Steel and Puff

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Two buddy bounty hunters in the search of a big payday

Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016





Steel and Puff

By: Zach Kiser















“What’ll it be?” 

Steel smirked as he looked across the table, he knew that he stood no chance unless he was able to swindle his way out of the situation. 

“Come on Puff you got no moves.”

Steel continued slyly looking across the table as if he was the big one, and yet if Puff ever wanted to he could squash Steel without even so much as breaking a sweat. But Steel was the brains of the duo so he knew that he could outsmart Puff in just about any given situation. 

“Puff my man, you know you always lose to me.”

“Would you just shut up and let me concentrate. I am trying to think.”

Puff looked across the table at Steel, and he knew he had a good hand but he didn't know what Steel had up his sleeve. Steel always has something up his sleeve, for all the years these two have been together he always had a trick. Puff felt his hands beginning to sweat, he couldn't make up his mind. Does he keep playing this good hand, he can’t lose to Steel again or he has to clean the bathroom and neither of them wants to do that. 

“Come on Puff we don't got all day.”

“Would you just hold on to them long pointy ears of yours and give me a second.”

Puff had made his decision, and just as he was bout to go for it,

Alert: Destination Incoming

At that moment the two of them look up at the alert on the screen and then out the window to see the planet that they are approaching.


“I hate Rodak.”

“Why’s that Steel?”

“Because going to a planet full of cannibals and murderers isn't exactly where I like to be going, I just want to finish this job and ge off of this hell hole. Maybe go visit Tyko, we can take a vacation.”

“But Steel, we are murderers too.”

“No Puff we are bounty hunters, we only kill if they pay us enough.”

“We’ve definitely killed people that we weren't paid to kill before.”

“Those are just the people that get in our way, we were just doing our jobs. Besides if they would've listened to me then they wouldn't have died.”

“Do we have to kill anyone on this job?”

“No big buddy this one is simple; we just gotta go down there find some stupid ancient box and get out.”

“What are we getting paid?”

“4,000,000 rations.”

“4,000,000?! How in the cosmos is this thing worth that much?”

“I don’t know Puff I don’t ask questions I just ask for the money. Plus they said they put out an open contract, I don’t want anyone else sniffing around our score.”

Their ship then landed in an abandoned forest on the northern part of the planet as close to the coordinates they were given to find the object as they could possibly get. Steel and Puff grab their equipment and then get ready to head off to find this ancient box.

“Remember Puff we got to try to be quiet the last thing we need is a tribe of cannibals on our ass or let alone a Jackal. They picked us for this job cause they wanted the best, so lets give them the best.”

Steel cocks his weapon looking ever so confident and ready to get this job over with and he starts to walk off the ship. The two of them start walking through the thick forest. The sun is beginning to set leaving the sky a mixture of red and orange; darkening the thick forest. The two of them are making their way to a mountain in the middle of the forest, and inside one of the caves is where the box is rumored to be buried.

“Wait, are we really the best bounty hunters in the galaxy?”

“What? Why in the hell are you asking that now? And Puff your goddamn right we are.”

“I don’t know I’ve just been thinking about it and you remember those twins? What were their names?…. TX-24 and TX-25. Those guys were ruthless.”

“They were robots you nitwit, programmed without emotions no wonder they were ruthless. But no, we would run circles around them.”

“I don’t know, plus you know there is always Agatha.”

“PUFF! I told you not to talk about her.”

“I know I was just saying she's pretty good at what she does, she was able to outsmart you after all.”

Steel begins to grind his teeth in anger and see red then he suddenly turns and bursts on Puff.


Steel is barely up to Puffs waist and thats even just because of his ears. He looks up at his big blue friend and looks into his purple eyes knowing that he is right.

“Well she kinda did outsmart you.”

“That’s beside the point Puff, she didn't play the game fairly.”

“Are you still mad at the fact that she dumped you?”

“You know what?! How’s about we play the quiet game on a count of the cannibals and large dangerous animals all around us ok? Ok.”

Steel turns around and struts off in anger, while Puff just shrugs his shoulder wondering why Steel is upset and then begins to follow. The two of them had made their way all the way to the entrance to the cave at the bottom of the mountain just as it was getting dark. They each get out their flashlights and make their way down into the cave all the way until they find a door.

“Why the heck is there a door in a cave? Do you think this is where the box is?”

“Puff where else would it be?”

“That’s a good point. The door is locked though.”

“Well if you had a priceless item in a room would you lock the door or just leave it open?”

“That’s a trick question I don’t have a priceless item.”

Puff’s look of satisfaction with thinking he had just outwitted Steel was as though he had just won a gladiator tournament. Steel just looked at him and then put his face into his hands.

“Puff you are just so stupid. Why don't you try breaking down the door?”

“Well what if we aren't supposed to go in there?”

“Puff the box is in that room we need to get in there.”

“But the door is locked.”

“So what if the door is locked?”

“Clearly they don't want anyone to get in there.”

“Puff we are being paid to go in there, bounty hunters remember? We get paid to do things other people don’t want to do.”

“Oh right. My bad, here stand back.”

Puff takes a few steps to get a running start, and then he comes charging at the door busting it down and sending cracks through the walls of the cave. The two of them then make their way into what looks to be a shrine room with the same symbol on everything in the room. It also looks as though the room was abandoned long ago.

Steel begins to look for the box they are supposed to find, the box is small and is supposed to have a coded lock on it in order to open it, and as Steel is looking for the box he hears Puff scream so he turns quickly to see what the problem is.

