Narrative Riddles of Sherlock Holmes

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"You see, Watson, but you do not observe." (Sherlock Holmes)
This phrase is the sharp peak of Sherlock's intelligence, the most famous proverb which tells us about the power of observation. The book, "Narrative Riddles of Sherlock Holmes", contains 10 riddles regarding the stories of the brilliant detective. Particularly, every case places the reader inside the story and he has to play the role of Watson or Holmes each time. Thus, the reader permeates deeper reasoning and investigation of a true detective. This book can also help readers to interact with Sir Doyle's literature and its mysterious atmosphere. Every single riddle consists of narration and dialogues for better understanding and more excitement. You have to think, observe carefully and search for different themes, such as murders, physical phenomenons, secret messages and more.
This book consists of 13 pages including the answers to the riddles. The writer and the editor made an effort to include a variety of interesting cases from all the stories and the movies of Sherlock Holmes. Indicatively, there are some riddles' titles below:
"An obvious murderer", "An unexpected letter", "The summer cold", "The secret symbol", "Adequate information", etc.

Enjoy... and remember: all things have their explanation!

Table of Contents

An unexpected letter

Can you solve the problem of this secret message? Read Chapter