an unfortunate situation

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a story about harsh consequences because of necessary actions

Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



An Unfortunate Situation

Two people are running down a street. Devonte' shouts look at Mad Dog  moving. Never seen him move like the Hall of Fame running back, Jerome "the bus" Bettis. I know he played for coach Cotchery, but he's running like a return man. Let's cut them off and see what the problem is. Bang bang (all in dialogue). Run!! Screech, Ray Mond's car whizzes by. Gun Shots.

Carter "Ray Ray" Slade, Mathayus "Mad Dog" Richmond, Kordell and Raven Cartwright, and Devonte "Broadway" Exum are the good guys. Ray Mond Jefferson and Jeffrey Corliss are the dumb ass fool bad guys. More characters come later.

Around the corner Carter tells Devonte' that money is stolen and spent on drugs. Kordell is accused of this, but this isn't the case. Carter's money was stolen. Gun's are drawn and bullets rain. Up until this point, no one is hit. Mathayus catches Ray Mond on the next block. They get to fighting. Sirens are heard getting closer. A Cruiser arrives and Jeffery takes 3 shots at the car, and hits it once. Officer Marcossi, a 9 year veteran, jumps out the car. Standard procedure ( hands up...), but then Vinny is shot 5 times by Jeffrey, and Ray Mond was about to get his two cents in.

Carter and Broadway put a hurtin' on Jeffery, then all four triple take at one another. Carter says not me, not my fingerprints and Kordell agrees. All four thought about leaving Vinny for dead. Earlier Devonte' quickly disabled the dash cam, so there's no record of occurrence. Giving aid to Vinny is more important right now than Jeffrey and Ray Mond. There's always bad blood in their neighborhood with police. In this instance what just went down is an unfortunate situation. The four while keeping both subdued, put Vinny in Mathayus car. Kordell says "We need to ditch the cruiser" (They do just that). Devonte' suggests taking Vinny to Raven's house (Kordell's sister). Setting aside their tensions with police, all agree because no one dies on their watch unnecessarily. This means a threat on their lives. Ray Ray has a change of heart and is determined not to let Vinny die. 

When they get to Raven's house, Mathayus rings the bell and she answers. Automatically she beckons as to what happened. "Long story but the man got shot up 5 times" Carter said. " We need to do something quick." " Get in here!". Luckily the neighbors didn't hear. Jeffrey shot Marcossi before he's on the receiving end. Still isn't right but partially necessary". Ray Mond is his accomplice and are no match for the crew.

  Devonte' and Kordell have peroxide and bandages. Raven quickly re-applies pressure, then Ray Ray (Carter's nickname) takes over. There's no time to wait for the ambulance and police always follow when a gunshot is reported. Broadway and his boys ditch their gun's and roll bounce in Kordell's car and to the hospital. When they get to the hospital, luckily both a doctor and nurse were outside. A gurney was close by. Everyone told doctor Jessica Delafield  and nurse Diamond Cordero what happened. Vinny is still alive. More oxygen and I.V. are applied. Everyone including Raven will accept whatever criminal charges are accessed except attempted murder, kidnapping, and leaving the scene of a crime.

  Officer David Carlisle, Vinny's partner arrives an hour later after retracing his steps in an alley, and came up empty. He radio's but gets no response During the time that passed, David continued searching for Vinny and the cruiser but without success. He gets on a bus back to the precinct. He gets a call that Vinny is at the V.A. hospital in Brooklyn where Celeste (Vinny's wife) is.

  Celeste and Inspector Thomas Cavanaugh (Marcossi's C.O.) arrive.  (Dialogue) " Bout damn time you showed up. Still eating those Crispy creams, porky" "I beg your pardon?" "You heard me. I done told you to watch them sweets but you don't listen." A couple of minutes later Dr Jessica Delafield comes out.

  Fellow officers along with Carter enter. Thomas is about to open his mouth when Carter enters, but takes a look at Carter and eats his words. Carter greets Dr Delafield and Nurse Diamond Cordero. Then Celeste prepares for the news. Mathayus, Kordell, and Devonte huddle up to devise a plan. Do they want to testify, and what possible deal is on the table. Devonte gets a text from a neighbor as to the location of Ray Mond. Broadway (Devonte) relays the update. " Let's go to work!