“What is it?”

“There is a spider on me!”

“Seriously Puff? You are a twelve foot killing machine and you are afraid of a spider.”

“Spiders are terrifying, get it off get it off get it off!!!”

“Just hold still ya big oaf.” 

Steel is able to get the spider off of Puff and kill it, thats when they hear it coming from outside the room. Loads of footsteps that seem to be getting louder, which means they are headed this way.

“What was that sound?” 

“Footsteps, Puff close the door and hold it closed. We will have to find another way out of here, but first I gotta find that box.”

Steel continues his search moving much more quickly, frantically tearing apart the room in order to find what they came for. He cant find anything, he has searched every inch of the room and can find it. Thats when the banging on the door starts. 

“You ok on the door Puff?”

“Yea I’m good Steel just find that box.” 

Steel doesn’t know what to do, then he realizes that the alter is located right in the center of the room. Clearly the box has to be inside of the alter, but there doesn't seem to be any openings. He is gonna have to find a way to bust it open because Puff has to hold the door from whatever is out there. So he grabs one of the grenades off of his belt and lays it next to the alter and then goes and hides behind Puff.

“Fire in the whole.”


After the explosion the room is filled with dust and rubble and the air is cloudy, but the sound that was outside the door has suddenly stopped. Puff and Steel look at each other, shrug their shoulders and then look towards where the alter was and sure enough laying in the center of the ruble is a small box with some sort of symbol on it. The symbol is different from the one in the room, it is a two triangles with one upside down and the two of them meeting at their points. There is also a coded lock on the box.

“This is the box we were looking for, here Puff hold this we are gonna have to fight our way out of here cause there’s no other way out of here.”

Steel gets his gun ready and Puff picks up his axe with his free hand.

“You ready Puff?”


“Let’s Go.’

Steel pulls the door open and the two of them jump out ready to fight, and yet there is nothing there. The two of them look at each other confused, but continue out of the cave on high alert. Once they get out of the cave again there is nothing there and they are more confused.

“Where did they go?”

“Maybe your explosion scared them off?”

“Must have, but it’s for the best wouldn’t want to have to deal with any of the savage species on this planet anyway.”

So the duo set out for their spaceship, not wanting to spend anymore time on this planet than they have to.

“Steel this forest is really creepy at night, I can barely see you and you are walking just in front of me.”

“Puff would you just suck it up and stop being a wimp, we are the baddest things around. There is nothing here that could kill us even if they wanted to.”

“If you say so.”

“I do, besides the last thing we want to do is try and spend the night on this god forsaken planet.”

The to of them continue their way through the forest, until through the trees suddenly they see a light.

“Steel what’s that?”

“I don’t know Puff, but keep quiet it could be a cannibal tribe.”

The two of them crept closer and closer to the bright orange light, using the forest as cover to hide them so as not to be seen by anything. That’s when they finally saw it, a cannibal tribe had surrounded their ship and looked as though they were planning to torch it. 

“Dammit, Puff we can’t let them torch that ship or we’re screwed.”

“How are we supposed to stop them there are at least twenty of them and only two of us?”

“Come on we can take em.”

“You want us to just run out there and try and take them all at once, really?”

“Well it’s not my best plan, but I didn’t pack for a big battle. I just have my laser gun and a couple more grenades, besides you only grabbed an axe you big idiot.”

“You told me this was going to be easy.”

“Well you should've been better prepared.”

Puff looked at Steel angrily, but there wasn’t much else they could do; they had to move fast or else they would lose their only transportation off of this planet. The two of them look at each other and nod their heads in agreement and just before they can charge them they are both knocked out from behind.

When the two of them came to they were tied up and surrounded by a bunch of dead bodies.

“The cannibals they are all dead, Puff wake up.”

“Woah, Steel the cannibals are all dead.”

“Wow great detective work genius. Puff where is the box?”

“I have it… uhhh.. it was right in my hand.”

“Well where is it now?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I mean I don’t know.”

“How could you lose it?”

“Something knocked us both out.”

“Now now boys, don’t go arguing on account of me.”

The two of them handcuffed behind their back look up and see none other than Agatha standing in front of them holding the box.

“Of course I thought I smelt bullshit in the air.”

“Hello Agatha.”

“Well hello to you Puff, and that smell is clearly you Steel. And by the way thank you for leading me to this box I will take it as payment for saving you and your ship from those savage cannibals.”

“Dammit Agatha give me back that damn box or else.”

“Or else what Steel? What are you gonna do handcuffed behind your back. Oh and you are welcome for saving your rust bucket of a ship. Good luck getting out of your cuffs though that would probably be a good show too bad I gotta go collect my money. Catch ya later boys.”

Steel and Puff helplessly watch as Agatha flies away with the box and with that the ever so large payday they were chasing after. Steel then struggles to try to get out of the handcuffs and then watches as Puff simply breaks them apart and takes them off like it is nothing.

“Puff! You could do that the whole time?”

“Well yea.”

“Why didn’t you do it earlier and stop her from getting away with the box?”

“Oh yea I probably should've done that.”

“Puff I hate you.”

“Hate is a strong word Steel.”

So the dynamic duo with battered egos and bumps on their heads gathered up what was left of their stuff and their pride and flew off of the planet. Steel still very upset with what had just transpired.

“I hate Rodak.”

“Atleast we still have each other Steel.”






© Copyright 2018 Zach Kiser. All rights reserved.

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