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the dynamic between grownups and children

Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016



Grownups annoy me and boss me about,

Next time one tries it I’ll start to shout.

At the top of my voice I’ll holler “you can’t”,

Unless it’s Helena – she’s my great Aunt.

 A yell of that volume will give her a fright,

And she might not recover until Sunday night!


I’ll give you a few things they tell me to do,

And see if you notice anything new:

“Wash behind your ears and under your toes,

Don’t forget to blow your nose.

Always get to school on time,

Eat your greens – they taste sublime!

Don’t pull faces as it’s rude,

It puts us adults in a mood.

Don’t eat sweets they make you sickly,

Brush your teeth or they’ll fall out quickly.

Follow these rules and a couple of others,

And you’ll be perfect – like your brothers.”

Yuck! I thought after reading this,

I don’t want to be like Peter or Chris.

They’re my brothers by the way,

And they are boring – every day!


Well I have a few things they can’t try,

Because I said so, and that’s why:

“You can’t come with me into space,

You can’t compete in my Dragon race.

You can’t explore the jungle with me,

Where I swing from tree to tree.

You can’t come to ancient Rome,

You’ll have to wait for me at home.

You can’t use my time machine,

Because your teeth are way too clean!”

So now they see that kids are great,

And they can’t join us – it’s too late!


But when I take some time to think,

Grownups they don’t really stink.

They help you out when something’s tough,

And take you to all kinds of stuff.

They teach you things like numbers and words,

They show you things like fish and birds.

Although they don’t always seem top,

Without them lots of fun would stop.

And grownups they do need us too,

To have more fun – that’s what we do!

We teach them how to laugh at loud,

At daft things like cat-shaped cloud.

So thank each other for what you do,

Because we need friends and family too. 

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