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The second collection

Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016




Part 1:


Much of our behaviour

Is spurred on by anger,

Resentment, and bitterness.

At times our problems seem of such magnitude

That we do not see a way out.

Our whole existence seems to revolve around

The predicament in which we find ourselves.


To find resolution,

One must recognise that the issue at hand

Does not define you,

Or else the situation will overwhelm,

And even consume you.

As you existed before you were born,

And will endure after you are rid of this finite shell,

So you will outlive the obstacle before you.


There are those who,

After years of struggle,

Have overcome the direst of straits.

Some have come through,

While not unscathed,

But victorious nonetheless.

Some have even emerged the stronger.


While it is unavoidable

To travel at times through a desert,

It would be inadvisable to make a home there.

Nor should we allow ourselves

To incarnate in our predicament.

A hurdle is something to overcome.

It is not there as a barrier between you

And the Celestial City to which your path is headed.









Part 2:


Today’s humanity lives

In a world of constant motion.

Hardly has the day begun

That it ends without a moment’s stillness.

Man has immersed himself in noise,

Hoping that it will fill the void

That gnaws at him

From somewhere deep within.


There is a still, quiet Voice

That would speak softly to you,

Showing you the path

To authentic living.

But alas –

How often it is drowned out

By the cacophony of everyday life

That obscures all other sound

But its own.


In a world where knowledge is paramount,

Information so readily available,

One needs to ask oneself:

‘Has all this great learning

Taught us anything about Great Mystery?

In all our seeking,

Have we found a way to live

In peace and contentment?’

Like pollution in a river,

Much of what we have learned

Has blocked up the flow of energy

From our inner self

To our outer experience.

The distance between our hearts

And our heads

Has never been greater.








Part 3:


The clutter of everyday life,

And the noise that deafens you

To the Voice of your Inner Being,

Has brought about a rift

Between your Authentic Self

And your external experience.


Many believe that there is no remedy.

That the demands of life

Impair any effort to cure this disease.

And yet this does little to pacify

The disquiet that prevails

Within the human soul.


But there have been those,

Albeit only a few,

Who have found an antidote.

In the words of one such person:

“Do not set your hearts upon that which is passing,

But upon that which is eternal.”


Nothing in this world:

Not its riches, nor its pleasures,

Will last forever.

But the Authentic Self,

The Inner Man, the Heart,

These are eternal!


Rather than seeking that

Which is beyond your reach,

Out there in the Heavens,

The secret of Authentic Living

Lies within you,

Within your heart.









Part 4:


The secret to Authentic Living

Is within us all.

But our obsession with form,

With the realm of our senses,

The World at our fingertips,

Has caused us to disconnect

With our True Self.


A ‘Vision Quest’

Is not so much a journey

To find oneself.

Rather it is a quest of rediscovery

By separating oneself from the familiar,

In order to reconnect with

The Being that was there all along.


But one need not travel

To a far-off place

To find fulfilment,

Nor ascend to the highest Heavens

Nor descend to the deepest Hell,

For the Word of Life is within you,

In your Heart, and even in your mouth.






















In truth, we are all pilgrims,

Souls passing through this present world.

How sad it is that so many

Have made this their home,

More than that – their Treasure!

The soul will transcend this temporal plain,

Leaving all that it offers behind.


If we are but pilgrims in this world,

How then shall we find our place of rest?

What journey must we take to find ourselves?

The answer is simple.

It is to recognise the truth behind this mantra:

‘I am – I existed ere I was born,

And my Soul will endure after I am free of this mortal shell.’


Until we meet again – Namaste.

© Copyright 2018 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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