to figure out how to master his life. He alone wanted to conquer the world. He decided that he needed to sacrifice some of the things he enjoyed doing in order to focus on his goal. For some time his determination seemed to drive his purpose forward. But later on it still ends the same way, which is him getting distracted and diverted away from his goal by something or someone. After this cycle continued for a year, the boy became afraid. Fear of failing in life and dying a ‘nobody’. It was fright that led him to ponder on success.

It suddenly clicked to him. The way to succeed in life was clear to him. The problem and the reason why he was failing, was because he was alone. He didn’t have people to drive him forward. People he could learn from or share knowledge with. He checked past reference and confirmed that most successful people had someone or people that contributed a lot to their success. This could be a close friend, a mentor, parents, teacher, rival or a group of individual with a similar interest. Once he realized this he gathered a group of people and convinced them that too succeed they need to work together. They agreed with him and started a company together. Twenty years later. He was a billionaire.


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