The Infection

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prelude

Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



This can't be happening.  Why me?  Why here?  Why now?  I need to stay hidden until it's safe.  When will it be safe? It'll never be safe.  I'm the only one left, I think.  I haven't seen anyone else, anyone human anyways.  Is there a cure?  The world is at its end.  Of course there's no cure.  They're all dead.  I have to be the last survivor.  Why don't I just end myself?  Right here, right now.  Just get it over with.  But I can't, I can't do it.  Something is telling me to keep going.  That I'm still chasing something but what?  What is there to chase?




4 Weeks Earlier


William is sitting at his desk in his office as he is watching the latest news of the outbreak.  "The outbreak has claimed the lives of over 100,000 men and women around the world since the beginning of this month and seems to be spreading faster as the days pass.  I'm here with Solar Bio-Chemist, Professor Jory Fletcher, to ask him what he thinks is causing this massive virus that is stripping away the lives of so many loved ones.  Professor, what is happening here?"

"I can't say for sure, Mirah (Meer-uh).  The first rare cases we received on this illness, or that which it was called at the time, came to our understanding as nothing more than the common cold.  When we were told that this minor virus was spreading through town at a tremendous rate, however, my team and I decided to intervene and study the symptoms that were occurring.  At first we had no idea what to make of it.  Again, all of our research suggested it to be some type of flu but I knew better than that being a scientist for almost 40 years.  I decided to dive in-depth on this reoccurrence and what I found was extraordinary but, nonetheless, possibly fatal."

"What is it you found Prof. Fletcher?"

"Well, I took the time to test a few blood samples and no matter what anti-bacterial substance I would use it would cause the blood to boil to an incredibly high temperature as if it was fighting off its own chance of survival.  It was as if it was mutating and reforming into something new.  However, the one thing that frightened me the most about the reactions to these antibodies was the fact that its own viral cells became stronger the more I tried to save the human blood cells.  It was feeding off of them."

"Professor,  have you discovered a cure or a treatment of any kind that can counteract or delay the aftereffect of this virus?"

"Unfortunately, nothing I have done has had even the slightest positive impact on the blood (cough) samples.  I believe the best thing to do in this situation, until my team finds a treatment, is to (cough) remain indoors with the doors closed and windows shut just in case there is a possible chance of it being an airborne virus."

Jory looks weak and dazed as he tries to remain focused.  "You alright there, Prof. Fletcher?"

"What? Yea, I'm just a little dizzy.  Must be from skipping breakfast."

"Well, we're almost done here so you'll have plenty of time to grab something to eat.  

Mirah looks back at the camera as Jory continues to cough and wheeze.  "In the meantime, we are going to show you what visible effects this unknown virus is having on these people as far as..."

Jory falls to the ground unconscious.  "Professor! Get an ambulance.  Professor, can you hear me.  We need a medical team over here now!"

The medical team rushes over to Mirah and places Jory in a sling and readies him for emergency transport.  Meanwhile, Mirah turns to the camera which is still recording live.  "I'm not sure what just happened here but Prof. Fletcher seems to have fainted.  He is being taken to the emergency room at Saint Mary's hospital right away.  I'll fill you in on more as soon as I find out what's happening here."

Mirah runs to the sling and helps the medical team place Jory in the emergency vehicle.  William sits at his desk wide-eyed unsure of what he had just seen but knowing it was worse than ever.  He turns off the television and looks at his not yet filed paperwork.  He thinks for only a moment before stepping out from behind his desk and rushing outside of the building and into his car.  As he drives home the news about the virus is on almost every radio station which only worries him more.  He desperately tries to find a station with music to calm him down when he comes across some static on one radio station.  He stops on it because he believes he hears music playing.  He listens carefully and what he hears instead sends shivers down his spine.  It is a little girl singing Rockabye Baby but not in the same way.  “Rockabye baby on the tree top when the wind blows the cradle will rock when the end comes everyone will die along with the baby's blood at their side.”  The static takes over again as he looks ahead to the road.  His heart is racing as he speeds up.  As he keeps going he looks up through his rear view mirror to check for any incoming traffic and sees a filthy pale white little girl sitting in his backseat.  He slams his foot on the brake, comes to an immediate stop, and throws his head around to what’s behind him but there’s no one there.  His eyes scan the backseats but he sees no one.  He slowly brings his head back around and jumps back toward the driver side door when he sees the girl sitting right next to him.  He breathes heavily and quickly as her head vibrates.  As the girl speaks, her mouth does not move which frightens William even more.  “Hi, my name is Wendy.  Will you play with me? Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy this game.”  The girls already fearful appearance is pushed beyond the limit when she takes on a demonic form and lunges toward William.  All that is heard is his cry for help before his eternal death.

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