Who is he?

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Imagine you are in the middle of an adventure; marooned in a house. there are 8 friends with happy faces and an invisible soul who has the ability to retransform the house and do anything. what will happen when the game will begin?

Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



Chapter 1

We went to find our ways

I am Vanessa Walters. Today I am going to tell you a story, you may take it as any kind of story except comedy, but basically it’s my life story and I know how it felt every moment in this journey. I’ll try to describe all my feelings and situations, maybe I am not clear but please try to look forward to me as you in the story, which may lead you to the actual incidents and feelings of my heart. You can describe me as a crazy, spoiled teen of 18 from a good school. As now our exams are over so we, I mean our friends group planned for an adventurous tour without any aids. Let me give you some description of my friends. Sandy was a wise and brave guy with a big heart. He came in his casuals; I mean a rusk coloured pullover and a pair of ripped jeans. He looked really handsome and different from the others but his black vest could be seen unnecessarily. Bella was a great snob always boosting her knowledge, wore a floral printed skirt and a sleeveless top with a pink overcoat. Susannah was a good mannered girl a good friend of mine; was in a pair of printed jeans and a green cropped jacket; I must tell she looked pretty in those. Anna was the daughter of Mr. Jones always talking about tuition classes wore a fancy top and a long pencil-skirt with her furry jacket. Anna had a very bad habit of biting her lips. Larry was a good friend of Sandy and an introvert writer wore a blue sweater and a pair of faded jeans. Diego was a very studious and serious boy, looked well in his brownish blazer and black trousers. Bruce was a talkative chattering box came in his skin coloured hoodie and black denims. You may think why I am giving such odd descriptions of my friends but I like speaking the truth. I must tell that I was in a black leather jacket and my coffee coloured denims with my black knee high boots, my hair tied up into a short pony. So I must tell you that our parents were oblivious to the fact that we won’t stay in hotels. We just took our backpack some expenses that were all. You may think that we are mad but when you are 18 all this automatically happens. It was for the first time that we were somewhat on roads by ourselves in search of taxis. Diego and Anna were really enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly a red Innova stopped in front of us. Sandy’s smiling face peeped out of the window and we got inside the car. Sandy was an impressive driver and although there was a lot noise and commotion going inside the car still he was driving really well. So now let me give you some details about my friends and mine too.


Eye Colour

Hair Colour



Sandor Roberts

Obsidian Black


Playful in nature,

Good Looks,

Charming Smile, Bookworm


Anastasia Jones


Black streaked with pink

Blushing while talking with Diego

Vanessa Walters

( ‘I’ in the story)

Warm Brown

Blackish Brown

Thoughtful eyes,

Tragedy Lover

Susannah Rossetti


Chocolate Brown

Disarming Smile,

Pure Heart

Larry Stokes


Dark Brown

Stubble, Introvert

Bruce Williams



The chattering box

Diego Moore



Stealing Anna’s heart

Bella Hughes



Wears exquisite dresses

After 4 hours of journey we left the noise and fuss of London. Sandy tracked the road by using his mobile app. In the car we really had a great time. As network was not available in the interior first time we all sat together and chatted in the car. The place had its unique scenic beauty but the no. of houses was limited and it was impossible to find a temporary resident for 14 days. So we spotted an old, ruined house but don’t think that the house was inhabited by ghosts as the house was very grimy and ruined one as if it had hundreds of stories of sadness and depression hidden in it. So we had to clean two rooms one for boys and the other for girls. The house of three storeys was really old and if you ever visit it I am sure you are going to vomit in the particular spot. [I mean so much dirt, why doesn’t anyone offer it to the promoters; they could have cleared the ruins where we could have easily stayed.]

After completing the strenuous work of dusting the rooms we sat to get some rest, no one was that much hungry, as in your teen you have only hunger for adventure. The house made our faces happy but on the other hand it was creepier too. The house was really uncanny and scarier at night. At almost 1am I was awakened by Anna, she also looked frightened and Susannah was awake to so we thought of staying in the boy’s resident. Please don’t find it weird, but in the middle of an adventure anything can happen, anything. So we tried to wake Bella up but she was a Real Sleeping Beauty waiting for her Prince Charming, we decided to go leaving her in that room. In the boy’s resident Sandy was awake he let us get inside their room. We slept in a corner, in our sleeping bags but I found it impossible to find any sleep in the middle of a venture. I felt that the wall I was leaning over was alive and it was pulling me towards itself. I can still feel the touch of its hands around me which was too tight to breathe. It was breathing on my shoulder and I could feel his heartbeat. I was completely drained in sweat out of fright. It was an invisible soul. I thought that I was the only one who was awake in the middle of the dark night but someone was awake to, it was Sandy.


Chapter 2

I was caught with fever

In the morning everyone looked tensed as Bella couldn’t be found. Sandy was tensed, very tensed. Larry had searched for her twice but he was unable to find her anywhere. Sandy started to blame me for my irresponsible decision of leaving her alone in the room. Firstly I opposed but later on I felt somewhat like crying, maybe because he was unknown to my heart. Maybe because…

So we got divided into pairs to go in ruins in search of Bella. Susannah and I went to search for her together. Susannah was fearless and was enjoying the adventure very much and she was interested to know that what was going on between Anna and Diego as she made their pair. Suddenly we sensed a hand kept on our shoulder. That was the first time Susannah got frightened. We were about to shout out of fright but a much known voice said “Hey, what are you guys looking for.”

We turned back and it was our much known Bella. I was just about to scold Bella but I was somewhat interrupted Anna and Diego. Anna was blushing completely and it was clear that Diego enjoyed her company very much. Susannah was coughing hard to indicate the love-birds. Then Sandy arrived and he was very short-tempered and almost shouting at Bella he said, “Why you need to leave your room?”

Bella replied carelessly, “I was just roaming in the ruins of the house. “

Sandy again said, “We are in the middle of an adventure in a ruined house. You have to be careful.”

“I just needed a companion,” was Bella’s reply.

Sandy again blamed me and Susannah supported me, a big quarrel broke between Larry (who took Sandy’s side) and Susannah. I couldn’t bear it anymore and left the room. While I went out of the room getting frustrated of their quarrel I heard a known voice telling, “Don’t go out, you will fall to your fate.” But the voice was not my friend’s one.

I was roaming about in the ruins. I thought of Anna and Diego. Is their fate written together by the lord? What about Susannah and Larry? Is their fate written together quarrelling in these ruins forever? Whenever I kept my mind out of all this it was really creepy. Suddenly I had a very odd feeling. I felt someone’s heart beat under the floor. I felt someone breathing on my shoulder, hand, collarbones and his fingers moved down my scalp till my spines. I looked back and front no one was there. But I can still feel the same touch on my back. After that everything in front my eyes turned black, completely black.

I felt something cold on my face. It was Anna and Susannah was standing in front. Sandy was looking very concerned. I felt weak to move and to lean over the wall. I realised I was caught with fever. The moment I got back my sense Susannah started to blame Sandy for my illness. Larry defended Sandy and a quarrel broke out between Susannah and Larry. This time before I could leave the room sandy told them to stop. He knelt down in front of me and checked my pulse rate as it was low he told them not to quarrel anymore. He covered me with my sleeping bag as I was too weak to do that too.

Sandy said, “No more separate residents for today, we will be staying together and for tonight I am going to take care of Vanessa as everything happened to her because of me.”

