Trip to Hawaii Island

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Michael and his uni mates go sailing across the North Pacific Ocean towards the Island of Hawaii in a parallel world where the sea level is 5,000 metres lower. But ... will they make it through the storm?

Submitted: June 04, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016



In the Gulf of Los Angeles, California, USA, four university students were packing

their stuff, getting ready for their sailing trip to the island of Hawaii. Michael Kensen helped his girlfriend, Sarah Wortscock, to pack their stuff into their bags 


"Got the soap and shampoos, honey?" Asked Sarah. Sarah had a chubby build with long brown hair that went down to her shoulders. She was eighteen and was studying Medicine at UCLA.  She wore a white and navy blue striped shirt, denim skirt and slip slops. 


"Yep," replied Michael. He was twenty years old with a medium build, blue eyes and blonde hair. He wore a grey singlet, denim shorts and slip slops too. He was studying Management at UCLA. 


California was located on the North Pacific coast of America. Southern California jutted out into the North Pacific Ocean which covered most of the North Pacific Region. The North Pacificwas surrounded by Canada, the US, Mexico and Kiribati Peninsula in the west, Samoa, Fiji, Solomons, Micronesia and the Marshal Republic in the south, Palau, Mariana and Japan in the east and Russia in the north. 


Towards the south of the North Pacific was the much smaller South Pacific Sea surrounded by Samoa in the north, French Pacific Territory in the east and Tonga and the New Zealand Empire in the west.  The South East Pacific Sea went through the southern parts of the French Pacific Territory and Chile which covered Lake Chile and the Andes. 


There were the Tasman Lakes west of New Zealand, Mount Guinea south of Micronesia and Guatemala, Galapagos and Peru between Mexico and Chile. 


"Got everything packed?" asked Jennifer as she went down the stairs with the backpacks.  Jennifer had long straight blonde hair tied in a ponytail, medium build with a big but and blue eyes. She wore an aqua green vest, black tights and white sneakers. 


"Hawaii, here we come" said James Cameron. James was Jennifer's boyfriend. He had black scruffy hair with a medium build and brown eyes. He wore a white shirt, blue shorts and sneakers. 


Jennifer studied acting at UCLA while James majored in Physics. He came into the living room with fishing rods and tackle. 


"Everybody ready?" shouted Jennifer looking up the stairs. 


"Coming" replied Sarah as he led Michael down the stairs. 


"Come on" said Jennifer. 


There were heavy footsteps as they went down the stairs. 


"Can't wait to get to Hawaii," said Michael "It would be awesome". 


They walked through the kitchen and out the front door into the driveway where Michael's red Ford Mustang was parked. They packed their stuff into the car and climbed in. The US was mostly covered by chaparral across the north and northwest, desert across the south and temperate forest in the north east. The city of Los Angeles was surrounded by dry desert. The palm trees grew along the streets. 


Michael started up the mustang, drove into the driveway and onto the cul de sac, turning right down another street. Their flat was situated on a hill in the suburb of Beverly Hills. They went down the hill through the valley into the desert plains and past the big mansions where the Hollywood Celebrities lived. Going through the city centre towards the beach, Michael turned left and kept driving until they arrived at the San Pedro Marina. 


Michael pulled into the car park. They hopped out and unpacked the car. A middle-aged couple walked up to them as they unpacked the car. 


"Hey, mum, dad," said Michael as he held his arms wide. He and mum hugged each other. Michael pulled away and said "Of course you know my girlfriend, Sarah, and our two friends, James and Jennifer". 


"Hi, how are you" said Michael's mum as she gave Sarah a hug. Her name was Lisa, a famous Hollywood actress who starred in a lot of movies. Her black hair went down to her shoulders and she had a slender build. 


Her husband was David, a lawyer with gray curly hair and strong build. 


"Hi, nice to meet you," he said as he gave Sarah and Jennifer a hug. They pulled back and he said "Ready to go to Hawaii?" They all said yes and he said "Let's go. My boat is down this way". 


They walked down the jetty towards his boat which was parked down the far end. Lisa wore a black shirt, black pants and black boots. David wore a white, redand blue checkered shirt, olive green pants and slip slops. Michael looked out at the bluesea that went right towards the horizon. 


Hawaii was a large island that went from the West Mexican Gulf close to the Gulf of Los Angeles, past the northern tip of the Kiribati Peninsula, towards the centre of the North Pacific. It had mountains running along the northern arm and the south western arm of the island and was 4,000 km long with the tallest mountains around the eastern tip of the island. The four highest being Mount Hawaii, Mount Maui, Mount O'ahu and Mount Kauai.Mount Hawaii was the tallest mountain on the island. 


