The Evil Siren's Song Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Warning: This story contains adult content. Viewer discretion is advised!!!

Yoshi is a demon and Nymeera is a Goddess of the Sea.
A true love tale of water and fire.
This is part 1 of the series.

Submitted: June 04, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016



The dark water splashed against the rocks, covering Nymeera’s breasts and abdomen in cold salty water. She loved the feeling.

The night air blew hard, whipping her half wet hair around. She looked off into the distance, sensing something. A storm? She splashed her tail in the water and smiled.



Yoshi yawned, coming out to the beach after a long day. He was exhausted, but he at least had his familiar with him.

Dante was a small white fox. Friendly and helpful for Yoshi during his time away from the Underworld.

He walked down the beach, smiling as his fox yipped and walked beside him. He stretched, deciding to go for a swim as he stripped his shirt off. He set it down on the beach as Dante began to rub against it, panting and yipping happily.

“Good boy…I’m gonna go for a swim, ok?”

He smiled, jumping into the cold water as he began to swim away from the shore. He dived down deep, the cold sea water soothing his tired muscles.

He emerged against a boulder silently, unaware of the Sea Goddess’s presence.

He sighed contently, beginning to hum an old tune his mother used to sing for him. He smelled the air…there was a storm coming their way. Not a big one…but a storm.

He hummed to himself, still not aware of the females presence…but she noticed him.


Nymeera looked down upon the creature that came up from the waters. She couldn’t make out his form exactly, but she could smell him. He smelled delicious to her. She slapped her fin in the water next to him to get his attention with a sweet smile on her face.


He yelped, looking up at the woman. “Oh! I didn’t realize there was someone here. I apologize. I’ll leave you be…”

His eyes were a deep crimson, like blood…delicious blood. His face was perfectly symmetrical, his muscles toned and defined. He was the very definition of perfection, and she could only see about half of him.

He smiled back towards her, not seeming to be shocked by her fin or her half nakedness. “I’m sorry for disturbing you, I’ll leave now.”


She wrapped her fin around him and drew him back towards her rock. “No, no…let me see you…” she gazed upon his beauty.

With a flick of her wrist, her fin turned into two long slender legs. She was naked, of course. Her body a seemingly perfect hourglass.

“Won’t you keep me company?” she asked him innocently.


He blushed, being willingly pulled back towards her. He climbed onto the rock, not knowing why his body was betraying him…but her scent…was…oddly intoxicating.

“A-alright…I’ll stay for a moment…” he said, her slender legs wrapping around him as she pulled him even closer to her. She looked heavenly. Her thighs were soft and smooth, her legs slender and seemingly endless. Her body was perfect…and almost irresistible to his demon senses.

“I must get back soon. My familiar is waiting for me on the beach.” He said softly, his voice smooth and sexy. He could melt butter, and most women with a single seductive growl. Dante, on the other hand, was currently asleep, wrapped in his friends shirt.


She held onto his strong shoulders and mounted his lap, running her fingertips down his perfect chest. She inhaled his scent and smiled.

She pressed her naked body against him as she slightly grinded against him, not saying a word, but keeping her sapphire eyes locked onto his.


He panted softly, his cock growing as he became more and more aroused. He was already gargantuan when he was flaccid. Many mortals found his erection overwhelming.

He looked at her, a blush staining his cheeks as his hands found their way to her thighs as he grasped the soft, creamy flesh of her legs. “Do you…usually do this…with everyone upon first meeting them?”


“No…” she said, almost seductively.

“Something in your eyes is calling to me…” she grabbed ahold of his neck with her thin fingers. “And I must have you…”


He suddenly smirked, his eyes having an effect on her like all other women. “Well…I’m sorry to tell you this…but I am not such an easy catch…” he smiled, his hands finding her wrists.

“If you want me…come and find me…make me want you just as badly…” he said, winking at her as he began to swim back to shore. If he had been there a few more seconds, he would have fucked her senseless right on top of that boulder. He had to get away.

Once he was on shore, he smiled, picking up Dante who was wrapped in his shirt. “Fox burrito…” he said, chuckling as he started off, knowing his scent was lingering on the maidens nose.


Nymeera waved her hand angrily and her legs turned back into a beautiful fin. She leapt into the water and swam to the shore fast. Once she approached, she waved her hand again, and once again she had long slender legs.

She stood naked on the beach, her hair completely wet, reaching down to her waist. Slowly, she walked after him. Her siren’s energy radiating off of her immensely. She knew he would sense it.


Yoshi froze on the beach, sniffing the air as he sensed her pheromones. He smirked, he had his own pheromones…and they were three times as strong.

