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Just a little something I wrote when I was awake at 12:30 in the morning for no particular reason other than I wanted to write.

Submitted: June 04, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016



Darkness. That's all I can see. Darkness. It consumed my senses. All I knew was darkness. A funny thing darkness is. The absence of light, home to all the things that go bump in the night, but what if it was meant to be something else? What if, darkness was all we were ever to know, to love, and the light came along, destroying it? Light, the light hurts. Darkness? It's...comforting. The darkness lets you be you, but the light creates delusions and forces us to be something we are not. So why do we accept the light? Because, to put it simply, we are afraid to be ourselves. We're afraid to let others see us for who we truly are. So we use light t create a false reality to make us feel better about ourselves. Darkness never lies. We are afraid of truth. What lies? The light. A trick of the light. Darkness lets our imagination run wild, but the light forces us to see what's in front of us. Forces us to believe in something that we don't want to believe. Darkness would never do that to us. Darkness is safe. Darkness is...home. The light is our safe place when we can't handle what we really are. We create other universes, other realms, using the light. Darkness is the same everywhere you go, but light, that's always different. Never constant. But darkness will always be darkness. It will never be anything than what it truly is. There's millions of different lights, but only one darkness. Only one, true, unchanging force. The only thing you can trust. The light can't do that. The light was made so we didn't have to hear or see the truth, the real truth. Only darkness can show us that. So, enlighten me. Do you believe in darkness? 

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