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Submitted: June 02, 2016



- it's about giving everything to the person you love


- it's about trying to make your love one happy


- it's about being loyal in the faces of dishonesty


- it's about trusting him/her in the sea of disloyalty


- it's about looking at him/her the most handsome/beautiful person in the world even though they're in their ugliest


- it's about sharing them your world


- it's about holding on a thread-like hopes though you know they will let go


- it's about letting him/her go even though it breaks your heart


and the worst is,


- it's about loving him/her still even though you know they can't love you back


Love is unfair and yet you still want to look at it in a fair way.

Being blind to it can breaks you into pieces.

It's all about having a blind heart despite your clear vision.


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