Heart Broken

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Part 1) When Ava and Ryan Green come to Misselthwaite Manor. Will their relationship be fixed or broken forever? They found out loads of secrets about themselves after Ava turns 15, she hits the
breaking point and runs away. Will her friends and family find her before it's too late? Part 2) After Ava is found and back and safe at Misselthwaite, she finds out she's adopted so she searches
for her real parents but she didn't know that they were right under her nose the whole time? Mr. Green, Ava's adopted dad tells Ava and Ryan that they're moving so Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter fight to
win custody to get their family back. Will they win? More exciting news, Melinda gets engaged. Part 3) When Ava thinks that the lies and secrets are over and she has her happy ending. It's not. Mr.
Green is back and with more secrets and betrayal than ever before. Will Ava ever get her happy ending? This book was written in 2016-mid 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter one - Welcome

Submitted: June 05, 2016

Chapter one – Welcome
“Dad, I’m so excited, I can’t believe I’m going to Misselthwaite College. It’s only the most popular college for girls in the world” said Ava Green “this is about the 100th time you've said Ava. It’s getting old. Just shut up" said Ryan Green, her big brother who sat next to her in their dad's car. This was the first they had talked to each other in 6 years. He was going to Misselthwaite College too. This school has been around for 25 years and it was originally for girls up to 9-25 years including college but they changed the rule so it's for boys and girls "I don't get why I have to go to this stupid school too. I was hoping to get away from my sister" said Ryan. Ryan Green was the type of person who thought he knew everything and could rule the world but made her little sister’s life hell "You're going Ryan, you have no choice" said Mr Green in the front. Ryan didn't say anything; he wasn't as thrilled as Ava about this massive change. Their dad had raised them in a small quiet town in stroke near the countryside on his own when Paige (his late wife) died when Ryan was 10 and Ava was 2 years old.
Ava was so upset about her mum passing that she didn’t leave her room for two weeks or eat anything that’s when her dad thought of going to Misselthwaite Manor but she didn’t know the reason why she had lost her mum until recently when she turned 10 when she could understand more.
“Your mum would be so proud of you sweetheart” said Mr Green as they turned on the A303 “thanks dad” said Ryan sarcastically. I rolled my eyes “it isn’t always about you, you know Ryan” I said “and you too” said Mr Green “Ryan, can you do me a favour?” he asked “depends on what it is” said Ryan “look after your little sister” said Mr Green. Dad had said this as if I wasn’t in the car. This happened a lot since mum had died. Ryan had always had to look after me when dad was out or at work. I didn’t say anything about Ryan looking after me at this new school because I’ve gotten so used to it. Since mum has passed away, dad has always been too overprotective of me.
“Of course, I’ll look after your little princess, don’t worry dad, everything’s under control” said Ryan jokily “thanks man” said Mr Green. Ryan did an evil laugh at me and I gave him the evils
Ryan has always been like this when dad has asked him to look after me. He is my big brother and he thinks he knows it all but he makes my life miserable
As we stopped at the roundabout, I was reading my book and I didn’t know Ryan was looking at me. I sighed and bookmarked my page. Then I put my book down and closed it and faced my brother “what?” I asked sounding annoyed that Ryan had interrupted me “you know I love you right?” asked Ryan. I laughed like I didn’t believe him because I didn’t “you’re got a funny way of showing it” I said in between laughs “but I do love you, you're my dopey little sister” said Ryan trying to convince me and sounding panicky “okay I love you too” I said smiling at my brother. He smiled at me
“Dad’s right, mum would be so proud of you” said Ryan “so am I” he added “thank you” I said “I’m proud of you too” Ryan and I hugged
This hug could be the beginning of a broken relationship

As we turned towards Bristol, dad was looking through the mirror and smiled.
2 hrs later, we had got to the boarding school; I looked through the window and smiled.
I could see a huge big and tall building and lots of boys and girls talking and laughing outside the building.
We had turned into the car park and parked up “we’re here!!” I said excited. I nearly took my seatbelt off but Ryan stopped me jumping up and down by putting his hand on mine “yes but calm down” said Ryan “Ryan?” I asked “yes?” he asked “guess what?” I asked “I don’t know” said Ryan “I love you” I said “I love you too” said Ryan
This was the first time I said ‘I love you’ to Ryan since mum had passed away
As we got out of the car, Ryan and dad were both looking at me as I looked around at the big school. It made me happy and I smiled. Dad came over to me and grabbed my hand “Ava?” asked Ryan “yes?” I asked “guess what?” asked Ryan “I don’t know” I said “I love you” said Ryan “I love you too!” I said
Our dad was watching us and didn’t say anything and Ryan picked me up and spun me round. I smiled and laughed then Ryan put me down “I’m sorry for being such a bad big brother!” said Ryan. His voice sounded different almost guilty
“Ryan?” I asked “yes?” asked Ryan “it’s not your fault” I said. Ryan smiled at me.
We picked up our bags and headed towards the new school
“Dad” I said “yes sweetheart” said Mr Green “don’t leave” I said as tears of sadness began to come down on my face “oh honey” said Mr Green dropping our bags and gave me a BIG hug “you were so excited before, what’s changed?” asked Mr Green “I’m fourteen” I said “Ava, sweetheart, listen to me, I know this change is massive and scary and I know you miss mum but I’m always on the end of the phone and just remember mum will always be in your heart, if you need anything, I’ll be on the end of the phone I promise and Ryan will look after you” said Mr Green smiling at me “I love you so much daddy” I said smiling at my dad “ah, that’s my girl” said Mr Green as we walked into the big school building and I looked around it.
“It’s massive” I said “yes, where’s the headmaster’s office?” asked Mr Green. I looked around and spotted a brown wooden door with a big bold sign saying ‘Mr Carpenter’s office, please knock before entering’ and I walked over to the door. Dad and Ryan followed.
“Look” I said “oh Ava, you’re brill” said Mr Green kissing my forehead. He knocked on the door and we all waited for an answer. We heard talking and footsteps.
A tall thin man opened the door. He wore glasses and was very tall and was smiling at us “you must be the Green family, please, come in” said Mr Carpenter offering us to go into his office and we walked in and sat down.
“Hello, I’m Jake Green, this is my fourteen year old daughter and my seventeen year old son Ava and Ryan” said Mr Green standing up and shaking the headmaster’s hand and making me and Ryan stand up to. I smiled at Mr Carpenter “Hello Ava and how old are you?” asked Mr Carpenter. I didn’t say anything. I hid behind Ryan because I suddenly went all shy.
Ryan sighed and smiled at Mr Carpenter “Ava is fourteen years old sir, I’m Ryan and I’m 17” said Ryan shaking Mr Carpenter’s hand and smiled “it’s very nice to meet you both, I hope you like it here at Misselthwaite College. If you need anything, my door is always open, now let me show you, to your rooms” said Mr Carpenter and we all followed him.
As we went up some wooden stairs, Ryan was looking at me whilst dad and Mr Carpenter were in front of us “what happened in there?” he asked "nothing" i said "you went all shy. that's not like you" said Ryan. I laughed "what's so funny?" asked Ryan "you" i said "you think you know me so well. That you think i talk all the time. Well you don't. I gave you a hundred chances to talk to me since mum died. But you choose to shut me out of your life. It's your fault our relationship is broken. So stop thinking you know me when you're never been interested to know your little sister. Just remember you made the choice not to talk to me" i said and i caught up with dad and Mr Carpenter.
When we got at the top of the stairs, we turned right and then stopped in front of a door "there's the girl's doom” said Mr Carpenter. He opened the door and we followed him inside and I looked around.

The walls were painted pink with giant white daisies and was very big and it had 16 small beds neatly with pink duvet covers.
I went inside and dropped my bags on top of Ryan’s feet on purpose and looked around.

It was the most loveliest room i had stepped into. I was smiling and my dad saw my smile.

“I’m guessing you like it sweetheart?” asked Mr Green “Like it? Dad, I love it” I said. Mr Green smiled at me “good” said Mr Green.
Then the three of them left me and went into the boy’s doom room.

They walked into the boy’s room and Ryan did the same as I did and dropped his bags and walked inside and looked around.

The boy’s room was exactly the same as the girl’s room. It had 16 beds neatly made with football duvet covers and the walls were painted with blue with white and black footballs on. Ryan looked around and was nodding his head “not bad” he said “good” said Mr Green.

When it was time for dad to go, we were all outside saying goodbye. I had tears in my eyes and Ryan just stood there like he didn’t care that dad was going. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I should probably stop moaning otherwise I’d be here for ages.

My dad looked at me, saw tears coming down my face “oh sweetheart” he said and he gave me the biggest hug ever. He bent down and looked at me, wiped my tears off my face and smiled at me. I smiled back “Ava-Rihanna, honey, i love you so much and I hope you know that and never forget it. Losing your mum was one of the toughest and sadness times I’ve ever had to deal with, you, you lost your mum when you were only two years old and Ryan was six, but you thought mummy was just very poorly and sleeping. But do you know what? As you've gotten older, you’re becoming more and more like mum and that scares me but it also makes me a proud dad. Because your mum was one of the strongest, most caring and gorgeous people I’ve ever known. Even though she’s gone, that’s not true okay? Because she’ll always be in your heart, and she would be so proud of you and Ryan is going to look after you and I promise I’ll keep in touch every single day, wanting to know everything what you’re up to okay? I’ll see you at the end of term and I love you so much Ava” said Mr Green giving me a hug and a kiss. I didn’t know what to do or say. “Thank you dad, I love you too” I said

When my dad left, I went back inside with Ryan, but we didn’t talk to each other as we walked back to our dooms, once we got to our rooms, we closed each door behind us not having a single look at each other.

That evening, I was unpacking my clothes from my suitcase. I didn’t hear the door open because I had headphones in and was listening and dancing to one direction and didn’t realize someone had come in.

They tapped on my shoulder, I jumped and turned around and pulled out my sparkly pink headphones.

There was a blonde hair, blue eyed and tall girl standing there looking at me and smiled. She put out her hand and I shaked it and I smiled at her “Hey, I’m Lola and you must be Ava. I’m your roommate” said Lola Perkins “oh hello, yes I’m Ava, nice to meet you” I said “You’ll also meet my two best friends Zoe and Mia” said Lola “ah okay cool stuff” I said “they also live in this room with me” said Lola “ah that’s cool” I said smiling.

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Chapter two - Who are you?

Submitted: June 05, 2016

Chapter two - Who are you?
“So what school did you go to before you came to Misselthwaite? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What’s your favourite colour? Do you like reading? You look like you love reading. What’s your favourite animal? How old are you? Where did you live?” asked Lola really quickly. I couldn’t get a word in.
She finally stopped and i could speak “I used to live in stroke which is half hour from here with my older brother and three older sisters called Melinda, Jemma and Clara and my dad, my favourite colour is pink, yes i do, I love reading, horses are my favourite animal and i’m fourteen years old and i have a older brother Ryan” I said “Does he go here too?” asked Lola “yes” I said “are you guys close?” asked Lola “no” I said “that’s sad, can I ask why?” asked Lola “Our mum died when I was 2 years old and after mum passed away, we had no contact and he shutted me out of his life” I said with a sad voice “oh no so are you guys ever going to talk again?” asked Lola “we did on the way here I guess but then it went bad” I said “Have you ever had a boyfriend?” asked Lola.
I was taken aback “no I haven’t, because from the moment i turned 14, Ryan banned me from having a boyfriend and from when i turned 10, he banned me from having friends, so we shouldn’t even be talking right now” I said “Do you ever think you’re going to patch things up with him?” asked Lola “Nope” I said “that’s sad to hear” said Lola. I could tell, she had nothing else to say “do you have any brothers or sisters?” I asked “I have one little brother called Joe and one big brother called James” said Lola “wow, so you’re in the middle, you poor thing” I said “yep” said Lola.

I suddenly felt sorry for this funny kind girl but who was she?

Our doom door opened and two girls walked in

One of the girls had long natural blonde hair, with brown highlights, she had sparkly green eyes. She looked as though she was 5’4 ft, she had sparkly green eyes, she wore a purple jacket and a t-shirt so I guessed it was her favourite colour and wore black glasses to help her see long distance.

The other girl had short brown hair, she was stood next to the other girl and i could tell there was loads of difference between them. She wore a blue jumpsuit and ballet shoes. They both looked like models.

I thought they were both so pretty and I smiled at them, they smiled back.

“Hello” I said nervously, I smiled at them awkwardly “Hello I’m Mia” said Mia “I’m pleased to meet you” I said “I’m Ava” the three kind girls smiled at me.

This looked like the start of a new friendship.

Back at home, I didn’t have many friends because they were all scared of Ryan, they were so scared to come round my house and I was too scared to ask Ryan so I only saw them in school.

The next day, I woke up to a sunny morning feeling good and fresh, I got up and went to the bathroom to get showered.

25 minutes later, I came back to my doom. I opened the door, then I jumped so much, Lola came out behind the door and decided to scare me.

I dropped my wet pink towel and wash bag.

“Lola, what the” I said “I’m sorry Ava, I just wanted to see if you’re a true friend and you passed” said Lola.

I just stood there not knowing what to say next.
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Chapter three - New friends

Submitted: June 05, 2016

Chapter three - New Friends
“So what school did you go to before you came to Misselthwaite? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What’s your favourite colour? Do you like reading? You look like you love reading. What’s your favourite animal? How old are you? Where did you live?” asked Lola really quickly. I couldn’t get a word in.
She finally stopped and i could speak “I used to live in stroke which is half hour from here with my older brother and three older sisters called Melinda, Jemma and Clara and my dad, my favourite colour is pink, yes i do, I love reading, horses are my favourite animal and i’m fourteen years old and i have a older brother Ryan” I said “Does he go here too?” asked Lola “yes” I said “are you guys close?” asked Lola “no” I said “that’s sad, can I ask why?” asked Lola “Our mum died when I was 2 years old and after mum passed away, we had no contact and he shutted me out of his life” I said with a sad voice “oh no so are you guys ever going to talk again?” asked Lola “we did on the way here I guess but then it went bad” I said “Have you ever had a boyfriend?” asked Lola.
I was taken aback “no I haven’t, because from the moment i turned 14, Ryan banned me from having a boyfriend and from when i turned 10, he banned me from having friends, so we shouldn’t even be talking right now” I said “Do you ever think you’re going to patch things up with him?” asked Lola “Nope” I said “that’s sad to hear” said Lola. I could tell, she had nothing else to say “do you have any brothers or sisters?” I asked “I have one little brother called Joe and one big brother called James” said Lola “wow, so you’re in the middle, you poor thing” I said “yep” said Lola.

I suddenly felt sorry for this funny kind girl but who was she?

Our doom door opened and two girls walked in

One of the girls had long natural blonde hair, with brown highlights, she had sparkly green eyes. She looked as though she was 5’4 ft, she had sparkly green eyes, she wore a purple jacket and a t-shirt so I guessed it was her favourite colour and wore black glasses to help her see long distance.

The other girl had short brown hair, she was stood next to the other girl and i could tell there was loads of difference between them. She wore a blue jumpsuit and ballet shoes. They both looked like models.

I thought they were both so pretty and I smiled at them, they smiled back.

“Hello” I said nervously, I smiled at them awkwardly “Hello I’m Mia” said Mia “I’m pleased to meet you” I said “I’m Ava” the three kind girls smiled at me.

This looked like the start of a new friendship.

Back at home, I didn’t have many friends because they were all scared of Ryan, they were so scared to come round my house and I was too scared to ask Ryan so I only saw them in school.

The next day, I woke up to a sunny morning feeling good and fresh, I got up and went to the bathroom to get showered.

25 minutes later, I came back to my doom. I opened the door, then I jumped so much, Lola came out behind the door and decided to scare me.

I dropped my wet pink towel and wash bag.

“Lola, what the” I said “I’m sorry Ava, I just wanted to see if you’re a true friend and you passed” said Lola.

I just stood there not knowing what to say next.
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Chapter four - Ryan

Submitted: June 05, 2016

Chapter four - Ryan
In a single second, I was gobsmacked but I smiled at Mason and he smiled back at me and he came towards me and I moved my hair out of my face and looked at me “so will you?” he whispered. I didn’t say anything, Mason was about to kiss me but I moved away from him because Ryan came in without knocking.

“What’s a boy doing in your room?” shouted Ryan aggressively “I don’t know” I said sounding really scared “what do you mean you don’t know?” yelled Ryan “I don’t know” I said still feeling petrified.
That was it, Mason had enough of Ryan being a bully

“Look Ryan, I don’t know who you are but Ava is starting getting scared right now, either you go or leave her alone or happily do both. It would help a great deal” said Mason as I hid behind him. Ryan laughed “Who are you supposed to be? Her bodyguard” he asked “no but i’m her boy” he stopped when I interrupted him “he’s my friend” I said quickly “you know you’re not allowed friends” shouted Ryan “who says she can’t have friends?” asked Mason “me” said Ryan “you’re not her boss” said Ryan “yes I am” said Ryan “how?” asked Mason “I’m her big brother” said Ryan “how does that make you the boss of her though? You’re not her dad, just her brother” asked Mason “Ava knows she’s not allowed to have any friends or have fun or enjoy life since our mum passed away” said Ryan “how is that relatable to your mum passing away?” asked Mason “It isn’t Ava’s fault” “yes it is, everything is Ava’s fault” said Ryan “how?” asked Mason “because she started the fire” said Ryan

I was still behind Mason feeling really valuable but protected “how can Ava start a fire?” asked Mason “she was 2 years old” said Ryan “yes, you still haven’t answered my question, how can a 2 year old start a fire?” asked Mason

I’d never seen this side of Mason before, protecting me from Ryan

“Because she is stupid” said Ryan “no she is not” said Mason “yes she is” said Ryan “how is she stupid?” asked Mason “because she’s useless” said Ryan “no she’s not, you’re just a big bully who always puts her down” said Mason truthfully. Ryan looked at me hiding behind Mason and didn’t say anything.

He was throwback because no one had stood up to him before we came here.