  Inside the hospital lobby fellow officers, including Carlisle talk. Kordell comes back with some troubling news. Vinny's left lung is punctured and he needs a transplant operation. Carter will give blood if need be. During the transfusion, Marcossi flat lines but the doctors revive him. Officer Carlisle gives a statement that he and Vinny heard gunshots and responded. "Everything happened so quick that I ran to get help, but never found anyone. I came back to the scene, and my partner was gone. I radioed dispatch but was told there were no units in the area." "Thank you Officer Carlisle." Diamond said.  Devonte stays in the hospital room despite the doctor's request to see how Vinny is progressing. Celeste didn't bring their kids because it might be too upsetting to see their father in this predicament.

  When Sgt Marcossi wakes up, he doesn't remember anything that happened other than being in an alley, but is glad to see his wife. When Detective Cory Young and Thomas enter they convince Vinny that all 6 shot him. Raven arrives to tell all personnel the truth, and sequence of events. Jessica and Diamond look at both officers with utter respectful disgust. They begin to feel like it was a waist of their time taking their statements. Thomas and Cory are dumbfounded.

  Detective Young would like to have Devonte and his friends come down to the precinct. Nobody wants to testify and Raven is starting to get mad at them. Thomas tries and is successful.  "Broadway, if you and your friends go to trial, A.D.A Carlton Murdock will cut you a deal. Everyone testifies and not only will I offer $7.5 million, but I will erase any criminal record that may be standing against anyone. Terms can be up to discussion if you meet me at my office. All officers will come with no badges or uniforms, as long as you have no weapons on your person." "I'm still not convinced." Celeste is teary eyed. and attempts:  " Broadway please, if not for me, for our 2 children, Crystle and A.J.". All four have sympathy for her now. "Hold up, let me think. Give me 10 minutes, I'll call back."

As promised he calls back. " I don't want money, just meet us at Union Turnpike 186th behind Jack Kaiser Stadium/ St John's campus. This Friday, 2pm. There's a payphone on 166th street. Dial 718-583-9142. Disable the phone and we start all over. There's no quarters needed. Wait for me and then we parlay. " "No badge". "Unarmed, agreed". For the remainder of the night he thinks about it. On the set day and time, they agree to testify. Celeste is happy.

Mad Dog and Carter set up meeting. No one will need a lawyer because part of the deal is pleading guilty to weapons possession, disorderly conduct, but not accessory to murder. As for Raymond and Jeffrey when we find them, there is no deal. They are guilty and will go down for attempted murder and more charges. The D.A.'s office will look at it as giving aid to a police officer in need of assistance, which is the 1013 code. Mathayus has a plan for Celeste. The Red Hook Fish Market is hiring and Mathayus needs extra help. Celeste would be a great asset. She needs to stay busy to prevent a nervous breakdown. Baccari Vel Jefferson, a co- worker of Broadway, puts her employment in place. All four live on Vinny's income, so from this day on until life is back to normal, her 2 kids, 6 and 8, need to grow up quick. This is her 3rd time working during Vinny's career.

  Devonte brings Celeste down for an interview and Baccari gives her the job. He takes a look at her car before they went and says "You shouldn't be driving this. This car (a Camry) should be in the  museum of auto motive hoopdees." She doubled over laughing. Afterwards, they went to a Cadillac Dealership. "I got a guy that will hook you up. Let's roll bounce in my Escalade." When they get to the dealership, Carmine see's the picture of the Camry and staggers after looking at the abomination. He leads them to a 2016 Platinum Escalade E.S.V.  Devonte pays in full and Celeste drives out in style to pick up Crystle and A.J., from school.

I.A is now involved as Lt Ryan Decker and Det. Brian La Tory question Thomas and Kevin  about their involvement. Thomas is of no use because he wasn't at the scene. The only credible testimony  at this time is Kevin's statement. Kordell and his boys are A.D.A Carlton Murdock and the departments only hope.

Carter and Kordell get a phone call from a friend as per Jeffrey's position. The S.V.U. squad along with I.A. desperately want to devise a plan. No one has any proof for arrest, until word spreads that Raven was shot at 18 times but not hit.