“Come catch me!” he called out, suddenly running with Dante in his arms. He knew she would eventually have to cover herself for the sake of normal people seeing her nude. He smirked, placing Dante in his leather basket as he hopped on his motorcycle and began to drive away. Giving the Siren a wink before he did.


She stood on the beach as he drove away. The wind blew in softly from the sea as she waved both arms over herself. Her hair now dry, long, silky and silver. Her eyes a lighter shade of sapphire blue. Her breasts seemingly smaller but still supple. She wore a lilac silk gown with woven sandals on her feet.

She followed his scent. And she walked slowly. She would find him, she knew. She would always find him.


Yoshi smirked, laughing as he drove into the lot of his apartment. It was nice, but not extravagant. It had a fully stocked kitchen, prints and posters on the wall, a large gaming and film setup, and a bedroom that instantly made panties drop.

He set Dante down, smirking as he walked up the stairs to shower. Her scent still lingered on his nostrils. She was tempting, seductive, delicious…well…if he had tasted her. He stripped down, opening the shower water as he stepped into the cold water to bathe the salt water off his body.


It had taken her awhile, but she finally found his home. She stood before the place, inhaling, smelling the air. He was there.

She walked up to his door and placed her hand against it. She looked at it curiously before her hand wandered to the knob, where she twisted, and it opened.

Slowly she walked in and saw a tiny white fox. She smiled at the little creature, communicating with him telepathically, telling him she meant no harm.


The fox huffed, laying his head back down on Yoshi’s shirt. He didn’t care who came into the house, as long as they meant no harm to his friend…and if they brought him treats.

Yoshi had since gotten out of the shower, waltzing around his room upstairs to blaring music. It sounded violent, with deep gutteral vocals, blaring guitar and bass heavy drums. He was wearing his jeans, held up by a black leather belt. He swayed to the heavy metalcore band.


Slowly Nymeera climbed the stairs. The music didn’t bother her. She could tune it out, and tune in to just him. Not his thoughts. No, but his energy.

She turned the corner and stood in the doorway. Her now light blue eyes scanned him admiringly. She had the same hourglass shape. The same legs. The same face.

She continued to stand there, radiating her energy. ‘I know you can feel me…’ she thought.


He slowly stopped dancing, standing in the middle of the room. He sniffed the air, smirking as he pulled a remote out of his pocket and paused the music. He thought back, his voice deep and irresistible to her as he spoke her mind. “I see you’ve found me…now…what are you going to do with me?”

He chuckled softly. Turning around as he faced her. He looked…heavenly. He knew she was staring at his ass. Every woman he met loved his ass…he didn’t know why, but he came to accept it.


No, she kept her eyes on his, never faltering. His body was delicious to her eyes. But it was what laid beneath those crimson eyes. That’s what she wanted most.

She slowly approached him, her eyes still on his. Gradually they reverted back to their original dark sapphire. Her hair turned back to amethyst. The markings on her arms and face returned. The symbols of the sea.

She only spoke with her eyes. She knew she could seduce him with words. She could seduce him with her body. She wanted to seduce him with her eyes, the way he had done the very first time she laid eyes upon him.


He stared her down, the room silent as they stared at each other. Her eyes…were memorizing. He almost couldn’t help himself. But he resisted…barely.

He took a step back, examining her marks and symbols and grinned. “Sea Goddess?” he asked, finally recognizing her species. He recognized the specific pheromone somewhere…he just didn’t know for sure until now.


She nodded slowly as she smiled, taking a step forward for each he took back. She closed her eyes and concentrated, making her energy stronger.

Her smile turned warm and inviting as she opened her eyes. “And you?” she sniffed the air. “A demon?” she licked her lips.


“Yeah…demon.” He replied bluntly, smirking at her as he growled, his pheromones nearly blasting her senses with how strong they were. He had aphrodisiac pills in his bathroom. He knew the combination of the pills and his scent could prove deadly.

“So…what are you gonna do? Are you going to try and seduce me…or are you going to keep staring at me?” he growled deeply, his crimson eyes nearly piercing into her soul as he stared her down. He knew she was growing weak with need…he could smell it.


“Tell me, demon…” she smiled. “Women have seduced your body…perhaps your mind…” she began to circle him slowly.

“Have you ever known a Goddess? A true Goddess of the Sea..” she was suddenly right behind him, her fingertips on his back. She slightly drew her nails across his shoulder as she walked around to face him.

She had an aqua-crystal glow about her. Her gown had turned from lilac to sky blue and her breasts were back to their normal size.

She looked back into his eyes, her own beginning to sparkle like a night out at sea with only the stars to guide you.