I opposed by saying, “No, this can’t happen I am an adult and I am capable of talking my own care. After all Bella, Susannah and Anna are also there to look after my needs.”

He told, “You have already taken your care enough; now let yourself be handled by other.”

The night was damn cold and freezing. It was impossible to sleep so kept moving my here to there. Larry was asleep and drooling on Sandy’s shoulder. Anna kept her face towards Diego while sleeping too. Susannah was half asleep. Bella slept well. Bruce was totally lost in the land of dreams. Diego had put his earphones on and half asleep. Then my eyes went over Sandy, he had ‘Shiver’ in his hands. He moved his eyes up and our eyes locked for a moment. Sandy’s eye looked different and lips a little more reddish. This was due to the freezing cold weather. I was able to find apologies in his eyes which were about to unfurl. Suddenly Susannah woke up; she was too freezing, Sandy offered us each a sip of wine. The next morning I was woken by Susannah; it was almost afternoon. Sandy checked my pulse and said,

“Well it’s good to see you have recovered a lot.”

I said, “Yes, I must say I too feel better.”

 “Good to hear it. But still you have fever and you are weak.”

“Maybe because of the…”

“Because of what”


“Tell me the truth Vanessa.”

First time he called me by my name. I said,

“It’s personal.”

Before Sandy said anything, Susannah interrupted, “Look we are very hungry. So please talk later and come fast.”

I told, “You should have wakened me up earlier.”

Susannah said, “It was Sandy’s idea.” I looked over him and he looked very curious.

Anna had a tremendous plan for the evening. She spoke up, “We can enjoy seeing stars tonight on green grass floor only if you all agree.”

Not only everyone agreed but Diego too appreciated the plan.

Anna said, “Diego do you really like the plan.”

Diego replied, “Of course. Beautiful people always have beauty in their minds and hearts, just like you.”

Anna stared at him blankly. He again spoke, “Anna you are really nice but please stop the habit of biting your lips.”

Anna asked innocently, “Why?”

“Because it distracts me a lot.”

Love was almost in the air. But still for me the whole sky didn’t seem to be enough. I was not able to gain control over my mind and soul. In the evening Sandy almost forced Susannah and Larry to go and sit on the grass together. They were adamant that they won’t but Sandy almost pushed them together. Anna and Diego went to sit together. Bella and Bruce were good friends and hence went out together.


Chapter 3

We were on the stars

I was still struggling to stand up. Sandy put my overcoat around me and lightly helped me in standing up.

I knew he would force me to tell everything. He started, “Look it is important that you tell me what happened last day. I know that you weren’t ill because of the cold, freezing weather but due to something very strange.”

I replied, “It’s personal and complicated. I cannot share this with you.”

He said, “You have to share it, as it’s not just attached with you, but with all of us. Maybe I can stand beside in this.”

“Do you believe there is something in the house?”

He said, “Yes, I do believe in the fact that there is something really mysterious about this house.”

“And why do you feel it?”

“Your eyes tell me so.”

We were standing in front the house. It felt like I got the whole sky under my possession. It was the first time I was going to share something with a boy. Still it felt to be free like a bird flying in the vast sky.

So I started, “Till now we just belonged to the same friend’s group. But now we must at least have a formal introduction. So I am Vanessa Walters, better known as a tragedy lover in the group.”

Sandy said, “I am Sandor Roberts, I have a big corner in my heart for adventure stories. That’s all I need to say about myself. Now tell about your experience.”

“The first night I was leaning over the wall, you saw me right.”

“Yes because it was so adventurous that it was almost impossible to sleep.”

“I felt someone trying to keep closer to him and breathing on my shoulder holding me tight by his arms and I could even feel his heartbeat.”

“But how can it be possible?”

“I told you that you won’t believe.”

“Sorry, for the interruption but I would like you to continue.”

“Next day I was just casually roaming about in the ruins. I felt someone breathing on my shoulder, hand, collarbones and his fingers moved down my scalp till my spines. His heart was beating under the floor. He held my waist and kept me close to his soul.”

“Are you sure that it’s not a mistake, I mean…”

“A mistake can’t be made twice.”

“Are they ghosts?”


“Then what are they?”

“They are invisible souls.”

Susannah interrupted telling, “Are you two going to stand like the statue of liberty for the whole evening.”

I replied, “No, we were just discussing about something.”

We sat down beside each other. I must say that he was looking too handsome in the moonlight.

I looked up into the stars and rhythmed, “up into the sky

Shining stars

Down ground by

Beautifully sparks.”

Sandy said, “You make good poetries.”

“No it’s just a hobby.”

Anna’s cheeks complemented the stars best. Although being a tragedy lover I loved the moment, I mean everywhere there was happiness. It felt like I was on the top of the world.


Chapter 4

I got the best kiss I’d ever

Okay. I must confess that Sandy’s appearance can make butterflies in your stomach. I know you have never seen him but I can guarantee you that he is just like the man who comes in your dream and takes you with him because I still have his picture drawn in my heart. 

So again another night I must tell you that nights were the scariest thing for me in that ruined house. I tried to lean on the wall and sleep but it was impossible. Suddenly I felt the same touch on my back and someone wiped my sweat with his hand. Then an unctuous touch on my forehead and it was a kiss, a kiss from the invisible soul. I moved my head and no one was there. I was alone fighting with those souls completely drained in sweats. Sandy was asleep too. Still writing I have bristles on my hand.

The next morning, I was awake too weary to sit up. I can still have the awful smell of sweats from my body. Sandy was checking my pulse and he said, “What is happening with you girls? I mean how can your pulse rate be so low? And Susannah also had fever.”

I looked upon Susannah and I must say that Susannah was too weak and strained. Her irresistible smile was gone. I realised the fact that from the time we came to this house someone had to always fall ill. Was it just a coincidence or a serious matter we must stress on? By the way for the first time Larry looked concerned for someone and it was Susannah. I was somewhat happy to see that. [My heart said, “You were right boss. Something is going between them. We have to find it out. Are you ready for Mission Susannah Larry Mystery?”] 

Suddenly I was shaken by someone’s voice and it was Sandy. He yelled, “Look I am talking to you Vanessa. Answer me.”

I told, “Not now. We will talk later on. I feel too weak.”

“Once the time goes, you can’t get it back anymore. So please tell me what happened.”

 “Yes, I must tell you the incident.”

“I also need to tell you something very important.”

Susannah interrupted, “Why not us? I mean you should tell us too. We all are friends. Aren’t we?”

I replied, "Susannah it’s not just a matter of friendship. It’s totally different.”

Sandy and I left the room together. I felt free outside, I mean the fresh air to breathe in was really nice.

So I said, “So what you had to say?”

Sandy said, “You must begin.”

“Okay. So last night you were asleep right?”


“Are you serious? You don’t remember that you were asleep or not. Isn’t it strange?”

“Vanessa; tell me what happened last night.”

“Last night everyone was asleep except me. I mean I was trying to sleep but couldn’t. Out of sudden I felt someone wiping my sweats and kissing me on the forehead.”

“Who was it Bruce, Larry? Tell me I am going to punch him hard in his stomach?”

“No, you can’t do this with him. I mean he is an invisible soul.”

“Are you sure that you are not making any mistake in identifying?”

Before I could reply someone whispered into my ear, “No, you are absolutely sure.”

I grasped Sandy’s hand out of fear. He said, “What happened?”

