Caesar and the fairy

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A gold hunger dragon(Caesar) and a gold greedy fairy(Chloe) live together,but for how long before one of them goes crazy.

Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016



(This story and Aprilism share the same universe and i will probably do a longer story connecting the two.)

Once upon a time,there lived a dragon named Caesar who lived with a small fairy called chloe on a small isolated island called ''Fairy gold island.'' The fairy,chloe,lived in a small cave full of gold which she slept on everynight. The dragon,caesar,on the other hand,slept outside of the cave near the gold and fairy.

every now and then,caesar would leave the tiny island and go into the continent of powder in order to collect more gold,for himself and the fairy. The dragon usually stole the gold from equally greedy leprechauns,goblin and human royalty of the country's located in the continent.

Chloe stayed in the cave all day protecting the gold the dragon brought home from kings(who wanted to impress fellow rulers) and queens(who wanted to impress her fellow queens) who usually sent there servants to steal the gold while the dragon was absent. chloe,although small,was a very strong magic user,and usually left no traces of the servants when she defeated them in battle,for she usually destroyed there remains by either using her magic to burn them to ashes or incinerate them using her thunder magic.

The fairy and the dragon lived this way for over thirty years,but as time went on the fairy start to resent the dragon. ''This dragon thinks he owns my gold.'' She began thinking to herself. ''I must protect my gold.''

The dragon on the other hand became more attracted to the fairy and less to the gold. He,over time,became less interested in obtaining gold for himself,but did try to find gold to keep the increasingly gold hungry chloe happy.

One day,when the dragon came back from his hunting for gold,chloe who was sitting on the pile of gold,in the very dark cave, asked the dragon if he brought any gold back from his three day gold hunt.

''Sorry,all the human's i attacked didn't have any gold.'' said the dragon calmly,while laying down about to rest,for he came home during the night.

The fairy screamed,''you useless dragon!'' and electrocuted caesar until there was nothing left of him but ashes. ''Stupid dragon can't do nothing right and wants to share my gold,never!''

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