First Kiss (Green Eyes)

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savanna's popularity doesn't have everything she wants.
but maybe she'll find the sweetness shes looking for in the boy with the shaggy blonde hair falling into his dark green eyes

Submitted: June 03, 2016

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It is difficult as I walk into school because I'm so tired, but I have to. The first day of year ten, age fourteen. I stroll into class, for my second year of GCSEs.

I see a boy, with shaggy, sandy blonde hair falling into his dark green eyes. My eyes are green too but light not dark. I have caramel waist length hair with a fringe. I often wear it in two bunches but with most down.

I walk up to the boy.

"Hi," he says with a shy wave. I find it cute when he's shy.

"Hiya," I say confidently. Last year I was voted most popular girl in the whole school. And prettiest. Charlie was voted sweetest boy!

"So...Savanna, what did you do over the Holidays?" Charlie asks.

"Not much, you?" I say.

"Not much," he replies, quietly.

We stand there for a moment or two.

"Alright, this is seriously starting to feel awkward." I say into the silence.

"Yeah, I guess so." he says.

"I should probably get to my seat..."

"Wait a sec! I have a question for you," he gently grabs my arm and pulls me into the corner of the room, "Maybe you wanna go out with me? Like come rond my house, Friday?"

Wow.If I were him I'd be pretty proud of my self because even though Charlie is quite popular he's still kinda shy.

"Yeah, sure." I say, butterflies swimming in my stomach.

"What time?" I say wondering how late it'll be.

"I was thinking half seven and then  maybe I'll bring you home on the bus."

"Ok. Cool." for once I actually feel a bit shy!

"Cool, see you then!" he says.

"Sounds good!" He walks away; I smile.

Friday cannot come soon enough.



Finally! It's Friday! I wonder what we're going to do round his place. Well, I'm on the bus heading home to get changed and put some make-up on. Right now I'm planning what to wear. I'm thinking crop-top and skinny jeans. I'm not sure yet though. Suddenly my phone's buzzing. It's a text from Charlie:

Hey, u looking foward to tonight?

Me: Yh, u?

Charlie: Yh, u wearing anything special?

Wonder why he wants to know... Is he wearing something nice or what?

Me: I'm not sure yet.

Charlie: That's cool, neither am I.

Me: I'm home now, c u l8er

Charlie: C ya!

I'm not sure what to say about that.


Charlie's House

In the end I wear a slinky black top, the same length as my hair and a mini skirt the same dark red as blood.

We watch a horror movie that isn't very scary, but I pretend to be afraid so he puts his arm around me and pulls me close. I snuggle into his shoulder and and he leans his cheek on my head.

Half way through the film we get hungry so Charlie gets his mum to order us some pizza.

Until the pizza arrives we talk about each other.

I tell him I'm afraid of the dark then he tells me he'll look after me.

He tells me he's conscious of his ears then I tell him I think he's gorgeous.

When the pizza arrives we get back in position and unpause the film. Near the end of the movie we both reach out for the last piece and our fingers catch together.

Charlie turns to face me, I'm already looking back at him. He leans in and I start to feel warm as he wraps his arms around my waist and I place my hands on his beautiful face. And finally his lips meet mine and we kiss the most Perfect Kiss.









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