I replied, “Nothing. What do you wanted to tell me?”

Sandy said, “Yes. I must say you. Do you feel that time is quite slow here?”

“Yes, somewhat…”

“Then your sixth sense really works.”

“What do you mean?”

“Promise me that you won’t shout out of fright?”

“No, I won’t do that.”

“Time is really slow here. I mean it seems that we are here for 3 days but it’s actually 6 days that we spent here.”

“What? I mean is it an illusion or hallucination?”

“It is an illusion, a trap made by those souls.”

“How are you sure?”

He took out his phone the date showed in it was 23rd December, 6 days passed since when we came here. I was spellbound. How can this happen?

He said, “Now you believe me, right.”

I replied, “Maybe…”

“What do you mean by maybe?”

“I mean maybe, maybe the time settings in your mobile is wrong.”

“I made a call to my best friend, Theo. He was supposed to attend the tour but he couldn’t as he was not well. After hearing him I was remained spell bound; he said that when I return after 8 days I must bring him a special gift. You need any more evidence?”

“No, but how do we tell them? I mean they are full of glee, look at their happy faces once; you find no one quarrelling, all caring for each other. What can we do in order to fight against those wicked souls?”

“How do you know that those souls are evil?”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe they just wanted to take revenge from any one of us.”

His black eyeballs sparkled; I felt his eyes changed its mood. I think I am really hallucinating.

I said, “Why from us?”

He said, “We must find a way to protect ourselves.”

“How do we do it?”

“I feel it’s a game between us and that soul, the one who wins survives…”

“And the one who loses dies…”

“Yes, it’s somewhat like that only.”

“Is there no other ways in which we can save ourselves other than playing the game.”

“A supreme soul can save all the other souls.”

“What do you mean by a supreme soul?”

“Even I am unknown to that concept.”

“Then why do we need him?”

“A supreme soul is needed to identify and he can save all of us.”

“How can a soul save so many souls? And why anyone will sacrifice himself to save us?”

“If a soul has the courage to sacrifice him for many other souls, he is the supreme soul in this case. Look I feel that everyone has a destiny, if a soul was made be a universal soul for us than he may die by someone else’s hand still he will recognize what he have to do. The invisible souls can also use him but till he is alive. He knows everything.”

“How do you know so many things?”

“We must go inside and tell them the fact.”

“Tell me, how do you know all this?”

“You will know when it will be the time to know.”

He grasped my hand and took me in. I felt nostalgic, Anna and Diego smiling and staring at each other. Larry was sitting beside Susannah and looking after her needs. I remembered about the mission I had said to my heart. I almost felt like I was breaking from inside and would burst out in tears. Sandy could read my eyes and grasped my hands tightly. He said, “Larry is there everyone in the room, I mean I need to make an important announcement.”

Larry said, “Yes, but what announcement.”

I interrupted, “No you can’t tell them. I mean look at their faces, how happy they are.”

Sandy said, “Don’t take me wrong but this decision will not only affect your life but all of ours.”

He was unstoppable and adamant that he would tell them everything. Others were just blankly looking at us.

Sandy said, “I am going to tell you something, something very important.”

Susannah was in a mood of joking and interrupted, “Did Vanessa propose you? I mean just like the way you are telling…”

Everyone was giggling, except us two.

Before Sandy could tell anything, I spoke up, “Look Susannah we are not joking, right. How can you tell like that? I mean it is such a serious matter…” [Yes, I must confess that maybe I was blushing uselessly and stammering while replying Susannah]

She said, “I was just joking like I do.”

I was really angry on Susannah not for joking but for joking about us two. I said, “Look the matter is so complicated you can’t ever imagine. Without knowing anything about the thing we are telling, how can you joke like that?”

Sandy tried to calm me down but in the mean time I burst out in tears. Now everyone was serious.

Sandy said, “Look we are not alone in the house, I mean there are something else too. And in this house the no. of days we spent is actually its double.”

No one spoke up except Diego. He said, “Look I have got only one life gifted by the god. I need to have my first kiss then exchange my heart with someone then marry someone then have my honeymoon with someone in Paris then start a new life with someone then have adventure with someone and then die with someone. The book of my life is still incomplete with 7 wishes. Anna will you help me in completing the book of my life?”

Anna was completely red; and said, “Yes, I’d love. But how can we do this?”

Diego said, “Then there is no how; we just need to follow Sandy and make him our leader.” He pulled Anna in his arms. They almost set an example for us.

Then Larry spoke up, “But how can it be possible, I mean why they will be furious with us?”

Sandy said, “Firstly they made traps for us that are completely illusion, and personally I feel they have some affair with Vanessa.”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on me and it felt like I was under a spotlight that would burn me from top to button. I mean I was tensed how will I able to face so many questions.

I was almost freaking out and said faltering, “Why me? I mean I have nothing to do with those invisible souls.”

“Why haven’t you had odd experiences in this house I mean you told me right?”


“Can’t you remember anything from past or childhood; I mean there may be some connection with it.”

“But why me, I mean I am just a youngster of 18 years…”

Unexpectedly I felt something hard, very hard on my head. Then everything in front my eyes turned black. When I opened my eyes firstly I saw Sandy was sitting in front of me in a knelt position. Everyone looked tensed. I felt awful as my head was paining hard, very hard.

Sandy said, “Look, I need to talk to you. It’s urgent.”

I replied, “Oh! My head is paining hard. I’ll talk to you later on.”

“I told you its urgent and in case I must tell you that I have given you first aid.”

“But we weren’t supposed to bring first aid, right?”

“I am advanced so I brought it. Now talk less and come with me.”

He helped me in standing up and we went out of the house. I almost gave my full body weight on him. I mean I was really not okay for the first time. In front my eyes everything was blur.

He said, “Do you have any idea that what hit you on your head?”

I replied, “No, but I am sure it is something hard.”

“You are right. It was the remains of…”

“What do you mean by ‘of what’? Tell me Sandy.”

“Remains of human, I mean half decayed skeleton.”

“What are you telling?”

“Yes, that’s the reason why we changed the rooms.”

“We changed our room!”

“Yes, everyone supported the decision so Anna and Bella supported you with their arms and made you lean over the wall.”

“Sandy, what can we do now? They are immensely powerful.”

“They have invisibility but we too have the power of identifying the supreme soul.”

“I have a great idea; I mean we need find out the reason why the souls are behaving badly with us. So we can perform a planchet.”

“But will it be safe for us; I mean it may lead us to more danger?”

“Are we in any less danger? I mean we have life risks too.”

“What are you telling? But…”

“What do you mean by ‘but’?”

“I meant nothing. But do you really think like that?”

“Yes, I think like that. What about you? Don’t you think for your friends?”

“Yes, I do but I am not sure.”

“You know sometimes you behave in a strange manner; I mean very strangely.”

His eyes seemed to change mood. He smiled. When I looked into his eyes it felt someone has poured liquefied petroleum in my heart and it came down in your stomach burning your digestive system, I mean it’s odd, really abnormal when you feel like that unknowingly. His smile was overwhelming, I mean he was nice. But his smile had some magic in it; when those two reddish lips curved; it is irresistible to stop yourself from staring at him for at least 5 seconds. I am just telling the truth, I mean don’t think I like him or something like that. After this we went inside the house and told everyone about our plan. They agreed; Bruce took up the responsibility of performing the planchet. We lit a candle in the middle of the room and sat forming a circle. I can’t describe you the excitement and tension that was buried in my heart. Maybe my eyes reflect everything that is buried in my heart, that’s why Sandy caught hold of my hand in a gesture of saying that everything will be okay. He looked mysterious in the candle light and his smile was heart-warming. I just hoped that smile would never disappear. Anna and Diego were in a mood of romancing. For the first 15 minutes we had to give our best to concentrate afterwards a smoke surrounded the whole room. It felt very drowsy and sleepy. Sandy’s hand was no more attached with mine, I suddenly realised someone whispering in my ears, “I am here my girl.”

