My Brother's Girlfriend

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I just felt like uploading this one aswell. If you didn't like it, feel free to leave suggestions on what you want me to write about in the future, and who knows, I might write about it. :)

Submitted: June 05, 2016

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Submitted: June 05, 2016



My Brother's Girlfriend.

my brother is such a player! he says hes not. but he clearly is one.
hes dated like 20 different girls, and they didn't break up with him
he broke up with them.
- Based on a true story -

Were in the car me and my brother, waiting for our parents to come
back from the bank. and my brother said he broke up with his girlfriend
on the phone with his friend. at the time, i was playing follow the line.
i didn't know what he meant, so i decided to talk about it with him.
but being the stupid girl i am, i yelled ''PLAYER!! YOU'RE SUCH
A PLAYER!!!''  he told me he wasn't but he clearly doesn't
remember about Kaitlyn Liv, Alexia Mackenzie and about like
20 other girls. little while later he actually agreed to being a player.
i told him when he gets a new girlfriend, i'd tell her, hes gonna
break up with her after a month or two. As soon as we got home
from eatnig at our cousins house, he invited friends over.
i find it so ironic, that hes only like 15, and invites people
who are like 18 to 19 over which he calls them his ''friends''
they are probably using my brother for things, and aren't
actually his friends. A month later i asked him why aren't
his friends who are wayyy older than him coming over like
he said they would? he told me, that they wern't his friends
anymore, and used him to buy them things that they can't
buy themselfves. Why am i not surprised? i decided to take
manners in my own hand, and ask a few boys and girls in
my school, if they'd like to be friends with him. everyone i asked
said yes, which was a huge surprise. after school i brought
them over to my house, and told them to stay at the door.
while they waited, i went to find my brother, and told him
that people wanted to see him at the door. he was so
surprised when they all asked him to be his friend.
after that day, he was the happiest he could be.

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