My Invisible Brother

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This is just a story I've come up with. Also, if anyone thinks I copyed from a book that might be similar to this, I didn't. I've only got the idea of a girl being hunted by her dead brother from one of Ehco Gilette's sketchbook (well more likely folder) tour.

Submitted: June 05, 2016

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Submitted: June 04, 2016



My invisible brother

Ever since my brother died, (which in fact, he was only 8) everything's been
weird lately. Whenever i walk in my brother's room, things fall by themselfves.
but, when someone else goes in his room, nothing happends. Just like
yesterday, i was leaving for school and right before i went down the stairs,
i saw this small black figure with one eye red, and the other bright yellow
staring right at me. I couldn't move my body for 10 secounds. After that
it just left. I decided to try and draw the figure i saw in my sketchbook.
At reeces my friend wanted to see my drawings. And of course i agreed.
but, frankly, i forgot i drew the picture of the figure, and once she was on
that page, she looked at it and read what i wrote on the page. She asked me
why i wrote ''i'm not going insane, i'm not going crazy, i'm telling the truth
and you don't believe me.'' on it, then asked about the drawing. i told her
that i was only bored and had nothing else to do. Later on, i heard her
telling other of our friends about the drawing. They all said that sometimes
i can be really stupid. i don't know why i agreed being their friends, since
in 1st grade they bullied me all the time. but i'd have nothing to do, or
no one to play or talk with. They all came up to me, and started talking
about the drawing, infront of the WHOLE class! everyone in the class
including them, were all looking at me with a weird face. i was so
embarassed. i decided to tell them the truth about the drawing, and told
them it's a drawing of my brother i saw this morning. then their faces
got an even weirder look. Emma then said that my brother was dead
and it's impossible for me to see him. i got really mad after that. when
we were packing our bags, i heard EVERYONE talking about it!
it was like the whole school knew! The next day, i had 1st graders 2 graders
ect. come to me to tell me to prove that i've seen my brother the other day.
i told them i'd record a video tonight of me going in his room tonight,
when someone from the croud said that its probably only going to be me
pushing things over, making weird noises, and alot of dumb things.
Ohhh, but they'll regret saying that and laughing at me once they see
the video. Once i finished recording the video i saved it and titled it
''My invisible brother.'' once i arrived at school, people said to show
the video or else their gonna tell everyone including my parents that
i've been bullying them, and bringging knvies to school while threating
them that i'll cut them. i then took my phone out of my bag and opened
the video. they all watched it, while their eyes were open so wide that
it looked like their eyes were about to pop out. When the video ended,
they told me that they were sorry, they never believed me. it was really
nice having everyone coming to me even teachers telling me that everything
is going to be fine. Once arrived at home, i heard two young boys who
sounded like they were 8 years old. As i walked up the stairs it sounded
like the sound was coming from my brothers room. I looked in his room
and saw that he was there with one of his friends! He saw me then
yelled im back which when he said that, it sorta sounded like he said
im black. Don't ask. After that day, i've been the happiest girl
there ever was. The end! :)

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