Is There Anyone There?

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Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



Is there anyone out there?

-Standing in the blue, 

Singing words of songs, 

No one truly knew.

The wind is left howling,

Mourning the dead silence,

Ripping through the trees,

-Echoes with out guidance, 


Now while this white noice builds, 

I wonder how much more I can stand,

How much more of this taste,

This organge so bland?

Rotten now like an green ball,

Smelling like an apple pie.

This orange never made sence,

This orange and its white lie. 


Forgive me for asking,

As now I have made friends, 

With my own little monster, 

That no longer cares of its ends. 

Forgive me for saying,

Crying out in the night, 

"Till death do us part."

When so blinded by light. 


I never once dared, 

Never once pondered, 

That one shall die, 

That one must wander.

...if we even get that far...


In the sea of millions, 

Not a single soal speaks.

Yet I hear everyone, 

Every single soal breath. 

No owners of echoes,

Only inviting hallows, 

Places we won't think, 

During times we won't blink.






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