"This is my boat," said David "I call it the Great Pearl". 


They walked up the gangplank onto the Great Pearl. Once they were aboard they looked around the boat. The boat was white underneath andblue on top.  


"This is a neat boat," said Jennifer "I love it". 


"It's great" said James. 


"Better get yourselves unpacked," said David "We're about to yet out to Hawaii". 




     John and Melissa Kensen grabbed their suitcases and placed it in John's red and white 1967 Cadillac. 


     "Got everything, dear" asked Melissa. Melissa was 68 years old with grey curly hair, medium build and brown eyes. She wore a white and red checkered shirt, white trousers and white sand shoes. 


 "Yes, darling," replied John. He was 72 years old with gray hair, moustache and was overweight. He fed himself too well. John wore a red shirt with pineapples on it, sky blue shorts and slip slops. "Everything is packed, dear". 


They placed everything in the trunk and climbed into the car. John and Melissa were David's parents. They lived on the northern shore of Necker County, Hawaii, north of the Necker Mountains. John was a retired fisherman and Melissa an artist. 


John turned the ignition key. Melissa waved goodbye to her neighbours as John pulled out of the driveway. Her neighbours waved back and said "Bye". 


John turned right and drove towards the east. 


"Can't wait to meet my family again" said Melissa. The northern half of the island was covered in deciduous tropical forest while the southern half was mainly tropical Savannah. It was a nice hot sunny day. The street lined with palm trees. 


"Yes," replied John "That would be awesome. Heard that Michael istaking his collegemates with him". 


The beach was towards their left. Melissa could see the Necker Mountain Range in the south. They were headed to Honolulu to pick up their son's family and grandson's friends at the wharf. 




Michael and his uni mates had unpacked all their stuffand returned to thedeck. They had just left the Marina. David steered the cruise boat through the Los Angeles Bay, passing all the islands along the way. Michael saw the cliffs towards the north and the south. 


"Look at those cliffs," said Michael "Aren't they amazing?" 


"Yeah. Such fantastic scenery" replied Sarah. The cliffs were covered in sand, cacti and succulent aloe vera plants. 


"You think we'll get there before the storm?" asked Lisa. 


"Yeah, should do," replied David "the storm isn't expected til tomorrow morning. Well, that's what the report said". 


"Storms can be very tricky". 


"Don't worry about it. We'll be fine". They went past another desert island. The boat bobbed up and down in the sea as they went past a buoy. The seagulls squawked in the sky above. 


"I remember when we were young," said Jennifer, leaning her head back on James's shoulder "My parents took be to the Emperor Islands when I was just nine". The Emperor Islands were between Hawaii and the Russian Federation. It was the only independent island nation in the world, consisting of four islands. The two islands in the east had a series of mounain ranges on them. The northwestern island was south of the Aluetian Strait while the south eastern island had mountains along the three arms.  The Emperor Islands were covered in temperate forest.  "We wenthiking through the bush, swam in the warm sea  and lay in the sun". 


"That large island towards the west of the Emperor Islands," said James "belongs to the Japanese". 


"Yeah," replied Michael. "My Parents took me there when I was twelve. The forests were beautiful and I saw the pagodas". Japan and her islands were covered in temperate forests. "I saw the pandas feeding on bamboo shoots. They are such amazing creatures". 


They left the bay as they past the southern head. David turned the boat towards the south east. 


"I love pandas" said Sarah. 




Lisa and John left Necker City behind them and drove through the deciduous tropical forest. They drove past the banana trees, coffee trees and coconut palms. 


"Hey, look, honey" said Melissa "We're entering Kaua'I County". 


They went past a green sign that said Welcome to Kaua'I County. Kaua'Icovered the north western peninsula over the Honolulu Harbour. 


"Remember our trip to San Francisco?" Asked John.  San Francisco was in the northern half of California Bay, south of San Francisco Head. 


"Yes," replied Melissa "It was so romantic. Going on the trams". 


"Walking along the beach, holding hands. Looking up at San Francisco Head. Walking on the rocks at the foot of the cliff". 


"Overlooking the bay from the top of the cliff. That was a wonderful view". 


As they drove over the top of the hill, they got a view of HonoluluHarbour  in the distance. 




Once they had left the bay, they dropped anchor halfway to Hawaii, got out their fishing rods and cast their fishing lines into the North Pacific. Michael, David and James sat on the side of the boat, watching over their fishing lines, drinkingbeer. Sarah sunbathed in her deck chair, Jennifer read her novel and Lisa looked out at the horizon. 


The boat bobbed up and down in the water, waves splashing against the side of the boat. 


"The water's getting a bit rough" said Michael, sipping his beer. 


"Yeah," replied David. "You remember that trip we took around the North American Sea?" 


