I Am So Sorry

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If you describe something touching in this poem, it is the silent message I have spoken from your description life made us together for a long way ahead. Thanks. :)

Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016



For a superior craftsman may one truth reconcile your beautiful courtyard in this life,

In this unending help once I had lost my way for little fantasies,

Myraid on this road I looked for something inspiring thoughtful in gestures,

Touching this message I leave now may your heart embrace all colours and shades of one life,

My true potential camp on those memories I bring home dwells ahead I found one day more,

All this promise empower destiny as feedbacks harvest what we sow kindle a little hope,

I am so sorry if I complain this freshness must endure living heart's true smile in love,

Loved by God may HIS children live this compassion with fruits that sprouts everything,

Sleeping away down my mind in this piece of Earth I am walking a lifetime of loved care,

Every dream flower a help around this world you asked to walk with us,

As we stop in a deep journey of commitments grazing the universe may keep flowing such disappearing abundance,

One of a kind in this different location I am stumbled together through many nights of innumerable evenings,

I am so sorry if I complain you must make us proud when I appeal to you for what God's love is all about,

In this story book every single footprint you make string together in this instrument of peace,

Life suggests our lessons we learn and earrings of experience make us great beloved granted everyday,

I am so sorry if I complain these events scan my mind for your contribution may be this distance I feel near,

This art of living tells above and beyond for God's blessing the heart realizes are all the essence of life,

Your presence in views that matter most I love the smell of earth in the sky over my head,

I am so sorry if this meaning arises those complaints I may not remember,

Respecting your thoughts how what's being shared hops one heart may hear a little is all we need,

If this need review at the end of our days I have seen a dream page of reality,

Tells us a champion inside your heart may feel this worth for one day all our dream will come true,

May this journey ahead if I complain I am so sorry in the pot of this night,

If you were here with me back to our shores milling behind time fondly planting fragrances of light,

I am so sorry I may go wrong if I turn away from the archway all our hopes promise for those guests life lives in us,

No longer when this moment stay in nothing that interest us,

I live yearning for a time ages ahead wither promises every kings on this earth live for,

I am so sorry when I close my eyes only this conversation will be left,

Yet I found everything within in God's love that humanity endures an infinite joy your heart tell me,

I am so sorry if all this possible distresses make you silent yet let the time take the way,

For the burden on this chariot may change its course I place many letters in hope,

To tell you I am so sorry to fill this blank envelopes of your thought in uncertainity,

Just that all we live for this time arise not for what kind of justice with eternity dwells,

If you are awarded this moment of living,

I tell you I am so sorry only in long prolonged silence that has heard given one old admirer of mankind a birth in time,

May I may spend their days how I am so sorry you will ever wring our hearts for this message.. :)

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