I was very frightened and could not speak any word. Bruce said, “Are you here? Give some sign to us.”

In about a minute the smoke became denser. Bruce again spoke, “So as you are here tell us why you are furious with us?”

The same voice which murmured in my ears spoke up again, “I am not furious with you all. It’s just a game between 3 souls and one will survive among this three. You all just got involved in this game.”

“But how we can we get involved in all this?”

“You all got involved in all this because of her fate. She let you all fall in this situation.”

“Who is she? And what game are you talking about?”

The voice seemed to be growling with anger and it said with aggression, “I want pain, grief and all blues in this ruins. I find you all happy; that’s the problem. In life what do you get except sorrow? You all need to act as if you sad somewhat like those robots. And beside this hundreds of mysteries are hidden here, solve them and you will find the answer.”

He influenced my thought, I mean I was a tragedy lover and it was rather hypnotizing, I mean if you were present there you would have felt sleepy really sleepy. I spoke up, “I completely agree with you. I mean what else do we get from life?”

“That’s more like my girl used to be. But she left me alone in this ruins, but you won’t, right?”

Before I could hear my friend’s opinion I felt that I have become deaf and was unable to hear them. But a known voice spoke in my mind, “You are not to join him. Life is a gift by the god itself and you can’t spoil yours in the ruins of this building. You will live and build your career and become successful in life.”

I said to my mind, “Why would I listen to you? Who are you?”

“You have to listen to me Vanessa, you have to.”

Do I need to tell who was it? Maybe you guessed right, yes it was Sandy’s voice.

The soul again said, “You won’t leave me alone, right?”

I was puzzled but I knew what I should do, I said, “I can’t do this. It is impossible.”

“Why? Why can’t you do this?” he said with furiously.

“I have to follow him.”

“Whom are you talking about?”

“Sandy, I have to follow him?”

“I have someone in my side, and how daring are you to refuse me? Can you fight with us?”

“Can you?” he said more loudly.

“Yes, we can. You have invisibility but we have the power to identify the supreme soul." I repeated the same words that Sandy said to me. Maybe I shouldn’t say that to him.

“Who will be your supreme soul? Let the actual game begin here.” And then loads of unbearable laughter and then the smoke diminished.

I called out all the names but two didn’t respond. It was Bella and Sandy. When the smoke completely cleared, I found Sandy sitting still as a statue; it’s odd because he is the most playful one in nature. I called him again and he almost got furious and got hold of my neck. I mean he was trying to kill me, it was hard to breathe. If Larry and Bruce were not there, then I would have died. They pulled him away from me. I could hear that he was continuously telling, “You will die; you should have listened to me and obeyed what I told you.”


Chapter 5

Sandy cried for the first time

Everyone understood that he was not in himself. A soul has entered his body and whatever Sandy did was not by him. It was a very odd feeling, I mean the soul who wiped your sweats with his cold freezing hand and kissed you; the same soul tried to kill you by suffocating. Isn’t this very odd? After 2-3 minutes Sandy got senseless and he was caught with fever. It seemed like someone placed burning coal on his forehead. Everyone wanted to stay away from him as they thought him to be a helper of the invisible soul. But I couldn’t leave him alone in this condition; the way he helped me in recovery from those hair raising incidents, how can I leave him alone in such high fever? So I stayed beside him for that night to look after his needs. Actually we all stayed in the same room but there was somewhat a boundary separating us. Anna slept peacefully on Diego’s shoulder. I had a very dizzy feeling and leaned over the wall, suddenly I found Bella in front of me. She looked horrible. Her face looked terrible as if she had to bear a lot hidden pain, I looked at her body and I was electrified. There were 6 to 7 spots in her stomach where someone had put something very sharp. I looked down and everywhere there was blood on the floor and no one beside me, no one, not even Sandy. I had some blood on my hand, it felt vomiting to find so much blood around me. I looked towards Bella and she gave me a smile, I was not frightened of her, she was my good friend. Her known voice said, “Find my killer. Give him the same pain that I had to bear.”

I got almost hyperactive and sat up. Yes, it was a dream. Everyone was awake. Susannah cried at me telling, “Vanessa why there is blood on your hand? Have you hurt your hand on something?”

I looked over my hand and yes, she was right. I had blood on my palm. I was astonished. How can it be possible? Was that just a dream or a vision from Bella? I washed away the blood from my hand. In the meantime Sandy was awake. He looked unwell and stressed. Bruce came and said, “Diego and I went to search for her but we were not able to find her.”

Sandy was unwell and said with difficulties, “Have you find her everywhere?”

Before Bruce could reply I scolded him and said, “You are not to speak; I mean you are not okay, so you will not stress yourself on this topic.”

He grinned and everyone almost giggled uselessly. I mean what is there to laugh in this? Sandy’s eyes flickered and he was still smiling without reasons. I mean he had the habit of smiling without any reason. But his smile made me feel awkward; I mean I still don’t know why I felt uneasy?

Susannah spoke up, “Look, I don’t know how I must explain this to you but I must tell you the fact that we I mean we all except Vanessa do not believe in you anymore. I mean we don’t except you as our leader.”

Sandy looked towards me and was cool and calmly spoke, “Okay I accept this but why you took this decision? I mean can I know the reason?”(He looked peaceful as an ocean before a storm.)

“Of course you must. Last night after we completed the planchet, Bella couldn’t be found and you were stiff as a statue. Vanessa pulled your hand hard and you were furious as a soul entered your body. You almost tried to kill her by suffocating her. If Larry wasn’t here then she would have got murdered by you”

Sandy couldn’t believe his ears, he immediately left the room. I don’t know why he was so upset. I mean he was not guilt for all this, it was the wicked soul. I told Susannah, “Why you blamed him for all this?”

She replied, “You may believe him but we cannot.”

I went out to search for him. I mean he was weak and very upset. I saw him and tried to follow him. I mean although he was unwell but his walking speed was as usual unbeatable. He was talking with someone probably on his own; I was calling him but he avoided me as usual. Finally I coped up with him.

I said, “Are you going to present India in Olympics?”

He said, “No, why?”

“No you can go for Olympics, I mean you are enough able to win a medal for running.”

He gave me an angry look which can increase your temperature 100 times and kill you. He said,

“Have you come here to talk non sense? You also don’t believe me, right?”

“Why are you yelling on me?”

“No, I am not.”

“Yes, you have yelled on me.”

“No I haven’t.”

I started laughing and he too did the same. He said, “You are mad, completely mad.”

I replied, “I know that well; that’s my speciality.”

“You don’t know anything about my life.”

“So tell me I’ll get know.”

“Nobody believes me. At the age of 5yrs I lost my mother. Then my father gave me everything except two things that is minor according to him; time and love. I could never expect a day together with my father. I had two dear friends, Theo and Larry. Larry even took Susannah’s side. No one is there beside me.”

