Random Pages of a Diary-#1

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A short romantic plot!

Submitted: June 04, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016



I tried my best but today I coudnt resist.
I picked up my phone and just called her without any other hesistation.
The phone rang and I felt it to be too loud for me to listen any other voice.
I was numb.I could even feel my heart beating too fast,the ticking of a clock, a bee in
its consistent motion.It was something I never felt before.Finally there was deafening silence and in an
optimistic anticipation of her voice I heard a low melodious tone.
I couldnt speak anything.I coud never gather words.My high emotions were not letting me express whatever was
occuring to me.She whispered again,"Hey you there?"
But I was lost somewhere.Maybe in her mesmerising voice.I just wanna perceive it.But her very next words brought back me to the real world.
Maya-"Why do you call if you dont wanna say anything anytime?"
Me,"Because I am in love with your voice too."
Its been 20 days since we are parted and I have been calling her since then and today I finaly ended up our one sided conversation.
She took a pause.I knew for the first time she was not angry at me and was too searching for appropriate words for the time being.

Maya-"Leave it parth.You never had time for me.Its been almost a month and I have been recovered from it, so for godsake just move on!"
Me,interuppting her,"Yeah life moves on.I never had time but still my ears long for your voice and so I do ring u everyday.In the days passed by I gathered
courage for the first time to speak.You say that you have been recovered and I believe you but I am selfish.I just couldnt leave you.I dont know but I try every
now and then to get out of it,but get failed in the attempt."

Maya-"What do u want now?"

Me,"To hear your voice now and then.It me turns alive and else a part of me is dead."

Maya-"Enough parth!You are the one who always made me shed tears.You are the culprit behind my loneliness.Please depart.You cant win over me now.I dont need you.I have accepted the change."

Me-"As u say i will depart.Go away from you.Far away.And believe that you have accepted the change.But wanna ask just one simple thing for the last time.If you
dont want me,why you still expect a call from me everyday?Why still i exist in your log list and so in your heart that persuade you to pick up the phone
everytime I call you?Why you still wait for me to speak something that would make up your day?Why your bossom still beats for me even when your words signify so much
hatred for me.Why you want to go away from me so that I could live letting you die?"

Maya-"Because I fucking love you asshole.Aaaahhhn..You are the worst thing that happened to me but you are the best of anything that could ever happen to anyone.
Love is bad and you are the worst part of it.I dont need you stupid because you are already in me.I told myself everyday I looked into the mirror
that I hate you and then weep until I realise I dont.Yeah I have changed.Changed for good.But I couldnt adapt it anyhow.You bastard either die with me
now or live with me forever.I wont give you a third option anyhow and you know you dont have it anyhow."

Me-"So look into my eyes and say so"


Me-"I always call from beneath the tree next to the other side of the road everyday.I believe the mirror kept you too busy."

Maya approaching the window and discovering her mate shivering beneath the tree,"And i aint coming down."

Me,"I aint expecting you either!"

Maya-"But i love to do the unexpected sometimes!"

Me-"I hope the time is now!"

Maya-"I love you!"

Me-"I already saw it in your eyes.What do you expect me to say?"

Maya-"That you are an asshole idiot!"

Me-"The asshole idiot loves you even more than you do"

Maya-"Thats aint fair!I love you more!"

Me-"You coudnt win over me on this.."

Maya-"I love you more naaa.."

Me-"Huhhh..no ..........."

And the love birds kept on quarelling till the hummingbird started chirping at dawn.For sure,"LOVE IS INSANITY AND INSANITY IS LOVE"






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