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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Silver Tongue
Overcoming bullying.

Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



Predators, the thing that haunts the soul,

keeps your fears full.

Predators go for the weak,

they go for the meek.

Are you the prey? Are they hunting you today?

They hunt me,

They won't let me be.

I have something to fear,

and I know when they're near.

Is it my turn? Will my ashes be in a urn?

They give me a terrible scare,

and I can fight if I dare.

A shiver goes down my spine each time,

and I know that the soul they are after is mine.

Could I fight? Could I be brave? Could I be strong? Could I build courage? Or would I die?

I don't know but I have to try,

even if I die.

I bring myself together,

and remember this day forever.

Am I ready? Will I succeed or fail?

As I approach my predator, my face turns pale.

And in my heart, I cannot fail.

I won't die. I build courage. I become strong. I am brave. I will fight.

Deep growls in the night,

making me draw back in fright.

I won't back down,

or I would always look at myself and frown.

I won't die.

I will not make myself a coward,

I jump on my predators, forward.

I build courage.

I have to do this for my own sake,

and make no mistakes.

I am strong.

I fend off my predatorswith great force,

I will not sound hoarse.

I am brave.

The predators don't give me a shiver anymore,

I know that I can do more.

I will fight.

No matter what my predator's say,

I will fight until the day.

My predators are now prey, as I hold them down. They are in my control.

They will not see me as prey, and I will not worry about them hunting me today.


I have won.


I am alive, courageous, strong, brave, and a fighter.

I am no longer prey, but a predator.





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