“Haven’t you believed me when I experienced those incidents?”

“Why are you asking me such odd questions?”

“No, tell me the truth.”

“Yes, I believed you.” `

“Then why I won’t believe you?”

“You really believe me?”

“I am always there beside you. And you are so stupid? Who asks someone that whether anyone believes him or not?”

Tears rolled down his cheekbones. He was crying for the first time. I knew that he needed mental strength but I don’t know how I could heal his mental state. While he was crying, I felt really bad. I don’t know why? But I too felt like crying. It felt a fire has lighted in my heart and it could burn huge forests and civilization.  I just had cross the fire barefoot. Each tear that dropped from his eyes worked as petroleum for the fire and probably my soul was crying too.

He said, “Do you really believe me?”

I replied, “Yes, I do. Now stop sobbing like a stupid, I am always beside you.”

So we went inside the ruins again. As he stopped sobbing, we decided to find Bella again in the ruins. I was half lost in vision, why I would get such odd vision? From where does the blood on my palm came from? Sandy said, “Where are you lost?”

I replied, “No, I was just…”

“You can tell me everything frankly.”

“No there’s nothing such to tell it.”

Chapter 6

Sandy and I were gossiping

We were passing through narrow corridors and they were so narrow that I had to put my palms on my head so that I won’t hurt my head. Sandy didn’t face any problem in passing through them maybe because he had many such adventures or maybe he had visited this area earlier in these days. We were gossiping about Larry and Susannah, I told him about my suspects. He laughed and I felt as if I have got a thunderstorm gifted by the god in the middle of the desert. It felt really nice to see him smile. At last we found Bella, but she was no more with us. Blood was split everywhere on the floor.  After seeing her body I was surprised because someone  had put something sharp in her stomach for 6 to 7 times and her face looked as if it had to bear a lot of pain while she left this world. I felt like vomiting and couldn’t keep on control myself and vomited beside Bella’s body. Then head was spinning and everything went black in front my eyes. When I woke up Anna was there beside me, Susannah too. Sandy was sitting in a knelt position beside me with a bottle of water. Anna said, “Tell me, what he did with you? Did he try to kill you again?”

I replied, “What do you mean by bastard in your words?”

“Who can it be except Sandy?”

Sandy giggled; he thought it to be really funny. But it was odd to see him laugh after seeing Bella’s body. But I was happy to find him cheerful again. I think Anna had really started hating Sandy. I replied to Anna, “I don’t remember.”

Sandy spoke up, “So let me tell you all what actually happened. Now Bella is no more in this world and we, I mean Vanessa and I found her body in a corridor kind of place, blood was split everywhere and she was been daggered 6 to 7 times in her stomach. After seeing this she kind of vomited in the particular place and got senseless.”

Anna said, “Is he right?”

“Yes because the last thing I saw was Bella’s daggered body.”

“How all this happened?” she burst out into tears. Diego supported her by patting her on the back.

I replied, “I don’t know.”

Sandy offered me some water. Everyone requested him to take them to that spot. I thought in my mind is this what the soul meant by game. Sandy asked me, “Will you stay here? Or come with us?”

I replied, “Obviously, with you.”

Anna supported me with her arms. Sandy stood leaded us to the path. His eyes showed his bravery. We went to that corridor somehow with the help of flashes of torches and Sandy’s memory. Bella’s body was still there in the same position, no movement at all. I thought about the vision. Was it just a vision? Why she told to find her killer, if she is killed by a soul? I thought that it would have been better if I would have died before them. Then I wouldn’t have to see my friends in such condition. Susannah was still in tears and Larry put his hands on her shoulder. Anna was also weeping. I was too in tears. Bruce was to crying for his good friend. I mean she may have showed off a lot but still she was nice from heart and our very dear pal. Sandy was some kind of depressed still. I looked into his eyes and they were really mysterious. His eyes had fire in it that could light the underworld too. Sandy and Diego covered her body with some remains of ruined furniture in order to distract us from that spine raising scene.

We went back to our rooms. Nobody felt any kind of hunger. I slept peacefully. The last thing I saw before falling asleep was Sandy’s face. He was too much into his sleep. His eyes were no more open still that smile was on his face. I smiled to myself uselessly. Then I was in my sleep. I saw Bruce in front of me. He said, “Your trust values. Will everyone keep your trusts?”

I was immediately awakened and it was 6am. What did the dream told me? Those words still ring in my ears. Who is the person, who is not keeping my trust? Is it Larry or Diego? Is it Susannah or Anna? Or is it Sandy? No, he can’t. He had suffered so much in life that he can’t betray me. I don’t know why I trusted him blindly and said to myself with full confidence that he can’t do this.

Sandy said, “Bruce couldn’t be found.”

I replied, “Are you in your senses? What the hell are you telling?”

“No, he is really missing.”

I immediately stood up with the support of his hand. We again went to search for him in the ruins but he was nowhere to be found. We went outside the ruins. And there was Sandy’s Innova standing. I could see something inside. Was it Bruce? We two immediately went to open the Innova’s door and yes it was Bruce. He was on the sit beside the driver’s one. He was drained with sweats a dagger pounced in the middle of his stomach. It felt like I was stuck in the middle of a maze. What is this happening? Firstly Bella was daggered then it’s Bruce. Then who will it be? I have to save that person, I have to. But who is that person who is playing with my trust? Is it Diego? He is the only person who is quite unknown to me?

Sandy asked Larry to help him in moving Bruce’s body from his car.

I spoke up, “How can you be so heartless?”

Sandy said, “What are you talking about?”

“I am talking about Bruce’s body. I mean how you can be so heartless?”

“What do you mean by heartless?”

“One of our friends has passed away. It was Bruce who used to keep our group always engaged in both happy and sad moments. How can you just remove his body so casually?”

 He kept his hands on my cheeks and told, “Okay, let me explain to you. We can’t go on sobbing for our friends. I know this mental pain is unbearable but if you were in Bruce’s place won’t you wanted your friends to survive? Tell me?”

“Yes, I would.”

“Then, we have to survive, for Bella and Bruce at least. And just for you we would bury his body under the ruins.”

“Okay. But I think that I must tell you all something.”


“I saw Bella and Bruce in my dreams and they told that someone is breaking our trust and is helping those souls to harm us.”

“What are you telling are you insane?”

“No, I am not insane at all.”

“Okay, I agree but now we have to be fast.”

“Fast about what?”

“I will tell you later, first you all go inside the ruins and we, I mean Diego and I will go inside after we burry his body.”

“Okay, I said and went inside.”

After 2 days Susannah, Anna and I were talking freely. There were different opinions coming from our minds. Susannah said, “Look I just want your welfare, so I am just advising you leave Sandy’s side.”

I said, “I have promised that I would always believe him.”

“So we aren’t your friends, right?”

“Please don’t think like that, Susannah.”

“So what will I think? Do you think that I am the betrayer?”

“Look those souls are extremely harmful and in this situation if we form 2 separate groups and go on arguing with each other they would become extremely powerful we all will be forever in this house. And why do you ask such odd questions? I mean why you think that I thought you be the betrayer?”

“No just like that because I am not the betrayer. So what can we do?” she was stammering while she talked to me.

“We can reunite again.”

“But how…”

“Don’t you believe me?”

“Yes, we do but…”

“Then there is no but or how…”

“Okay we will reunite.”

“So now tell me what’s going on between you two?”

