Her Place

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Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



She found this place years ago the first time she ran away. At first it didn't seem like anything special, it was just a place she could escape; It was her place. The more time she spent there, the more she learned of this special place. She saw that the plank across the creek was actually a bridge high up in the mountains. The slow trickle of water was actually a roaring rapid that would be perilous should she slip and fall. The vines and leaves turned into rope and banners of her magnificent palace the more she sat there and stared. 

He was also young when he saw her for the first time. He had lived here for a while, but had never seen her before. She looked so strange standing there, and a foreign feeling filled his body. He no longer cared about cooties, or what the boys back at school would say. All he could think about was her. His mind told him to run, to run away and forget this place he had stumbled across. Despite this he did not move a muscle, his body seemed frozen in place. So he decided to watch her, maybe if he waited a while he would remember how to speak again, and could approach her. After ages of thought, he decided to wait until she left, that would reduce the risk of him making a noise and being heard. When she left he slowly left his hiding place behind the bushes and approached and preceded to sit on the plank dipping his feet into the cool creek below. 

Just before she broke the edge of the forest, she realized that she had no way of getting into her house. She had brought a hide-a-key rock from home and put it on the bank of the creek. Just to keep her perfect place free from outside influence, seeing her key sitting somewhere would take her mind back to her problems, and the reason why she wanted to be gone in the first place. It did not take her long to realize something was astray. She had been coming here long enough to know how to move quickly without making a sound. He did not possess this talent. While she glided through the trees like a ghost, he crashed about and seemed to find every stick to step on resulting in a sharp crack for lack of moisture. Her adrenaline failed her as she made it to the last tree before the opening that she called her own. Just one tree separating her from the outsider who dared disturb this place of hers. Mustering the strength, she whirled around to confront this stranger. It took her less than a second to realize she had made a mistake. This was no stranger at all.

He stayed longer than he intended to, that much wasn't hard to admit. He should've been home hours ago, but he just had to know what was so intriguing about this place for her. All he saw was an unkept clearing in the woods, that was split down the middle by a small creek that moved along at its own pace. The only thing that stood out in this scene, was the plank that made crossing the water easier. So what was it that kept her here for hours, looking aimlessly into the canopy? Was there a treasure lost here, that she did not want anyone else to have? Cursing her to stay here forever, ensuring that if it were ever found, she would be the one to do so. Well, come to think of it, that rock was a few shades lighter than all the rest..  No, that couldn't be it. Was she waiting on her Prince Charming to come snap her out of a trance, and ride her off into the sunset.. Well, if you close one eye, cock your head left, flip your head back, squint the other eyes, and wait, sooner or later he'd look pretty close to Prince Charming.. No that wasn't it either.. The rush of leaves and approaching steps caught him off guard. Heart pounding, he turned to see the girl standing there, arms crossed expecting an answer. “I, er, you, uhhh”, his voice squeaked, and he stood there like a deer in headlights.

“This is my place and you're trespassing!”, she said after a pause that would've left even the smoothest talker at a loss for words. She noticed that he had her key in his hand, the broken rock laid at his feet. This had never happened before, she did not know what to to do. People never come into her fortress of solitude, only animals sometimes. “That’s not yours, give it back”. She rushed toward him, not out of anger, but out of terror. She tried her best to be invisible, to be under the radar of boys like him. She had seen him in school, and at the mall, and buying food, and playing ball, and.. No, stop.. She needed to be focused, she needed to get her key back, then she could run away from this place, and be free from him. That was a weird statement, this was her “get away place”, a place free from others, free from the bad things, one of the only things left that made her really truly happy. But all she could think of was escaping, getting away from this place. Getting away from the boy who she’d seen in school, and at the mall… and buying food.. and playing ball…

When she came towards him, part of him wanted to stand firm and act like the tough man so many expected of him. But the other part wanted to move, get out of her way, get away from her, forget about her, anything. What actually happened was a mix of the two, he tried to shuffle backwards, but caught his foot on a root next to the creek. Falling, he dropped the key and flailed about looking for any chance to stop himself from becoming soaked in the water. His arm hit the makeshift bridge, forcing water and dirt into the air as it went tumbling down into the water below, with him not far behind. “Now what’d you make me do that for?”, jumping to his feet, he realized that this came out far more harsh and defensive that he intended.The girl stopped, slowly bent down to pick up the key, and calmly replied, “That was your own clumsiness, now help me fix this.” 

The next day she left school and went her normal way into the woods, and towards the clearing that was oh so familiar to her. Her mind flashed back to the day before, and how he stayed for almost an hour to make sure she got everything back in its normal place. She walked into the opening, when she noticed he was already there. But this time he wasn't alone. She was scared for moment when she heard the noises, but soon went away when she saw the figure of a little girl run from the shadows and hug him around the neck. “What is this place Bubby?” the little girls voice reached her and gave her new life. “Its my special place”, she said walking towards them, startling them both. “You're sitting next to my bridge, and below it is the canyon that you don't wanna fall in”. The little girl jumped up, and walked towards her with her arms out wide, balancing on the thin plank over the small creek. “Nuh Uhh”, she cried, “This isn't a bridge, and this is just a little bit of water”. She smiled, and shook her head. “This is my kingdom, and you're my visitors.”

The image vanished, and he realized that all eyes were on him. He looked at the bridge high in the mountains, that was actually a plank crossing a small gap. He looked towards the roaring waterfall, that was actually only a slow trickle of water. He looked at the ropes and banners of the kingdom, which were only vines and leaves running up the bark of trees.. He looked toward the girl who he had met so many years ago in this same place.. Took a deep breath.. And said “I do”.

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