I came out behind Mason and he looked at me worriedly “Are you okay?” he asked “yeah” I lied “Is Ryan always this mean to you?” asked Mason “pretty much” I said quietly “why?” asked Mason “he blames me for what happened to our mum” I said “but it wasn’t your fault, you were only two years old” said Mason “yeah” I said “Do you mind if I asked, what happened to her? Was she sick?” said Mason “yeah, she was very sick with cancer and there was a fire in our house and mum was in the house during the fire and the firemen couldn’t save her in time, they rescued everyone else but couldn’t save mum and she died” I said “oh Ava” said Mason “but why does Ryan blame you?” he added “because I should of died and mum should of been saved instead of me, Ryan says I was a BIG mistake being born” I said “wow” said Ryan “so what was your question?” I asked purposely changing the subject “would you like to be my girlfriend?” Mason asked.

I didn’t say anything straight away but I smiled at Mason like really really smiled at him and he smiled back “you’re so beautiful” said Mason.

I still didn’t say anything but my face was going red because no one had called me beautiful before especially a boy.

“Thank you” I said quietly “no problem” said Mason smiling at me “why are you so perfect?” asked Mason “Thank you Mason, right back at you and yes I will be your girlfriend because I really like you back” I said truthfully and smiled at Mason “I think you’re an amazing and gorgeous girl and I can’t wait for more adventures with you. I love you Ava Rihanna Green, I’m going to take care of you I promise” said Mason.

This was the first time any guy had ever said “I love you” to me before, Ryan doesn’t even do it now or ever because what happened to mum.

I smiled at Mason “I love you too” and that one moment we kissed.
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Chapter five - Boyfriends

Submitted: June 19, 2016

Chapter five - Boyfriends

When I got back to my doom, Mia, Zoey and Lola were all patiently sat on Lola’s bed waiting for me.

“Hey” I said happily as I came in and sat down “Where did you and Mason go?” asked Zoey curiously “Mason asked me out but Ryan ruined it and Mason stood up for me. He asked me out again once Ryan left the room” I said “ARE YOU SERIOUS” said Zoey excitedly jumping up and down “what did you say?” asked Mia “well first Ryan, came in and started shouting at me as always and I couldn’t say anything to Mason with Ryan in the room. Second, I got really scared so hid behind Mason and he protected me, basically stood up for me against Ryan, and no one could stand up to Ryan at my old school so I was impressed, Ryan didn’t like it and walked off and after Mason asked me again and I said yes and we kissed!” I said with a smile on my face.

Zoey, Mia and Lola all looked at me shocked “oh” said Zoey “my” said Lola “god” said Mia finishing the sentence. They all looked at me with surprise expressions on their faces but smiled at me “OH MY GOD Ava” said Zoey smiling “that’s so great” said Mia “congratulations” said Lola and we all hugged each other “thank you so much guys. For everything” I said “we love you and we are always here for you” said Zoey “I love you too” I said smiling at my three best friends. They smiled at me “so why did Ryan come in?” asked Zoey “because he blames me” I said “what for?” asked Mia “the fire, everything” I said trying to keep calm “what fire?” asked Lola “that’s how my mum passed away” I said smoothly. All three girls looked at me and then at each other, not knowing what to say so they came over and hugged me.

“I’m so sorry” said Mia “that’s okay” I said quietly “how is it your fault?” you were only 2 years old?” asked Lola “I don’t know, he just blames me for every little thing” I said “now that mum has passed away, Ryan’s had to help dad out more by looking after me, he makes my life miserable” I added sadly “oh Ava” said Lola sympathy “do you know who started the fire?” asked Mia “what do you mean?” I asked “who started the fire?” asked Mia “what? You mean you don’t think I started the fire?” I asked.

That was a surprisingly shock, these three girls don’t think I didn’t think I started the fire.

I smiled at them “no we don’t because you were 2 years old, someone set you up, because it’s impossible for a 2 year old to start a house fire” said Zoey “thank you” I said smiling.

“We’re really happy for you and Mason, Ava, and we’re going to find out who started this fire and mend yours and Ryan’s relationship okay” said Mia. I smiled “thank you” I added.

The next day I was looking for Mason when I bumped into Ryan round a corner to the chilling room.

He looked at me, grabbed both my arms tight, I shivered as he looked at me, looked around that no one else was around and picked me up and threw me right across the room and I landed up into a corner not able to pick myself back up again and I watched Ryan as he came over and saw me struggle to get back up “aw, look at poor little Ava” said Ryan “would you like a hand?” he asked nastily offering his hand to me. I reached out to grab his hand and he moved away as soon as i had my hand in his and I fell backwards on the floor.

Ryan looked at me with a evil grin and laughed at me because I had tears in my eyes “aww my poor little ickle sister” he said and walked off laughing.

After Ryan walked left and up the stairs, I got my phone out of my pocket, while dropping tears onto the screen, I went to Mason’s name and started to type a text whilst crying.
I pressed send and waited for a reply

20 minutes later, my phone beeped, I looked at it and it was from Mason. It said

Oh my god, are you okay? Are you hurt? What did he do? Where are you? I’ll come and find you beautiful girl
Love from

He sounded really worried and concerned about me. I smiled at my phone

So many people passed me and looked at me weirdly wondering why i was on the floor.

An hour later, Mason rushed over to me “Are you okay? What happened? What did he do? Are you hurt?” he asked “He shouted at me, grabbed my arms, threw me across the room, made me feel really scared and I hurt my arm” I said quietly “HE WHAT?!” asked Mason loudly and he helped me up, wiped my eyes. I looked at him and he looked back at me “where is he now?” he asked. I didn’t say anything, and i went all quiet “where is he now Ava?” he repeated “he’s in the lounge room” I said and Mason ran off to find him leaving me alone.
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Chapter six - What have I done?

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter six - What have I done?
“What the hell is wrong with you? Why throw Ava across the room?” asked Mason sounding annoyed “How is this any of your business? I decide how I treat Ava NOT you” said Ryan angry “but she hasn’t done anything wrong? Why do you treat her so horribly?” asked Mason “and it is my business because I’m her boyfriend” he added.

I just ran into the room and was out of breath “are you okay?” asked Mason worryingly “yeah” I said. I looked up at Ryan. He gave me a stare that I knew he didn’t feel bad about throwing me across the room like any other older brother would.

“Your what?” asked Ryan looking at Mason “I’m her boyfriend” Mason said proudly.

Ryan’s face began to get really red and his eyes looked really angry and I knew he was going to get really mad with me again.

“What gives you the right to have a boyfriend? You know full well, you’re not allowed to have a boyfriend or any friends” shouted Ryan “What have I done? I asked “you started the fire” said Ryan “give us some proof?” said Mason standing up and grabbing my hand because I was shaking with fear.

Ryan didn’t say anything “see no proof” I said “So why do you treat me horribly?” I asked Ryan “because of mum” said Ryan “mum?” I asked confused “yes, um do you want to go somewhere and I’ll tell you everything I promise” said Ryan.

This felt very odd because Ryan didn’t have angry eyes or shout at me.

I smiled awkwardly anyway “sure” I added and I hugged and kissed Mason then followed Ryan out into the corridor.

As we went along the corridor, I watched Ryan with fascination.

It was like he changed into a nicer, kinder person and a brother.

“Are you okay? You seem different” I said finally boosting my confidence up to talking to Ryan. He normally shouts and yells at me if I ask a question.

“Yes I’m great thanks, come and sit down a moment” said Ryan.

I came and sat down at a table outside and Ryan looked at me “Ava” said Mason “yeah?” I asked “Do you know what really happened to mum?” asked Ryan “she died in a house fire?” I asked.

Ryan looked at me “no” said Ryan sounding upset “she got taken away” said Ryan truthfully.

I didn’t say anything, I just looked at Ryan.

“Who by?” I asked “some people, remember when she left us alone for a week by mistake, she got accused of child neglect” said Ryan “so she’s not really dead?” I asked “no” said Ryan “why are you telling me this now? Why lie and say mum died and blame me for fourteen years? I asked.

Ryan didn’t say anything so I waited.

It was 5:40pm by the time, Ryan looked at me. I raised my eyebrows. By the look on my face that I gave Ryan, he knew I wanted answers.

“We were trying to protect you” said Ryan “rubbish” I said not believing Ryan “it’s the truth!” said Ryan “yeah right okay” I said “so your way of protecting me right was shutting me out of your life, blame me for every little thing, making me feel useless and small, treating me horribly, throwing me across the room just now, shouting at me, threatening me, making me feel really scared, and not even talk to me, and asked how my day was at school, you didn’t let me have any friends or a boyfriend. Every single day, you made me miserable and all these years, you've been lying to me” I said “and pretending to be horrible or was that real?” I asked.

Ryan went all quiet and looked back at the floor “so it was all a big lie?” I asked “Ava, come on give me a chance” said Ryan “we were trying to protect you” he added “we? So dad knew too?” I asked “yes” said Ryan.

Right there, I had enough of being lied to. I got up and walked off. Ryan quickly ran after me “Ava, wait please” he said.

As I reached the stairs, Ryan caught up with me “I’m sorry” said Ryan.

I didn’t say anything and carried on walking up the stairs. Ryan grabbed my hand and I stopped, I looked at my big brother and made him let go of my hand and carried on going.

I was too upset and angry to talk to my brother.

Or was he really my big brother or was that a lie to?

When I got to my doom, I opened the door, Ryan followed me in. I just stood there not saying anything.

Then i looked at Ryan “I want the truth Ryan. The full truth. No more lies” I said sounding serious “okay” said Ryan
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Chapter seven - More Drama

Submitted: June 30, 2016

Chapter seven - More drama

“Okay, you want the truth” said Ryan “yes” I said sounding serious “okay, you sure you want to know?” asked Ryan “yes” I said getting annoyed “are you quite sure?” asked Ryan “yes” I said.

I was getting past annoyance by this time with Ryan

“Are you going to tell me or not?” I asked “because i’ve got homework to do” I added “yes, come and sit down” said Ryan.

“You ready?” asked Ryan “Ryan, I know what you’re doing, you’re avoiding on telling me the truth about mum but it’s not going to work so just tell me, I deserve to know the truth, she was my mum too” I said

That hit Ryan and he sat down next to me, cleared his throat “okay i’ll tell you” said Ryan

I waited and looked at Ryan seriously

“Mum’s not really dead” said Ryan “She does love you Ava, more than anything, when you were a tiny baby, she did everything she could to protect you, you were such a easy baby, you were never naughty, dad used to say I wanted naughty children, you were also very cheeky because you used to say you have got a naughty child, Ryan and you used to get tickled by me a load” said Ryan “so me and you used to get along when I was little?” I asked “yes” said Ryan “when you were two years old, I was six and you were having a bath, splashing around and playing with the bubbles, but then mum had a phone call and had to pop out, dad was at work and couldn’t come home until late, so she left me and you alone and someone found out and called the social services and mum got taken away and she hasn’t seen us for fourteen years” said Ryan “but there’s more” he added “go on” I said “we have more family” said Ryan “what do you mean? More family?” I asked “we've got more brothers and sisters, you’re still the baby of the family but you've got three older sisters called Melinda whose 22, Clara who's 21 and Jemma who's 20 and then another older brother called Quentin who’s 17” said Ryan.

I didn’t say anything, I was speechless. I didn’t even know how to feel, I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

This was a bombshell that was a big as my bookcase.

Ryan looked at me but didn’t say anything

“I know it’s a lot to take in Ava, I felt the same when I found out” said Ryan “when did you found out?” I asked “when I was ten” said Ryan truthfully

Not more bombshells, I couldn’t take much more of this, I couldn’t even look at Ryan so I walked away.

As you would expect, Ryan followed after me. As I walked back to my doom, I didn’t look back, I just walked on.

I opened my bedroom door, closed it behind me as Ryan caught up with me and sat down on my bed like nothing happened.

Zoey, Mia and Lola all looked at me and came over and hugged me “what’s happened?” asked Mia.

By this time, I had tears in my eyes, the girls looked at me and Zoey moved my hair out of my face “what’s happened Ava?” repeated Mia.

I didn’t really have a nickname

“It’s all a big lie” I said “what lie?” asked Zoey “who’s lied to you?” asked Lola “what’s happened?” asked Mia “Ryan” I said finally “what’s he done?” asked Lola “my mum’s not really dead” I said “what?” asked the three girls “she’s still alive and I’ve got more family” I said “tell us the whole story” said Zoey “she got taken away when I was 2, I was having a bath and she had a phone call and had to go out” I said “where was your dad?” asked Mia “he was at work and couldn’t get away, anyway someone found out and called social services and mum got taken away” I said “wow” said Lola “there’s more” I said “there can’t be” said Mia “but go on, tell us” said Zoey “I have more brothers and sisters” I said “oh my god” said Mia “yeah” I said “how do you feel about it?” asked Mia. I didn’t say anything. I just sat there, looking into space.

“Ava?” asked Lola waving her hands in my face

I blinked “what? Sorry” i said quickly “I said, how do you feel about it?” repeated Mia smiling “personally, I don’t know” I said “Where is Ryan?” asked Lola “I don’t care where Ryan is, he’s a big fat liar” I said.

The door opened and Mason walked in “what’s going on? Ryan’s outside” said Mason “Ryan’s outside?” asked Lola “yeah” said Mason.

Lola walked over and opened the door and closed it again.
“What’s going on? Why did Lola go outside?” I asked panicking. No one said anything.

Lola walked over to where Ryan is “why the hell is wrong with you? Why lie to Ava? Fourteen years, you made her life miserable and for what reason? No reason whatsoever because you’re selfish and then she finds out she’s been lied to by you and her dad?! How could you keep something so big from her? Now she doesn’t even know who she is or if you’re really her brother? Well done, congratulations” said Lola and she walked away.

Lola came back in, we all looked at her “Lola, what did you do?” I asked seriously “just told Ryan what I think about what’s happened, no biggie” said Lola “Lola, what exactly did you say?” I asked “just that he had no right hiding a secret so big from you for so long” said Lola “Lola why?” I asked moaned “because I thought it was the right thing to do” said Lola going quiet.

She always goes quiet when she feels bad about something or something she’s done naughty and bad.

“Well you thought wrong” I said annoyed “you made everything worse” I added sitting down on my bed. Read Chapter

Chapter eight - School Dance

Submitted: July 03, 2016

Chapter 8 - School Dance

The next day, there was a big school dance that night.

There was lots of chatter and excitement happening during the day.

I was very excited because the next day was my birthday, but I was excited especially when Mason asked me to go with him. Best birthday present ever.

“Ava, being with you is amazing and I’ve never felt this way about any girl before. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world and would you like to accompany me to the school dance this evening?” asked Mason.

I didn’t say anything, my face just turned red as bright as a tomato and I just stood there not knowing what to say.

Mason looked at me, I smiled at him, walked forward, grabbed his hands, and kissed him on the cheek and whispered “yes, I would love to” Mason smiled at me and hugged me tight.

Before the school dance started, I was making my bed when Lola came over. She had a worry expression on his face.

“Ava, can I talk to you please?” asked Lola sounding desperate. I didn’t reply and carried on making my bed “please Ava” said Lola sounding so desperate. I ignored her and sat down on my bed and started to read. Lola went over to her bed. I watched her sitting down and I saw her face. She looked really bad and sad about what happened.

I sighed and went over to her bed.

I looked at her, she looked really bad. I sighed and put my book down. Lola’s face lighted up when she saw me coming over, but then I went out of the doom.

I went to go and find Ryan scared of what was going to happen so I knocked on Mason’s door. I needed back up.

Mason opened the door “oh hey princess, what’s up? Why so sad?” asked Mason “i need back up” I said and I grabbed Mason’s hand quickly and he shutted the door behind him.

“Why do you need back up beautiful?” asked Mason “Lola” I said sounding annoyed “Lola? What’s happened? I thought you two were best friends?” asked Mason “i thought we were but i was wrong” I said as I walked around a corner “what’s happened?” asked Mason “Lola thought it would be a good idea to tell Ryan, he had no right lying to me about everything that’s happened for fourteen years” I said “she has a point though A” said Mason “and she thought she was being a good friend by telling him that so I’m going to go and see Ryan so I need back up” I said as we reached Ryan’s doom room. I knocked on the door waiting.

20 minutes later, Ryan opened the door. He looked angry but smiled “hello Ava” he said “can we talk to you?” asked Mason “of course” said Ryan with a sly expression on his face. Me and Mason looked at each other nervous and was suspicious of Ryan but walked with Ryan behind us.

As we got to the area where everyone has their lunch outside. I looked behind at Ryan and he looked at me smiling but as we got to a bench, we all sat down together “so little sis, what’s up?” asked Ryan trying to be all nice and calm “i’m here to apologise for what Lola said to you so i’m sorry” I said straight up front “That’s okay Ava, nothing to apologise for, Lola was right, I had no right keeping something so big from you for so long and for treating you so bad. I’m the one who should be apologising so I’m really sorry. I hope you can forgive me and we can start fresh and be close like we used to be” said Ryan.

I stood there not saying a word because I was shocked and surprised.

I did the shocking thing, I walked over to Ryan meaning I had to let go of Mason’s hand and he tried to pull me back but it didn’t work. I smiled at Ryan and hugged him.
He hugged me so tight, I didn’t want to let go but I had to. This was the first time Ryan had hugged me in a long time. It felt so lovely.

“So do you forgive me?” asked Ryan bending down to my height “of course she doesn’t believe you” said Mason stepping in front of me “Mason, don’t” I said “Ava, you don’t seriously forgive him do you?” asked Mason “yes, yes I do” I said smiling at Ryan “thank you” said Ryan, smiling at me and giving me a hug “you're welcome” I said smiling back. Mason didn’t look at me

That night of the school dance, I was getting ready, I was sat at our dresser doing my makeup and Lola came over “Ava, I’m really sorry” said Lola. i stood up and looked at Lola “Lola, I should be the one who should be saying sorry, you were being a good friend and I shouldn’t of shouted. You’re my best friend and not talking to you has been the worst” I said “I’ve missed you so much” said Lola hugging me “I’ve missed you so much too” I said hugging Lola back “I really am sorry” I added “Ava, it’s okay forget it” said Lola. I smiled

We all arrived in the hall and there was loud music playing and everyone was dancing on the dance floor.

I went onto the dance floor and started to dance. Mason followed after me and we both grabbed each other’s hands, he put one hand on my waist and I put one of my hands on his shoulder and slowed danced together.
“I love you so much Ava” said Mason looking at me and smiling “I love you so much too Mason” I said

Everyone else joined the dancing then Ryan entered the hall and he had a boy and three girls with him. I froze and stopped dancing, let go of Mason’s hands and kissed him and walked over to Ryan.