“What do you mean by you two?”

“I mean Larry and you.”

“Are you crazy? I mean he is a guy who is stubble, introvert and always within himself. It’s impossible, how can you think like that?”

“Aren’t you overreacting?  I mean you are stammering, right?”

“No not at all.”

“Look you don’t need to confess, I am sure that you will feel it a day and I must tell you that you are blushing red I mean as sweet as a cherry.”

Before she replied Sandy interrupted, “Who is blushing?”

I replied, “You just don’t need to know that.”

“Okay, so we must plan about how to escape from this house.”

“We can do it today in the daytime. I don’t think the souls can do anything in the day?”

“Do you think it to be so easy? They are less powerful at day but not powerless. I like your plan we can do this.”

Susannah interrupted, “Are you sure it will be safe for us?”

I yelled, “Do you think that we are safe in this house?”

“No, actually…”

Sandy said, “Stop talking like that you two.”

I replied, “Sorry.”

“So just take some items and leave some here only.”

We decided the ones which were important and packed them and left the rest in that room. We went from our room to the exit from the ruins and there was none. Instead there was a tunnel, a very narrow one. Sandy said, “I told you that this isn’t so easy, he will make more traps and illusions.”

I spoke up, “So what to do now?”

Susannah said, “Let’s go back.”

When we turned back there were 4 tunnels instead of one. Sandy was right; they were making more traps to trouble us. Sandy said, “I feel we must go for the single tunnel.”

Susannah said, “And why we must follow your words?”

I said, “I feel the same too, that we must go for the single tunnel.”

So finally after almost 2 minutes we all decided to do what Sandy said. The tunnel was very small and we all had to put our heads down and bend our knees so that we can move forward still it was difficult to do that. So finally we passed the tunnel and we were back again in the room which was the most bad nightmare for us. (For you it may be a ghost or an odd creature that make up your worst nightmare but for us going back to the same room in that house was enough to be a worst nightmare come true.)

“So we are back” said Sandy.

I said, “But…”

“What do you mean by but?”

“Look there is two ways out there it used to be one.”

“Yes, what do you think?”

Diego said, “We must go on moving, I feel that we will find our way surely.”


Chapter 7

Diego had his first kiss

Everyone agreed and we had to move through that way into again a small tunnel and then another tunnel then a room with some kind of an old ruined table with a brownish, half decayed skeleton by its side. I had to throw up. I mean it was really bad to see the skeleton in such conditions. No one was there to bury it. Sandy told me through his eyes that I shouldn’t freak out. And so I tried not to freak out. We moved forward and we were again into corridors, tunnels and several rooms. We were in a room where two skeletons were beside each other holding each other’s hand probably they were couple. Anna held Diego’s hand tightly in a gesture of being afraid, afraid for not completing their love. Then we were again moving throw several rooms, some had ruined furniture and we had to pull them out of our ways. As I have told you that thousands of stories of sadness and tragedy was trapped in it walls. I was almost lost in my thoughts. Suddenly someone gave me a quick and it was Sandy. He said, “Come with me once.”

I replied, “Where?”

He used his charming eyes to show a skeleton almost attached to the wall. I said, “Why there?”

He whispered into my ears, “You were leaning over the wall and you had odd feelings of someone touching you and…"

I replied, “Okay." Actually he was wise and tried to find the reason why I felt so."

We knelt in front of him. There was a very bad odour. It was not from our body but the remains. In front there was a diary. Nothing could be read out from it as it was half torn half brownish and half blurry and so we left the room. It was almost 6 at evening and we were still struggling to find our ways. Suddenly the roof over Anna's head had cements falling from it and before I could run from behind to push her from getting buried under those ruins but Diego was very fast, he pushed Anna hard and she hit herself on the wall of the corridor. Before we could do anything Diego couldn't be seen and in front there was lot of dust, bricks and other building materials. Susannah helped Anna in standing as she was hurt when she was being pushed by Diego and had cuts on her elbow; I could see them as her clothes got completely torn. She was milky white in colour still looked brownish in colour as she was covered with a lot dirt and dust. I could see a hand out of the ruins. It was Diego's, I recognized it for his silver bracelet. Anna was shocked. Sandy tried to bring him out from those ruins but a hungry teen was not enough to uncover so many loads, Larry came up to; I joined them to. After 2 minutes we could see Diego's face, it was full of dust and sweats; he was hardly able to breathe and had blood coming out from his head. Anna knelt before him and said, “You would have let me die under these burdens. Why you have jump to save me?"

I had a feeling that she would either end up by freaking out or bursting into wails but Sandy stopped me by giving me a gesture through his eyes. Diego said, “Don't say like that. I mean you are so stupid."


"I love you Anna, how could I let you die in this ruins."

"Then I also love you, right?"

"Yes, you do."

"Then how will I live without you. Tell me?"

"Who told you that you will live without me? You have to complete my 5 wishes. Then only the book of my life will can be completed."

"You had seven, right?"


"When have you completed the other two?"

"Yes, firstly I have exchanged my heart with you then I am going to have my first kiss."


Before she could complete her sentence Diego kissed her hard, it was almost 2 minutes long and then they again started. Anna said, "You will survive Diego, don't worry."

Diego replied, "Yes I will always survive in you dear."

Sandy interrupted, "Will we arrange another room to complete your another wish?"

Everyone laughed and they blushed.

 I was tensed, really tensed for Anna because I know that some hours later Diego will not be able to fight with the excessive pain and leave this world, what will happen to Anna? I mean she still believes that Diego will survive. I looked up and there was a hole through which I can see the sky. There were sparkling stars, calming my heart down. Sandy, yes I could easily share my feelings with Sandy. I asked Sandy to move to the next room as I need to have a talk with him privately. We were in the next room beside the ones where the four lovebirds were there. Sandy was standing; it was damn cold I mean it felt like I was amidst Antarctica, trapped in a frozen river; my hands becoming numb due to the cold. It felt much colder as we had left most coverings in the room where we used to live earlier. Smoke was coming out from Sandy's mouth as it was very cold. His lips looked reddish and his black charming eyes were equal to the sun in this damn cold weather. He was still in a mood of joking with Diego and Anna. I asked him, "I have a question for you."

He replied, "First tell me do you believe me?"

"Why are you telling like that?"

"No tell me. Do you believe me or not?"

"Yes I believe you blindly."

"No maybe I am the betrayer who is plotting against you with the souls."

"No you are not. I know you well and I can trust you. You can't ever do this. I won't believe it ever. And I know I am forever safe with you."

"So now you can tell me whatever you were telling me."

"Yes, look I don't want to see Anna heartbroken but I know that Diego won't survive. I mean look at his condition he has so many cuts on his skin. Mobiles are not working anymore so it's impossible to call an ambulance for him. He will hardly survive for some more hours."

"Don't worry I am still surviving and I will handle all these matters, you don't need to worry about these."

I was completely upon Sandy, whatever Sandy's decisions. I knew he won't be wrong ever. He looked very attractive in his dusty pullover; I mean it was so dusty that you would jump on top of him to dust his pullover. But his attitude could make him rule the sky. He said, "Why are you staring me blankly?"

I must tell you that my smartness was nothing in front his mysterious attitude, but I can't say that to him.

"No, just like that" I replied.

"Don't tell me that you are one of those girls who were frightened to speak the truth to me and are completely mad at my looks and attitude. Are you?"

