unbelieveable betrayal

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A knock at the door was about to change Michelle's life for the worst, her life would be turned upside down within a matter of minutes, fortunately for her, she had kids to help her through these dark times, but will she ever get to be free of this dreadful situation?

This story is inspired by a dream I had last night, it was really terrifying but I thought "hey this would make a good story", so here I am typing it up for anybody that wants to read it, enjoy!

The sun was beaming within the town of Haddock, Michelle had just finished washing her car and the two children were playing happily, Andy had just left for work and nothing could be more perfect than watching her family living in a stable and blissful home, Aubrey distracted her mother and smiled holding her hands and pulling her along around the garden towards Lindsey, they were both six years old, it's no wonder they were playing "tag, you're it" within the peaceful moment.

There was a sudden knock at the door which caught her ears, Michelle dragged herself up away from the children and left them to continue laughing and enjoying themselves, stepping through the kitchen into the living room she decided to look outside the window, there was a blonde woman standing at the door, such an unusual sight considering the female mother of two had never even seen her before, she continued on her way to the front door. 

Opening the oak brown door she noticed the female had a rather sad expression on her face, Michelle sympathized with the look "Is everything alright?" Her tone was rather soft and the blonde woman glanced to the floor briefly "My name is Sarah and I have something to tell you, nobody is around right?" Michelle shook her head, which made Sarah continue talking. "Okay well.. this is going to be difficult to take in, I met Andy eighteen months ago, at this time I had no idea he was married to you. Me and Andy became closer friends than intended, I have been having sex with him for 3 months, he told me when he left that he would no longer see me but unfortunately, he continued to visit and one night he stayed over. I was missing my regular cycle and well.. I took a pregnancy test it came back positive, I'm really sorry but I thought you deserved to know." Sarah then left the mother alone to cope with the story alone. Michelle's eyes were tearing up at the news, she could barely hold herself together, who was this woman? Why did Andy do such a thing to her? Was he not happy enough with her? While Sarah continued to tell her story, Michelle glanced down at her figure thinking maybe it's because she had gained weight or her body wasn't enough for him, she is fourty-six years of age, this girl named Sarah looked like she was in her late twentys.

Michelle stood at the door for ten minutes, completely staring into space before she even walked back into the house completely, she closed the front door, not wanting to worry her kids, she tried to keep it together. Walking back into the living room, she grabbed her phone and immediately texted her husband, saying that they need to have a serious conversation, she glanced towards the back garden, seeing her children playing peacefully, she couldn't take it, the pain was crushing her heart even her chest was killing her. Still holding her phone, she dialled her nieces number, knowing that Kylie was close to Aubrey and Lindsey, she decided it would be best if she watched them for a few hours, Michelle needed to get out of the house, she needed to do something, anything. 

Kylie arrived five minutes later, only being a few minutes down the road, she was shopping luckily enough for Michelle. Hugging her niece tightly, she said "I don't know how long I'll be gone for honestly.. I just need a bit of time, they've been fed their evening tea. I'll see you later" Her niece only nodded and didn't want to ask questions, she has always seen Michelle as a strong-hearted woman, never seen her cry and she's always seen her as a very tough auntie, not easy to break her stride. Michelle didn't even stay long enough to see Kylie's reaction at her breaking point, she stormed out of the house, getting into her other car and driving off, somewhere, anywhere she just really needed it. The first place that popped into her mind was her mother's home, visiting Gabby would do her some good. 

It took Michelle thirty minutes to arrive outside her mothers, pulling up the car just outside and she couldn't hold it in any longer, the sudden screeching of tyres caught Gabby's attention and she glanced out of the window, noticing her daughter standing outside of her car, crying her eyes out, this made Gabby run outside and hug Michelle tightly. Her chest felt so tight, her heart was splitting into two, what else was she supposed to do? Michelle had no idea, she had two children to live for, she had to pull herself together - but at this precise moment in time, she couldn't do anything else but cry, her mother continued to hold her, figuring Michelle would eventually tell her everything that happened and it took her fourty minutes before she could form a sentence, hearing the story Gabby was appauled and shocked, why would Andy do something like this to a woman he claimed to love? They had been together for twenty years, sure Andy is younger than her daughter but only by a few years.

Two hours later, Michelle returned home, Kylie left the mother alone with her two children and it was now five o'clock, time to feed the children. Aubrey and Lindsey smiled lovingly at their mother while she was in the kitchen cooking pasta, yes this is what she was living for, these two lovely bundles of joy within her life. They weren't Andy's biological children, they were made by a very abusive and controlling ex boyfriend named James, it took Michelle two years to build up the courage in leaving him completely, she gave him a chance to be in the two girls lives, but he ruined it by dumping them with his parents and continue his search in finding Michelle and making her life miserable. Michelle knew that she has no hold on Andy whatsoever and he's always been one for his biological children, she shook her head at the image of him being with Sarah for the rest of his life, she didn't want to think like that, she loves him, she adores him from the bottom of her heart, eventually the pasta was cooked completely and she set up the dinner.

The three females were sat at the family table, one chair was empty and that belonged to Andy, she sighed and looked at Lindsey, she seemed concerned about her mother, even Aubrey was becoming worried, Michelle forced a smile and ruffled both of the girls heads, it was time for them to go to bed now, with it finally reaching nine o'clock, everyone was settled into bed, the two girls were finally asleep and Andy still had not replied to her message, not even dropped in to see how Michelle was doing. Tossing and turning in her bed, Michelle began to cry even more, cuddling her pillow for comfort, she glanced to Andy's side of the bed and felt a crushing pain within her chest again, she closed her eyes and hoped she'd drift into a deep sleep, but she had no such luck.