The three girls and Mason watched me

“Hi Ava” said Ryan causally “Hi, who are these people?” I asked curious. Ryan didn’t say anything straight away. He looked at me, then at the people behind him, then the floor then up to me again.

I waited “Ryan?” I asked “Ava, these are your brother and sisters” said Ryan.

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Chapter nine - Ava's birthday

Submitted: September 01, 2016

Chapter nine - Ava’s birthday

I just stood there and the girls and Mason came over “what’s going on? Ryan, who are these people?” asked Zoey “these are our brothers and sister” said Ryan “what?” asked Mia. They all looked at me

But I just ran out of the hall, not a word or glace to anyone and headed to my doom.

I went upstairs and closed my bedroom door and landed on my bed and started to cry.

“Oh Ava” said Mia coming over. I sat up “what else is there that’s kept from me? Do I have cousins or an uncle and auntie out there? Am I a twin?” I asked “I can’t believe no one told you” said Zoey “it’s my birthday tomorrow anything they want to tell me that I don’t already know” I said.

The three girls hugged me “we’re here for you” said Mia “thank you” I said letting go “so it’s your birthday tomorrow?” asked Lola “yes, I’ll be 15” I said “interesting” said Lola giving me a look that I knew she was up to something “Lola, what are you planning” I said “nothing why?” asked Lola not looking at me but looked at Mia and Zoey and they winked at Lola.

“Right we've got to go somewhere, we’ll see you later, love you” said Zoey “love you too but where are you going?” I asked “shall I go with you?” I added standing up “no it’s okay, you rest” said Mia quickly.

I sighed and looked at them “see you later then” I said feeling left out but managed to give my friends a fake smile “yeah” said Zoey and they all walked away.

What do you think is going on?

“Right, do you think we can plan a surprise party in time for tomorrow?” asked Zoey “who for?” asked Lola.

Lola can sometimes be like she’s stupid and this is one of those times.

“Ava duh brain, haven’t you been listening?” asked Mia laughing “oh yeah” said Lola suddenly remembering “let’s get down to business” said Zoey.

That afternoon, I was in my room on my own, wondering what my best friends were doing. You’ll never guess what I was doing.

I was reading the BFG when Zoey, Mia, Lola and Mason came in, all dressed up smart.

“Where are you four off too?” I asked “your birthday party” said Zoey “my what?” I asked now putting my book down “wait until tonight princess” said Mason kissing me on the check. I smiled at him and my best friends.

Four months ago, I didn’t have any friends or a boyfriend, I was alone and miserable and now I’ve got friends and a boyfriend who I love to bits. I can’t imagine my life with them now. They’re changed my life for the better.

All day, I was wondering what they meant by “your birthday party” I kept on constantly asking questions “what do you mean ‘my party’ questions like that.

That night, Zoey, Lola and Mia were all getting ready. I was just sat on my bed quietly reading then Mia came over and took the book out of my hand “hey what are you doing? I was reading up to where sophie and the BFG (the big friendly giant) go to dream country” I said trying to reach for my book “you’re got to get ready” said Mia “for what?” I asked “your birth” said Lola nearly telling me but Zoey interrupted and put her hand on Lola’s mouth “if you get ready we will show you” said. I sighed and got ready.

It was 7pm and I was dressed patiently waiting.

Then there was a knock on the door, I opened it and I smiled when I saw Mason, standing there wearing a suit looking all nice and pretty “you are so beautiful” said Mason “thank you” I said “can someone please tell me what is going on” I asked “come with us” said Mason offering his hand and we went out of the room.

We walked out of the school and carried on walking. I still had no idea what was going on.

We all entered a big and squared room, the walls were painted plain and creamy white, the ceiling however was white with patterns of butterflies, flowers and birds. The floor had a carpet that was blue as the sky. The chairs were pile up and they were brown and wooden and they were in rows in the corner of the room and they all had delicious snacks such as chips, crisps, mini sausages and sausage rolls also some fruit on sticks, fizzy drinks, summer fruits, coke, lemonade, apple and orange sqlash. The last thing was that there was a big glittery silver and sparkly disco light ball hanging from the ceiling. There was also music playing from the karaoke. Also there was a banger saying “Happy birthday Ava”

I stood there just looking around the room not knowing what to say

“What is this?” I asked in shock “your surprise birthday party” said Zoey “what?!” I asked still in shock “we planned it secretly” said Mia “you’re joking?!” I said “nope we did it all because we love you and you’re having a hard time at the moment and who wouldn’t want to have a birthday party?” asked Mason

I smiled at the four best people i have in my life “thank you so much” I said and I hugged all four of my best friends “it’s all going to be okay” said Mason smiling “yeah let’s forget that and party” said Lola grabbing my hand and started to dance on the dancing floor.
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Chapter ten - Disco

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Chapter ten - Disco

“You guys are incredible” I said while the music was playing loudly “what? I can’t hear you” shouted Mia above the music “I said you guys are incred” I had to stop because the music had stopped “ible” I finished my sentence. Everyone looked at me because I didn’t know I was shouting “thank you so much for doing this” I said “you’re very welcome” said Lola. I hugged all of my best friends tight.

The next morning, everyone was exhausted from the night before “well that was a night of success” said Lola smiling at me and getting out of bed “yes it was, thank you so much for a awesome birthday party, I had no idea you were planning it” I said “we’re not finished yet” said Mason grabbing my hand.

I followed and Mason led me somewhere not saying anything “where are we going?” I asked.

Mason didn’t answer “Mason, please tell me” I pleaded “no you got to wait” said Mason

When we got to the place, Mason stopped

The girls hadn’t come with us, they’re stayed at school studying.

“Mason, what’s going on?” I asked clueless “sit down” said Mason pointing to a bench behind me. I went over to the bench and sat down and Mason sat opposite me and he held out his hands. I grabbed his hands and we both looked at each other in the way any couple would.

“Ava, you are the most amazing girl in the whole world. You make me really happy, you make me smile and laugh, you know what to do if I’m sad, upset or just in a mood even by text. You are a really lovely, sweet and caring girl who is my best friend, my world, my princess, my baby and everything I’ve ever wanted. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you. We are both young I get that, but I know you are the one I want to be with forever out of 1 million people. You can tell what’s wrong and always put a smile back on my face. We can muck around, joke around and say silly things. You make sure I’m happy before I go to bed but I always am okay because I’ve got a beautiful girl as my princess and my girl. I love you to the moon and back Ava and always will. You’re changed my life from sad to happy. Everyday is a new adventure for me. I own it all to you. Thank you” said Mason smiled at me. I looked at him and hugged him “I don’t know what to say, but all I can do is” I said and hugged him again and kissed him “no problem baby” said Mason “But I haven’t finished yet” I smiled at him and we walked back inside holding hands and we got into my doom and the three girls watched me as I sat down on my bed “what?” I asked “what are you doing tonight?” asked Zoey “nothing why?” I asked “you’ve forgotten” said Mia “what’s happening tonight?” I asked “the school disco” said Lola “oh yeah course” I said now remembering “be ready at 6” said Mason and he kissed me then left the room leaving me and the girls on our own.

That night happened, it happened so fast that it was a bit of a blur Read Chapter

Chapter eleven - The Past is the Past

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Chapter eleven - The Past is the past

The next morning, we were all walking to class when Ryan caught up with my brothers and sisters. Ryan stepped in front of me so I stopped and signed “what?” I asked Ryan “I thought you would like to meet your brother and sisters” said Ryan “What now? Ryan, I’m going to be late for class” I said trying to get pass Ryan “it’s rude not to Ava. please for me” said Ryan “no” I said and I moved away from Ryan and walked off.

That mid afternoon, I was in my room when Ryan and my siblings came in “what now?” I asked “I want you to meet Melinda, Clara-Louise, Jemma and Quentin. They’re your brother and sisters” said Ryan pointing out the obvious “well they’re not my cousins are they?” I asked sarcastically. Ryan looked at me, I sighed and smiled at my extended family “hi” I said awkwardly smiling “hello” said Melinda. She looked like the oldest “maybe we should go somewhere private and talk” said Ryan looking at Mia, Zoey, Lola and Mason “don’t worry, Ava will tell us what’s happening anyway” shouted Lola as I was pushed outside by Ryan.

We all walked ten metres apart from each other but Ryan grabbed my arm really furiously making me walk closer.

20 minutes of walking in silence, Ryan finally stopped at the first bench he could find and sat down.

“Sit down” said Ryan sitting down, we all sat down “so what happens now?” I asked “we talk” said Ryan and he looked at Melinda. She cleared her throat “so Ava, what music do you like? asked Melinda.

I didn’t answer and stood up “Ava, what are you doing?” asked Ryan “I can’t do this, I’m leaving” I said and walked away. Ryan stood up “Ava, you can’t just walk away” he shouted. I kept on walking and pretended to not to listen.

I got into my doom and landed on my bed and started to cry.

The door opened and Mason walked over to me and sat on the edge of the bed “Ava, what’s happened?” asked Mason. I sat up and Mason wiped my tears from my eyes “I can’t do this Mas, it hurts to much” I said “what did he make you do?” asked Mason.

I smiled awkwardly, last time I told Mason what Ryan had done. Well he kind of got a bit over the top and got a bit angry.

“Nothing, don’t worry be happy” I said smiling “tell me” said Mason “he made me talk to my brothers and sisters. Melinda asked me what music I was into but I couldn’t do it” I said. Mason smiled at me and hugged me “you want to know what happened and why did your dad hide this from you don’t you?” asked Mason “yes, yes I do” I said “and Ryan shouldn’t of just made Melinda start a normal conversation with you when you have no idea who she is” said Mason “yes” I said “everything’s going to be okay” said Mason. I smiled “I love you” I said “I love you too” said Mason “I just really want answers. I deserve to know why they hid it from me for 14 years” I said “you do deserve to know” said Lola coming in with Mia and Zoey “ thanks guys” I said wiping my tears.

I stood up and went out of the room and went to find Ryan.

“I’m ready to talk” I said as I managed to find him. He was outside with the others “good” said Ryan as I sat down “right so what music are you into?” Melinda asked again “are you joking me?” I asked standing up again “Ava, sit down. NOW” shouted Ryan. I shivered and sat down again “so what do you want to know?” asked Jemma.

I swallowed, I stayed and sat down when Ryan looked at me “why didn’t I know I had more brothers and sisters? Why did Ryan and dad lie to me for 14 years? Why are you here? How did you know that I was here?” I asked looking at my brothers and sisters.

Jemma and Melinda looked at Ryan not knowing what to say, Ryan turned and looked at me “Ava” said Ryan.

He was trying to change the subject.

“Ryan, please I need to know” I begged. Ryan looked at me and smiled at me “okay” said Ryan “you ready?” “yes” I said.

I waited patiently 45 minutes “Why didn’t I know I had more brothers and sisters? Why didn’t Ryan and dad lie to me for 14 years? I thought mum had died. Why did Ryan shut me out for 14 years? I haven’t done anything wrong have I? Why are you here? How did you know that I was at Misselthwaite Manor?” I asked catching my breath “right you ready for answers?” asked Ryan “yes” I said.

Ryan looked at Jemma and Melinda and they nodded. My sisters looked at me. I raised my eyebrows waiting “you were too young to understand what was going on and we didn’t tell you, to protect you” said Ryan “we lied to you for 14 years because it was too painful for dad. The divorce with mum was messy” he added. I didn’t say anything just looked at Ryan “I shutted you out of my life for 14 years because I blamed you for the separation and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of. It’s my fault our relationship is broken and I would do anything and everything to go back to be like we used to be Ava, you’re my baby sister and I really do love you. I want to fix our relationship” said Ryan.

I didn’t say anything straight away, I just looked at Ryan. He sounded like he meant every word of it “Ryan” I said “yes Ava?” asked Ryan “all this anger has to stop, because what happened is in the past and you are my big brother and I want us to be like we used to be. Forgive and forget and move forward” I said.

My brothers and sisters just stood there surprised. Ryan thought I wasn’t going to forgive him but I have.
“That’s a very positive attitude Ava, I like it” said “thank you” I said “so why are you here?” I asked “we wanted to meet you” said Melinda “how did you know I was here?” I asked “Ryan managed to contact us and told us about you and said it’s your birthday soon so we came to meet you” said Quentin for the first time “but why now?” I asked “because we didn’t know about you, after mum and dad spilted up, mum lost contact and then Ryan found a way to contact us and told us we have a baby sister and it’s her birthday soon so we got on a bus and came here” said Melinda “does mum know?” I asked “no” said Clara-Louise “so we ran away just to meet me?” I asked “yes” said Quentin. I smiled “one last question” I said “shoot away” said Melinda “why did mum and dad split up?” I asked “how would they know that?” asked Ryan “we do actually, mum told us” said Clara-Louise looking at me smiling.

clara-Louise didn’t seem too keen on her new little brother.

“Mum and dad were perfectly happy for a few years but then it went down hill. They started to have a few problems when dad kept on going out and coming home drunk at 1am in the morning and then started shouting at mum and hitting you and Ryan had to end up protecting you. Then it got worse, one night, you were tucked up in bed asleep after I read you a bedtime story, dad came home with another woman and said it’s over because mum was cheating on dad and told her, she couldn’t see you or Ryan again and mum lost contact” sai Melinda “wow, poor mum” I said “that’s awful” I added “yeah I suppose it is but anyway the past is the past. We want to know more about you” said Jemma “thank you” I said

That afternoon, I was doing my homework in my room when Zoey, Mia, Lola and Mason walked in “so what happened?” asked Lola sounding excited and was jumping up and down “okay what did you have for tea?” I asked causally “Ava, we were all with you when we were having tea” said Mia “now what happened?” asked Mason “well Melinda, Jemma, Clara-Louise and Quentin all want to get to know me and Ryan, well he said sorry for everything and told me why he was like that and what happened to mum and well he wants us to get back to what we were before everything changed” I said “so your relationship with Ryan isn’t broken anymore?” asked Zoey “nope, he wants to fix it” I said “and you forgive him?” asked Mia “yes” I said “oh A, that’s so great. I’m so pleased for you” said Mason “thanks guys” I said smiling at my friends.

Later, I was in the garden doing homework when my brothers and sisters came over and sat down but I was too busy that I didn’t notice and I looked up and jumped 50 ft in the air “where did you come from?” I asked in shock “well if you really want to know. It all started in 1994 with mum and” said Melinda “I don’t mean that, what are you doing here?” I asked “well we all heard that you had a boyfriend so we would like to meet him also Ryan wants to redo him meeting your boyfriend after he told what he’d done” said Melinda “sure you can, give me a few minutes. I’ll text him” I said getting my phone out.

25 minutes later, Mason walked over to us. My brothers and sisters all stood up as I went and stood next to Mason “Hello Mason, I’m Melinda, this is Jemma, Clara-Louise and Quentin and you know Ryan. please to meet you” said Melinda shaking hands with Mason. I smiled “it’s so nice to meet all of you” said Mason.

Mason looked at me smiling and I looked at him smiling and at that moment

We kissed

Right in front of my brothers and sisters Read Chapter

Chapter tweleve - First kiss

Submitted: October 01, 2016

hapter twelve - First Kiss

We stopped.

My brothers and sisters all looked at us in shock but all had smiles on their faces.

Mason and I smiled at each other and took no notice of the others.

“I love you beautiful girl” said Mason “I love you too Mas” I said and joint our hands together “oh pass me a sick bucket” said Melinda jokely “oh shut up” I said poking my tongue out at Melinda, she smiled at me.

After the kissing moment with Mason, I went back to my doom all happy and smiling at the people I walked passed and they were whispering and looking at me weirdly.

I opened my doom door and sat on my bed.

When Zoey, Mia and Lola all came in “so what’s happened? Everyone’s talking about it” said Zoey. i looked up from my book “what do you mean? What’s everyone talking about?” I asked closing my book “you and Mason” said Zoey “what about me and Mason?” I asked “Everyone saw!” said Mia “saw what?” I asked “you and Mason” said Lola “you know … kissing” “oh no not everyone saw did they?” I asked starting to panic.

Zoey nodded “oh god” I said pacing around the room “and” said Lola “and what?” I asked “some people were taking pictures and recording it and they put it on social media with some really nasty things” said Lola “oh no” I said and I rushed over to my laptop which was sat on my desk and looked on Facebook and scrolled through my feed.

I stared at all the photos and videos and started to cry and went over to my bed and laid down on my pillow.

The girls came over and sat at the edge of my bed “it’ll be okay, it’ll be old news by next week” said Mia. I sat up “are you sure?” I asked wiping my eyes “yes I’m sure” said Mia smiling at me. I smiled at her “thank you” I said “no problem” said Mia.

My mood suddenly dropped “but what if they do keep on about it? What happens then?” I asked “then we’ll be there for you and Mason” said Zoey “always” said Lola.

I hugged my three best friends “thank you” I said smiling at them.
Then Mason came in “what’s happened?” he asked me. I wiped my eyes, stood up and took Mason over to my laptop and show him the photos and videos.

Mason just stood there not saying anything.

Then he looked at me, I had tears down my face “have you been crying?” he asked me. I nodded and he hugged me tight “everything’s going to be okay” said Mason “is it?” I asked “yes” said Mason. I smiled at Mason but wasn’t fully convinced.

That afternoon, I started to hide in my room away from everyone.

When my friends and family came in. i sat up and looked at them. My hair was a mess, my makeup was all ruined from crying, I smelt of my clothes from the day before. I was in a mess.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked sounding scared “we’re here to get you out of this room and showered and outside” said Melinda “I can’t go outside” I said “yes you can, we’ll be with you” said Ryan offering his hand.

I looked at everyone and after a few minutes of biting my lips, I joined hands with Ryan and we went into the hallway.

Everyone was looking at me laughing “so Mason, why don’t you dump Ava and her ugly face and go out with me?” asked a blonde hair girl “do you want to kiss me hey Ava?” asked a black hair boy making kissing noises and I started to cry a little bit but kept on walking.

“Aww, Mason look, poor baby Ava is crying. She’s such a cry baby” said another girl.

I letted go of Ryan’s hand and ran back to my room and landed on my bed.

