Cage - The Ultimate Pain

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It is my first attempt a writing short piece of fiction.......

Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016



Hello there…. you might know me for my sweet voice and songs I sing. To some extent my appearance is also beautiful. No, I am not a Bollywood singer; I am a simple bird "Nightingale".

Being a bird, experience of flying high up in the sky is super nice - fragrance of fresh air, heavenly feeling of clouds and the calmness sky offers. I fly for hours at a stretch exploring entire earth beneath me - sometimes its desert, sometimes its forests, sometimes its sea, but the view is always mesmerizing. Like humans, we also have a composer bird who teaches us the songs and its lyrics. I call him my Guru and follow his instructions religiously. We sing in groups - sometimes to attract our soul mates and sometimes to please human beings. We have been gifted of singing two pitches(rising and falling) at a time, which no other species on earth can do. This makes our singing unique. All these activities are part of my daily routine.

Ohh!!! I did a mistake of narrating in present tense. Please re-read it in past tense, as it has been more than 1 year I did none these activities. Last year, I was captured by human beings and caged. Everything changed overnight, clouds changed to thin steel rods of my cage, fresh air changed to smell of my own excreta in cage and calmness changed to human chatter everywhere. I tried to stretch my wings and fly but then cage was so cramped that I could not even stretch my wings completely. I was terrified, I thought everything is a dream and will pass away. But, in reality only thing that passed away were my friends(my Guru) in other cages and all I could do was sit helpless in my cage. I wept, mourned and grieved endlessly and as a result my voice changed from sweet to hoarse. Gradually, I realized that if I have to survive I need to be adopted by humans(buyer). But unfortunately, I am not even adopted by humans because at first my voice is hoarse and even if I manage to bring out a little of sweet voice but the very unique quality of two different pitches bring out only one single tune " “Please FREE me”. As a result, my friends get adopted and I am still waiting in my cage…..

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