“If I’m being honest…no woman has ever successfully seduced me. The only sex I’ve had has been due to a heat cycle…nothing more. Animalistic instincts…pure…rough…fucking.” He growled, her hand delicately tracing his chest.

“To answer your question…I’ve never known a Goddess. I’ve only known mortals and demons..” he said, looking down at her, unwavering.

Her eyes began to mesmerize him again, his hands on her hips as she touched him gently. “Have you ever known a demon? Pure…animalistic lust…rage…and passion?”


“I’ve never known a man. Or a demon…” she said without shame, holding his gaze. “I’ve never known lust or rage…or passion…” she continued.

She shivered at the feeling of his hands on her hips. Her heartbeat fast and hard in her chest as a wetness stirred between her legs.


He sniffed the air, smirking as he looked down at her. “Well…by the way, your scent is changing…I’m guessing you want to…” he said, growling.

He chuckled, backing away again as he crossed his arms. “Except…you’ve yet to properly seduce me, Goddess. So…you’ll have to be patient if you wish to know me in such a carnal fashion.”


She took more steps closer to him and gently uncrossed his arms. She ran her fingertips down his arms down to his hands where she held them for a moment.

Looking back up into his eyes, she smiled. His chest looked so inviting. Gently, she leaned up against him, almost innocently, laying her head on his chest, feeling the heat of his skin. She placed tiny kisses in random spots as her fingers explored his muscles.


His cheeks turned a soft shade of pink. Her actions being very tempting. From this distance, her scent drove him mad. He yearned to take her…but he would wait…to see what she would do.

He growled, his pheromones probably making her head spin as he filled her nostrils with a scent that fueled lust. Strengthened desire. And made women weak with desperation. Desperation for him.


Her pupils dilated as the pheromones hit her hard. She looked up at him with a wicked smile and pushed him down with more strength than she had ever possessed.

She reached behind her and untied her gown, letting it fall to her feet. She stood over him and looked down at him. Her hair was silver again, but her eyes remained the dark glittering sapphire.

She wanted to mount him. But no. She wanted to infuriate the demon. She wanted to feel his rage, his passion.

So she stood over him and laughed, as if mocking him.  


He chuckled, growling softly. “Are you meaning to anger me, Goddess? Because if you are…” he snapped his fingers, appearing behind her in an instant. “You’ll have to try…much…much harder than that.”

He snickered, now turning the tables as he kissed her neck softly before nipping her earlobe and flashing away again as he laughed, definitely mocking her.


Anger flashed in her eyes. But she kept composure and giggled. “What’s the matter, demon?” she called out to him. “Afraid of a little Sea Goddess? Does Poseidon’s daughter frighten you?”


“Oh no Goddess. You nor your father frighten me. I just want to have some fun. Now quit slacking and seduce me.” He said, growling as he stared her down menacingly. “Make me beg…or I’ll make you beg…”

His pharemones suddenly became overwhelming, his scent coming off in large waves as he stared her down. Any normal woman would be a drooling begging mess by now.


She seemed to read his mind. “I’m not a normal woman…”

She looked at him almost sadly as she began to hum a sweet comforting song. The Sweet Summer Song. The song she sung to call sailors to their doom. It came to her instinctively.


He groaned suddenly, shaking his head as the tune burrowed it’s way into his mind. He wanted her…he wanted…death? He didn’t know anymore. He was fuzzy…disoriented…hungry.

He suddenly stood in front of her, his previously lively eyes now vacant as the song took over his mind. He looked down at her, growling softly as if he were fighting it. But it was strong magic.


Nymeera opened her mouth to sing, but there was no words to her Siren’s song. It was a melody of her voice. She looked deep into his eyes as she sang it to him, gently caressing his cheek as she did so.


He had to fight it…but he couldn’t. This wasn’t seduction. This was manipulation. He wanted her to play with him…not rape him.

“N-no…” he muttered, blinking as the life came back into his eyes. He growled, grabbing the goddess by the throat as he slammed her onto his bed. “Don’t…EVER do that to me again…”

Now…he was angry.


She got up from his bed, flustered. Her hair now a blood red, but her eyes remained the same.

“Fuck you!” she screamed at him as she charged after him, bringing her hands up as a means of attack, expecting her water powers to work here.

They didn’t. She looked at her hands, confused. She felt stupid. And slowly…she lifted her eyes to meet his gaze, knowing she was in trouble now.


He stepped towards her, chuckling softly. “This is what you wanted…to see my fure…my rage? Well…Goddess…you’ve earned it…”

He growled, his hand glowing red as she was suddenly slammed against the wall. He stepped towards her, sneering. “I am not a toy…you do not use that…rape tactic on me, Goddess…do you understand?”


