The Black Death On Misfortune Island

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A short story about a ruling king on a paradise island. Confronting self-doubt and a dangerous quest to a far-off island. To catch a mighty beast as a display of power.

Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016



This story is the story of a certain king. A king of gothic rule seeking power and domination. He walks certain walks upon the grey ground of a ruling castle. Dominating the view on a paradise island. It could exist in the here and the now. Or in the past or in the future. The king has a queen. A queen won in a war between the king and another king on a nearby island. This island can be seen from a looking pillar. It looks like a treasure in some people’s eyes. Drenched in a clothing of green trees. Of infallible precision stones carved in the mountains. It has a certain harbour and ships can be seen. Setting sail.

The people of the first king have several complaints. The king once was mighty. He had great ideas and was coming to great power. Ruling over the land and the sea. A blasphemy to the gods ruling from the depths of the universe. But as the sun sets upon the dark fundament of the ruling castle. And the paradise birds sing songs long heard and forgotten people discuss the king’s lack of influence and prestige.

“The king needs a new direction.” They say to each other, “To prove his power to the islanders.”

The king pulls himself over his throne to discuss the details of this precarious topic. A helper suggests a journey to a far off island. A journey to catch the body of a mighty beast. A black beast of death impossible to catch for the ones with a faint of heart. It would display the strength of the king’s heart and the magnitude of his power. Levelling his own doubt to emerge as a certain ruler. But the queen confronts the king with several disheartening comments.

“You will never be the one to escape the burden of the gods.” She says, “You are too fragile! A remnant of the dust blowing from the centre of islands.”

The king is torn by the queen’s endless remarks and the helper is put to use to inspect the movements of the king on the nearby island.

“He went to the far off island with a fleet of others.” it is said. “He went to catch the body of the mighty beast.”

When we arrive at the island the first king’s forces has been subjected to a great storm and has lost several ships due to encounters with sea monsters. A general sense of dread has taken over the consciousness of the survivors. We come to a turning point. A turning point that needs another direction.

Something is happening on the bottom of the ocean.

A crack is made separating two tectonic plates. Red magma is pouring out creating celestial waves starting to suck the island into the depths of the earth. It is a display of godly power. To the queen and others feeling the shakes on the homeland island. The whole gang of kingly forces retreat into the depths of the sinking island. Watching the waves, hearing the thunder, seeing the spectacle. And suddenly they run into a deep hole trap. A trap measuring several meters. And forces of the other king greet them around the edges. They were using it as a trapping mechanism for the mighty beast but these ones fell into it.

They get rescued in condition of helping the other king’s forces to kill the mighty beast. They couldn’t do it by themselves. The mighty beast is still alive and breathing. And they better save themselves before the island gets consumed by the cracks in the earth.

It develops into a high fantasy tale of angry gods and begging. Of a clash between the two kings and the things that made them go separate. A tale of superstition and ungodly forces. Forcing humans on their knees. The group gets attacked by flying predators, telling of a crack in people’s minds, almost loosing the battle. But the first king helps them back in war position and they win the battle by physical force.

The island is sinking and the group flees up in the mountains. The forest is consumed by furious waves of water. Endless display of water and strange eruptions. And fleeing animals, monkeys and birds seeking shelter as a last escape towards safety. Psychological hazards start to break up the group. Some of them are going mad by fear and exhaustion. Starting to dive into the ocean. A nihilistic longing for closure, lacking dignity and seeking escape. The kings and several others end up on a high mountain top. Where bushes with pink flowers sends a nightmarish scent of war and madness. The night descends. And up on this mountain a discussion brake loose upon the subject of the gods. The forces “in control” of the heavens and the earth. A discussion initiated by the second king.

“This was surely an island not to be entered. It was misfortune island.” he says, “A wane attempt at power. The anger of the gods revealing the insignificance of man.”

But the first king explains the natural turn of events. That the events were natural. It was a natural function of unknown dangers and the ongoing upheavals inside the earth.

They make a camp. Hours pass. And the night sees the arrival of the mighty beast. It is lurking in the shadows. Trees shudder and the earth stands still. A silent attack of smaller predators initiates the coming events. They are disorienting the senses of the remaining survivors. Tearing them apart. Making them go in several directions. Pulling them in sudden double formations. And then they are picked off one by one by the mighty beast. A mesmerizing scent of blood and intestines. But as the fight begins it also ends abruptly. The mighty beast came as a ghoul. A deadly reaper. Displaying characteristics of something supernatural.

The psychological disorders kick in for the few survivors. They are starting to beg for the shelter of their homeland island. And the ones alive in the first kings group start to weaken too. Not as an act of superstition but as a will to depend. Depend on the strong ones and to have consolation. The first king can’t give one. He is determined to fight for the bitter end and not to offer vain solutions. The second king takes to his gods. But as the island sinks down into the watery depths the second king is confronted by the mighty beast. And then getting injured by an allied in an act of desperation. The water is rising and the king confronts his dead end destiny. Getting no help from above.

The island monster dive down in the ocean and comes up to the surface. The survivors swim for their lives and float upon the watery surface. Morning comes. A loose ship drops by in a burst of motion. The mighty beast creeps up on the floating ship to share space with the others seeking rescue.

And they just stare into the eyes of the mighty beast unable to calculate its next move.

Days pass in a surreal state. A silent eruption, a calmness in the valley of death. An island is born in the distance. Eruptions of the earth creating a new habitat. They enter the cooling island and share ground with the mighty beast. It is at first silent, then walking silently upon the cooling black surface. It is looking at the human survivors with a sense of defeat. Then it attacks in a burst of motion. Seeking death.

The Black Death of Misfortune Island…


The story is an analogy for the depths of human ignorance.

The ignorance of self. The ignorance of human potential hiding behind elements of belief.

These beliefs has to be kept in check and altered.


Not altered to concepts of good behaviour, truisms and vain hopes.

But actually erased giving way for the power of the unconscious.


The mighty beast of black death is the deadly reaper.

The force of meditation killing false identity and given reality concepts.


The ruling king is an analogy of human potential. Lurking under the surface and waiting to be born.


The second king is the one giving up the self for the sphere of darkness.


And the people seeking their own destruction is the end result of nihilism. A nihilism arising from the battle between self and non-self.


Only the strong will survive and multiply.


The first king is returning to his homeland island. In defeat. The people await him in the sunken harbour. But it’s a lost ship. A ship without the treasure of a mighty monster. The king greets the islanders with a sense of a lost battle. He saw great misfortunes and was a victim of the waves. So he say. He is greeted by the queen in a line of “I told you so.”

And so the king enters the castle and falls asleep before sunset.

The morning is coming. People are walking around pretty curious. Something is resting upon the ground of the grey castle… A shape covered by a white sheet. A peculiar something. Something dragged upon the ground in nightly hours. A shape to be revealed. A murderous shape of blackness. Black death. The mighty beast put up on a great pillar. Being dead. It jaws hanging low and its eyes leaning into darkness.

To the glory of a victorious king.  

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