"Are you crazy? I am not one of those girls who die on every school heartthrobs and are totally crushing everyone."

"Don't be hyper active I was just asking you."

He sniggered and it seemed as there was happiness in the whole world and for a moment I was the happiest person in the world. Yes, it maybe odd but I had the particular feeling in my hearts. We went in and there was Diego, leaning over the closest wall. Anna was sitting beside him and cuddling with him; she was putting her head on his chest; wanting to feel his heartbeat. Susannah was beside Larry; asleep on his shoulder. Larry was still awake and gave us a smile but couldn't move as Susannah will wake up from sleep. Maybe they were not perfect but they would make up the most loved couple. We sat down beside them and tried to sleep but it seemed impossible. I asked Larry, "Are there any food in our bags?"

"Yes, some breads and mineral water" said Larry.

"Give me some."

He gave me two as our stocks were very less. It was almost rotten but I sensed a lot hunger and it felt like some rats were racing in tummy and trying to bite the wall of my stomach. I somehow bit a piece of bread and gulped it. It felt like throwing up, it had no taste and on top of that the smell was like that I had from my socks after a whole week of school. Now imagine that you are eating up your socks. I had a guilty feeling that when we return what will I tell to Bella and Bruce's parents. Then Diego was there too. We were the centre of concentration for our parents and now we are here in a wrecked old house eating rotten breads. Is that what we meant of adventure? It felt that my energy was sucked up by a parasite called adventure. The next morning I had a feeling that an earthquake occurred but it only hit me not even the ground. It was Sandy who was shaking me furiously. I asked him, "What happened? Why are you shaking me furiously?"

He said, "It's not time for your beauty sleep Vanessa. Diego is not walking up."

"Why are you always after me?"

"Look, stop being casual. Diego is not walking up."

"Have you checked his pulse?"


"What do you find?"

"It's not working.'

"We have to make Anna understand the situation."

"Don't be abnormal. We are trying to do that from 8am and now the time is 9am."

So I went towards Anna and I was feeling really guilt for not jumping to save Anna then Diego would never have to do it. It would be forever independent and would never have to see my friends' misery. But now I could do nothing except making Anna understand. I spoke up, "Anna, look Diego is no more with us."

Anna became red with anger and said, "What have you gone mad? He would never break his promise and leave me alone. He is not like you all."

I would probably burst into tears; I mean it sucks when your close friend tell you like that; I mean it's not what I got from friendship.

"Look you love Diego, right?"

"Are you mad? Obviously I do."

"Then you are never alone. He will always hold your finger in the dark and kiss you in the blues. He would stand beside you in the time and look into your eyes and lose himself in its depth. His soul will cry with yours and his smile will light up your heart. He is never gone; he is still beside you, see him with your heart and you will find his touch in your hands. He wanted you to complete his wishes and live the life. In anywhere a person can be saved; by his or her true love. Diego proved it well."

"How do you know all this?"

"I feel I would do the same for someone."

"Who is that person?"

"I don't know; I really don't know. It's just my heart feels like that."

"You are really crazy!"

"Leave it."

"But he can't die? Call him once I am sure he will wake up."

"Anna, try to understand he is not going to wake up ever! He is no more! He had died! A dead person cannot ever wake up!" As I said I shook her furiously. She burst into tears. Susannah came up to stop her. But I interrupted, "Susannah let her cry. If he can't understand what Diego has meant by his last words, then let her cry like a fool. She is not strong enough to be with Diego forever. She just wanted to be with him for the whole life. But can't you all ever understand the actual part. Two souls unite with each other and that’s what love is; to be one. This only happens if it is true love.

Anna stopped crying and said, "So what do you do when a person dies?"

"You know why Diego died? He died for a stupid reason. He wanted you to complete the book of his life. That you would never complete; as you are such a looser."

Anna stopped sobbing and her face. Then said, "Don't underestimate people. I can do anything for him."

I was happy finally she has stopped sobbing and wanted to survive for Diego. Diego was a magic in her life and it was what love meant; to sacrifice life for someone. So we were sitting up and we got a bad news. We had very less water in our stock. My reaction was like adventure was never my cup of tea. I felt dissing that soul. So we thought that we were going to die. It's simple; I mean nothing will come in your mind in such a time. Sandy asked Larry and Susannah to come with him to the next room. He went I heard some noises and went to check over them and there was no one in the next room but the sound was louder. I went over two rooms and there was Sandy and Larry and Susannah but I couldn't believe my eyes and shouted out of fright. Sandy was continuously daggering Larry in his stomach for 3 to 4 times. I mean Sandy; he was so nice and a perfect man. He was Larry's good friend, why would he dagger his good friend? Sandy looked up. His black eyes were filled with anger, cheeks too red. Susannah was sitting beside Larry's head and tears rolled down her red cheeks, she was sitting like a statue. I yelled, "Sandy, you were not expected to do this?" First time I was so angry that I felt like drowning him in the coldest river of the universe. I don't know why I was so angry; I mean I had never felt that much anger. Not even when someone insulted me hard. This may have happened because I trusted him. Bruce was meant a lot by those words. It was a matter of trust and Sandy misused my trust. His eyes became calmer. His hands started shaking and the breadknife, he used fell from his hands. I wanted to kill him; yes, you may think I am crazy but I want to dagger him and make him sense the same burning sensation in the stomach. He had such tragic life still how he could think of ruining our life by uniting with those souls. For his own life; then he is a bastard, coward who is not worthy of friendship. I mean I would never have done this, never. I would have chosen to sacrifice myself to save them.

Sandy tried to say something, but I was out of my control. I found a very long big rod and lifted with great effort; it was really heavy but my anger could kill thousands of people and to lift the rod. I pounced on him with the rod and he fell on the floor and right there I stabbed him in the stomach and so the pointed front end got struck into his stomach, blood trickled down his stomach. I was not able to hold the rod anymore and threw it over him; my knees didn't support me anymore and I fell on my knees on the floor beside Sandy. I knew he was alive; his face was emotionless and completely blank. But he didn't spoke a single word. I was a murderer; my hands got an invisible stamp that day which I could never remove. Anna came and saw the scene Susannah had already broke into wails and checked over Larry. Anna wanted to give them a little privacy and came towards me. And the worst part was tears rolled down my cheeks and I never wanted to cry for him. I don't why this happened; why can't we human keep control over the chemical processes occurring in our body?  She said, "How did all these happen?"

I replied, "I have killed Sandy."

"Why? You are a murderer then. I can't think being my friend how could do such a dreadful job?"

Sandy spoke with a heavy voice, "She is not wrong, ugh. She was always right and had freed me I must thank her." His eyes were shiny black stars in the cloudy sky and I hate those two eyes. He collapsed. I must tell you the truth; yes, I wept but I don't know the reason why I did so. Larry had kept his head on Susannah's lap and she said, "Why you came between Sandy and me?"

Larry said, "Look you will think these lines are too filmy and poetic."

"I would love to hear them."

"You are so stupid!" he said and broke into laughter; laughter of pain.

"Why are telling me so?"

"Because you are the biggest stupid. I love you and my dear friend Diego taught me that love can save a person in any situation and make them learn to live."

"How do you know that you are in love with me?"

"Your eyes seduce me and those reddish lips were similar to chocolate for me. And when you smile you know you could kill me up right there? The smell of your chocolate brown hair was incredible; I had chance to go into my dream world by smelling the perfume when you kept your head on my chest while sleeping. Your eyes are like labyrinth; once I looked into them and then it's impossible to turn my eyes back."

