The End of the World

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Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016



It's the end,

The clouds are never ending,

But it is all fine,

With you by my side.


The buildings crumble,

The skies rain acid,

The world shakes,

My life is shattered.


No outside contact,

We are trapped within our city,

With nothing but each other,

To help us on our way.


In tough times we rely on each other,

In other times we act as if we don't know,

That we would do anything for the other,

As if they don't exist.


Let fire be cast upon the Earth,

Let the cities be drowned by monsoons,

Let my life crumble,

Just keep me with you.


Family is what matters,

Friends help me survive,

Without either of them,

I would not make it.


Here I sit falling,

Into the pit of fear,

And no one can hear,

The screams of millions.


The cries of families of the lost,

It's as if the rapture is here,

But this is no rapture,

It is extinction.


Fumes choke us,

The sun burns,

We are smothered,

By the conditions of this world.


It's the end of the world,

But I feel fine,

Because I have the people I care about,

Right here by my side.



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