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A mysterious guy telling the story of his love, but all is not what it seems.

Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



I sit down right in front of her; I look deep into her pale green eyes. Even now I see her beauty is beyond compare. Her face stares back at me, emotionless, and I feel compelled to tell her just how it is that I became so infatuated with her. It is in this moment that I am completely and utterly sure, I Love Her.


“I still remember the first time I saw you. I was working. I don’t even think you noticed me, but it was impossible for me to miss you. Even from up on top of the pole while I was working on the electric lines, I could see just how beautiful you truly are. Hell, I almost fell off of the pole when I noticed you. There was just something so alluring about you to me; I don’t know what it was but something in that moment old me that you were going to be special.

 And I was right. I could see all of you. Your beautiful red hair, your long seductive legs, your gorgeous green eyes and your cute little button nose. Your body had me full of lust and desire. The yoga pants and tank top that you had on accentuated your curves and made your body look flawless. I was so aroused that for days, weeks even, that was the image I referred to in my head when I began to think of you. It became obvious in my head that I needed to know you, I needed to love you.”


  I laugh and pause; I take a second to recall all of the great memories of the beginning. When I had just first saw you and all the emotions that that entailed. There is truly nothing like the start of a relationship. All of the emotions are fresh and raw and powerful, so much so that sometimes people can get carried away in them. I look her up and down as she is sitting in the chair in a slouched posture as if her body is too heavy. But it is still obvious that her body is magnificent, she looks as good today as she had on that first day o saw her. Just thinking about it gets me excited, I feel my heart rate increase, and my palms get sweaty. She looks absolutely stunning, and she always will because no matter what she will always be the most beautiful woman in the world to me. 


“Now you know me, I am extremely shy so it took a very long time in order for me to be able to build up the courage to introduce myself to you. So, I’ll admit, I tried to look you up online first in order to learn more about you so I could feel more comfortable trying to talk to you. The only issue was I didn’t know anything about you, so for the next couple days at work I tried to eavesdrop and get any information I could that could help me figure out who you are before I move to my next job site. Luckily you had a friend come over one day and I was able to overhear your name, Daphne. Wow. What a beautiful and elegant name, but of course that fits because you are a beautiful elegant woman. 

Interestingly enough in Greek Mythology Daphne is a Naiad, a type of water nymph. Daphne is very beautiful, so beautiful in fact she catches the attention of the Sun God, Apollo. He becomes so infatuated with her that he ends up chasing after her, but Daphne does not want Apollo and tries to flee. Eventually he catches her and Daphne pleads to her father, a river god, to save her. He does so by turning her into a laurel tree and Apollo, so grief stricken by what he has done, makes the laurel tree his sacred tree. When I learned your name was Daphne all I could think about was the myth of the Laurel Tree and how your parents must have been fans of Greek mythology, that or they were fans of the show Scooby Doo, Where Are You! 

I attempted to look you up on social media websites, but I was very disappointed when I realized all of your accounts were private but I requested to follow you just to try. I was ecstatic when I saw that you had accepted my requests for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It felt as though destiny was beginning to fall into place, you know? I felt right then that there was a connection here, and while we didn’t know each other yet that this was going to be special. I could see it now, our lives laid out in the future. The picture perfect life. You were going to be the one, I could feel it.”


Just talking about this I can feel butterflies building in my stomach as all of those memories and emotions come flowing to the surface. I feel like I am back meeting her for the first time again. And in the midst of all the excitement as I am looking at her and telling her the story of how I fell head over heels in love with this woman, I can’t help but notice. This is no setting for a Princess like her. 


“The next few days of work were my final ones near you, and I barely got any work done. As I just sort of stood up there and watched you, as I worked up a plan on how to approach you. From up in my little nest I could peer into your window, and while at first I thought it might not be okay, once I caught a glimpse of you walking around your room I was hooked. You were walking around in a purple towel as you were freshly out of the shower; you went to the window and closed the shades.  It was strange but as I stared at that window through the shades, still able to make out the shape of your body, I realized what I needed to do. I needed to protect you. It was then that I realized that I was destined to be your guardian angel. It was later that day that I saw you with him. You know, from the moment I saw him I knew he was no good for you. Just looking at this guy, dressed up in a jacket and tie, trying so hard to cover up the fact that he is a douchebag. He had no idea how to treat a Princess like you. Then it was so clear. Everything that had happened was for a reason. I knew now what I had to do. I had to save you.”


Just the thought of her and him together is enough to send me over the edge. It enrages me. I can feel my heart beating faster and I clinch my fists. The anger is rising, I want to try and hold it back. I don’t want her to see me like this. But I can’t do it, I’m too angry. A flash of rage passes over me. I stand from my chair and walk over towards the wall letting go of a punch. My fist meets cinderblock at full speed. The pain and the anger all comes out at once together in a loud yell. I look down at my hand and I see now that the skin has ripped apart on each knuckle as the blood hurries and tries to escape through the wounds. I stare at the blood as it rushes out. It has been a while since I have seen blood on my hands, not since the incident. I then look at her face and there she is staring at me, emotionless.


“I am truly sorry that you had to witness that. Do you remember the first time we met? No? Oh my I remember. It was a Tuesday on July 14th, and you were just getting home from work. I had finished my work early today and decided that I wanted to pay you a visit. Luckily not long after I had been waiting you pulled up to your apartment complex and stepped out. I hurried to say hi to you before you got inside. So I rushed to you and said ‘Hi Daphne!’ and you looked at me with a shocked look on your face. You said ‘I’m sorry, do I know you?’

