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Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016



I have been thinking about my destiny as a visionary on the internet and have arrived at the conclusion that the main thing I want to discuss is the question of personal identity.

Personal identity as the belief in unlimited potential. The potential to be something extraordinary.

I think Christianity has destroyed people's ability to think clearly about Self. To think about personal identity beyond the belief that one has to conform to a pattern. Christianity has suppressed the natural will to transcend time and space. To rise above the world to create one's own values. Personal identity to me is not only about having a good self-image. It is rather about destroying all self-concepts to give way for the unlimited potential within the Self. It is a powerful thing. A sense of power that arises when one has scaled away all false self-concepts to arrive at a sense of completion.

It is this belief in innate power that Christianity has suppressed to make people the opposite to themselves. Concepts such as "Being humble", "Being a servant", "Being human" and so on. These values of personal limitation in large measures came from Christianity to shape the mass-consensus that came later.

Reality is thought-responsive in my view. (Subjective knowledge) To conform to a pattern of nothingness actually makes our reality a kind of nothingness. In the modern world exemplified by the nihilistic display of consumer culture.

How can one actually transform self-image?

To transcend false self-concepts one actually has to vibrate in tune with these thoughts. It's easy to say one is self-realized. Another thing to actually vibrate in the state of consciousness giving way for such thoughts. That is the task to accomplish. Self-belief arises from the depths of being. To become one's own potential one has to actually live as if one had that potential. Discovering the reality of the occult, of reality creation, of hidden knowledge and so on. And to act accordingly. To be the ideal version of oneself. To live the sunken dreams of adolescence or later years. Maybe being a traveller, writer and dark occultist like me. Or something entirely different. To live as if one actually was the ideal image of oneself. Changing vibration to the vibration of the depths within.

Only then one can actually believe.

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