Two Minute Story (YEAYAH)

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Hi. I know you missed me. Don’t lie. I am back, but not with my usual great stuff. I just finished finals, so I am brain-dead, and I had absolutely no ideas. Please bear with me for this not near as good story. Tomorrow I will make the sequel, which will hopefully be way better. I’ll see if I can make this story line work.

Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016



It was 9:30 p.m, on a nice warm evening. The air was nice and humid, and your clothes would stick to your body. Oh, that beautiful scratchy feeling when it’s burning hot and drowning humid late at night. The location was Canadian International School, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. There was a band concert after school, and John was hanging out with his friends at the playground.

“I’m bored,” he exclaimed in a loud voice. “I want to do something stupid. Would you pay me if I jumped through that hole in that rope thingy?

One of his friends replied’ “I’d give you nothing.”

“Okay,” John sighed, “I’ll do it anyway.”

It was a wide rope ladder-like thing, and it had square holes that Jon just happened to fit through. He went to jump through the hole. And then he was gone.

Later that evening, at 9:35, some kids were playing soccer. It was still hot and humid, and the kids were drenched in sweat and humid. The tallest kid, Ilhicamina, decided to shoot the ball high up in the air. It went right above the goalie's head, and he jumped back in a haphazard and miserable attempt of a save. And he was never seen again.

Finally, it was 9:55. The school was too cheap to call the police because they didn’t want to have a phone bill, and they also didn’t want to ruin their reputation. Instead, because he was bored,  Bruvton volunteered to investigate the problem. He was really tired, and he just wanted to go home. He walked around the school, pretending to do fancy detectivy stuff.

“And this is where the first person disappeared?” he questioned, pointing at the swings.

“No,” replied one of John’s friends, “it was over here.”

Bruvton took that in. “That copying son of a…”

“Bruvton, we have another disappearance!”

Buvton face palmed. “I told you, Galena, of course the admin disappeared. When have they ever helped the school?”

“Oh, sorry.”

Bruvton continued. “So he jumped through there, and just disappeared?

Now it was John’s friend’s turn to facepalm. “No, not the swing! The ladder thingy!”

Bruvton gave up, and moseyed to the soccer pitch. “This is useless,” he sighed. When he got to the soccer pitch, he walked up to the soccer pitch. He remembered how stupid Galena was being, and he knew that he wouldn’t solve this without help, so he walked into the portal that he fixed into the soccer net, thinking, ‘Did I turn that thing off?’ and into the dimension where Galena’s name was the real thing and not an anagram, and where she was just like real life and actually smart. That other dimension was definitely a mistake.

What was also a mistake was walking through that portal with everyone watching. They realized that it was Bruvton’s fault, and knew that they had to deal with him. They instantly knew what to do, and turned back into zombies. It was time to eat some diaphragms.

Bruvton tried to explain himself to Galena-who-has-a-real-name-and-is-normal-and-smart. “I need your help. I accidentally went to an alternate dimension where you’re dumb, and I set up portals back to theis dimension, and two of them escaped,” he reasoned.

“That can’t be too bad,” Galena-who-has-a-real-name-and-is-normal-and-smart replied.

“And they’re diaphragm-eating zombies.”

“Diaphragm eating?”

“You have to admit, it’s the worst way to go.”

“Yeah. Are we going to do this, or what?”

“Maybe in tomorrow’s story.”


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