‘I’m the electric guy who was here last week’


‘Yea I just came over to say hello, and ask if you would like to go out with me sometime.’

‘Oh, uh… I’m sorry I have a boyfriend’

‘Yes, but he doesn’t treat you right. Did you know that he is cheating on you?’

‘Excuse Me?’

‘He is cheating on you with some girl from his work; I saw them together last night.’

‘I’m sorry I have to go.’

I was a little bit disappointed, but I could tell that you liked me. I knew the night before once I caught him cheating that I could get rid of him. And I had hoped that you would end things with him that day, but you didn’t. He just came over, you two fought, and then you two made up. How? Why? I was so furious. When I saw him leaving your building I went up to him and said ‘You don’t deserve her.’ And then he said ‘You are the asshole who told her that I’ve been cheating’

‘You have been cheating.’

‘What are you following me or something?’

‘Not you.’

I knew after that night that I would have to try harder to protect you from him. I needed to get you away from him no matter what it took. I needed you to be safe and as long as he was in the picture there was no way that that could happen. And if you wouldn’t get rid of him, I would. I don’t know why you made me do that, why did you make me do that? If you would have just gotten rid of him like I had planned then it never would have happened.”


Thinking about what I did, I don’t feel bad I just don’t understand why she wanted to be with him. She loved me; I knew that she did so why would she want him around. I remember seeing the news and for a few days his face was plastered all over each channel, I was sick and tired of seeing his face so I broke my television. Since I couldn’t watch that, all I had to do was watch her. I learned so much about her. The security on her apartment was nowhere near good enough it was way too easy for me to get in. It was easy enough for me to get in and I knew that I couldn’t protect her from up on my pole anymore, but I had to protect her so I put cameras throughout her home so I could always make sure she was safe.


“Do you remember the letters that I sent you? I hope you liked them. I know you didn’t respond to any of them, but I know how you felt. You felt the same way I did, you loved me. And I loved you. It was destiny that we ended up together. I still remember whenever I would show up at your work the look on your face. You were so excited to see me I could tell by how anxious you would get when I watched through the window. Then I would come in and watch you cut the flowers. You were a great florist, truly great. The magnificent bouquets and arrangements you created were amazing. I was in awe; you were an artist with flowers. Seeing how nervous you got when I would walk in the store was exciting, it helped me realize just how in love with me you were. You got the same butterflies in your stomach that I got in mine. I don’t know why your boss called the police on me, it really made me angry. Didn’t she know that we were together, why would she try to keep us apart? But I understood that if I stayed away for a little while and kept my distance that everything would calm down.”


Then I remember how difficult it was for me to stay away from her, staying away from the woman that I loved. It was damn near impossible. The only thing that kept me going was knowing how much it had to have been hurting her to be separated from me as well. I knew that I was still your guardian angel, and I knew that you needed me to protect you. I was never going to give up on you, because you are not supposed to give up on love. That’s why I don’t know what went wrong. I look up at her wondering what could have been if I had stayed away, after all it was when I came back for her that she changed. 


“For about a week all I could do was monitor you from afar, until it became truly unbearable to not be able to be near you. I needed you and I felt it in my heart that you needed me. I knew I had to see you again; I had to talk to you and be with you. I waited outside your apartment complex all day just anticipating what I would say once you got here. How would you react? What would happen next? I sat there waiting for what seemed like an eternity, running each and every single scenario through my head about how excited you would be for our reunion. Every time I saw a car pull into your apartment complex I would feel my heart race with excitement and each time I saw it wasn’t yours I would get disappointed. And then eventually, there you were. Pulling in, I have never felt more excited than I did in that moment. The anticipation was killing me. I got out as soon as I saw you and raced over to see you expecting a long awaited embrace. ‘Daphne’ I said with excitement. 

‘What are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to be here.’

‘I know I just needed to see you, I’ve missed you.’ 

‘What is wrong with you?’


‘You need to get away from me you Freak!’

That word. Freak. I never thought you would call me that, I thought you loved me.”


Freak, all my like I have never hated being called anything more than Freak. Hearing the woman I love and the woman who loved me call me a Freak, it made me feel… angry. I still remember the feeling of walking up behind her and grasping her head and smashing it into her car. She was passed out so I picked her up and carried her to my car. She was going to be with me. Forever. And there was only one way to make that happen. 


“I don’t know why you made me do this to you. I mean now hear you are just sitting in this basement. I can’t treat you like a Princess down here. If you would have just loved me like you were supposed to then I never would have had to do what I did. And now you’ve gone silent, like a tree. Just sitting there watching, observing. No emotion. Now you just sit there and listen, but at least here I can protect you. Keep you safe. Talk to you. Love You. Now you will be with me forever.”


As I stand up to walk upstairs and go to work, I look at my hands and see the blood again remembering the last time they looked like this. Then I look at her, it felt so good to feel her blood on my hand. To have her life in my hand, and then in that fleeting moment right before her life flew away, I saw her love for me one last time.


“I’ll see you when I get home from work, I love you baby.”





© Copyright 2018 Zach Kiser. All rights reserved.

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