Det. Lamar Porter, who is promoted to Sergeant later, and Lt  Decker give suggestions to the group:The next step is to gather troops. Inspector Cavanaugh chooses his squad and Kordell gets his deputies together. All officer's including Thomas need cardio training by running football drills for speed, a 5 inning baseball game to develop rhythm and mobility. Running uphill is included to prepare for stairs. Football drills help develop light movement on feet. All this will take place at Ralph Kaiser stadium in Queens. Kordell and his boys will lead the investigation as Captains.

Things are falling into place. The goal is to bring justice for Vinny and Kevin. "We don't need a bloodbath. An eye for an eye does us no good and brings us to a stalemate. We will provide all that are on the case with the designated equipment." Homemade Bullet proof vests strong enough to with stand a high caliber riffle are provided and custom fitted. "As we all are aware, Jeffrey and Ray Mond are armed and pose a threat. They're not dangerous. I say this because they make stupid deadly decisions that we can handle. This won't be a cakewalk so we need 100% effort. Our biggest request is no excessive gun fire due to a previous incident we had." Carter said. "Fair enough" La Tory responded. We'll put out tensions with you aside."

After training, everyone heads back to the precinct. "Let's form a perimeter from Hollis Avenue to Francis Lewis Blvd through Braddock and Fairway avenue. This should be enough space to cover leaving nowhere to move. Creedmoor hospital is about 20 to 30 yards away, in case things go south.  " Sounds good everyone?" All agree. Two hours later all deputies are in Queens. Things are going as planned. Crystle and A.J. will help. They need to see these men who tried to kill their father, for questions and answers. "Let's roll out."

"Thomas and Brian roll with me and Carter", Mathayus said. They head toward Union Turnpike. Raven has her own car and is close behind. Carter tells Broadway turn left, I'll go right. Two minutes later, "1013,1013,1013". Jeffrey is seen on Henley Road. Carter and Brian rush toward Springfield Blvd and Kingsbury Avenue. The rest of the crew is far behind. When Brian and Carter arrive at the location, they run inside a large white building. About 3 minutes later the plan falls in place.

Carter, Kevin, Celeste, and Officer Cooper, added to Thomas' detail, go up 5 flights of stairs and hear clanking noises. "Anyone on the third floor" "Not yet" "Celeste that might be Jeffrey."  "Ok, I'll be up in a minute"( dialogue between them). A.J. and Broadway look on the 5th floor and find Jeffrey. "A.J. go stay with mommy, and bring Kevin up." Kevin gives a perimeter update. Carter arrives with La Tory and has Jeffrey point blank. During the briefing all were reminded to bring these fools in alive. Kevin and Detective La Tory arrive and Brian thought about tackling Jeffrey but changes his mind.

  Jeffrey and Brian exchange hot lead but miss. A second time, La Tory misses and hits Carter twice, once in his back and bounces off his face when he turns around. Immediately he staggers and covers his face. The room is spinning like he suffered a concussion in a football game. His nose needs major reconstruction, and for who knows how long, a face mask. Kordell detains Jeffrey and Ray Ray does what he can not to let the eye fall out the socket. The bus is on its way. After about 3 minutes of dizziness he says "Forget it", and tried something else that worked. Paramedics arrive but it may be too late. The bus is on its way  Somehow he managed to use the first aid kit. Paramedics arrived and worked quickly bandaging the gap. He said My head feels like it was smashed in a football game" Paramedics try to do more in the ambulance, but have no success. Immediate operation is the only way.

At the hospital everything goes well. Ironically the same staff including Dr Delafield will operate. She doesn't take his insurance so he'll need to work a "double not the devil" to foot the $410,762 bill. "410,762, do you take my insurance." "No." "Alright I'll call in a favor" "We can help you" No, I'll get the money to you the best way possible. How long do I have before my bill is due?" "We're working on it and give you the breakdown. Ok let's get you stabilized. Do we have room 4 free", Jessica said. Carter goes under and begins treatment on his nose using skin grafts. Next bone molding. A glass eye is used for replacement. Step three is fixing the scrapes from Brian's bullet holes. Once that's finished, a lengthy recovery and rehab process starts.

Kevin and Thomas bring Ray Mond and Jeffrey in for questioning after Detective Porter does their paperwork. He is on desk duty until he strong enough to walk the beat. Vinny's and Kevin's family and all involved will witness them getting their proper revenge and the honor of arresting Ray Mond and Jeffrey. By law an attorney is provided. Each "deputy" takes turns grilling and "roughing" answers out of Ray Mond and Jeffrey." "Why did you do it, who's idea was it, and do you understand the ramifications and repercussions of your heinous actions?" Alicia Marie and A.J. kick Ray Mond and Jeffrey for trying to hurt their daddy during the interrogation. No one says anything.

