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"Juliana was quite determined. She thought of....."

Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016



"Ma, I'll be fine." Juliana huffed out tiredly.

"Let me help you, Juli." Suzy, Juliana's single mother, persisted.

They had been staying in Cresent Hospital, which was a poorly established hospital in the South of Australia, with patches of mouldy green moss on nearly every walls their eyes could land on and the heavy air that projected death of the previous patients, for over two weeks. Suzy started fidgeting with the hem of her grey dress, praying silently that her daughter would let her help this time.

"No, Ma. I want to do this alone." Juliana answered curtly, ignoring the pleading tone of her mother.

Suzy just sat on the wooden chair, taken aback by her daughter's hurtful reply.



Everything changed ever since the terrible accident occurred. Juliana's 17th birthday approached as expected and they were supposed to hold a party when Frederick, Juliana's father, brought with him a female stranger. He had hoped to introduce his new girlfriend to the both of them, since the divorce had worked out rather well.

Suzy, however, silently burned with jealousy, when she realized that the man she thought would be her one and only, had left her for another young, enticing body. She was choking on those harsh, violent words, trying her best not to bring back the topic of what had she done to deserve the divorce. She wanted to keep away from him as far as possible because she did not want to spoil her only daughter's birthday.

Though, it was just that one move, whether intentionally or not, that had changed everything.

Frederick had both his hands on the woman's hips and he was whispering sweet words, telling her of how beautiful she was that night.




"My star."

It was that word : "My star."

The words he had usually used to describe her, before their divorce. The words he had said matches her perfectly because of her radiant, golden hair. A sight he said was so magnificent and mesmerising that he wished he had all the time in this world to worship it.

And then he had the audacity to use it on another woman.

It occurred to Suzy that she was no longer his star. Or anyone's.

It was all so unexpected and fast. Suzy raised her voice to scream "traitor" and violently threw things her hands could make a grab on. The people watched over their shoulders on the sudden commotion, pulling their children away from the attempted violence.

Frederick realized what was happening because he had stayed long enough with Suzy to know her ups and downs. He quickly ducked away from the objects thrown at him.

The potted plant, however, smashed its way to Juliana's face, scratching off few of her facial skin and tiny shards of the clay pierced right through her sensitive eyes.

Screams were heard, so was the blaring sirens of the ambulance.

Suzy sobbed uncontrollably when a sane part of her mind slapped her back to reality.

While nothing could be done or taken back, Juliana's eyes remained closed and bleeding.




Juliana was quite determined. She thought of all the challenges she must face while disabled, alone. She trudged slowly out of the room with a walking stick. Her nose was tired of the stale air in her ward, so she decided to go outside for a fresh morning breeze. Her walking stick tapped continuously on the tiles everytime she tried to figure out the correct way. Her ears picked up all the reverberating taps, which she was rather annoying, considering she was still not used to being dependant on her sense of touch and hearing. No more sight.

Every night she would silently cry, blaming her useless state at her mother. She knew right away that her family was torn apart. Her father left her for another lady and her mother was someone she would never trust anymore. Even when all she has was her.

Few minutes later, Juliana could feel the gentle breeze brushing her short, golden hair. A smiled formed on her face but it was all soon wiped out when her feet landed on an empty space, sending her flying down the flight of stairs.

Her poor soul no longer needed to fight with the world.




Standing alone under her black umberella, Suzy stood lifeless with her dark orbs staring straight at the grave infront of her. The heavy rain washes away the last bit of mirth in her. Emptiness engulfs her.

Her regrets and appologies never made its way through Juliana's heart. She prayed all day and night to take back the horrible incident, yet miracles do not appear so easily.

Her mind was a mess. She squeezed her eyes tight and shed tears that shouted sadness, grief and pain.

"What am I supposed to do now?..."

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