“It’s not a rape tactic!” she yelled in defiance, taking steps towards him, seeming to be unafraid. But she was. And it excited her.

Her eyes glowed yellow as her hair turned back to amethyst. Her true looks. “Try that on me again, demon…” she cocked her head to the side with an eerie smile on her lips.


He growled, her body growing stiff again as she was slammed against the wall again. He chuckled, his voice deeper and more intimidating than before…but it was still seductive as hell.

“I’m sorry…did you think a little smile and a thinly veiled threat would faze me, Goddess? Please, do you know how much I’ve been tortured in my life? Your threats hold no weight for me!” He growled, holding her face roughly by her cheeks as he stared her right in the face.


She closed her eyes and exhaled slowly. She managed to get her hands to his chest, where she ran her fingers up and up, giving him a look of submission. Of desire. She radiated pureness.

Slowly her hands ran up his chest to his neck and then very gently dragged her fingertips down, in a passionate and loving gesture. Her eyes never leaving his.


He growled softly, kneeling down in front of her as he released her from his magic. “You’ve seen my rage, Goddess…now you get to see my passion…” he said, suddenly pressing his lips to hers.

The kiss was deep, almost rough in nature, and it was definitely passionate. He cupped her cheek, his tongue tracing her lips as he kissed her. His hand trailed back to disappear in her long beautiful hair, his body leaning into her touch.


She moaned into his kiss, almost lovingly. Grabbing onto his shoulders for support, she pressed herself against him, allowing him to feel her warm naked skin.

She was soaking between her legs. The danger, the excitement, the rage, and the passion.


He broke the kiss, leaving her needy and heated. He backed away, smirking as he winked at her. “You’ll have to earn me, Goddess…good luck,” he said as he left the room, leaving her there naked and soaking wet.

He walked down the stairs, petting Dante as the fox yipped. “It’s alright, she’s just really bad at being a temptress…”


“You should be earning me!” Nymeera yelled at him. She went to the staircase. “Or I could just use my rape tactic…”


“You do and I rip your vocal cords out of your neck!” he called back in a sing-song tone. He wanted her to earn him properly. Without tricks or that…damned song.

He laid on the couch as Dante ate from his bowl. He turned the television on and used his magic to pull a case off of his movie shelf. He put it in the disc drive and pushed the tray in. He yawned, pressing play once the menu came on screen. He started to relax when he heard the goddess pacing in his room. “Probably trying to come up with a game plan.”


After awhile, she came down the stairs. Expressionless and silent. She sat next to his head and began to gently touch him curiously.


His eyes were glued to the screen, the film being his favorite as he watched. He huffed at her touch, allowing her to explore his skin as he watched his film. “Looking for something, Goddess?”


“No…” she said calmly as she continued to caress him. Her fingertips glided over his muscles as she leaned down to smell him.


His scent was powerful. A mix of vanilla, amber and his own musky pheromones. He watched his movie, being about halfway through as he felt her nose against his skin, inhaling his scent. He rolled his eyes, knowing she would get restless if she inhaled too much of his pheromones.


She moved herself to straddle his waist. He was much bigger than she was. She looked at him lustfully. Her fingers tracing all of his muscles. She leaned down to sniff him again, and placed a small kiss on his chest.


He blushed softly, still not budging as she straddled him. There was a reason why he wasn’t an easy fuck. His…length…could be overwhelming. He was surprised she didn’t notice his flaccid gargantuan member outlined in his jeans yet.

His eyes trailed from the movie to hers, staring at her silently as she inhaled his scent. “It seems you want something…would you like to tell me what it is, Goddess?”


She softly bit down on his neck and licked where she had bitten. She kissed and nipped at his throat. She began to move her hips. She was naked underneath her silk, and could feel his size. It excited her beyond belief.

She wanted him. And she wanted him to want her. She felt a primal desire she had never felt. She didn’t answer him, but looked deep into his eyes. “Love comes in at the eyes…” she whispered at last.


“Indeed it does, Goddess. So…let these eyes gaze upon your beauty..” he said, turning the television off as he inched closer to her. He wanted her like crazy. His demon instincts were going crazy. Her scent, her body, her eyes…he wanted nothing more than to pin her down and take her to his leisure.

“Now Goddess…I believe you’ve earned me..” he whispered back, nipping her earlobe as his hands grasped her thighs.


She gasped at his sudden aggressiveness. And she loved it. She stayed silent, except for her moans, letting him have his way. Letting him take her.