Leaving my friends and family behind “we've got to sort this bullying out guys” said Mason “agreed” said Melinda “aww you guys are so overprotective of Ava” said Zoey “well she is my baby sister” said Melinda “and my girlfriend” said Ryan “well i’m in” said Ryan “i hate seeing Ava so upset” “right so what do we do?” asked Mia “protest” said Lola out of nowhere.

Everyone looked at Lola confused Read Chapter

Chapter thirteen - No to Bullying

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Chapter thirteen - No to bullying

“What do you mean protest?” asked Clara-Louise “well we all agree that bullying is wrong right?” asked Lola “no it’s wrong” said Mia jokily “and it should be stopped not just for Ava but for everyone right?” asked Lola “yes” said Melinda “what’s your point?” asked Mia and Ryan “my point is that we should tell the headmaster” said Lola “how?” asked Clara-Louise “he lives in his office doesn’t he?” asked Mia “yes and?” asked Lola “so we just go there, knock on the door and BOOM” Lola added.

Eventually everyone got what Lola was trying to say “you know you’re a clever girl really” said Quentin. Lola smiled “thank you” “and a great friend” said Mia. At this point, Lola was blushing. Lola smiled at all my friends and they all walked to my doom.

“We've got a plan” said Mia coming in and nagging me to sit up. I sat up and wiped my tears “okay what’s your plan?” I asked “well to be true, it’s Lola’s plan, so she should tell you” said Quentin and we all looked at Lola “so what’s your idea?” I asked Lola “we should protest and tell the headmaster?” said Lola “cool idea” I said “ignore them A, they don’t know anything” said Mia.

I smiled at them all

“So when are you going to tell the headmaster?” I asked “what do you mean we? Aren't you coming with us?” asked Mason “no, I’m never coming out of this doom ever again” I said “because of the bullying?” asked Zoey “yeah” I said quietly “Oh A” said Mason giving me a hug “Ignore them. The kiss meant everything to me. You mean everything to me. It’s going to be okay. I dislike bullying and this bullying has to stop one way or another. They’re only doing it to get you upset and down because they know that you’re sensitive and I’m not. I’m ignoring it. People bully other people because they’re jealous of what the other person has. They think it’s smart but it’s not. They’re been bullied themselves so they do it to other people to make them feel exactly the same as they did. The best thing to do is just ignore it and raise above the nasty bullying and once they see that it’s not upsetting you. They will eventually stop and get bored” said Mason “Agreed. The best thing to do is just ignore it” said my brothers and sisters “yes, you can’t stay in your doom for the rest of your life” said Mia.

I smiled “thank you” I said “where is the headmaster’s office?” “Don’t you remember? We went there on our first day with dad or Mr Green” said Ryan “oh yeah” I said remembering.

I opened the door and walked out into the noisy corridor ignoring people staring and commenting.

As we walked towards the headmaster’s office. Mason and the others suddenly stopped. I stopped “what’s up?” I asked “well done” said Lola “what for?” I asked “for ignoring the nasty people in the corridor” said Zoey “oh right, hahahaha thank you” I said laughing.

When we got to the headmaster’s office, we all looked at each other “so who’s going to knock on the door?” asked Melinda. They all looked at me “what?” I asked “are you going to knock on the door?” asked Mia “what? Why me?” I asked “he likes you” said Ryan “what do you mean?” I asked “on our first day, I could tell he likes you” said Ryan “but why do I have to do it?” I asked “well you know him and you do” said Melinda “agreed” said Mia “okay, I’ll do it” I said giving in “good” said Mason.

I knocked on the door and waited for headmaster Carpenter.

The door opened and I saw Mr Carpenter in his new suit and tie “hello Ava, Ryan. Is everything okay?” asked Mr Carpenter “no sir, it’s not” I said “oh why? What’s the matter?” asked Mr Carpenter.

I looked at my friends. I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. Mr Carpenter looked at me “how about you come into my office for a chat?” he asked me.

He clearly knew I was panicking.

I put my hand over my mouth and ran.

“A, where are you going? Are you okay?” shouted Mason “does she panic a lot Ryan?” asked Mason “yes” said Ryan “in public?” asked Mason “oh yes, 100%. We were shopping one time before we came here, and we were in the bookshop and she couldn’t decide what book she had wanted and dad was telling her to hurry up and she ran out of the shop because she was panicking” said Ryan

Mason looked into the hallway “I hope she’ll be okay” he said.

After my runaway, I was in Mr Carpenter’s office, Ryan had gone and got me to see if I was okay “so tell me, what’s the issue?” asked Mr Carpenter.

I cleared my throat “well um me and Mason, my boyfriend, we had our first kiss earlier this week, and the whole school saw and some students took photos and videos of us kissing and the whole school is making nasty comments about it and Mason takes no notice but sir, I’m very sensitive and this is making me very upset. I spent three or four days without going out of my room but could you make them stop?” I asked “of course. Thank you for being so honest, bullying shouldn’t happen. I’m so sorry about this Ava. you and Mason don’t deserve this. I’ll make it stop I promise” said Mr Carpenter. I smiled at the headmaster “thank you” I said “anything for you Ava” said Mr Carpenter.

A few weeks passed and the bullying had stopped completely. Mason and I could kiss in public again.

I own it all to Mr Carpenter. But there’s something weird about him. I just can’t think what it could be.
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Chapter fourteen - The big mystery

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Chapter fourteen - The big mystery

“What’s up?” asked Mason “what are you talking about?” I asked “you’re acting weird” said Mason “am I? Mas, how long have you known me?” I asked “since the 4th of September 2015” said Mason “and you know how weird I can be?” I asked “yes” said Mason “and your point is?” he asked “so if I was upset about something, I would tell you wouldn’t I?” I asked “yes” said Mason “I still don’t get the point. Why are you acting weird?” he asked.

I signed “it’s Mr Carpenter who’s acting weird” I said “oh why?” asked Mason “I don’t know” I said “but I’m going to find out” I said and I walked away.

20 minutes later, Mason was with Zoey, Mia, Lola and my siblings “Something’s definitely up with A” said Mason “like what Mas?” asked Zoey “I don’t know” said Mason “well A isn’t exactly shy to tell us about something’s she’s not happy about” said Ryan laughing “that’s the thing though Ry, she won’t tell me what’s wrong” said Mason “all she said was that she thinks Mr Carpenter is acting weird and then she went off somewhere” added Mr Carpenter “why would Mr Carpenter be acting weird?” asked Lola “I don’t know” said Mason “in what way?” asked Zoey “I don’t know” said Mason “that’s the big mystery” said Ryan “oo I like a good mystery” said Quentin.

Everybody laughed

Meanwhile, I was trying to find Mr Carpenter when I bumped into Mark “oh hi Mark” I said “hi Ava, what are you doing in the corridor?” Mark asked “I’m looking for Mr Carpenter, do you know where he is?” I asked “no I haven’t seen him sorry” said Mark “oh that’s okay. I’ll catch up with you later” I said and I walked off.

Where would Mr Carpenter be at 6pm? Dinner had finished a hour ago. Why was he acting weird? That’s the big mystery. What’s he hiding?

I think it’s time I catched up with Nancy Drew and find out.

That afternoon, I was watching Nancy Drew when Melinda, Clara-Louise, Jemma, Quentin, Mason, Mia, Zoey and Lola came in and sat down and Zoey pressed pause on the film “hey, I was watching that” I said trying to get the remote from Zoey “hey yourself” said Mia “A, what’s going on?” asked Melinda “nothing why?” I asked “you said Mr Carpenter is acting weird then you went. I’m worried about you” said Mason “well I’m good. I saw Mark by the way” I said “oh did you?” did you speak to him?” asked Mason “only for a few minutes” I said “oh right” said Mason smiling “so what’s up with you?” asked Jemma “I need to go. I’ll catch up with you later” I said and I rushed off.

“Something’s definitely up with Ava, she changed the subject AGAIN” said Melinda “how are we going to find out?” asked Mia “leave it with us” said Melinda and Ryan.

“Tell us what’s going on” said Melinda “and no changing the subject” as her and Ryan sat down “there’s nothing going on. Can everyone just drop it now? I’m fine” I said “you keep avoiding the subject. I’ve known you your whole life. I know when something is wrong” I said “okay fine I’ll tell you” I said giving in.

I had to tell them, it affects them too.

“We’re listening” said Ryan “I think dad is hiding something” I said “and Mr Carpenter is in it” “what do you mean?” asked Ryan “dad knows what Mr Carpenter is hiding and he’s hiding something different” I said “what do you think dad is hiding?” asked Melinda “dad has a girlfriend” I said confidently.

Melinda and Ryan looked at me “A, is this a joke?” asked Ryan “no he’s got a girlfriend” I said “how can you tell?” asked Ryan “Don’t you remember our first day he was in a rush and he said he’d ring and text us everyday and he hasn’t. Not once” I said “dad would of told us wouldn’t he?” asked Ryan “you would think he would” I said “so what’s Mr Carpenter got to do with dad supposedly having a girlfriend?” asked Melinda “I reckon he’s hiding something big” I said “like what?” asked Ryan “I don’t know yet but I’m going to find out. Do you want to help me?” I asked “sure A” said Melinda “of course, someone’s got to make sure you don’t get into trouble” said Ryan smiling at me “what do we do?” he asked me “let me think” I said.

Ryan and Melinda gave me a few minutes to think.

“Okay so this is what I think dad is hiding” I said “he has a girlfriend?” asked Melinda “yes, but he’s also our adopted dad” I said.

Ryan looked at me and didn’t say anything.

“Are you sure? How do you know?” asked Ryan “I got clues” I said confidently “go on” said Ryan.

I looked at my brother. Why is Ryan being so secretive?”

“Dad doesn’t talk about the past ever does he?” I asked Ryan “I guess not but that doesn’t prove anything” said Ryan

He almost sounded like he was panicking but why?

“Dad said he would text and phone and he hasn’t” I said “and you would think he has free time to do that as he doesn’t work” I added “yes you are right but” Ryan couldn’t finished “so dad has a girlfriend” I said “I’m not convinced” said Ryan “tell me more” “okay so dad rushed off on our first day. He didn’t stay and could around with us. He’s 100% hiding something” I said “go on, tell me more” said Ryan “well he left school pretty quickly on our first day. Normally parents would stay and go around with their children but dad didn’t. He also promised me he would text and phone everyday and visit but he hasn’t. Not once. He doesn’t talk about mum and he hasn’t visited us. Have you had visits?” I asked “no” said Ryan truthfully “apparently he’s too busy to see his own children” I said “that’s awful” said Melinda “I know right” I said “Why would he promise something that he would break and disapoint you and Ryan? It doesn’t make sense” said Melinda “exactly” I said smiling at my big sister “okay so maybe just maybe he has a girlfriend but how can he be our adopted dad?” asked Ryan “I’ve worked it out. I got proof” I said. Ryan rolled his eyes “Go on then” he said “I’m listening” “okay, dad doesn’t talk about the past and he doesn’t talk about mum” I said “yeah but why would he? They’re not together. The divorce was messy” said Ryan “yes but some parents who are divorce still talk” I said “yeah but maybe dad doesn’t want to talk about mum. Look ava, you were very young when all of this happened. You wouldn’t understand. Just drop it okay” said Ryan “No” I said “stop arguing. Both of you were very young. I believe you were 6 am I correct” she said to Ryan “yes” said Ryan sounding embarrassing “and Ava, you were 2?” she asked me “yes” I said “we've got to find out the truth” said Melinda “how?” I asked “the only way we know” said Melinda “Dad” Read Chapter

Chapter fifteen - It wasn't really broken

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Chapter fifteen - It wasn’t really broken

“What do you mean? Dad?” I asked “well you’re saying he’s hiding something right?” asked Ryan “yes so?” I asked “so he must know the answers to your clues” said Melinda.

I looked at my brother and sister confused.

“Oh come on” said Melinda grabbing my hand laughing and Ryan followed after.

“Let’s go find the others” said Melinda “we searched everywhere, top to bottom, in every classroom in the massive school even the garden.

We almost gave up hope until we found them. They were in the garden.

“There you lot are” said Melinda sitting down at a bench next to Clara-Louise in the school garden “what do you mean?” asked Quentin “we've been looking for you everywhere” said Melinda “A has a therapy” said Melinda “about what?” asked Jemma “you know i’ve kind of been acting weird over the last couple of days?” i asked “yes” said Quentin.

As I was about to speak, my best friends and Mason came over and sat down “hey what’s up?” asked Lola “I have a therapy” I said “of why you've been acting weird? Go on” said Jemma “Dad has a girlfriend” I said.

This news kind of shocked everyone but Ryan, Melinda and I.

“I’ve even got proof” I said “I know we were acting at first but A is actually onto something” said Ryan looking at the others “so what’s your proof?” asked Jemma “Dad rushed off so quick our first day. Most parents stay and look around” I said “A has a point. My dad stayed with me on my first day and we looked around together and as soon as I was settled, we said our goodbyes” said Mia. I smiled at mia “see? Also he promised us that he would text, phone and email us everyday but we've had none since we've been here and also he promised that he would visit us in the holidays but he hasn’t come once. “ I said “she makes another good point” said Lola. I giggled quietly “he’s apparently too busy” said Ryan “but he doesn’t work” he added.

My sisters and brothers looked at me with Mason, Lola, Mia and Zoey. “the only way to find out the truth is to contact dad” I said “how? Doesn’t he reply to any of your texts?” asked Jemma “No but I thought of a sneaky way” I said “how?” asked Mia “we break into Mr Carpenter’s office and pretend to be him” I said “and ask dad to come here ASAP” I said “you mean lie?” asked Jemma “yes” I said “we’ll have to think of a good reason why dad needs to come ASAP” I added “like what?” asked Jemma.

I thought and thought.

My brothers and sisters looked at me. I didn’t say anything.

Then suddenly it came to me “I got it” I said.

“Okay Ryan, you know how I’m daddy’s princess” I said “yes” said Ryan “we will just say I’ve fainted and ended up in hospital” I said “Dad will have a panic and rush down here” I added “but you haven’t ended up in hospital?” asked Ryan “I know but dad doesn’t” I said “oh so it’s a lie?” asked Ryan “well done genius” I said clapping my hands. Ryan laughed and ruffled my hair “come on cheeky, let’s go” said Ryan. Leaving everyone else in the living room.

Ryan and I smiled at each other walked into the school “What should we say in the email?” asked Ryan “hmm let me think” I said.
As we entered the big school building, I thought about what I should say in the email to dad.

“I’m glad we’re talking to each other again A. I’ve missed you so much” said Ryan “you know our relationship wasn’t really broken” he added sounding guilty “don’t worry I know” I said smiling “have you thought of what to say in the fake email?” asked Ryan “indeed I have” I said “oh go on” said Ryan.

“Hi Mr Green,
This is Mr Carpenter, headmaster of Misselthwaite Manor.

I know you must be missing Ava and Ryan terribly and I completely understand that you’ve never visited Ava and Ryan in the holidays.

But we’ve had a bit of a issue here.

Your daughter Ava has fainted and has been rushed into hospital. Ryan has gone with her to the hospital to check over Ava ASAP.

This happened out of nowhere but could you come here as soon as possible. Ava will appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your time and i’m so sorry that this has happened. Ava is such a sweet and kind girl.

Mr Carpenter” I said as we reached the headmaster’s office “Brillant” said Ryan.

No one was in the headmaster’s office so we checked to see if the coast was clear and sneakily went in and I sat down and started spinning in the chair round and round “Don’t do that A” said Ryan “okay” I said smiling “right time to do this email” I added logging into Mr Carpenter’s computer.

Later that afternoon, we were in the garden “so what happens now?” asked Jemma “we wait until dad turns up” I said “right so how long is that going to take?” asked Jemma “I don’t know” I said feeling stupid “oh wow, great plan” said Jemma sounding sarcastic “Jemma, don’t be like that” said Ryan sounding mad “sorry A” said Jemma now feeling gulity “it’s okay Jem” I said smiling at my big sister.

The next day, I was sat quietly in my room when there was a knock on the door “hello” I said. Ryan came in “what’s up?” I asked “Mr Carpenter wants to see us” said Ryan. i looked at Ryan confused “your plan worked. Dad is here” said Ryan smiling.
We walked to the headmaster’s office, not a glance at each other.

“You okay A?” asked Ryan “yeah yeah I’m brilliant” I lied. Ryan stopped and turned to face me.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” asked Ryan. I swallowed “Jemma” I said “Ahh, I understand but there’s something else isn’t there? Something bigger? You know you can tell me” said Ryan “I’m nervous about seeing dad again. After nearly 8 months of no contact. That email was the only way for us to see him. Why couldn’t he just come himself, without doing the email? Why didn’t he want to see us? Why did we have to lie? Why couldn’t he just be honest with us in the first place?” I asked getting all upset “oh A” said Ryan “you know what? Forget it. Forget the plan. Forget about finding out the truth. Forget everything” I said and I ran back upstairs.

Ryan started to run after me but stopped and headed towards the headmaster’s office where everyone else was. “Where’s Ava?” asked Melinda “we have a bit of a problem” whispered Ryan closing the door “do you want to go outside?” he mouthed whilst looking at dad who looked puzzled.

Melinda and Ryan stepped outside “so what’s going on?” asked Melinda “Ava, she’s completely lost it” said Ryan “I’ve never seen her like that before” “what do you mean she lose it?” asked Melinda “she told me she was nervous about seeing dad after eight months of no contact” said Ryan “yeah?” asked Melinda “she said that the email was the only way to get dad to see us? Why couldn’t he come himself? Because he wanted to? Why did we have to lie? Why couldn’t he be honest with us in the first place?” said Ryan “she’s right though Ry” said Melinda “Yes, she also said forget it. Forget the plan. Forget about finding out the truth. Forget dad. Forget everything” he added “that’s when she lose it” “poor A. she was only what 2 when mum got taken away and how old was she when you guys came here?” asked Melinda “2 and 14” said Ryan “that’s a lot for a teenager to deal with” said Melinda “yes it is. Look i’m going to see if she’s okay” said Ryan. melinda smiled at her little brother “what?” asked Melinda “you really love her don’t you?” asked Melinda “yeah” said Ryan “I really do"
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Chapter sixteen - All healed

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Chapter sixteen - All healed

“Are you okay?” asked Ryan coming in followed by Melinda “yeah” I said.

