Greatest Creation - Woman

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The strength of a woman continues to amaze me more and more. I couldn't help but think about the women in my life and see who deal with so much, but handle it so well. This is to all the women out there who are going through things, that may believe they are less then or not enough. You are the strongest creatures in the world.

Submitted: June 01, 2016

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Submitted: June 01, 2016




Juggling life every day like its easy, moving things around without seeing

Time after time, trying to be pleasing without ceasing.

The hands of love and healing are long,  “This one is strong” He shouts, yelling to the world from

His seat in the Clouds.  Looking around, he sets down what is to be the closest thing to Him for

humanity. The giver of life, the calm in strife, just, but fair, for no man can compare to the soul,

the strength, the purpose or the place God has made for her in this space. 

“Stand up O’ child of mine, go forth and be divine” She walks tall, her stride is long as she runs

with the wind with no sail at all. Wings of an angel that no one can see, as she’s grounded and

her feet placed peacefully.

“Come here my dear and give me your ear as I have the most important job for you to hear.”

“You are strong, you are caring, compassionate, and loving, you can heal wounds just by

hugging, calm the scared just by touching and heal a heart just by kissing.”  “What else am I

missing?  O yes, you will see without eyes, you’re everywhere in disguise, they will call for you in

the night, but with your heart hear their cries.  No man or boy can deny, the prize you are in his

life, for you are the strength that he relies as he sees me through your eyes.  My child, you are

the strongest of the strong, the toughest of the tough, a mother to a few, but the light to them all.

You will be called woman, mother, and many other things, but always remember, you are the

strongest of all things.  I place this burden on you and I know it’s not fair, but man can’t handle

what you will bear.  Your heart and soul will never tear, don’t be scared, for I am here, just look to

me and I will be near. I give to you this gift, my honor bestowed, for I am grateful for you to carry

this load.  You will love deeply and forgive quickly, always help intently, be soft to speak, but

tough with your words.  I give the world this blessing on the 6th day I create, for on the 7th day I

shall rest, as I will have just finished my best.”

- Ryan Duffee -

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