the last gunshot

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Young Lamar has turned 16 and his friends are persuading him to do something his mom would never approve.
Should he listen to his mom's voice in his mind,
or listen to Daniel and Michael?

Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016



The Last Gunshot


I walked down the cold graffiti filled hallways when I felt a vibration in my pocket. Surely enough it was my mother, the tune from my phone had started making my ears ring so I reached down to grab it. My pockets felt rough and filled with holes probably there because I’ve had these jeans for three years, my mother believed that money should only be going to my education. I finally picked up the phone right before it hung up. “Happy birthday!” Those words hit me hard in the ear, yes today marked my 16th birthday, in these parts that was almost never a good thing. My mother keeps talking about how she has big dreams for my future, I always liked hearing her voice except today I’d been having so much thoughts swirling in my mind that I couldn’t hear her very well. My phone was burning my ear because I left it out in the summer heat. “Yo Lamar, what’s up birthday boy?” I had quickly said bye to my mom to answer Daniel. Daniel is pretty tall and really muscular. He had been my best friend since 1st grade, he never really cared much about grades but he kept telling me he had big plans for me and him but I didn’t know why I was included. “Hi” I said back at him with a foggy voice. “So what do you have planned for today?” He said as if I had planned anything special.”Well I’m just going to spend the day with my mom at home and watch TV”. “TV?” He whined back, “Why not do something real fun and I think I’ve got the perfect Idea”. Daniel’s ideas are always wild and never something my mom would approve. Meet me in the parking lot in 10 minutes. What did he have planned this time? Daniel was always kind of crazy, one time he made me go to the parking lot to show me his drugs.


RING! The final school bell had rung and it marked the ten minute wait, I started towards the parking lot and there was Daniel waiting for me with Michael Duncan. Michael or “Big Mike” as we called him was a huge guy, it made him look very menacing, not to mention the demon tattoo on his wide neck. Michael was not a very good student, half the time he made other kids do his homework for him, he was the kind of kid you were told to stay clear of yet there he was no more than 2 meters away from me.” Yo brainy boy how’ve you been?” Brainy boy was a nickname developed for me because in seventh grade, of the hundred something other students, I was the only one to make honor roll.” Good,” I said with a bit of self doubt. “I hear you hit 16 today,” Mike spouted out. “Yea I did what about it?” I asked. “Well Daniel here has been telling me how smart you are, I think we could use someone like you now that you’re of age”. I saw the words coming out of his mouth but I didn’t feel surprised at all, It’s been a while that I’ve known the “we” he was talking about, the Blood gang.


“I don’t want any part in the blood!” I screamed at a level I didn’t know I could reach.” Whoa, Lamar calm down, we only want what’s best for you”. Daniel always made it sound like he was a friend but this time he had crossed the line by miles. “How could you possibly think joining the blood gang is what’s best for me? I… I… I’m not going to take that path!”I could feel a void of anger and fear, I felt nauseated. “Where we live, there is no other path!” Big Mike roared as if he came straight from a lion’s cage. “Your daddy took that path and you will too!” The words Daniel had just blurted out had given me a lump in my throat.


“Don’t talk about my father like that!" My desperate failure of a father had left my mom for the blood and died in his first week.”I’m not gonna die in the streets like all the other sorry people who live here, I’m gonna make my life worth it, I’m gonna go to college before the crips get to me!” The crips, the rival gang of the blood, anyone in my area’s worst nightmare.” Lamar! Calm down!” Daniel said to me with a serious face, in these parts were not supposed to say the “C” word. I felt a pain in my chest; quickly I realized that Mike had been grabbing me by the collar. “WATCH YOUR WORDS BRAINYBOY!” Then he quickly released his grip.”Lamar you need to understand, the blood life ain’t a bad thing.” Daniel said in his signature plastic smile and fake kindness.”Let us show you, don’t worry it’s completely safe cause your wearing red.” Said Mike in a convincing tone.”Fine I’ll go for one minute then I need to get home to my mother”. “Then let’s go, Daniel said”


We walked past trash bins Labeled in graffiti “BLOOD” I felt a rush in my heart, I was in gang territory, everyone here was just fresh blood, you never knew what was going to happen on gang territory. The cold polluted air brushed my back; I was just imagining what my mom would think. There they are. Daniel whispered into my ear. There were crates everywhere and I think I know what’s inside them. Mike opened up the crates with a rusty crowbar he found on the floor.”GUNS!” Daniel yelled. I’ve never been this close to a gun which was crazy for someone who lives here.”Take your pick boys." Said Mike again with his convincing voice, except this time I wasn’t convinced, but Daniel was.”I feel powerful.” Daniel had said with a serious face. “You should, you’re in the blood now.” Mike declared. “What?” I questioned. “Yeah, I’m in the blood now.” Daniel revealed.





Two blood members near us fell like bricks. CRIPS! Mike screamed. I looked at Daniel, he had his I didn’t mean it face. Run! Run Lamar! So I ran as fast as I could to a big crate and I hid behind it. I saw Daniel try to run to me. Immediately I heard the second gunshot, and I saw it sending Daniel to the floor. I couldn’t stop the tears from coming but they were silent, so was the entire area, dead… silent. I heard footsteps but whose were they? I could see a shadow creeping up, I saw blue the colour of the crips. BANG! The crip fell but I didn’t know where the gunshot came from.”Brainy Boy?” Mike whispered, “Is that you?”. “Yeah it’s me” I whispered back. Mike was covered in blood but it was hard to see with his red clothing. He didn’t speak, he saved my life, but he was also the one who got me into this. Whatever bloods were left had died. One whole set cleared instantly. The crips seemed to have left, I was the only one left here in the dust behind this worn out crate. I wish I had gone straight home.


I heard a sound,”TSSSSS” it was the sound of spray paint, one crip stayed behind to mark the territory. He couldn’t see me, not behind this crate.

I should be safe, he’s not close, and I don’t think he could find me.

I felt a vibration in my pocket.

It was more than just a vibration, it was the end of me.

My ringtone started playing out loud.

He heard me.

A bullet fired,

And one more, and another, again and again.


Hi honey it’s me, I just wanted to tell you that… you’re going to college! I’ve raised enough money to leave Compton to go live in Toronto, where you’ll be attending college! Now I know it’s your birthday but try and get home before dinner, I’ll be waiting…

Then there was one last gunshot


  ~By Radin Vahid

© Copyright 2018 radin vahid. All rights reserved.

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