Dominate me

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WARNING: This story contains STRONG adult content!

Submitted: June 04, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016




You can hear me in the other room starting to wake up. I drank too much the night before and fell asleep on your bed naked. You took my arms and legs and tied them to the bed and left me there. You went to sleep in the other room, but was sure to wake up early to hear me awaken…and hear me begin to worry.


You sit in the other room and listen to me worry and struggle. You can hear me begin to panic. This is exactly what I did to you and I’m learning what payback is. Eventually, you enter the room and look at me, naked. I’m worried but you can see my pussy gleaming from how wet its gotten. You’re not sure if I really want to be excited or if its my body betraying me. It makes no difference to you because right now, I am your slave and your play thing.


You tell me good morning as I start to scream, telling you to let me out of here. You stand there and laugh at me because I have no power at this moment. I can scream and shout all I want and nothing will happen. Your house is nowhere near any neighbors and the house is insulated. No screams could escape even if people lived close by.


You let me scream and shout until I lose my energy. I eventually realize that trying to fight it is useless, and I begin to calm down. I look at you with acceptance in my eyes, that my fate is in your hands. You know my mind is wondering, ‘What he is going to do to me?’ My pussy is wet and you bet that I’m just hoping that you will pleasure me and give me a release. Maybe I’m hoping that you will just release me and we can make passionate love. None of these things are going to happen.


You move over to me, standing right by me by the side of the bed. Your hand begins to touch my lips and you look at me. You tell me that I will be feeling pleasure but you will make sure that I don’t get a release until you are ready for it. You take your hands and start to caress my tits. You grab them and run your fingers along my nipples. I start to squirm each time your fingers go over them. I’m so horny that my nipples feel like you’re touching my clit at this point. With each brush against them, I squirm more and more.


You look at me and kiss me gently. I begin to let my guard down but it does not occur to me that I’m still playing your game by your rules. You immediately slap my tits hard. I’m in shock and squeeze my face in pain. You do it again, but this time you hit my nipple directly. You get the same result from me, only more intense. Even though my face and eyes have a look that says stop and this hurts, my pussy is telling a different story. I’m soaking wet and my juices are starting to get on the bed. You’re enjoying every minute of this and even though I won’t admit it…I am too.


You go into the other room to get something. You grab an electric vibrator that needs to be plugged into the wall. You plug it in and turn it onto its lowest setting. You see me getting full of excitement, just imagining it on my clit and cumming all over it. You give me a devilish grin and I just know that this isn’t going to go as I want it. You take the vibrator and place it between my legs, just inches away from my wanting pussy.


You watch me as I try to get the vibrator to my pussy. Moving my body to try and push myself against it. I can feel the bed vibrating from the toy. The vibrations are enough to keep me horny but not enough to get me off.


You continue to watch me struggle and notice more juices coming from my pussy. I have an idea to try to move my legs and push the vibrator up to my pussy. You watch as I’m actually somewhat successful at doing this. I have the toy a hair length from my pussy. I give it one more push and I get it there. The feel of accomplishment is diminished after I realize that I had pulled it so far up that I unplugged the toy from the wall. You had this all planned out and all I can think is how sadistic you are.


You look at me and you see a look of defeat. I was fighting all that time to try and just get some release and you gave me none. You’re not that cruel though, because you do want to pleasure me. You get on the bed and get on top of me. You begin to kiss my neck and rub along my inner thighs, just coming inches from my pussy that is waiting. You move your head down and lick between my tits gently and you enjoy the way I taste. You move your tongue to my nipples that are still sore and sensitive from the punishment you gave them. You take my nipple in your mouth and lick and suck on it. My body is twitching like crazy as you’re doing this. You can tell I want to cum so bad but I just can’t. I’m just getting teased and tortured and you’re loving it.


You move your tongue away from my nipples and begin to lick down my body. You lick down my abdomen until you get to my legs. You lick down the outside of my leg and then up the inside slowly. I can feel your breath and the hairs from your beard against my pussy and it’s driving me mad. You start to lick on the outside of my pussy lips, causing even more tension from me. I want you to just shove your face right into my pussy. I eventually lose it and scream, “I can’t take it anymore! I need to cum…lick my pussy…fuck my pussy…fuck my ass…” I immediately stop talking but I already know what I’ve done and have the look of regret. I’m so horny at this point that desires are coming out that I didn’t even know I had.


You go and grab another toy. This time, it’s a vibrating butt plug. You tell me not to worry because this isn’t going to be next to me, or plugged into the wall. You turn it on and lube it up. You lift up my legs and slowly insert it into my virgin asshole. I squirm from the pain as I feel it go in. Eventually, it is completely inside me. It’s not huge by any means but for a virgin ass like mine, it feels like you brought the biggest one. Then you tell me that you have to leave but you’ll be back.


You came back about 30 minutes later and peak through the door. You see that I’m actually starting to enjoy the anal pleasure that I’m getting. You see pure enjoyment on my face and in my eyes. You enter the room and immediately I try to hide that expression. At this point, it’s too late and I have already let you see my cards. You know I enjoyed it, even if I wouldn’t admit it.


You take off your clothes, exposing your hard cock. I lick my lips, looking at it while my ass is still filled. I will be getting fucked now. You get between my legs and lunge your cock deep into my pussy. You can feel my pussy muscles already tightening up. You can feel the vibrations coming from my ass and it’s increasing your own pleasure. You fuck me hard with long strokes. Your cock going into me balls deep, filling my pussy up. You keep going and going, hard and rough. I’m screaming in ecstasy and you feel your cock begin to swell. Without warning, you shoot hot cum into my soaking pussy. My pussy tightens up and I cum all over your cock. You lay on top of me with your cock beginning to go limp.


You let me out of the restraints and laid next to me. However, you are shocked to see me get up and get on top of you. I tell you that you teased me for hours and if you think that’s all you will need to do to tame me, then you have made a mistake. Your cock begins to swell up and move but this isn’t quick enough for me. I slap your cock and grab your balls hard, knowing that will get you hard in seconds. And seconds was all it took for your cock to be rock hard again. The feeling of the pain gave you pleasure. I get on top of you and ram my pussy down on your cock. I ride you hard and wild. I’m a wild girl, and you have released another side of me that is all carnal lust and raw passion. I ride you more and dig my nails into your chest, leaving my mark. I start to cum on your cock as my nails dig deeper into you, drawing blood. As this happens, you shoot cum deep into my pussy.


I get off your cock and roll over, laying next to you. I released the beast in you last time and it seems like you released the beast in me. I look at you and give you a devilish smile and tell you that this won’t be the last time, and it may not be my pussy you’re fucking next time. You look at me and realize what you have just created.



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