"Yip" replied Michael with a nod. The North American Sea was between the North American Highlands, North Atlantic Mountains and the South American Highlands. It was surrounded by the USA, Bermuda, Bahama, Haiti and Puerto Rico in the west, Guiana in the south, Iceland in the east and Canada in the north. "That was a splendid trip, man". 


On the other side of the North Atlantic Mountains was Verde Sea, Monaco Sea and Hispanic Sea in the West African Ocean. Between the South American Highlands and South Atlantic Mountains was the Brazil Sea and Arginine Sea south of Mount Rio Grande. East of the South Atlantic Mountains was the Angola Sea, Namibia Sea and Agulhas Sea with Lake Sierra Leone and Lake Guinea in the North. 


"We travelled all the way from the Bermuda Peninsula to the Guiana Basin". Bermuda was mainly desert while Guiana was covered in tropical Savannah in the north and tropical rainforest in the south and east. 


"Must have been great," said James. "Me and my friends took a trip to Australia a few years back". Australia covered the Australian Highlands which was surrounded by the North Australia Sea, West Australia Sea and Perth Sea in the west and the South Australia Sea in the South. It included Mount Tasmania and extended into the Southeast Indian Mountains in the west and the Australian Antarctic Basin in the south. "Like we took the boat out into the Perth Sea and went diving. I saw sea urchins, an octopus, orange roughy, sea horse, Australian tuna, great white shark. It was magical …" 


"Whoa," said Michael "I've got a bite". 


"Quick, pull it in" said David. 


David complied. He wheeled in the line as fast as he could. But the fish fought back. He wheeled it in, then pulled, wheel it in, pull. "It's a fighter" said Michael. It was a hard pull but eventually he pulled it in. It was a Hawaiian swordfish. 


"It's a beauty!" 


Lisa stood up as she looked up towards the sky. Sarah sat up straight and Jennifer put down her book. Lisa turned her head to the boys and said "We better pack it in, boys! Looks like the storm is coming". 


"OK" replied David "We better wheel our lines in. Fast!" 




In Honolulu, Oahu County, capital of the state of Hawaii, Lisa and John arrived at the local storm shelter at the University of Hawaii. They parked the car, got out, took out their luggage and sprinted across the carpark in the pouring rain towards the gymnasium. 


It was howling down with rain. The wind picked up as the leaves blew in the wind. One of the student volunteers opened the door and let them in. Then slammed the door behind them. Honolulu was situated right at the end of Honolulu Harbour. 


"Phew," said Lisa "Man, it's pouring down. The storm is terrible". 


One of the US soldiers walked up to them and said "Right this way" with a smile, gesturing to the beds in the indoor basketball court. They walked into the room until they could find a bed. 


"Hope David and them will be alright in the storm"said Lisa. 


"They'll be fine" said John. 




Towards the east of Hawaii, David's cruise boat was tossed up and down in the rough sea as if it was a rag doll. It was dark out and Michael and his friends were in their bunkers, huddled up together. Michael wrapped his arms tightly around Sarah as she rested her head on his shoulder. 


The wind was howling outside, giving a terrifying whistling sound as it poured down with rain. James and Jennifer held on to each other tightly as the huge massive waves picked up the cruise boat and lifted it up above the sea. The sky was dark and cloudy. 


Lisa held on tightly to the table, David held his arm around her shoulder as they felt the waves lift the boat above the sea. The boat went over the crest and the wave dropped the boat into the water below. They could feel the boat falling down the side of the wave. 


Sarah wept in Michael's arms. Michael went "Shhh, it will be alright" he whispered "We'll get through this". 


The waves were topped with white foam as the water washed up on deck and flooded it. The boat bobbing up and down in the waves. Then it was picked up by a large wave and lifted into the air. 




In Honolulu University Melissa and John were huddled up together on one of the stretchers at the gym. The strong gale gave a terrible howling sound, the rain pelted down in sheets. Outside the trees blew in the strong gale. The gale picked up rubbish bins and blew them down the road. Rubbish flew into the air. Vans turned over. 


"That is a terrible storm out there," said John "Don't you hear the wind howling?" 


"Yeah, terrible alright" replied Melissa. She heard the clanking of a rubbish bin being blown down the street. "I hope David and them make it through the storm. It would be rough out there". 


"I'm sure they'll find shelter somewhere," said John "Maybe they headed into the West Mexican Gulf. The last time we had a storm this bad was back in seventy six. Remember?" 


"Yeah. How can I forget? David was only a young boy back then. We huddled under the table in Layson County as the storm destroyed our house around us. Welost everything". 


