the summer underground

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this is my first novel opening which i have written for school to practice for my year 8 exam.

Submitted: June 04, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016



Like a melting caterpillar, the bright blue and yellow train comes to a screeching stop in the middle of the scorching temperatures of July  and is boarded by bitter, ill-tempered businessmen and women with their heads stuck in their luminous phones checking email after email, text after text , post after post, without a care in the world about where their simple lives are traveling. A few men and women hide in the dark corners away from the heat and do nothing but wait, and wait, and wait. They have no reason to wait apart from how it is all they can do. Jolly people sing and play the guitar hoping that someone will toss them a coin, when they hear the soft sound of the strings echo down the hallways through the scorching maze of concrete. The intoxicating scent of nicotine is unbearable to stand along with the scorching heat which melts the people who stand there with their heads in their phones. Children are panting and winging about what they thought to be a fun day out turned out to be a day in the face melting heat which felt like the sun was touching their uncovered faces. The underground is was like a burning hell filled with sweat and smoke and the people can do nothing but look at their phones and wait for the melting caterpillar to arrive with it’s cool air conditioning and gleaming red eyes to pick them up and take them to the open scorching sunshine. Everyone is painting and they climb into the sacred machine and are finally relieved of the torture of the searing sunlight and can finally briefly relax in the refreshing cold of the caterpillar before they have to go out into the dangerously cloudless sky.


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