No country for young men (M/F)

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Any ressemblence to current world problems is terribly, heartbreakingly disappointing

Submitted: June 04, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016



Dangerously, the bus balanced over the edge of the cliff. Little help was to be expected in this deserted area of the world. As if a divine entity had intervened, the screams of the children inside had provoked the attention of two accidental bypassers. The sight of the bus had been an initial shock to them, but their initial inertia was soon converted into a sense of action and empathy.

"What a terrible accident!" The left man reacted in agonizing surprise, "Quickly, let's help those children immediately!"

"I so wish we could," the right man replied, "I so wish we could."

The left man was surprised to hear that response. A bit offended, he snapped back at his companion.

"Why couldn't we? We can help them escape the bus. Come on! Hurry, we do not have much time."

"And what are you going to do?" The right man replied demeaningly, "Help one or two out? You cannot save them all, you know? The bus will soon fall."

He indicated at the vehicle that was now alarmingly leaning backwards.

"You see?"

"But... We can at least try to..."

"Get some of them out of the bus? That doesn't sound like a structural solution to me," the right man scoffed, "Really, your empathy is touching, but you are so naive!"

Begging looks on the children's faces pleaded desperately for help when the bus disappeared in the abyss. 

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