  " Oh come on." Mad Dog pummels Jeffrey, "Wrong answer!" Ryan stepped in to calm Mathayus down.  "Our father was clearly in uniform in an NYPD vehicle and identified himself" Alicia Marie said to Jeffrey. That's right, you're doing great Vinny said from his hospital bed through an I phone camera.  Carlton is just counting and nodding his head thinking about how to nail these guys. He's also factoring the deal they made. It's like and elderly witness senile then when they get on the stand, no more games.

  Kordell and Kevin are starting to get along and could very well be partners if Kordell was on the force. At first nobody cared about anything but ending each other the best way they know how, but now things are changing. Devonte and Vinny's family formulate a plan b in case he can't go back to work. Vinny can join Internal Affairs and continue his career from there, but he aims to get back on the beat. 

Thomas, Carton, Lisa, and Celeste prep for the trial, (statements and verdict upcoming). Ray Mond and Jeffrey ask for their lawyers, but there's just too much forensic evidence and obvious foul play to put up a fight. In other words case closed for Ray Mond and Jeffrey. Kevin and Vinny are handed full reigns under Thomas' oversight. The only thing left to do is prep for arraignment and trial.

 All witnesses who gave statements have been brought to court for their testimony. After the Judge and Jury preside and deliberate for 2 weeks, Ray Mond Jefferson and Jeffrey Corliss are tried and convicted for the attempted murder of Sergeant Vincent  Lee Marcossi. The weapons possession charges are added.

Vinny fully recovers and returns to work. Thomas retires and Vinny replaces him in an astounding 12 years and governs the position for 2. In his final 13 years, he makes Chief of Dept for 7 years totaling 25 years. Kevin retires as a Lieutenant, 16 years later at age of 48 also 25 years of service. Celeste becomes an assistant to Carlton, then a lawyer at Stephen's law firm. Ray Mond and Jeffrey receive a 25 year sentence for their crimes and because Sgt Marcossi survived. Ray Ray, Broadway, Mad dog, Kordell, and Raven took training from the police and learned how to make their neighborhood a better place. Due to their testimony at the trial, their "heroic acts" to save Vincent 's life, cooperation and strategies leading to Ray Mond and Jeffrey's arrest, all are expunged of each criminal count. Everyone except Raven received 3,000 hours of community service.

Alicia Marie and A.J. completed grade school and went to John Jay College. Four years later they graduated with Masters in prosecution and personal law. Devonte finally found a woman he had a lot in common with. Being a former athlete, first ballot high school football hall of fame linebacker, and the perfect personality lead to 3 kids 10 years of marriage and counting. All families are very proud. Celeste went back to school and got her Masters in Criminal Law prosecution and made partner at Carlton Murdock's Assistant District Attorney's office.

Vinny fully recovers and returns to work. Thomas retires and Joshua takes his exact place and rank in an astounding 12 years and governs the position for 2. In his final 13 years, he makes Chief of Department for 7 years totaling 25 years.

Kevin retires as a Lieutenant, 16 years later at age of 48 after 25 years of service. Celeste becomes an assistant to A.D.A Carlton Murdock, then lawyer at Stephen's law firm. Ray Mond and Jeffrey go to prison and never see the light of day again. Ray Ray, Broadway, Mad dog, Kordell, and Raven took training from the police and learned how to make their neighborhood a better place. Due to their testimony at the trial, their "heroic acts" to save Joshua's life, cooperation and strategies leading to Ray Mond and Jeffrey's arrest, all are expunged of each criminal count.

  Vinny's and Kevin's family and all involved will witness them getting their proper revenge and the honor of arresting Ray Mond and Jeffrey.  Ray Ray, "Mad Dog", Kordell, and "Broadway" along with Raven took training from the police to learn how to make their neighborhood a better place. Ray Mond and Jeffrey went to prison and will never see the light of day again. Carter Slade's eye is replaced with a glass eye and eyelids.

Ray Mond and Jeffrey went to prison and will do all 25 years. Carter Slade's face healed.


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