Ryan knew I was lying “A, you’re not” said Ryan “Why are you here Ryan?” I asked “because you’re my little sister. Why did you lose it just now?” asked Ryan “what’s going on?!” he asked me “it’s dad” I said “being here. It brings back memories” I added. Ryan hugged me “it’s going to be okay” said Ryan. he held out his hand “come on” he whispered in my ear. I smiled and grabbed his hand and we went down to the headmaster’s office.

Ryan opened the door and we walked in and everyone looked at us while I stood up and pulled down his shirt.

“Hello Ava, Ryan. how are you? When did you get out of hospital?” asked Mr Green.

I looked at Ryan panicking “we’re fine” he said. I half smiled at dad “so how do you feel? What did the doctors say? Are you having tests? Why did you faint?” asked Mr Green. I looked at Ryan and he nodded at me.

I swallowed and opened my mouth but closed it again.
The words couldn’t come out and i completely froze.

Ryan looked at me then dad

“Dad, listen” said Ryan “you don’t understand” he stopped.

Mr Green looked at me “honey, how do you feel?” asked Mr Green. I smiled “I’m okay dad honest” I said.

“You need to explain” said Mr Green “in Mr Carpenter’s email. It said come urgently. What’s going on?” he asked me “well dad, you see” I stopped as I completely froze again and ran out the headmaster’s office and upstairs. Everyone followed me up the stairs. I was half up the stairs when I stopped.

Everyone was looking up at me “Ava, you okay darling?” asked Mr Green “yeah, I don’t know” I said “I can’t do it. I’m sorry Mr Green. I just can’t” I said and ran up the stairs.

Mr Green turned around and looked at Ryan “why did Ava call me Mr Green?” he asked “umm I’m not sure” Ryan lied.

Melinda and Jemma had followed after me and came in. i was laid on my bed with my head on the pillow “are you okay A?” asked Jemma “yes” I lied “I don’t know, I’m sorry. I can’t do it. It’s too hard. Look i’m going to go and find Mason and go for a walk. I need to clear my head. Could you tell Mr Green or whoever he is i’m sorry” I said and I walked out of my doom leaving Melinda and Jemma confused.

When I got to Mason’s doom, I had tears down my face but I knocked on the door. Mason opened the door and he saw my face and I went inside and sat on Mason’s bed next to him.

“So what’s up A? Have you been crying? You’ve been acting weird all day apparently” said Mason “I lied” I said. I looked at me confused.

“Tell me more” said Mason “we planned to fake send a email from Mr Carpenter to dad but it was from us and we lied that I had ended up in hospital and fainted but it was to get Mr Green here ASAP and he is here and I don’t know what to do” I said panicking “okay calm” said Mason “what was the main reason why you wanted him here?” asked Mason “we needed the truth” I said “what do you mean?” asked Mason “I have more brothers and sisters and mum and dad are not my real mum and dad” I said “what?” asked Mason “they’re my adopted mum and dad” I said “Mr Carpenter is my real dad” I added “oh my god” said Mason “there’s more” I said “there can’t be” said Mason “there is” I said “go on. I’m listening” said Mason “we found more secrets that Mr Green has been hiding something” I said “like what?” asked Mason “Mr Green has a secret girlfriend. That’s why he doesn’t visit because he’s too busy. Mr and Mrs Green adopted me. Ryan and my other siblings when we were little, Mr Carpenter is our real dad. He put us in care when I was 2 years old. He’s been working here since our first day” I said breathing “wow” said Mason “and I have clues that this is all true” I added “go on” said Mason.

I got comfy on Mason’s bed “Dad (Mr Green) left the school too quick on our first day. Most parents stay and look around with their children don’t they? Well he didn’t and he promised he would phone, text, email everyday and visit me and Ryan in the holidays. But we’ve had no contact from him for 8 months, that’s how long we’ve been here and he doesn’t work so you would think he’d visit like all the time” I said “Oh A, that’s a lot to deal with” said Mason “yes it is and I’ve ruined it for everyone” I said “why do you say that?” asked Mason “me and Ryan went to see dad in the office and I was about to say something to dad or Mr Green who ever he is and I completely froze, I opened my mouth but no words didn’t come out and I done it twice and just ran upstairs” I said “it’s going to be okay” said Mason hugging me

I smiled “well, a good thing happened” “oh yay, what?” asked Mason “me and Ryan” I said “our relationship isn’t broken anymore, it’s all healed” I added smiling “oh A, that’s great” said Mason smiling at me and I smiled at my boyfriend. Read Chapter

Chapter seventeen - Forgotten

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Chapter seventeen - Forgotten

After my frozen episode, I went downstairs.

“I’m ready to talk” I said to Mr Green. I half smiled at Mr Green “okay” he said.

I sat down “so what do you want to know?” asked Mr Green “the truth” I said “yes she’s right” said Ryan.

We heard a beep. It was a phone and we all looked at our phones and at each other. Mr Green didn’t look up. We looked at each other and sighed.

I coughed to get Mr Green’s attention, it worked because he jumped and looked up at me “you okay?!” asked Mr Green “yes who is that?” I asked “Look it was grandma, I’ve got to go” lied Mr Green and he rushed off out of the school without a kiss goodbye.

“Well, that was weird” I said “tell me about it” said Jemma “what do you mean?” I asked “you” said Jemma “what about me?” I asked “you just froze” said Jemma “what was with that?” “we haven’t seen dad (Mr Green) for eight months jem. It was a big shock to Ava. give her a break” said Ryan.
I looked at Jemma who was surprised with Ryan and ran up the stairs crying.

“I haven’t seen dad (Mr Green) for years and I don’t freeze up and stand there” said Jemma “leave it Jemma” said Melinda “you don’t understand” said Ryan and he ran off after me.

“Why do that?” asked Melinda after it was just her and Jemma “what? Mel, you saw, she totally froze up and didn’t speak and then ran off” said Jemma “she’s had a lot to deal with okay just remember she’s only fiffteen” said Melinda.

Ryan knocked on my door and came in and I was packing “Ava, what are you doing?” asked Ryan “packing” I said putting some clothes in my pink suitcase. Ryan came over to me and stood opposite of me and started taking my clothes out “what are you doing?” I asked “stopping you from leaving” said Ryan “why?” I asked “because I don’t want you to go. You’re only fiffteen, how will you get home?” asked Ryan “ry, I’m sorry but I have to, Jemma obviously doesn’t want me here and a bus I suppose” I said closing my suitcase. Ryan sighed and walked off.

“What is wrong with you?” asked Ryan pulling one of Jemma’s headphones out. Jemma was sat in the garden “hey, what’s your problem?” asked Jemma standing up “thanks to you, my sister is leaving” said Ryan “you mean our sister and why do you care so much? You didn’t talk to Ava for 14 years” said Jemma “no I don’t. You hardly know Ava and yes I know but I still care about my sister” said Ryan “well I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be horrible” said Jemma “you’re saying sorry to the wrong person. The person who is upstairs who is upset and is about to leave” said Ryan.

Jemma looked at Ryan “thanks to you. I’ll never see my sister again” said Ryan. jemma sighed and rushed off into the big school and out of the big lovely garden.

“Ava, don’t go” said Jemma quickly as she rushed into my doom as I was about to leave. I had to put down my suitcase and sighed.

“Why not?” everyone will forget me, Mr Green or dad or whoever obviously has” I said “so this is about dad or Mr Green and not me?” asked Jemma “why would it be about me and you? You haven’t done anything to upset me?” I asked confused.

Jemma smiled at me and lifted me up “thank you” said Jemma “what for?” I asked “just for being my sister” said Jemma “thanks. But i’m going. This sisterly love is nice but I’m not staying” I said “everyone will forget me. Dad has and everyone will be happier without me if I just left” I said.

Jemma looked at me but didn’t say anything.

I walked out of my room and started walking towards the stairs. Jemma ran after me “you can’t leave A. we need you. Ryan needs you. What about your friends especially Mason. Please don’t go” begged Jemma “I feel forgotten. I don’t know I am anymore” I said.

Jemma looked at me as I began to walk down the stairs

“A, you can’t leave” said Lola “yeah, we need you” said Mia coming out from nowhere “where did you come from?” I asked “you can’t go” said Mason “I think you need a shopping trip” said Zoey. Read Chapter

Chapter eighteen - Shopping

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hapter eighteen - Shopping

We all looked at Zoey confused “shopping trip? Why?” asked Mia “well Ava doesn’t know who she is” said Zoey “and the Ava I know, loves shopping” said Zoey “oh I get it” said Lola.

I was looking at everyone confused “let’s go, we’re going shopping” said Melinda “okay” I said smiling.

Luckily it was lunchtime and we have a whole hour to spend in town.

When we got to town, we walked into the town centre “so what do we do now?” asked Jemma “we shop” said Melinda walking towards a shop and we followed.

“This trip is for Ava, so where do you want to go to first? What shop?” asked Jemma.

They all looked at me, I didn’t say anything.

“Primark I guess” I said with less enthusiastic “okay let’s go” said Melinda.

As we reached Primark when I stopped. Everyone stopped “why are we stopping?” asked Zoey “what is the point of this shopping trip?” I asked.

Melinda and Lola went in front of me “so you can relax, have fun and forget about everything that has happened” said Melinda “that’s cool I guess” I said “it’s all going to be okay” said Ryan looking at me and hugged me. I smiled at my friends and family.

“Right Primark it is” I said sounding happier.

We went into Primark all chatty and happy then I stopped because I saw a really nice top and picked it up “what do you think?” I asked holding it up to show everyone “very nice, try it on, here” said Mia and she passed me a mini purple skirt. I smiled at Mia “okay, where’s the changing room?” I asked.

Melinda looked around and spotted the sign for the girls changing room and tapped on my shoulder. I turned around “there it is honey” said Melinda pointing to the sigh “do you want me to come with you?” asked Melinda “no” I said annoyed “you are not mum okay stop acting like it” I said and I walked off leaving Melinda gobsmacked.

“What was that all about?” asked Jemma looking at Melinda “don’t worry, she’s got a lot to deal with. She doesn’t mean it” said Ryan “she loves you” he added trying to reassure Melinda.

Meanwhile, Mia had run after me and came in the changing room, waiting outside “A, are you okay?” she asked.

No answer “Ava, are you in there?” asked Mia knocking on the door again. No answer

Mia was panicking. This was normal for Mia. Mia always panics when someone is in trouble.

Mia didn’t know what to do so she ran back to the others “guys, Ava’s not in the changing room” said Mia “what do you mean?” asked Ryan “she HAS to be in there” and he rushed to the changing room “A, are you in there?” he called banging on the door. Everyone else came in “she’s got to be in there. Where else would she been?” asked Melinda and Jemma worried “maybe she’s gone to the toilet?” asked Zoey “what for, half hour?” asked Lola “we should check though lol, she might of gotten stuck” said Mia.

They all rushed to the girls bathroom, Quentin, Ryan and Mason waited outside while the girls searched in every toilet but I was nowhere to be seen.

The girls came out looking all worried “any luck?” asked Mason. The girls shock their heads “this is making me worry” said Mason “maybe she’s gone back to school?” asked Jemma “we should head back to school. Lunch is nearly over anyway” said Ryan.

They all headed back to school.

When they got back to school, that afternoon, they had asked their teacher to be allow to study but this was just so they could look for me and not get into trouble.

“Where would she go in the school?” asked Zoey “the library” said Ryan and Mason together and they rushed off into the library.

A hour had passed and my friends no luck. I was nowhere to be seen. It was like I had disappeared.

“Where could she be?” asked Ryan sounding worried “I don’t know but we will find her” said Jemma confronting Ryan. ryan smiled at Jemma, they walked up the stairs.

Later, that afternoon, everyone was still looking for me “this is getting really scary” said Lola “we should tell someone” said Mason “why?” asked Ryan “so they can help” said Mason “like who?” asked Ryan “your dad” said Mason.

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Chapter nineteen - Who am I?

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Chapter nineteen - Who am I?

“What one?” asked Ryan “we don’t know who our real dad is” “Mr Carpenter” said Mia “the headmaster?” asked Lola “yes!” said Mia.

They walked towards the headmaster’s office and looked at the door “so who’s going to knock?” asked Melinda looking at Ryan “fine i’ll do it” said Ryan sighing and knocked on the door.

Mr Carpenter opened the door “Ryan? Are you okay? Where’s Ava? She’s normally with you” said Mr Carpenter “well sir, I’m not” said Ryan “oh no why? What’s wrong? Where’s Ava?” asked Mr Carpenter. Ryan didn’t say anything “would you like to talk privately?” asked Mr Carpenter. Ryan nodded and stepped inside Mr Carpenter’s office and shut the door. Everyone waited outside.

Ryan sat down on the sofa opposite Mr Carpenter’s desk “so Ryan, what seems to be the problem?” “it’s a long story sir” said Ryan “it’s worth it if it’s about you and Ava” said Mr Carpenter. Ryan went all quiet again “it’s Ava isn’t it? Something’s happened hasn’t it?” asked Mr Carpenter. Ryan didn’t say anything but nodded. Mr Carpenter stood up from his desk and came over and sat on the sofa next to Ryan “tell me what’s happened?” asked Mr Carpenter “our dad has been hiding something big from us and we faked a email from you to dad saying Ava had fainted but she hadn’t but it was so dad came here and I know it’s wrong but we’ve had no contact for eight months and he promised he would text, phone and email everyday and Ava thought dad has a girlfriend and all the stress got to Ava so badly that she lost it completely and Mia thought a shopping trip would help her relax and forget everything for a while because she’s only fiffteen sir, she should be out with her friends, meeting boys and learning new things not having to deal with so much and we went shopping at lunch today and she saw something in primark and Melinda offered to help Ava but Ava shouted at Melinda telling her to stop acting like mum and went to try it on and Mia went to see if she was okay but she wasn’t in the changing rooms and we looked in every shop even here, we looked in every classroom but we can’t find her anywhere and I know what we did was wrong but we need to know if he’s our real dad” said Ryan catching a breath “okay, slow breathes, in and out. I’ll call the police and your dad and we will find her I promise” said Mr Carpenter. Ryan smiled.

Meanwhile, I had no idea where I was. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I looked around wondering but carried on walking.

Back at school, Ryan was still with Mr Carpenter who was on the phone to the police “hello there, we’re little dandelion police, we’re here to help” said the other line “hello, this is Mr Carpenter, headmaster of Misselthwaite Manor for boys and girls. I would like to report a missing person. Ava Rihanna Green, a 15 year old girl who has brown hair with green eyes who went missing last night at 5:15pm” said Mr Carpenter “okay we will find her Mr Carpenter. Thank you. All the best” said the policeman “thank you very much” said Mr Carpenter and he hung up and started dialing Mr Green’s number “don’t bother dialing Mr Green’s number sir, he won’t answer” said Ryan “well Ryan, I’ve still got to inform your dad in what’s going on” said Mr Carpenter and carried on dialing my dad’s number.

It was the answer machine “Hi Mr Green, it’s Mr Carpenter. I’m sorry to say this but Ava’s gone missing. The police are looking for her. I’d just thought i’d tell you. She will be found I’m sure. Thank you” said Mr Carpenter and hung up.

“She will be okay won’t she?” asked Ryan “yes of course” said Mr Carpenter reassuring Ryan. Ryan smiled at Mr Carpenter.

Meanwhile, I was having such a great time trying to find out where I wanted to go. But I had no idea where I wanted to go. I didn’t know where I was going. I was just following a path. I had no clue why I ran away from the others. But all I knew is that I wanted to know who I was. Where I came from and who my real parents were. Because again, I had no idea and I needed to know. Read Chapter

Chapter twenty - Looking for Ava

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Chapter twenty - Looking for Ava

Meanwhile, back at school, the whole school was going crazy, running around looking for Ava but there was no sign of her.

“What do we do now?” asked Ryan “do you have a recent photo of Ava to give to the police?” asked Mr Carpenter “um yes I do” said Ryan getting his phone out and went through his photos “like this?” asked Ryan showing Mr Carpenter a recent picture of me “that’s perfect” said Mr Carpenter “also, could you do me a description about Ava and what she looks like so the police know who they’re looking for” said Mr Carpenter “yes sir” said Ryan sounding down “we will find her I promise” said Mr Carpenter. Ryan half smiled and went out into the hallway, everyone else had gone up stairs so Ryan rushed upstairs to find them.

“We have to find her” said Ryan rushing into Mason’s room “yes, the police are. It’s their job” said Mason “yes but we can’t just sit here and do nothing” said Ryan “then what do you suggest we do?” asked Mason “go and look for her”
Mason had said the wrong thing.

“Oh my god, yes, let’s go” said Ryan running out to the hallway “no wait, Ry, I was kidding” said Mason running after him.

“Ryan, stop” said Mason “why?” asked Ryan “because it’s silly and we will get caught and get into big trouble” said Mason “I just feel so useless Mas. She could be hurt” said Ryan “I know, so do I” said Mason “then what’s stopping us from looking for her” said Ryan going out of school and Mason sighed and ran after my brother.

“Ry, do you even know where she is?” asked Mason “no” said Ryan “then how are we going to find her?” asked Mason.

“I think I have a idea” said Ryan rushing off and Mason ran off after him and sighed again.

Mason felt fed up because he wanted to find me without any drama.

“Lola, Mia, quick, pack your bags. We’re going on a trip” said Ryan rushing into our room “oh where?” asked Lola “to find Ava, quickly pack and meet me downstairs okay” said Ryan and he was gone.

Everyone had gone downstairs “so what’s going on?” asked Lola “we’re going to find Ava. come on” said Ryan going out of the school, everyone was confused but followed Ryan anyway.

As they were walking, Ryan didn’t say anything “mate, do you even know where we’re going?” asked Mason “of course I do” lied Ryan “so where are we going?” asked Mia “to find Ava” said Ryan. he stopped “look, guys, the police aren’t doing anything. She’s my little sister, yes she can be annoying sometimes but I love her and I can’t just sit around not doing anything to help while Ava’s out there on her own. What if she gets hurt? Yes I shutted her out of my life for 14/15 years and I feel awful about that but we’re only just starting to connect again and I love Ava so much and I’ve got to find her whatever it takes, I don’t care how much trouble i get into. She’s my baby sister, it’s my job to take care of her and look after her and keep her safe” said Ryan.

