2:59 AM

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This story is based on a night were i was reminded that demons do exist and could be anywhere.

Submitted: June 02, 2016

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2:59 AM 

   It was around 2:30 am when I waited for my to come from work. I was in the living room thinking on everything I had done so far in my life and everything I had achieved at an early age. I kept waiting until I finally heard a knocking on the door and knowing it was my mom I ran to open the door and let her in "are your siblings asleep?, oh and I'm going to be awake for a little more if you need anything" She said to me in a tired voice as she sat down in the couch, "yea they are all asleep and I'm going to bed now mom, goodnight and thanks" I answered as I went to my room. 

On my way to the room I heard dogs from neighbors barking loud as if they had seen something, the wind got strong outside as I saw the moon shine through my window giving light to my room. I was really tired, I turned off my rooms light and shut the door locking it after that, so I then went straight to bed facing up, it was exactly 2:59 AM according to my phone when I slept. As I slept I dreamed of my younger sibling crying with his hands on his face as he pointed to a dark room "there is a ghost in there!" He cried, I looked at him and said "ghosts aren't real stop crying" I told him and exactly as I finished my sentence a face I couldn’t recognize appeared right in front of mine, the face was unusual not scary but not very good looking "but demons do exist boy"the face said. 

I opened my eyes waking up, but I noticed that I could not move, I could not scream and the more I tried the more oxygen my lungs lost. I then noticed I was being choked by something full of darkness on top of my chest with it's hands on my neck. I started sweating as I thought I would die in that moment as my vision started fainting. I kept moving a lot and as I was starting to finally move I started gasping for air and finally stood up and turned on the lights. 

I got out of the room and went to the living room to find my mom still up "you forgot anything?" She asked, "have you seen anything weird lately? And how long have I been gone?" I asked back confused, " I have not seen anything no and you just left not even a minute ago" she answered as I look at my phone it was still 2:59 am. I headed back to my room and again closed my door, locked it and turned my lights off, I slept sideways this time when my ear started to get really warm and even so I felt the room a bit windy, I was falling asleep when I heard a whisper in my ear saying "I will come back"….

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