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Chapter 1 (v.1) - worst day ever

Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016



Like most days life is easy but today was a horrible day. Someone at my school told the school social worker that my mom and dad do drugs. So i was called up to the office during science ,but when i got up there i saw someone i didn't know. They said get in the car we are going to let you get some stuff from your house and then you're living with us. I was so confused and started crying then i notice there was a word on the car and it said children welfare of florida.I was so scared but the adult that was there grabbed me by the arm and took me to the car and put me in the back seat and told me “buckle up cause we're leaving”.We were driving and when we made it to the house my mom and dad was gone so i went in with the man and  grabbed a bag and put some clothes and some shoes and a doll and then i went out of my room and out of the front door and went in the car and the man was calling my name but i didn't say anything. I guess he didn’t know that i don’t talk to people that much.Then he stopped me at the car and said “chassity why aren’t you talking”. Then he was surprised that i said “cause i don’t know you and i don’t want to talk”,then i open the car door and sat in the seat and he closed the door. As he closed the door he said “ You are going to live with me until someone adopts you which i think someone will” when he said that i was think i was fine okay i don’t need to go anywhere what about my little sister she is only 5 and your only taking me. While i was thinking that he had already got in the car and said “Someone is coming to pick your sister up to so don’t worry” as soon as i heard the words come of his mouth i went ballistic,“So your telling me not to worry really are you that dumb she is my little sister how do i know you won’t hurt her and how do i know i can trust you.” He said “she has already been adopted by a new family that will take care of her okay so calm down” I was still upset so i said “So what about me?Oh yeah i am going to be alone. Thanks to you guys. I had a family and you took that away.”



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