If I was a domme

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WARNING: This contains strong adult content and may not be suitable for younger readers!

Submitted: June 01, 2016

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Submitted: June 01, 2016



You begin to wake up and feel that something is different. You’re naked. Your hands and legs are tied to my bed. You’re unable to move and you start to wonder ‘What is happening?’
You can hear me in the other room moving around but you aren’t sure what I’m doing. You try to escape the restraints but the more you try, the more trapped you start to feel. You lay there naked. Completely at my mercy as you wait to see what is going to happen.

I enter the room wearing just a long black dress that allows for you to see the curves of my body. I look at you and ask, “Did you sleep well?”
You aren’t sure how to answer this question. Still in shock over what is going on. I look at you and wink. “We are going to have fun…”

I start to touch your chest gently and you begin to relax, but then you look into my eyes and see a devious look. You know that I’m planning something in your submissive state. I look at you with a wicked smile. “I own you right now. And I will do whatever I please with your body…” I tell you that if you behave then you will have a good time but if you start to get disobedient, then the time will not be as pleasant. A part of you doesn’t believe me because the look in my eyes tells a different story. However you decide to accept whatever fate I want to give you.

I start to get on the end of the bed and dance seductively. You feel your cock begin to twitch from watching me dance and the way my hips sway. I get closer to you and continue to dance but then without warning, I slap your chest. You feel the sting and try to hold your chest but to no avail as the restraints won’t allow you to move. I smack you again, this time harder. I continue until your chest becomes red. I tell you that I own you and that you will be punished.

You start to worry and I can see the look in your eyes of fear, but also excitement. You are worried but your body says differently. Your cock is hard and the thought of being controlled is turning into excitement. I take my hands and begin to slowly run them up your legs. You feel me getting inches away from your balls and cock. You get even more excited. Without warning, I suddenly grab your balls hard and laugh as you squirm from the pain. As I’m grabbing you by the balls, my other hand grabs your cock hard and squeezes it. The feeling hurts but your cock is still hard. I let go of your balls and with that hand I smack your cock again and again. With each smack, you squirm more and more. I eventually let go and leave the room.

You lay there in my bed naked still, with your balls and cock still feeling sore after the punishment I gave you. I come back after only being gone for a few minutes, but in your state of mind it feels like a lot longer. I come back and you see a small whip in my hand. You have an idea of what is coming next. I don’t say a word and almost immediately I get on top of you. I pull my dress up and show you my pussy. I begin to touch myself while I’m only inches from your cock. I then take the whip and whip your chest. You feel the pain from the whip but you also feel the wetness from my pussy against your cock. As I continue to hit you over and over again I see your eyes begin to change. What was originally nervousness and fear begins to turn into lustful vengeful eyes.

I see the change in your eyes and know what would happen if I were to let you out or if you found a way to escape. I look you directly in the eyes and tell you that you will get rewarded. I grab your hard cock and put it inside my wet pussy. You can feel my pussy muscles squeezing against your cock and you love the feeling. I lean forward and dig my nails into your chest. I leave my mark on you, and you feel like you’re about to explode. Without notice I suddenly pull off of your cock and take the whip and smack it hard. I won’t allow you to cum and the mad look of lust and passion returns to your eyes. This time, it’s Wildfire.

I stand over you and rub my pussy just inches away from your cock. I rub my pussy against your cock a little just so you are able to feel how wet and horny I am. Your eyes fill with lust and passion and with all the strength you have, you are able to break away from the restraints. I look into your eyes and see even more lust and anger.

You get up and grab me by the neck and choke me. You tell me that I am going to get fucked. You throw me on my bed and bend me over. You grab your throbbing cock and shove it deep into my pussy in one motion. You feel my body start to shake as you fuck me hard and rough. You pull on my hair as you slam inside me with each stroke more relentless than the last. I feel your balls slapping against my ass and then suddenly I feel your body begin to tense up. You shoot stream after stream of hot cum into my soaked pussy.

After the last spurt of cum fills me up, you pull out and lay on the bed next to me.
‘I released an animal inside of you…’ I think to myself with a devilish grin, happy with the results.

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