Everyone smiled at Ryan and they kept on walking “where do you think she might be?” asked Mia “I don’t know, maybe she’s gone searching for our real parents” said Ryan “that makes sense” said Melinda “I mean maybe she’s gone searching for our real mum because we know who our real dad is” said Jemma “yes” said Ryan “he just doesn’t know that we’re his children” said Melinda.

They had reached a road leading them into a forest. They all looked at each other then started walking again “we’re going to find her before she gets hurt. I’d never forgive myself if she does get hurt” said Ryan “we will find her mate” said Quentin sounding positive and reassuring Ryan.

Later, that day, back at school, Mr Carpenter walked into his office and sat down at his desk and saw a folded piece of paper, he opened it and it said:

Description of Ava Green:
Ava has brown hair and green eyes. She is 5’1 in height. She’s fiffteen and her birthday is on the 25th February 2002.
Keep a lookout for this sweet girl. Everyone who cares about her is worried sick.
She has 2 brothers called Ryan and Quentin and three sisters called Melinda, Clara-Louise and Jemma.

Mr carpenter folded it back up and started thinking.

“The 25th February 2002, why does that sound similar” said Mr Carpenter to himself “did something happen that day?
He picked up the phone and dialed his house number.

A woman answered it “hello darling” said the woman “hey honey, do you remember what we were doing on the 25th February 2002 detail by detail?” asked Mr Carpenter.

There was silence “honey, you there?” asked Mr Carpenter “why are you asking me Leo? Why now?” said the woman. She sounded like she was panicking. But why?

“Because I think I found our children” said Mr Carpenter.
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Chapter twenty-one: Lost and Found

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Chapter twenty-one: Lost and Found

“What do you mean?” asked the woman “Ava and her brothers and sisters?” asked Mr Carpenter. There was silence “I’ve got to go, I’ll talk to you later Steph” said Mr Carpenter and put down the phone.

Meanwhile I was walking towards some houses. I had ended up in a village, I don’t know what it was called but I got to a house and stopped.

I looked at the house.

The house was big and homely. It was covered in ivy and flowers.

I thought the man must of not had any choice laughing.

The windows, however were shiny and sparkled in the bright sunshine. The door was painted bright blue as the bright sky above.

I stood there looking at the house. I thought the house looked so pretty. I stepped towards the door and knocked and waited.

I heard footsteps and nervously waited. My body was shaking with nerves.

A woman answered

She was a tall and very thin woman. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes. She wore a pair of blue glasses. She wore a long purple dress with a short cardy which was pink.

She smiled at me “hello there, are you lost? Where’s your mum and dad?” she asked. I didn’t say anything. “Come on, let’s go inside” said the woman offering her hand and I held her hand and followed inside.

I looked around and followed the woman into the front room “your house is so pretty” I said finally founding my voice “aw thank you sweetie. What’s your name sweetheart?” asked the woman. I didn’t say anything “I’m Stephanie” said Stephanie.

I still didn’t say anything “it’s so I can ring your mum and dad that’s all” said Stephanie.

I smiled at Stephanie “I’m Ava-Rihanna” I said quietly. Stephanie looked at me shocked.
However, Ryan and the others were still looking for me and reached the same village I was in and walked towards Stephanie’s house.

“What do we do?” asked Jemma “knock on the door maybe?” asked Ryan “what? Why me?” asked Jemma sounding surprised “you were the one who asked” said Ryan “okay whatever” said Jemma going towards the door and knocked and waited.

Back inside, Stephanie still in shock was looking at me “your name is Ava-Rihanna?” she asked me “yes. Ava-Rihanna Green” I said.

Stephanie didn’t say anything but smiled at me.

“You’re my baby girl” she said and then she heard knocking and went to answer.

“Hello” she said “hello, I’m looking for a short brown hair girl called Ava-Rihanna? We’re her brothers and sisters and we’re worried sick” said Ryan.

I heard Ryan’s voice and came running to the door and jump up like a toodler and Ryan hugged me tightly “where have you been? I’ve been so worried” said Ryan “I know, I’m so sorry” I said “it’s okay as long as you’re okay” said Ryan.

Stephanie was watching as Ryan put me down. I turned around and looked at her “Stephanie, thank you for looking after me. It was lovely to meet you” I said politely and we all turned and started walking.

“Wait, I have something I want to show you, come inside” said Stephanie. We stopped “okay, but we really have to get back, Mr Carpenter, our headmaster will be wondering where we are” said Ryan “Mr Carpenter? He’s my husband” said Stephanie. Read Chapter

Chapter twenty two- Secrets

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Chapter twenty- two: Secrets

We followed Stephanie inside her house and into the living room and we all sat down.

Stephanie was still stood up and looked at us and swallowed “This might shock you but I’m your” she couldn’t finish because the door had opened “honey I’m home” and in walked Mr Carpenter…

We all turned around and looked at our headmaster “Oh my god Ava, where have you been?” asked Mr Carpenter “I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to run away” I said sounding innocently “it’s okay Ava, I’m just glad you’re okay and alive” said Mr Carpenter smiling at me, I smiled back “so what’s going on?” he asked.

“We need to tell them honey, it’s them” whispered Stephanie “it’s been too long. We can be a family again. Please Leo” she begged “okay” said Mr Carpenter.

“We’ve got something to tell you” said Mr Carpenter “yes sir?” asked Melinda “well you all know that you’re all brothers and sisters” said Mr Carpenter “yes?” asked Jemma “and you all know who your mum and dad are?” asked Mr Carpenter “yes we do sir” said Clara-Louise “Mr Jake and Paige Green” said Quentin “yes” said Stephanie “well, they are not your real mum and dad” said Mr Carpenter “then who is?” asked Ryan “Jake and Paige adopted you when Ava was only 2 years old” said Mr Carpenter “and we’re your real mum and dad” confessed Mr Carpenter.

We all looked at each other confused. I knew this already but I don’t think it would be true.

“What?” asked all my siblings together standing up in shock.

“I know it’s a lot to take in but it’s the truth” said Mr Carpenter “no no it can’t be. This is a practical joke” said Ryan “you can’t be our mum and dad because we’re already got parents” said Jemma “it’s the truth. We gave you up when Ava was 2” said Mrs Carpenter “and apparently on the same day, there was a couple willing to adopted you”

Everybody looked at me. I wasn’t so shocked because I knew I was right. They all sat down. I didn’t know what to say. Mr and Mrs Carpenter looked at us.

“Are you okay?” Ryan asked me. I didn’t say anything. Ryan stood up “Look Mr and Mrs Carpenter, it was lovely meeting your wife sir but we’ve got to get back to school” said Ryan holding my hand and I stood up “let me drive you?” asked Mr Carpenter quickly “I think we’ll manage, thanks sir” said Melinda and we walked outside “Thank you” I whispered to Mrs Carpenter smiled at me.

“Why would you run away?” asked Ryan “I needed to know who I was” I said “we understand that honey. But we didn’t know where we were” said Melinda “I’m sorry” I said “it’s okay A, just tell us where you’re going next time okay?” asked Ryan “I will” I promised “why didn’t you tell us anyway?” asked Ryan “because you would of stopped me from going” I said truthfully “that’s true but then we would of gone with you. To keep you safe. How did you end up in Mrs Carpenter’s house anyway?” asked Jemma “it was the first house I came to and it’s mum” I said “no it’s not. It’s Mrs Carpenter. We don’t know for sure if she’s our real mum” said Quentin “what else is people hiding?” asked Jemma.

As we reached school, we went upstairs “see you tomorrow. Night” I said “night A. no running off this time okay?” asked Ryan seriously “okay. Night Ry. Night everyone” I said and closed my room door behind me.
The next day, I went looking for Ryan when I bumped into Mark and tripped “oh sorry Ava, are you okay?” he asked helping me up “yes thanks Mark, I’m looking for my brother Ryan. have you seen him?” I asked “what is it with you and losing people? Hahahahah no I haven’t seen him” said Mark “yeah I know I’m useless. I might as well as die” I said “hey, don’t say that, that’s 100% lies and you know it. Mason would agree with me too” said Mark “oh thank you” I said “what’s up?” asked Mark “I’m good, I got to go and find Ryan. see you” I said and rushed off.

“What is going on with your girlfriend?” asked Mark “oh hi, I’m fine thank you and you?” asked Mason “Mas, what is going on?” asked Mark “it’s not my place to say” said Mason “Come on, I’m your best friend. Look, I haven’t told you but I don’t really like Ava because I’m jealous of what you guys have but she makes you happy bro and I still care about her” said Mark “oh Mark, you almost made me cry. It’s a really long story honestly bro” said Mason “I’m listening” said Mark “okay” said Mason “well Ava is adopted, her real mum and dad are Mr Carpenter and his wife, she’s got more brothers and sisters and her adopted dad has a girlfriend” said Mason.

Mark didn’t say anything.

Back in my room, I was listening to music when the door opened and in walked Ryan looking at worried and looked at me “what’s up Ry?” I asked quickly taking my headphones off and Ryan sat down “there’s someone downstairs” said Ryan. i looked at him “who?” I asked confused “it’s dad” said Ryan.

I couldn’t speak and just looked at Ryan. Read Chapter

Chapter twenty-three: Come Clean

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Chapter twenty-three: Come Clean

“What?” I asked in shock “yeah” said Ryan. I got up off my bed “A wait” said Ryan realising as I rushed off downstairs.

I came downstairs and there stood my adopted dad and he had someone with him. I went over to him and just looked at him.

“Hello” said Mr Green. I didn’t say anything and raised my eyebrows.

How can someone just turn up after no contact for nine months and the first thing they say is hello?

Ryan rushed over to me “Ava, are you okay?” he asked me. I didn’t say anything.

“Hello Ryan” said Mr Green. I still had my eyebrows raised. I wasn’t impressed.

Then I decided to speak. I cleared my throat and looked at Ryan, he nodded at me and then I looked at Mr Green.

“How can you just turn up here and just say hello? We’ve had no contact from you for the last nine months we’ve been here? What have you been doing the past nine months? Are we not important to you anymore? You just dump us here and not phone, not text like you said you would” I said sounding angry “what kind of adopted dad does that?” I added “adopted dad? Oh no you know” said Mr Green “yes we damn well know” said Ryan “I was going to tell you honestly” said Mr Green “you have to believe me” “why? You lied to us” said Ryan “I’m truly truly sorry. I was going to tell you” said Mr Green “when? You lied to us for 14 years. Why should we believe you? You pretended to be our real dad when we don’t even know you” said Ryan “Mr Green has said he’s sorry” said the stranger.

Ryan and I looked at each other “who are you?” I asked politely “This is Jennifer, Ava. she’s my fiance” said Mr Green.

“What do you mean?” asked Ryan “she’s your stepmother to be” said Mr Carpenter “no. no she can’t be” i said shocked.

Ryan and I both looked stunned and looked at each other “no I don’t believe you” I said and rushed upstairs “what’s wrong with Ava?” asked Mr Green “Are you blind as well as a liar?” asked Ryan and rushed off after me.

I was crying when Ryan had come in “A, are you okay?” asked Ryan sitting down on my bed. I sat up and smiled at Ryan “yeah thank you Ry” I said and he gave me a hug “are you sure you’re okay?” asked Ryan “when did you get all over protective?” I asked smiling “I’ve always been overprotective of you A, I just handled it the wrong way” said Ryan. i smiled at Ryan “could we all go for a walk?” I asked “of course” said Ryan.

We went to go and find the others “A wants to go for a walk” said Ryan “okay” said Melinda “let’s go”

As we reached the garden outside at the back of the school.

The garden was as big as a field that you could get more than fifty cows in. there were five tall trees everywhere with different coloured leaves.

There was pots of roses, tulips and bluebells dotted around.

The picnic benches were on the path leading to the garden.

“The garden is so pretty” I said out of the blue “yeah it is” said Melinda looking at me confused “Are you okay?” asked Jemma “I don’t know” I said “we’ve got something to tell you” I said.

All my siblings looked at me and Ryan “what’s going on?” asked Clara-Louise “we have a stepmother to be” I said “what? How? When? Why? What? When did this happen?” asked Melinda standing up quickly “Mr Green is here with her” I said. They all stood up, got their bags and rushed inside. Ryan and I looked at each other and rushed after the others.

“Is this true?” asked Jemma walking up to Mr Green with the others following “err” said Mr Green caught off guard “Jem, wait” I said catching up. I caught my breath while everyone watched me “who are you really?” asked Jemma “okay, I think I should come clean” said Mr Green looking at us all “yes!” said Melinda sounding annoyed. I could tell Melinda wasn’t very happy “look, I know you’re annoyed and angry and that’s understandable because I should’ve of told you. But I’m not your real dad” said Mr Green.

“What?!” asked Melinda looking at me “you were right” she mouthed. She stood up in shock “and Paige, my ex wife is your adopted mum” said Mr Green “what?” Melinda repeated “how? Why? When?” asked Jemma.

Mr Green didn’t say anything.

We looked at him waiting to hear his answers.

“This should be good” I thought to myself
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Chapter twenty-four: A journey to the past

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Chapter twenty-four: A journey to the past

“We want the whole story” said Melinda being serious that her eyes were so big that I thought they were going to pop out “from the beginning to now” said Melinda “please” I added smiling.

Mr Green looked at us “well I have gotten engaged” said Mr Green “what? When? Why? Who?” asked Melinda “4 months ago. I got engaged to my girlfriend Jennifer because I fell in love” said Mr Green truthfully.

No one spoke. It was completely silent.

“What?” asked Jemma “why didn’t you tell us?” asked Ryan starting to get angry “you’ve got our phone numbers, you know how to text or call?” “yes” said Mr Green “you promised me you would text, phone and email everyday. But I waited and waited for a phone or text. But I got nothing. No text. No phone call. Nothing and you come here and announce that you’ve gotten engaged and you expect us to play happy families. What sort of a father are you? I hate you” I said and I ran upstairs. No one said anything.

“She’s right you know. You promised her, dad and you let her down. I wish you weren’t our dad” said Ryan running after me.

He came in my room and I was on my bed crying “are you okay?” asked Ryan. I sat up and wiped my eyes “yeah I’m okay, I’m just fed up of being lied to” I said “I know maybe we need to see our real mum and dad” said Ryan “yeah and then what?” I asked “and tell them we want to live with them” said Ryan “do we? Since when?” I asked “don’t you want a real family?” asked Ryan “I have got a real family. You and the others. That’s all I need” I said “but I really don’t know anymore. I don’t know who my family is” I said truthfully.

Ryan looked at me then walked away.

“You still haven’t told me why you didn’t tell me and Ava that you got engaged? We’re your son and daughter and what about the others? Do they know you’re engaged?” asked Ryan “are you ashamed of us?

“No of course not” said Mr Green “then why wasn’t we told?” asked Ryan “because I thought you wouldn’t want to know” said Mr Green.

Ryan laughed “what’s so funny?” asked Mr Green “we’re your children. Of course we would want to know” lied Ryan.

“What really?” asked Mr Green “yes” lied Ryan.

I came downstairs and came over to them “so we want the truth please” I said pleading “are you and aren’t you our dad?” I asked.

There was silent

“I’m your” he stopped “yes?” asked Ryan raising his eyebrows “adopted dad” finished Mr Green “your adopted mum Paige and I adopted you all when Ava was 2, Ryan was 6, Jemma was 8, Clara-Louise was 7, Quentin was 4 and Melinda was 5” said Mr Green “wow” said Ryan stunned “and the headmaster, Mr Carpenter is your real dad” said Mr Green.

We all looked stunned and I ran upstairs.

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Chapter twenty-five: The real Ava

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Chapter twenty-five: The Real Ava

I came downstairs holding pieces of ripped up paper but it was sactaped back together and came over to everyone.

“What’s that?” asked Ryan not recognizing it before “it’s a letter” I said truthfully “who from? What does it say?” asked Ryan “I don’t know, I’ve never read it” I said giving it to Ryan “where did you found it?” asked Melinda curious “I have a box full of stuff” I said “and that was given to me” I added “Ry, what does it say?” asked Melinda.

Everyone looked at Ryan waiting for him to read it out loud.

“Okay” said Ryan unfolding the piece of paper and he smiled at us and started to read

“To my dearest daughter Ava,
This is really harding writing to you and this decision I’ve made is also painful for your father and I to have to do. But I think it’s best for everyone and yourself.

One day, you will find this letter and hopefully understand why we had to do it.

My darling, Ava you are just two years old, a very cheeky two year old but a very loveable one. We love you so much sweetheart.

You don’t know this because you are only two so you won’t understand but I’m very very sick.

You just think mummy has a cold and a cough but I have a illness that is quite serious.

Please don’t get too upset when you read this when you are all grown up but I have a illness, that doesn’t affect just me majorly but you, your brothers and sisters and daddy and this is why I am doing this. I can’t look after you all while I’m sick. This is why we have to do this baby.

Your dad and I love you all so much. Always remember that and we don’t regret having any of you. You made us both proud everyday with everything each of you all did. Never forget that we love you and always will.

I’m so sorry we have to do this. One day, we'll meet again and you’re all old enough to understand and hopefully we can be a family again.

Big hugs sweetheart,
Mummy and daddy”

“Wow so this is from you?” asked Ryan “no, your real parents I guess” said Mr Green because he came over while Ryan was reading the letter “where was this?” Ryan asked me turning to face me. I grabbed Ryan’s hand and led him and everyone including Mr Green followed “A, where are we going?” asked Melinda as we headed to my room. I opened the door and went over to my bed with everyone following.

I let go of Ryan’s hand and bent down and lifted my duvet up and looked under the bed.

Everyone was looking at me curiously watching what I was doing “A, what are you looking for?” asked Jemma “I’m trying to find a box” I said then I found it “I got it” I said pulling out a old, brown and dusty box out from under my bed. I stood up with the box in my hands and sat down on my bed.

“What is that?” asked Melinda “it’s a box” I said laughing poking my tongue out at Melinda “oi cheeky, what’s in the box?” asked Melinda. I opened the box and we all looked inside curious of what was in it.
I opened the box and looked inside.

Everyone watched me “A, are you okay?” asked Jemma. I was taking things out of the box.

There was the letter, a small teddy bear, another letter, a small keyring, photos, postcard, an address and a locker.