"You are so romantic, I never knew. I thought you to be stubble." Her voice was in cracks.

"Do I deserve a thing from you?"

"Yes, whatever you want."

He kissed her lightly and collapsed in her arms. Susannah was completely shattered from inside; still she tried to be strong with Larry's love. I was really emotionless; I don’t know the feeling was odd. It felt like a burning sensation in my heart, I cried but why I did so I don't know. I mean Sandy he could have never betrayed me; never. It was my fault that Sandy was no more; I am a blood sucking mammal, born on this planet to kill people; I am a demon. Susannah said, "Vanessa, if you weren't here than Sandy…"

Anna asked, "Sandy did what?"

"Sandy tried to kill me but Larry came between us and…" she burst into tears.

Anna said, "Then Vanessa did a great job. Why are you crying Vanessa?"

I replied, "No just like that tears came in my eyes. Let's go back in that room where we left all the things." I rubbed my eyes and left the room. I was leaning over the wall and we have lost the thought of our survival. Susannah left the room but before that she kissed Larry again. It was the last time I saw Sandy's body ever… The freckles on his skin, his unbearable smile, those two charming eyeballs, the smell of his hand was incredible. Susannah said, "So what is your last wish before we die?" We broke into laughter.

Anna said, "To die with Diego. Susannah, what's yours?"

Susannah said, "I want to die while kissing with Larry. Vanessa, why are you so quite?"

"Umm… Yes, I don't know."

"You are becoming abnormal day by day. Tell your wish."

"I don't know."

"Really you don't know?"

"I want to ask Sandy why he killed Larry."

"So finally we are dying right?"

"Yes, I want to know how it feels while dying."

Suddenly a mysterious voice whispered into my ears, "You all will live, you have to live. Just follow my instructions. Tonight will be the ultimate night and you need to escape today." It was Sandy,

I yelled, "I am not going to follow you. Why will I? Who are you; a betrayer who betrayed his friends and tried to kill him."

Anna said, "What are you telling? Cool down."

He again said, "The reason why you need to hear me is I know everything and I have to save you all."

I couldn't bear it anymore and said, "Sandy stop it, just stop."

Anna said, "Sandy?"

I had a feeling that he was gone. I said, "He wants us to follow him and he guarantees that he would lead us to the right way."

Susannah said, "What? To follow that betrayer? No, never; are you going to follow him? I'd choose to starve instead of following him at least."

I replied no. My mind advised me not to follow him but some part of my heart wanted to hold on with him; but I really don't know why. Whatever almost 5 to 6 hours we were talking non sense, I mean if you would hear it you would think that we had escaped from the asylum. Some questions were like-

Which dress would you like to wear while you die?

After you die have you any future plans like settling with your dead lover?

Will marry anyone if you survive?

And many other non-sense; we were starving.


Chapter 8

I followed Sandy's instructions

Suddenly I was no more under my control anymore. I spoke up, "We have to get out of here."

Anna said, "But how do we do it?"

"You just have to follow me, I guarantee you that you will be save. Just do what I tell you to do."

We went out from our room, there were corridors, I really don't know what I was saying and we were doing… Who is the person who was controlling me? It was Sandy…Damn it. How can he control my mind! We were moving on from one corridor to the other than to a room and other tunnels.

It was creepy and moreover I was sure that we were standing in front the steep slopes of a mountain and Sandy is ready to push us from behind. And then the end is there… So we were moving through the house according to Sandy's directions. There were so many corridors that I have never seen together compiled into a house. I can't tell you that how fast we were moving. And the result was another illusion we were in the middle of a huge room and there was no way out from that room. I mean the way we had followed to come here was retransformed into a wall. When you find there is no way out from a particular situation then surely there is a way; a very moral way out from there. Just listen to your heart. And my heart said to follow Sandy; he betrayed us, misused our trust till my heart said to believe such a fraud man! Suddenly the ceiling had cements and other small pieces of bricks falling on us and then we knew that we were about to die and closed our eyes but we didn't. You may think it to be funny but when you experience it; it's not at all funny. I don't know how but the bricks fell around us but we were absolutely okay. We were coved with dusts and there was a small tunnel and a big one. We don't know how it occurred almost in the nanosecond when we closed our eyes; Sandy told us to use the smaller one as it is said that the toughest way leads to the heaven. So we did. And we were in front a lighted tunnel and a dark one. Sandy asked me to take the dark one. So I decided to take the dark one. But Susannah said, "No, I am not going to go for the dark one. Light always takes you to the right path. Maybe it will take me to Larry." We couldn't make her listen to us and finally went for the lighted one. That was the last time I ever saw her. Maybe she went with Larry… Maybe she was starving in the ruins so Larry took her with him… Maybe she was successful in attempting to get out from the house; maybe…

We went for the dark one and then there were many rooms and tunnels and we were in a huge room again. We were completely exhausted and drenched in sweats. Then suddenly the house was almost collapsing and we had to run. The source of energy for me was Sandy. Now I completely believed him and somehow we were out of the house under the vast sky. We wanted to stand there for at least 2 minutes. But Sandy said, "You can't stand here. Tonight he has his powers at peak as I have. Tonight is the reason why all this happened; he can easily retransform the house today. Get inside the car fast and start driving." I followed his words and did what he told. But I was completely unknown to the term driving. So I could feel Sandy's hands on mine and the mobile app instantly opened in the tab attached in his car and he was constantly beside me through the whole journey. Then suddenly there was the same house in front and I was trying to find the accelerator. But Sandy didn't let me do that. We moved through the house. When I looked back there was no damage and the house started vanishing. After that I don't remember anything. I was resting on a bed probably in some house in the same locality. There was a window in front of me. After seeing Anna and Diego, Susannah and Larry I realised, "A soulmate is not found. A soulmate is recognized." I wished I could hear Sandy's voice again and see his eyes again. The voice that I wanted to hear whispered, "Look up into the sky." I gazed up and there was Sandy. His sparkling eyes flickered; that charming smile and those reddish lips; I could even see the freckles on his skin. The smell of his hand was in the air.

Anna said, "Oh! Finally you saved me."

I replied, "It's not me, it was Sandy who controlled my mind."

 She was completely blank. The next day we took a bus to London and that was the last time I ever saw Sandy's car. You may refer Sandy as a hero and a saviour or a villain; whatever you wish. But to me he will always be my hero. Sandy was the soul who was being used by the invisible one. Sandy was the one who was the reason that I was still alive. We came back home. Sandy whispered, "Don't tell them the truth. Tell them you two were not with us." We repeated the words said by Sandy.


Chapter 9

I introduced my son to Sandy

15 years gone now…

Anna is doing well in completing Diego's wishes. She had only 2 wishes left to complete. I am an executive in an American company that had centres in Britain. I am gifted with a caring husband and a son. I named him Sandor. He is of 4 years. I told him the whole story and he said, "Mamma I want to see Sandy! He is a saviour and he is so brave!"

I laughed and said, "Then come with me in the terrace." He followed me.

 As we went up he looked up and said, "Wow." I replied pointing at the sky, "Who can be more handsome than this?"

The sky was clear and black and there were sparkling stars. And I could see Sandy's black eyes; that charming smile and his freckles seemed more matured. He was smiling in silence and gazed at my son. And the smell of his hand was still fresh…


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