She heard the tree creaking outside and the sound of a roof crashing across the road. All of a sudden the wind smashed all the windows on the eastern side of the building. Shards of glass falling toward the floor around them. John and Melissa ducked underneath the blankets, the sound of glass scattering on the floor. Melissa dosed off. 




The next day Michael woke up next to Sarah. He sat up straight, stretched and yawned. Sarah opened her eyes. 


"Morning," she said "Did we make it?" 


"Looks like we did" replied Michael. He climbed off the bed and put on his t-shirt and jeans. "A nice day. I better get on deck". 


Sarah got up and put on her jeans too. She slept in her shirt and undies. Michael left the room, walked down the hallway and up the stairs onto the deck. Sarah did up her zipper. 


"Guys!" he shouted. Sarah looked towards the door. "You better come up here!" 


Sarah  stomped out of the room and ran down the corridor and up the stairs with everybody else. As soon as they reached the deck, they stopped and stared towards the west. They had just reached the island of Hawaii. On the southern shore of Honolulu Harbour, right at the entrance stood Mount Hawaii itself. Standing at over 9,000 metre's tall. 


"Mount Hawaii," whisphered Jennifer "Isn't she beautiful". 


Hawaii was the tallest of the Hawaii Mountians at over 9,000 metres tall. The mountain was capped with snow. David climbed up the steps, switched on the engine and steered the boat into the harbour. As they went into the harbour, the rest of them stared at the Hawaiian Mountains. The mountains stood on the top of the steep cliffs with the waves smashing on the rocks below. 


As they travelled along the southern shore of Honolulu Harbour they looked up at the Maui Mountains past Maui Head. These mountains were up to 8,000 m high. There were four of them in total. They went past the Maui Mountains and approached Honolulu City at the foot of Mount Oahu. 


"That is such a beautiful city," said Sarah, looking at Honolulu "Look at all those hotels and skyscrapers".  




Melissa and John stood next to the Cadillac at the Honolulu Marina to see if David's family and friends made it safely through the storm. Melissa received a call from David saying that they had just reached the harbour. Then she saw David's boat entering the Marina. 


"It's them!" She shouted "It's David's boat. I know it from anywhere". 


"So it is," replied John. A grin spread across his face. "Let's go down and meet them". 




They ran down the stairs and walked briskly along the jetty to one of the docking berths. David steered the boat into one of the docks. Michael lassooed the rope on one of the posts. John made sure it was good and tight. James threw another rope on the other post. 


Lisa lowered the gangplank onto the jetty. She walked down the gangplank first, followed by Michael and his friends. David was the last to come down. 


"Oh, Lisa," said Melissa with a smile on her face. Her eyes glistened. "You made it". Lisa hugged her mother-in-law. "I'm so glad you made it safely".  Melissa released her grip and looked at Michael and his friends. "And how's my grandson?" 


"I'm good," he said "the sea was rough out there. You should see it. Ten metre waves". 


"Hi, mum" said David with his eyes wide open. "So glad to see you". 


His mum hugged him. "I was so worried about you. I was afraid you had been drowned in the sea". 


"I made it, mum. Everyone's safe now". 


"We better take you to our place," said John "See how much damage there is". 




On the way home to Necker City, they saw how much damage the storm had caused to Honolulu. Windows had been smashed, trees blown over. One of the trees had snapped and crushed a white van. Rubbish was everywhere. One of the rubbish bins had smashed into the windscreen of blue Nissan. 


As they drove through the hot tropical countryside they noticed that the banana trees had been blown over. A lot of them had been stripped off their leaves, the bananas scattered everywhere. The coffee trees had lost their leaves with coffee beans all over the road. The crops had been ruined. 


They arrived back at Necker City to find a lot houses had been damaged. Trees had been blown over. Houses had been reduced to rubble. The rescue workers digging out survivors. A lot of vehicles had been damaged by tree branches and rocks. 


They pulled into the driveway to find their house badly damaged. The storm had blown the roof off the house. Melissa was the first to climb out of the car. Her jaw dropped. 


"My house," she said "My lovely house". She went into tears. 


"There, there"said John as she cried on his shoulder. 


David was the first to enter the house, followed by his wife, grandson and his college mates. Furniture scattered everywhere, dishes smashed against the door. 


"How am I going to clean this place up?" Asked Melissa "Where will we live". 


"I'm sure the insurance company will cover us," said John "There's a refugee camp nearby. Maybe we can take shelter there while we clean the place up. We'll have the house rebuilt in no time. At least David and them made it Honolulu safely". 


Melissa looked up at John. They kissed each other on the lips. 


"Let's head to the nearest shelter" said David. His parents looked towards the door he was standing in. "We can't sleep here. The place is in a terrible state". 


The End 

© Copyright 2020 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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