“What is all this?” asked Ryan “I don’t know” I said “what’s the other letter?” asked Clara-Louise.

I unfolded the piece of paper and read it

“What does it say?” asked Quentin “it just says, here are a few things we would like you to have. There’s a few photos of each of you, some of you all together, some are of you on your own and one of each other. A heart locker and inside there’s a note saying we love you and always will. A small brown teddy bear wearing a tshirt and it says ‘the Carpenter family’ I said as I took the locker out of the box. I opened it up and looked at the picture.

There were two grown ups with the woman holding a baby which I guessed was me with the man stood next to her with three children stood in front and two more small children. Ryan bent down next to me and looked at the photo “who are they?” asked Ryan.

I got up and looked at Ryan worried.

“I don’t know” I said and looked at the photo again.

There was silent while I looked at the photo scanning the people in it and looked up at everyone.

“I think it’s us” I said stunned.

“But it can’t be” said Ryan “Are you sure?” asked Jemma “hey, where’s Melinda?” I asked just noticing my older sister had gone.

Then my phone beeped, I looked at the text and froze “what’s up?” asked Jemma seeing the look on my face “A?” asked Clara-Louise “it’s our real mum and dad” I said running out into the hallway and everyone rushed after me.

“What’s going on?” asked Jemma “they’re here” I said sounding over the moon and rushed downstairs.

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Chapter twenty-six: Apologises

Submitted: November 27, 2016

Chapter twenty-six: Apologises

As I got downstairs, Jemma gently grabbed my arm “A, are you sure it’s our real mum and dad and not two people just pretending?” asked Jemma “let me see the text” said Ryan “why?” I asked “because I want to make sure so you don’t get disappointed and hurt” said Ryan and I gave him my phone with the text on the screen.

The text said:
Hello Ava,
Remember me, Stephanie Carpenter?
I’m here with my husband
We would love to you and your brothers and sisters again.
We want to discuss something with you all
Meet us downstairs?
Stephanie x

“Maybe we should go” said Ryan reconsidering his decision.

As we came over to Stephanie and Mr Carpenter. They smiled at us.

“They’re the ones. They’re our children” Stephanie whispered as we got over to them.
“Hello again” said Stephanie smiling at me and giving me a hug “hello” I said

Stephanie was looking at the others now “oh, this is Melinda, Jemma, Clara-Louise, Quentin and Ryan” I added “hello” said Stephanie “hello” they said altogether “so what do you want to discuss with us?” I asked “could we go into my office?” asked Mr Carpenter “yeah sure” said Jemma and we all followed Mr Carpenter.

When we got into his office, Mr Green and Miss Thomas (ex wife) was standing up. We all looked at each other but sat down and watched our adopted parents “what’s going on?” asked Ryan shocked to see our adopted mum after all these years “mum, what are you doing here?” asked Melinda looking at our adopted mum.

“I’m here to apologise” said Paige.

We all looked at her waiting “Ryan and Ava, you two especially. I’m really sorry I haven’t kept in contact” said Paige “you know you should. You promised” said Ryan “I know sweetie” said Paige “you know Ava, everyday she asked where’s my mummy? And I couldn’t tell her the truth” said Ryan “I know sweetheart. It was just, the divorce was messy and your” she stopped “we know” said Ryan.

“I need to explain” said Paige “yes” said Ryan “I do love you but Jake and I, we had a few problems which resulted in blackmail, shouting, hitting, arguing, Jake coming home drunk, lies, secrets, cheating and making me feel scared so he said either leave or never see Ava and Ryan again. We were perfectly happy for a few years since we adopted you. One big family. Ava was 2, Ryan was 6, Jemma was 8, Clara-Louise was 7, Quentin was 4 and Melinda was 10 and then it went downhill. We started to have a few problems when Jake, your adopted dad came home drunk at 1am and started shouting and hitting me for no reason then started hitting you, Ava and Ryan had to end protecting you.

Then it got worse, one night your adopted dad came home drunk with another woman (your soon to be stepmum Jennifer) and he said it’s over because I was cheating on him which was true but he didn’t make me happy and he told me I can take Melinda, Jemma, Clara-Louise and Quentin and leave or never you and Ryan again. I’m so sorry” said Paige. I stepped towards my adopted mum and for the first time in my life. I gave her the biggest hug ever and didn’t want to let go. She hugged me tight “it’s okay, we forgive you” I said smiling and we all hugged our adopted mum with our adopted dad and real parents just watching us. Our adopted dad had a angry face but we didn’t care, we were too busy hugging each other.
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Chapter twenty-seven: Everything's going to be okay

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Chapter twenty-seven: Everything's going to be okay

“Everything’s going to be okay” I said coming into my room all happy “is it?” asked Mia “I just met my real parents and saw my adopted mum. They told me everything. Well not just me, my siblings were there too” I said laughing “that’s so great A. I’m so happy for you” said Lola “yeah that’s great A. congratulations” said Mia “thank you” I said.

Zoey was the only one who didn’t say anything “zo?” I asked “what?” asked Zoey in a grumpy voice.

We were all taken aback with Zoey’s response “okay, what’s wrong with you?” I asked sounding a little upset.

Zoey sighed “I’m sorry, i’m really happy for you Ava” she said and gave me a hug. I smiled at her “thank you” I said. Zoey smiled and walked out of the room.

“Okay, is it me or is Zoey acting weirder than normal?” I asked “I think she’s just missing her family” said Lola “understandable” I said smiling.

“Ryan, guys, everything’s going to be okay” I said “hmm” said Ryan “what?” I asked “you didn’t really believe Jake did you?” asked Ryan “yes. Why wouldn’t i?” I asked “I don’t” said Ryan “why?” I asked “I just don’t” said Ryan “okay but everything’s going to be okay?” I asked “if you say so” said Ryan and he walked off leaving me and the others alone confused.

“You need to tell them” said Ryan to Mr Green “oh hello Ryan, hello dad, how are you? I’m fine thank you and you? I don’t know what you mean?” asked Mr Green “oh don’t play so dumb. I know you’re hiding something else. You’re still lying to Ava. You know she thinks everything’s going to be okay because you lied to her and she believed you. She’s with Melinda and the others now. She’s probably told her best friends too. When I know it’s not going to be okay unless you tell her because she’s going to get hurt. She doesn’t deserve to be lied too. Especially by you. If you don’t tell her and keep on lying. I will and believe me it won’t end pretty” said Ryan.

Mr Green laughed “what’s funny?” asked Ryan “are you threatening me?” asked Mr Green “i’m just doing YOUR job. Protecting Ava. before she gets hurt” said Ryan “what do you think I might be hiding?” asked Mr Green “your fiance Jennifer has children” said Ryan.

Mr Green froze.
“Am I right?” asked Ryan with a smile on his face but it wasn’t a happy smile, it was more like a smirk way.

“Why would you say something like that?” asked Mr Green “so I am right. I knew it. We’ll have adopted stepbrothers and stepsisters. What are their names?” asked Ryan “5 stepsisters Casey, Amber-Lee, Reece, Violet and Bailey-Lee and 2 stepbrothers called Scott and Edwin” said Mr Green “wow. Do Melinda and the others know apart from Ava?” asked Ryan “no” said Mr Green “they need to. Even if it is by our adoption” said Ryan “okay you’re right” said Mr Green walking upstairs.

Mr Green walked into my room “hey, can I ask you a question?” I asked as Mr Green and Ryan sat down “of course” said Ryan.

I swallowed “why didn’t you tell us?” i asked “about what sweetie?” asked Mr Green “about Melinda, Jemma, Quentin and Clara-Louise” I said.

Mr Green didn’t say anything for about fiffteen minutes

“I wanted to protect you both. The dirovce was messy and it hurt too much to talk about it. I didn’t handle the dirovce properly. I threatned your adopted mum Paige that’s why there was no contact and I didn’t tell you about the others. You were too young to understand. I’m so sorry” said Mr Green.

Ryan sighed. He didn’t believe Mr Green, he knew he was lying.

However I stepped towards my adopted dad and hugged him “it’s okay, we forgive you because everything’s going to be okay” I said “but I can never call you dad again” I added “I understand but I still love you” said Mr Green “you know that right?” he asked “yeah I do and I love you too” I said smiling. Read Chapter

Chapter twenty-eight: It's all over

Submitted: November 27, 2016

Chapter twenty-eight: It's all over

“So it’s all over now? The lies? The secrets? The betrayal? Is it all over for real?” I asked “yes” lied Mr Green. Ryan looked at Mr Green “good” I said sighing with relief with a big smile on my face, I turned to face my real parents Stephanie and Leo.

“So you wanted to talk to us about something?” I asked my real mum “we do don’t we Leo?” asked Stephanie to her husband “yes” said Mr Carpenter shallowing “we did love you all so much. You each made our days and our life a little bit brighten but when your mum got really sick. She had endless hospital appointments. It felt like 24/7” he stopped because Stephanie had held his hand and looked at us “I was the only one who could take her and I had to leave you with a babysitter and I wasn’t always comfortable with the idea and I had to look after you all, your mum, the house and work. I had to end up working from home. I wasn’t a teacher back then but after mum got sick, one day I got so stressed that I couldn’t cope anymore so the only opinion was to” he stopped “to put us into care?” I asked “yes, I’m so sorry. None of that is your fault but it’s all over now. Your mum is all better and healthy. We would like to go out with you, have days out, you come round our house, have meals together and get to know you all again. We want to be a real family” said Mr Carpenter. We all smiled at our mum and dad “yes, we would love to” said Melinda “excellent” said Mr Carpenter.

That afternoon, I was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl in my room on my bed when Mason came in “hey” I said “hey, I heard about your real parents” said Mason sitting down on the end of the bed “yeah I know right. They want to get to know us again and be a real family again” I said putting my book down and smiling at Mason “that’s great, oh A I’m so pleased. What’s happened with your adopted parents? Did they tell you the truth. I mean the whole truth?” asked Mason “yes” I said “good, you deserve it” said Mason. I smiled and kissed Mason “I love you” I said “I love you too” said Mason moving towards me and I lied on my back and Mason stared at me “I can’t believe it’s all over” I said “I can finally relaxed” Mason smiled at me, I smiled back at Mason.

Meanwhile, Ryan was trying to find our adopted dad “hey Ryan, are you okay?” asked Mr Green as Ryan walked into the front room in the boarding school “you need to tell them” said Ryan “what do you think I’m hiding?” asked Mr Green “we’ve got even more family through our adoption and that you haven’t said anything about it or haven’t told us” said Ryan.

Mr Green swallowed and looked at Ryan “yes” said Mr Green “you are right” “wow” said Ryan in shock “Ryan, you can’t tell Ava please” he begged “why just Ava?” asked Ryan “she will never forgive me” said Mr Green. Ryan laughed “yeah you’re right. She won’t. I don’t blame her, she’s been confused, lied to and she thinks it’s all over. The lies. The betrayal. The secrets. But it’s not. You’re still lying to her and she’s going to get more hurt if you don’t tell her before it’s too late. If you don’t, i will” said Ryan. Mr Green sighed “please keep quiet. Tell Melinda and the others but please not Ava” said Mr Green “okay” said Ryan. not sure it was a good idea but went with it “thanks son” said Mr Green. Ryan laughed “I’m not your son” said Ryan “I don’t even know you. The secrets. The lies. I don’t even recognize you anymore” said Ryan and walked off. Read Chapter

Chapter twenty-nine: Unhidden Lies

Submitted: November 27, 2016

Chapter twenty-nine: Unhidden Lies

Ryan went to look for Melinda and the others when he bumped into a old lady “oh I’m sorry. I didn’t watch where I was going” said Ryan “that’s okay dear” said the old lady “well as long as you’re okay. I’ll better be off” said Ryan kindly “oh you’re so kind thank you. What’s your name?” asked the old lady “Ryan” said Ryan “Ryan Green” “it’s nice to meet you Ryan. i’m fine thank you” said the old lady “good well I’ll be off” said Ryan “goodbye” said the old lady.

At last, Ryan had found Melinda and the others “hey where’s Ava?” asked Ryan “she’s with Mason. Should I go and found her?” asked Jemma starting to stand up “no. this has to be private between us. Ava can’t know” said Ryan “why? What’s going on?” asked Melinda “we’ve got more family” said Ryan “I mean through our adoption” he added “what more family? More brothers and sisters?” asked Clara-Louise “no” said Ryan “grandparents, uncles, cousins and aunts” he added “wow” said Quentin “is this a joke?” asked Jemma “why do you think I’d be joking?” asked Ryan “I don’t know. I just don’t believe anything Jake says anymore” said Quentin “it’s just one big joke” he added and stormed off.

“Okay, what’s got into him?” asked Ryan “I think he’s right” said Jemma “it’s all one big joke” said Melinda “and Ava deserves to know” Melinda added and she went off with Jemma to find Quentin “come on, let’s go and find Ava” said Clara-Louise to Ryan.

I, meanwhile had no idea what was going on. I was reading and watching something really boring on tv in my room when the door opened and Ryan and Clara-Louise came in like it was an emergency. I put my book down quickly on the bed and sat up “Ryan? What’s going on?” I asked.

Clara-Louise and Ryan looked at each other then at me and sat on the edge of the bed “Ry?” I asked “we need to tell you something” said Clara-Louise “what’s happened now?” I asked sounding really fed up “well we’ve got more family through our adoption” said Ryan “what sort of family?” I asked “Grandparents, anuts, uncles and cousins” said Ryan.

I didn’t say anything for a few minutes. I didn’t know what to say. I just looked into space.

“A?” asked Ryan “are you okay?” asked Clara-Louise “I’m confused. Who told you we’ve got more family?” I asked “dad” said Ryan “adopted” he added as soon as I opened my mouth “did he ask you to tell me?” I asked “he didn’t want you to know but we think you deserve to know” said Ryan “why didn’t he want me to know?” I asked “apparently he thinks you would never forgive him” said Ryan “he’s right” I said and walked off.

“What do you think she’ll do?” asked Clara-Louise “Clara, this is Ava, we’re talking about” said Ryan “she’s the sweetest girl in the world. She wouldn’t do anything” said Ryan. Clara-Louise smiled at Ryan “you think a lot of Ava don’t you?” she asked “yes” said Ryan “she’s probably gone to find Mason” said Ryan but was unsure.

They went upstairs and I was laying on my bed looking at the ceiling.

“Ava?” asked Ryan looking at me “are you okay?” “oh yeah i’m brilliant” I said sarcastically and sitting up “I just found out I’ve got even more family through my adoption. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Yeah absolutely I’m brilliant!” I said “oh A” said Clara-Louise “be right back” I said and went off to find Mr Green. Read Chapter

Chapter thirty - I want the truth

Submitted: November 29, 2016

Chapter thirty: I want the truth

As I was looking for Mr Green, I randomly bumped into my real mum and dad and they saw my face which had tears down my face. They both looked at me concerned.

“Sweetie, have you been crying?” asked my real mum. I nodded “what’s happened sweetheart?” “well my adopted dad, he’s gotten engaged and I apparently got more family through my adoption” I said “and he lied to me all that time which makes it 100 times worse” I added. My real parents were shocked “anyway, I’d best be going, I’ll see you both later” I said and waved goodbye.

As I turned a corner out of sight, my real mum and dad looked at each other “how awful” said Mrs Carpenter “we’ve got to do something” she added “no” said Mr Carpenter “but” said Mrs Carpenter sounding like a five year old “no I mean it Steph” said Mr Carpenter looking at his wife “okay okay I’ll leave it” said Mrs Carpenter.

15 minutes later, my real mum was alone, my dad had gone back to his office. I was still looking for my adopted dad and when I eventually found him. I walked over to him. He had Jennifer with him of course.
“How could you lie? I asked out of the blue. Mr Green was shocked “Ava, sweetie what’s wrong?” “you’re a liar” I said “what makes you say that? Why would you say that?” asked Mr Green starting to panic because it was 100% true “I know I’ve got more family on your side through my adoption” I said.

Mr Green looked at Jennifer than at me “I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Mr Green. At that moment, Ryan and the others came over “oh don’t play dumb with me. I know you’re lying” I said

Ryan and Melinda both looked at me shocked with the way I spoke to Mr Green. I’d never spoke like that before.

“Who told you?” asked Mr Green “well you obviously didn’t so it was Clara-Louise and Ryan” I said “I did tell you I would tell her if you didn’t before it was too late” said Ryan “oh” said Mr Green embarrassed “why didn’t you tell me?” I asked “because you would never forgive me” said Mr Green “and you’re my baby girl” he added “I’m so sorry Ava” he looked at me hoping for my forgiveness.

I couldn’t bare to look at my adopted dad because I had tears in my eyes and ran upstairs.
“You know you should've told her right?” asked Ryan “I know I just didn’t want to lose her” said Mr Green.

I went into my room, it was empty so I slammed the door behind me.

I was so angry with my adopted dad that I was about to rip up one of my favourite books when Ryan came in and rushed over to me and took the book out of my hands and put it back on my bookcase, grabbed my hand and led me to my bed and we sat down.

Ryan put his arms around me and I cuddled into him crying which made his t- shirt all wet.

I sat up wiping my eyes and saw how wet Ryan’s t-shirt was “Ry, your t-shirt” I said sniffling.

In the past, Ryan would go mental if I got one of his t-shirts wet.

“Oh that doesn’t matter, I don’t care about that. I care about you. Jake should’ve told you. Are you okay?” asked Ryan. i nodded “I don’t understand why he didn’t tell all of us at the same time. Why hide it from me and tell you and the others” I said “he didn’t tell you because he was scared” said Ryan “of what?” I asked “of losing you. You mean the world to him Ava, he would do anything to keep you safe. You mean everything to him A. I know the feeling because you mean everything to me too” said Ryan “when you were little and whenever you did something even the little things. He would take a picture and be so proud of you” said Ryan “well it’s too late, he’s already lost me” I said standing up and walking over to my bookcase. It had a picture in a frame of me and my adopted dad and it said “You will always be my baby girl Ava-Rihanna” I picked it up, looked at it. Ryan had rushed over . I had tears in my eyes and I lifted it and dropped it and it smashed into a thousand pieces on the floor. I didn’t care and walked back over to my bed.

I sat down. Ryan was still over with the broken pieces of glass, he looked over to me and walked out of my room.

He went to find everyone else.