It was now twelve o'clock at midnight and her phone was ringing, noticing Andy's name on the screen, she immediately answered the call, they were talking for hours. "Andy, were you not happy with me? Is it because I'm no longer attractive? Is it because I made you feel unwanted? Why.. Why did you do this to me? How could you do this to me? Aubrey and Lindsey adore you, what am I supposed to do, I can't tell them anything, I can't carry on like this.. what are you going to do?" Andy replied to her in a stern voice, that's how she could tell she wasn't going to take these next few words very well. "I'm sorry Michelle, but I just can't do this anymore. Sarah's made me the happiest I've been in months, it's nothing you've done wrong, you haven't done anything, but she's having my child and I'm going to be there for it."

All Michelle could think about the very next day was how her husband would no longer be there, was she going to file for a divorce? More than likely not, she wanted to be with him despite the pain and ache she was going through, her daughters woke up at seven o'clock in the morning, she decided it was time to continue moving on in her life, even if Andy was happy with somebody else, who cares? She had her daughters and family, that's all she needed in her life and from that moment on she became a much stronger woman.

Five years later everything seemed happy within the househould, Aubrey and Lindsey are now ten years old, Michelle has moved on in life and got herself a job working within finance, everything is finally looking up for them and the girls are a lot happier. Michelle decided to treat the two girls, it had been years since she'd heard from Andy and Sarah, she was still married to him of course, she filed for a divorce and decided not to try and meet anyone else, she was happy in life already. While she was driving to the toy store, she began thinking about everything, it was hard to believe she'd become so stronger now and it was all thanks to the two little tykes in her life.

Finding a nice parking space, she stopped the car and both of the girls jumped out excitedly, Michelle followed soon after and noticed a car that looked rather familiar parked a few meters away, thinking nothing of it she took both of the girls hands on either side of her and continued to walk towards the store. She didn't even notice she was being followed by a familiar face, suddenly she felt a blunt force hit the back of her head, everything went black and she heard the girls scream, she struggled to try and keep them safe, but soon afterwards she passed out.

When she regained conciousness the two girls were in front of her, tied up to chairs, she kicked and screamed until suddenly she was smacked around the back of the head again, not enough to make her unconcious but enough to make her stop yelling. A woman with blonde hair stepped into her view and an evil expression was noted, it was Sarah she could recognise the face anywhere, in the background she could hear a young boy calling out to his mother. "Stop this you don't have to be like this, you've got what you wanted!" A slap made both Aubrey and Lindsey jump, "SHUT UP! You have no right to speak back to your mum like that, it's over when I say so." Sure enough the young boy shut up, Michelle was appauled by the scene in front of her. "Sarah look, I don't know what I've done to hurt you, but please don't drag children into it, let Aubrey and Lindsey go, we can talk about this like adults." This seemed to make the blonde angry and she reached her arm out, smacking Michelle once more. "You need to shut up as well, do you think you are in any position to be telling me what to do?" Soon enough Sarah left the three females alone with just a little lamp to let them see.

Michelle could hear Aubrey and Lindsey crying, she tried to comfort them the best she could, who could blame them? They were scared and frightened in an unfamiliar basement and with a woman they didn't even know, she tried to smile as best as she could, but even their mother felt afraid, she didn't know what Sarah had planned and why she took them in the first place. It had been years, she hadn't bothered Andy at all, she hadn't even seen or heard anything. 

Three hours later Sarah returned, waking the family up "Awww, were you sleeping? Sorry. Not that I care much anyway, I've completed what I had planned. Soon enough, none of you will be here anymore and I can live happily with Andy, without you in the picture." Michelle wasn't even paying attention to Sarah instead what peaked her interest was a machine that was located in the furthest side of the room, there was a young girl in the distance, that looked exactly like Lindsey. Sarah began to cackle "Oh you noticed that? It's your adorable little daughter, but don't worry, she won't have any memories of her father within her mind, she'll live happily knowing her family was different." Michelle couldn't believe her ears, that was when she noticed in Lindseys arm was a needle and Sarah ripped it out, causing the young girl to scream in pain. "DON'T DO THAT! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?! THESE GIRLS ARE SCARED ENOUGH ALREADY, STOP THIS. YOU HAVE ANDY, I DON'T EVEN BOTHER WITH HIM ANYMORE. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!" Sarah glared and injected Aubrey next, followed by Michelle herself, Lindsey's eyes were lifeless and Michelle could feel her heartbreaking, it was so much worse than when Andy had hurt her. Both Aubrey and Michelle once again lost conciousness.

Lindsey began screaming four hours later, waking up Michelle and snapping her out of the daze, Sarah was still in the room, fiddling with the machine and Michelle strained against the binds holding her to the chair, she just wanted to help her children, she felt so useless and afraid, how could she save them? They were already frightened, nothing was going to calm them. Just then three females emerged from the shadows, again it was Lindsey followed by Aubrey and then Michelle followed soon after. She couldn't believe her eyes.. they were perfect clones. Sarah led them towards the basement door, opening it and snapping her fingers, this made all three clones leave the area and she closed the door, grinning at the three confused people. "See, its strange the things you can acheive when you put your mind to it, now... Nobody will be needing you three anymore and don't worry, they won't suffer like you did." All that was heard from the distance was a gunshot, the young boy, presumeably Sarah's son ran down to the basement, but what he saw was horrifying, Sarah had killed the small family she held captive, he began crying, he'd be traumatised for the rest of his life, Andy returned home, not knowing that his old family was killed and laying lifeless in the basement, he greeted his son with a kiss to the head and Sarah glared at the young child, he knew he'd never be able to tell his dad the story, of how this lady destroyed a family for no reason at all.

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