time and judith

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judith is taking a walk through central park, but in twenty years from now, things are quite different.

Submitted: June 05, 2016

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Submitted: June 05, 2016



The girl stepped across the cracked path,

Around parched trees.

Her soft footfalls upon the soft sand,

That made up the remains of Central Park.


She hummed a tune through an oxygen mask,

Her fingers pattering across an old shopping trolley,

Like it was a Xylophone.


She arrived at her destination.

A metal cube.

No longer did skyscrapers and office building form the New York



They fell when the atmosphere did,

Toppled like dominos.

As was the same in all the cities.


She rapped on the door,

Gently, as if not to disturb the urban wasteland.

"Judith!" The old man exclaimed without an oxygen mask. 

"Time." The girl replied.

The man took out his pocket watch,

Grinned at its tarnished surface

"It's time to go!" the old man whispered, as if someone,


Was listening.


But Judith knew there was no one.

Fifteen years ago,

The CO2

Had brought the world to its knees.

To beg forgiveness from the other green house gases too.


The atmosphere bunt up,

Seas boiled away.

Forests disappeared in cinders and smoke.

The lack of Oxygen turned people's hair white,

But so few where live,

It didn't really matter.


But with Time and his watch,

It didn't have to of happened.


He pulled back the hands and they where in proper Central park.

With proper trees and lakes and benches and grass.

Oh how Judith ad missed grass

And its sweet smell.


Stall holders called out,

Buy this smoothie, buy these ice creams.

She had been six when she had eaten ice cream last.


A woman with black hair jogged past,

No oxygen mask needed.

Wind whistled.

Wind, filled with precious oxygen!


Tall buildings, made entirely of glass,

Jutted out into the skyline, glinting shards of


Another form of Carbon.


A plane rumbled somewhere,

A carbon trail like that of a snails,

drizzled across the sky.


Judith sank to her knees,

Felt the sand beneath her feet once more.

The wasteland greeted her, piles of derelict buildings,

Half collapsed.

Tears dripped down her face.

Collected at her gas mask.

Fell to the ground.

The parched earth drank those few tears,

The last moisture it would ever receive.


Where had the time gone?

Judith let out a howl,

An inhuman screech.

Judith, the last mourner of our

Deceased Planet Earth.



© Copyright 2018 Dorothea de Landier. All rights reserved.

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