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Submitted: June 01, 2016

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Submitted: June 01, 2016



A place where the heat is so strong you'd think God took the sun,
There's no place for love in a world like mine.
Where the airwaves are still and hearts refuse to beat.
And placed it at the core of my world,
But from this tempest you know you can't run.

Every step I take is as still and silent as an escape artist facing Death.
The world blacks out and when I think there is nothing in this barren waste,
You shine with a radiance never before captured by mankind,
You approach, as a diamond in the sand.
Just as still as the desert that fills my eyes,
As my heart begins to unwind it rolls out a film reel.
And its a constant overlap of a man chasing a dream.
But you can't be my dream,
Because some dreams come true.

A saving grace to a traveller protesting death, you offer a helping hand.
To me you were the oasis in the desert,
In a barren hell you appear as a heaven,
An angel among demons,
A diamond among sand.
Are you this haven, or is it just a mirage?
A good chance of being just an illusion.

To me this is love,
And among the confusion there is the constant shadow of doubt.
Does love truly exist for me?
From the loveless illusion brings inevitable seclusion.,
Tearing yourself away from the one you think you love,
Because you refuse to drink the poison of heartbreak.
Everyone is tempted to taste the waters but,
As if it were a slow, crippling virus, it can kill you slowly,
I see you and see everything I ever dreamed happiness could be,
But you don't know or sure.

The pain only sets much later,
And yet tear you apart in seconds.
For me this is love,
But for you its just motions.
But you don't even look back.
The once when we ever locked eyes.
You may have seen confusion, hopelessness.
But to me your eyes struck notes on my heart,
Singing to me a sweet melody like the sweet song from sirens.
They glistened and shined,
Like a beautiful pair of diamonds.

© Copyright 2018 J.J. Matthews. All rights reserved.

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