She leaned her head back slightly as she began to grind her hips harder into him.


He found himself growling like an animal. His lips against her throat as he let his fangs emerge and poke at her flesh. “I wonder…I’ve never tasted sea-dweller blood before…” he hissed, nipping and pulling on the flesh that covered her jawline.

He licked up her neck, his hands not only squeezing her luscious thighs, but now groping her healthy delicious ass. “I wonder…how it would feel…when my cock is buried inside of you…and my head is pushing against the back wall of your womb…”


She moaned over and over. Wanting him to taste her blood. Wanting to feel the sting of his bite.

She looked back into his eyes. “Why don’t we find out, demon…” she said seductively.


He growled, licking her neck once before biting down hard. Her skin broke, her sweet blood pouring into his mouth as he began to drink. It tasted like…saltwater taffy and copper. He instantly became greedy. Wanting more…

He growled again, flipping them over as he pinned her against the couch, still feeding as he felt her still trying to grind against him.


The pain was pleasure. But it was weakening her. Her grinding became less fierce. She looked at him in submission.

Her eyes got worried. She knew…she was his now.


He released her neck, growling deeply as he stared at her. He licked his lips, wanting more as she stared at him. She looked submissive…like he could do anything he wanted…and she was powerless to stop him.

“Tell me, Goddess…do you want me?” he whispered in her ear, licking the lobe as he started to tease her.


“Yes…” she whispered. And she did. “Please…” she begged. All energy had left her body. It belonged to him now.

And that turned her on even more.


“Well then…I believe you’re a bit overdressed, Madame..” he hissed out, suddenly using his demon strength to tear her clothes to shreds with a growl. He chuckled, his hands on her body immediately as he began to grope and caress her smooth and creamy skin.

“I think you’re enjoying this a little more than me, Goddess. Now…tell me…have yiu ever been introduced to heaven…by a being from hell?” he said, a hand trailing down her skin until he suddenly and roughly grabbed her by her folds, looking at her with dominant eyes.


“Oh…” she moaned.

“Wh-what do you…mean?” she managed to say between moans.

She looked at him submissively, her eyes telling him she was all his, for as long as he wanted.


“I think you know what I mean…” he breathed out, her hands having the energy to grasp his arms. His biceps were bulging…and so was something else.

“I’m going to make you see heaven, Goddess. And I’m going to do it…all…night…long…” he said, smirking at Dante who looked like he was rolling his eyes before bounding upstairs to Yoshi’s room.


She playfully giggled as she regained her second wind. She spread her legs more, running her hands along her inner thighs.

Her pussy was pink and perfect. Smooth and sweet. “Have you ever seen heaven, demon?” she asked as she began to play with herself.


“Yes…and I was thrown out for being a fire hazard…” he smirked, growling as she began to play with herself. He didn’t like that…not one bit.

He decided it was time to reveal himself to her. “Oh Goddess, those measly fingers won’t please you…but this will…” he said, pulling his cock out as he saw her go wide eyed. Gargantuan didn’t even cover the extremeness of his size. It looked dangerous.


Her heart sped up as she saw it. She smiled and took her fingers away from her pussy and reached out to touch it…

The hugeness of it almost scared her. Would she even survive this fucking?


He smirked, holding it just out of her grasp. “Ask nicely Goddess. Ask…and you shall receive tenfold..” he said, grinning as his cock throbbed noticeably.

He looked at her hole, surely she was a virgin. That just made this much…much more fun. “I’m going to take your first time, Goddess. But the question is…which hole do you want me to destroy first?”


“Please…” she begged as she looked into his eyes. “Please can I…touch it?”

“Please…don’t hurt me…” she looked at him fearful for what he might do with a cock of that size.


He smiled, his eyes kind but still extremely dominant. “I won’t hurt you, Goddess…lets just start with you touching it. You’re so good at begging…” he said, placing his length in her range of reach.

“I bet you’re all nice and tight. I can’t wait to stretch you out….” He groaned, waiting for her touch as she stared at it lustfully.


She reached out and ran her fingertips down the shaft gently. It seemed gigantic in her tiny hands. She looked back up at him, her expression now of complete innocence. She was a virgin.

“Can I…” she blushed, “Can I lick it?”


“Do as you please, Goddess. I am but a lowly demon…” he purred out, allowing her control over him as she grasped his gigantic piece of man meat.

He smelled her purity. It smelled of pure light. And he wanted to drown it in his essence of darkness. But he didn’t want to just take her. He wanted her to become addicted. He wanted this goddess to become so dependant upon his cock that she wouldn’t be able to go a day back to her kingdom without needing him desperately.



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