Nigella sativa, the no cost multi specialist.

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Uses and history of black seeds.

Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016




By Jahandaar Nabila 

The common onion seeds , the other names include black caraway , black cumin , kalonji is now primarily known as black seeds is not a spice that's kept in the kitchen unused anymore . This spice used in culinary world as well as to treat common cold is now a break through which can treat any ailment but death said by prophet Muhammad (SAWS) many hundred years ago . Many researches conducted proved that black seeds can cure more than 40 different kinds of ailments effectively . 
Originally from the Mediterranean region it is an annually grown seed used to treat everything from cancers to food allergies is the now one of the most Powerful  medicinal plants known to man .  
It has very interesting history , where its earliest usage is traced back to the Assyrians in ancient Egypt. They named it as "Tin-Tir", used its oil to nourish skin , hair and extensively as digestive aid .
In the past few decades it found its way into Eastern Europe and North America, people knew and used Nigella sativa and called it as Panacea (cure for all problems and diseases ) 
The most mesmerizing part is that the Egyptian King TutanKamun even kept its oil in his tomb which was believed to be useful in afterlife .
It contains various different chemical compounds most of which are not even identified yet . The primary active ingredient is Crystalline nigelione  and one of the most important compound  is thymoquinone . It contains many vitamins and minerals too .  Studies have shown that it helps to fight auto immune disorders by boosting the cell production in bone Marrow, natural interferons and immune cells .
Top ten uses of black seeds include 
Type 2 diabetes: a teaspoon every morning decreases insulin resistance and increase beta cell function in pancreas . Thymoquinone present in black seeds is known to prevent type 1 diabetes too. 
Epilepsy: Published in medical science monitor , it effectively  reduces seizures in children due to its anti convulsive properties. 
Breast cancer : thymoquinone increased apoptosis (cell death) in breast cancer cells thereby reducing the tumor growth in breasts . 
Brain cancer : PLOS one published online study which indicates that thymoquinone can induce cell death in glioblastoma cells,  Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive brain tumors of all. 
Brain damage from lead : a study published in experimental and toxicological pathology has shown that black seeds can dampen and reverse the damage caused to brain sparked by lead toxicity .  
Now coming to common problems  . There are many other common problems we seldom know that black seeds cure .

Skin health : rich in antioxidants , vitamins and minerals these tiny black beads are highly beneficial to skin . These are very effective in treating psoriasis and eczema.  

High BP : hypertension is one of the leading risk factors contributing to heart Attacks ,strokes and kidney failure but has no significant symptoms . Black seed oil reduces LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and this helps controlling high bp.

Hair Health : black seeds are rich in antioxidants and prevents premature greying . Black seed oil nourishes hair and enhances hair growth .

Weight loss : Black seeds decrease appetite and increase metabolism helps in losing weight but its effectiveness is still under debate though. Weight watchers can give it a try .

Heart health : polyunsaturated fatty acids present in black seeds increase HDL cholesterol ( good cholesterol) which in turn reduces triglyceride level Maintain overall blood cholesterol level which means healthy heart.  

In addition, it has several other benefits which are still under study include diseases related to respiratory system , asthma , bronchitis , rheumatism, and cold symptoms .  It also held with Pms , increase the quality and quantity of breast milk in nursing mothers . Sore throat , post surgical scar prevention, cervical cancer , Parkinson's disease, ear aches , sexual hormone stimulants, improves digestion, a few to mention. 
Another dynamic benefit of black seeds is that it aids in morphine addiction and toxicity prevention . A study published in "Ancient science of life" reduces morphine intoxication , tolerance and addiction.  

Hence in conclusion I would like to say , An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a teaspoon of black seeds every morning keeps the diseases at bay .

Caution : Pregnant women should avoid taking black seeds as it induces contractions . 

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