“Guys, Ava’s really broken about this” said Ryan “what do you mean? How?” asked Melinda “well she had a photo of her and Jake when she was little. It was taken when she was 5 when we were at the park. She loved it so much that she took it with her everywhere. She took with her when we came here and it sat on her bookcase and Jake admitted to what me and Clara-Louise told her and she was really angry about it and she nearly rip up one of her favourite books but I stopped her and we had a talk then she walked over to her bookcase, picked up the photo and smashed it” said Ryan “wow” said Jemma “yeah. I know” said Ryan sounding worried.

Back upstairs, I was going downstairs when I had bumped into a old lady “oh I’m sorry. I didn’t look where I was going” I said “that’s okay dear. You wouldn’t know where Jake Green is would you?” she asked.

I froze and looked at her shocked “um he’s my dad” I said.

The old lady looked at me shocked.
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Chapter thirty one: Don't leave

Submitted: November 29, 2016

Chapter thirty-one: Don't leave

I didn’t say anything. The old lady just looked at me curiously “wow, that’s lovely. What’s your name then dear?” she asked “Ava-Rihanna” I said

We both froze and didn’t know what to say.

I was looking around and the old lady was watching me. She opened her mouth and began to say “i’m your” she stopped “I’ve got to go” she said “Don’t leave” I begged “you need to find Mr Green right?” I asked “yes” said the old lady “then let’s go find him” I said running off and not giving the old lady a chance that she ran after me.

Mr Green was with Jemma and the others in the garden “Jake, there’s someone who wants to see you” I said.

Mr Green turned, saw the old lady and stood up quick “what are you doing here? Mr Green whispered “to check if you’re okay” said the old lady “I’m fine, mum you need to leave. You can’t be here” said Mr Green.

We all looked at each other.

“Mum? Jake, what’s going on?” asked Melinda “mum, you can’t be here. You need to leave. Please” MrGreen begged “wait no, don’t leave. What do you mean mum?” asked Quentin “who are you?”

The stranger looked at Mr Green “I’m Sonia Green. I’m your grandma” said Sonia.

We looked at each other in shock.

“Mum!” said Mr Green “is this true?” asked Ryan “well I” Mr Green stopped.

“Yes it is true” said Sonia.

I couldn’t say anything. I looked at Ryan and then I did my usual thing and ran upstairs.

Ryan sighed “Look what you’ve gone and done now. You could of told us the whole truth, all of it from the beginning then Ava wouldn’t of ran away and be so confused” said Ryan and he ran up to my room.

“He’s got a point but why is Ava calling you Jake?” asked Sonia “mum, why are you here?” asked Mr Green “we all miss you” said Sonia “so what’s going on? Why are they calling you Jake?” asked Sonia “because they found out i’m not their real dad” said Mr Green “oh mum, it’s a long story but you can’t be here. You need to leave” said Mr Green “you’ve said that about ten times now” said Sonia “what? When did they found out? How did they found out?” asked Sonia shocked “a few months ago, Ava found out I was hiding something and lying about it. She’s my youngest and brightest. She went missing and found her real mum and dad. She’s the really short girl mum, she connected all the lies and secrets together” said Mr Green “well it’s about time she knew who she was and came from” said Sonia and walked upstairs.

I was in my room when Sonia came in and sat down “so you’re my youngest granddaughter?” she asked me “yes” I said and I stood up shaking Sonia’s hand “who are you? How do you know Jake?” I asked “i’m your adopted grandmother and he’s my son” said Sonia
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Chapter thirty two: A fake family

Submitted: December 11, 2016

Chapter thirty-two: A fake family

“What? How?” I asked “I’m your grandma through your adoption” said Sonia “on your adopted dad’s side, im his mother” she added “do you know where Jake is?” I asked “probably in the front room” said Sonia and as she said this, I rushed off to the boarding school’s front room.

“You are such a pathetic liar!” I said standing in front of the big wide tv “excuse me?” asked Mr Green “what else are you hiding from us?” I asked.

Sonia rushed in the front room and bent down catching her breath “nan, are you okay?” I asked sounding worried. Sonia stood up and smiled at me “yes sweetie, I’m fine” said Sonia “Jake, you need to tell them. As much as you want me to leave and stay out of your life for what I did. I’m truly sorry for everything I did but I’m your mother and I’m staying” said Sonia “wait, what did you do so bad?” I asked. Sonia looked at Jake then at me “well” she started “your adopted dad has a twin sister” said Sonia

Jake stood there “I’m ready to tell you everything. Where are the others Ava?” asked Jake “in the garden I think” I said “we’re a fake fake family with a pathetic adopted dad who is a big liar” I said and I ran off.

Jake looked at my grandma “this is all your fault” said Mr Green “How is it my fault?” asked Sonia “because you told Ava and you told her that I have a twin sister” said Mr Green “Jake, they deserve to know. Even though, you hate my guts for everything I did. You’ve got to remember I did it for the right reasons. Your twin sister does love you” said Sonia “yeah well why did you take her away when I adopted Ava and the others. You never ever visited” said Mr Green “I know and I feel awful. I didn’t like the idea at first but years passed and I got used to it and I love Ava and the others too pieces” said Sonia “good” said Mr Green.

Mr Green sighed and went to find us.

“I need to tell you all something” said Mr Green as we were all watching celebrity get me out of here “okay, you’re moving to Germany?” asked Ryan not in the happiest mood “no” said Mr Green “oh that’s a shame, because you’re not welcome here anymore. We were a fake family along and you never told us we have a grandma. You just piled lies above lies. All those years, you just lied about so many things” said Ryan “you’ve got two sets of grandparents, Sonia, Susan, Frank and Ricky, three aunts, three uncles and six cousins” said Mr Green “oh wow, that makes the situation so much better” said Ryan still in a angry voice “is this through our adoption? asked Melinda “yes it is” said Sonia now coming over but she wasn’t alone.

“I understand why you’re angry. Jake should’ve told you from the start but this is my husband Frank, my daughters Shannay, Jake’s older sister and Leanne, Jake’s and Shannay’s older sister and my sons Stewart and Rhys. your cousins, Willow is 14, Justine is 15, Kingsley who is 19, Carmen who is 17, twins Kiarys and Kelsey who are 13 and Phedra who is 24” said Sonia.

I looked at my adopted family and nervously stepped forward “Hello, I’m Ava” I said holding out my hand.

I felt so nervous that my hand was shaking like mad.

“Hello, Ava I’m your adopted aunty Shannay” said a tall thin lady who was so pretty “i’m your younger cousin Willow” said a black short girl who stepped forward and shocked my hand.

This was so awkward.

These are my twin daughters Kiarys and Kelsey and my teenage daughter Carmen” said Shannay.

Two medium height brown haired girls stepped forward. They were identical twins. They both smiled at me and I smiled back “umm Shannay, who’s who?” I asked unsure “oh of course. Kiarys is on the right and Kelsey is on the left” said Shannay “hey I’m Ava” I said less nervous “Hello” said Kiarys on the right. I smiled at my adopted cousins.

A teen tall girl stepped forward in front of the twins. Her nose was pierced and she had light blonde hair with blue eyes “you must be that adopted kid, Ava” said Carmen. This girl didn’t sound very smart. Asking me dumb questions. Of course I’m the adopted kid called Ava, there’s no one else called Ava I thought

“Yes” I said offering my hand. Carmen looked at me and smiled at me shaking my hand.

Two men came over with a much older man “hello Ava, I’m your grandad Frank. I’ve so wanted to meet you. All grown up then. How old are you sweetheart?” asked the older man “I’m 15” I said “well it’s really nice to meet you. These are my sons Stewart and Rhys. Jake’s older brothers” said Frank.
Two tall blokes stepped forward “hello Ava, I’m your uncle Rhys and this is my older brother Stewart” said Rhys, the very tall bloke “hello” I said smiling at them. They smiled back.

Mr Green came over with my grandma “Ava, honey, we’ve got some bad news” he said “Don’t Jake, you’ll regret it” said my grandma “don’t what? What’s going on?” I asked
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Chapter thirty-three: Are we really moving?

Submitted: December 11, 2016

Chapter thirty-three: Are we really moving?

“What’s wrong?” asked Ryan “we’re moving house and you’re both coming” said Mr Green.

Ryan and I looked at each other in shock “since when was it your decision to take us away?” asked Ryan “you’re not our dad anymore” “Yes I am through your adoption. I’m permanently responsible with what happens to you. I am your dad, adopted or not. I know i’ve messed up but you are moving. End of story” said Mr Green.

I couldn’t say anything about the way my adopted dad had spoke to me. In the 15 years, I’ve been adopted. My dad has never spoke in the way.

I looked at Ryan in worry “Ry, I don’t want to move. I’m happy here. I’ve got friends and Mason and our real mum and dad is here too. I can’t leave them” I said sounding worried “I know A. don’t worry we won’t be moving anywhere” said Ryan smiling at me.

The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and really good about the day. I hadn’t forgotten what Jake said but I couldn’t bare telling the girls and Mason I was leaving them. I just couldn’t. They would be sad and upset and Mason would be heartbroken. He’s done a lot for me so I couldn’t do that.

But it’s the right thing to do right?

I got up stretched my arms and got out of bed and walked over to Mia sleeping and shock her hard.

She had opened her eyes while I was shaking Zoey and Lola. they opened their eyes and all of them sat up and looked at me.

“Ava, it’s 6:58am” said Mia yawning “yes I know but I got something that can’t wait to tell you” I said “what’s up?” asked Lola “I’m moving. I’m leaving. I have no choice but to go” I said quickly without a pause.

There was tension and silence in the room and all of my best friends just looked at me in disbelief.

“What?” asked Mia in shock “what do you mean you’re moving?” asked Lola “you can’t leave. We need you” said Zoey “I know, I’ve only just found out. Last night, when Jake told me, Ryan and the others. He didn’t say why, where or when. He just said ‘I know I’ve messed up a load but I’m still your adopted dad which means I’m responsible in whatever happens to you. I’m still in charge of you. You’re coming with me. End of story” I said “wow” said Lola “yes but I’m going to tell my real mum and dad about what’s going on. Even though they gave me up and Jake and Paige adopted me and raised me. I understand why they did, because of mum’s health problems. Dad had too much to do and now that mum’s health is better. She said we’re ready to have us all live with them and they are still my blood parents. They’re going to fight against Jake to keep me here. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I’m happy here, I’ve got you guys and Mason. Mum and dad can see how happy I am here. Also now i’ve found them, Jake can’t just take us away from them” I said “good because we’re so glad you came here. You brighten our day with your lovely smile. We love you so much and we’re here for you. Whatever happens” said Lola.

The three of them stood up and walked over to me and gave me the biggest hug “you should tell Mason what’s going on too” said Zoey “yes. I’ll see you guys later” I said and I rushed off to find Mason first.

“Mas, I’ve got some sad news” I said “don’t break up with me please” said Mason begging “never” I said “what’s up princess?” asked Mason “I’m moving” I said all at once.

My boyfriend looked at me “what?!” asked a shocked Mason.

“Yeah” I said in a sad voice “when was this decided like who told you?” asked Mason in a panic “Jake” I said and Mason rushed to find Mr Green who was in the hallway and I ran after him.

“How can you do this?” asked Mason out of the blue “do what?” asked Mr Green “take Ava away from me, her real family and her friends” said Mason “because she’s my responsibility” said Mr Green “not anymore it isn’t” said Mr Carpenter coming over “who says?” asked Mr Green “her real dad” said Mr Carpenter “you’re her real dad? The dad who abandoned her when she was 2 years old? I’m the one who was there who adopted her and raised her. I was the one who was there when she started to talk and walk, say her first word, when she started nursery, when she started school, when she was bullied, I’ve been there for her, her whole life and where have you been?” asked Mr Green “not anymore you are, I’ll see you in court because I’m going to fight against you to win my children back” said Mr Carpenter “fine” said Mr Green.

“What a horrible man, I can’t believe he said all those things. I couldn’t help it putting you in care” said Mr Carpenter “I know dad. Look the best thing is you are in my life now and I’m so glad you are and mum too. I don’t want to go with him. I want to stay here, I’m happy, I’ve got friends, a boyfriend and my real family. Don’t let him take me away” I said “he won’t my darling, we are going to be a real family again don’t worry” said Mr Carpenter “and he won’t have anything to do with you anymore” he added. I hugged him and looked at him “I love you dad” I said for the first time.

Mr Carpenter didn’t say anything at first.

For a few minutes, he was in shock but smiled back at me.

“Ava, sweetheart, you know I’ve always loved you and it was hard on me and your mum putting you all in care but you won’t have to live with that man anymore. We’ve got something to tell you” said Mr Carpenter “where’s Ryan and the others?” he added “in the front room I think, shall I go and get them?” I asked then Mrs Carpenter came over and I ran to the front room.

“Dad wants to tell us something” I said quickly and ran back into the hallway “Dad? Which dad?” asked Ryan “well not Mr Green obviously Ava hates him” said Melinda as my brothers and sisters followed me and my parents into my dad’s office and sat down.

“What’s up?” asked Melinda letting me sit down between her and Ryan and Ryan put his arm round me “well you know you’re going to be moving with your adopted dad?” asked Mr Carpenter “yeah?” asked Jemma sounding unhappy “well your mother and I” he stopped and looked at my mum “we think we’re ready” said Mr Carpenter looking back at us “ready? Ready for what?” asked Clara-Louise “to have you stay” said Mrs Carpenter “you mean to sleepover?” I asked “no” said Mr Carpenter. My real parents looked at one another then at us “to live” they said together.

We all looked at our real mum and dad “you’re being serious or is this a practical joke?” asked Ryan “we’re being serious” said Mr Carpenter “we would all live together and go to this school? And have your surname? We wouldn’t have to move away?” I asked hopeful “yes my sweetie. We’re going to fight for custody to have you live with us permanently. That’s what you want isn’t it?” asked Mr Carpenter “of course it is. More than anything. I love it, it’s where my real family are” I said “don’t worry you’re not going anywhere with that nasty man” said Mrs Carpenter kissing my forehead and I smiled and we all walked away leaving mum and dad alone in the office.

“Honey, how are we going to fight for them? We don’t even have a lawyer” said Mrs Carpenter after we had gone, she closed the door. Mr Carpenter walked over to his desk and sat down. His wife walked over and sat opposite her husband “honey, what are we going to do?” asked Mrs Carpenter “exactly what we said we’d do” said Mr Carpenter.

He had started to go through his drawer on his desk “honey, what are you looking for?” asked Mrs Carpenter “A piece of lined paper and a pen” said Mrs Carpenter “thanks honey” said Mr Carpenter “I’ll let you get on with it and go and find Ava” said Mrs Carpenter reaching across the desk and kissed her husband “I’ll see you later at home” she said and left the room.

“Hey honey, what are you doing?” asked Mrs Carpenter sitting next to me “hey mum” I said in shock after I said it.

We both looked at each other “you called me mum” said Mrs Carpenter “yeah I did” I said in shock “you are my mum” I added smiling at my mum “I love you sweetie” said Mrs Carpenter “always have and always will” “I love you too” I said “hey honey, guess what?” asked Mrs Carpenter “I don’t know?” I asked “your dad and I are going to fight to have you and the other live with us permanently” said Mrs Carpenter “what no more Mr Green?” I asked “nope” said Mrs Carpenter “oh my god” I said and I hugged my mum tightly.

“You’re the best ever, I’m glad you came and found me, I’ve got to go and tell my boyfriend, I love you mum” I said kissing my mum’s check and rushed off. Read Chapter

Chapter thirty four - Fight to Win

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Chapter thirty-four: Fight to Win

“Guess what?” I asked “I don’t know” said Mason “I’m not moving” I said calmly “oh my god, yayay” said Mason “wait why? How come?” asked Mason “my real parents are going to fight custody for me and the others against Jake to come and live with him and my real mum” I said “what? Permanently?” asked Mason “yes” I said smiling.

Mason couldn’t say anything.

“Ava, that’s great, oh I’m so happy for you” said Mason “oh come here” said Mason and I came over and he gave me a big squeeze “have you told Zoey and the others yet?” he asked me “no they’re next. Where are they?” I asked “try your room?” asked Mason “okay, see you later. Love you” I said and I kissed him goodbye and rushed across the corridor and opened the door.

“Girls, great news. I’m staying” I said. They all stood up “oh” said Zoey “my” said Mia “god” said Lola and they all gave me a hug “how did this happen?!” asked Mia “mum and dad happened” I said “tell us more” said Lola “they’re going to fight for custody against Jake to have us live with them permanently” I said “that’s so cool” said Mia “that’s wonderful” said Zoey smiling at me “yes and I called Stephanie, mum when I was in the front room” I said smiling “we’re so proud of you” said Mia “thank you. I’m going to find my dad because he’s apparently writing a letter to a judge” I said and I rushed off down to the headmaster’s office.

“Hey dad” I said coming in and sitting down “hey sweetie” said Mr Carpenter “have you finished writing that letter?” I asked “yes I have” said Mr Carpenter “here” and he passed me a piece of paper.

It had it’s address on the right side. It said
Jonathan Lemons.
5 Bluebell Street,
Bristol, Family
Civil Justice centre
“Dear Honorable,
My name is Leo Martin Carpenter. I’m headmaster of Misselthwaite Manor for Girls and Boys in Bristol.

My wife and I have 6 children which we had to give up due to my wife's health problems.

Our children were adopted by Jake and Paige Green. We didn’t visit or contract because it was too hard.
15 years later, Ava our youngest girl and her older brother Ryan came to Misselthwaite Manor to start fresh after a tough life with Paige and Jake getting divorced, not seeing their adopted mum or knowing their brothers and sisters. Recently they found out some secrets that Jake has been hiding and they found us and found out that we’re their real parents and now their adopted dad wants to move away with them from us.

Their adopted dad hid some terrible secrets for so long and Ryan treated Ava badly but due to their adopted parents getting divorced, Ryan feels guilty about it and their relationship is fixed. We just want to fix our relationship with them too and keep them away from Mr Green. We regret giving them away but I couldn’t look after them, my wife and work and look after the house. We would do anything to get them back.
We don’t want that to happen. We already lost them and we don’t want to lose them again. They should be with us. Their real parents.

They deserve a real family. We are ready to take care of them, look after them, be the parents we’ve always wanted to be.

That’s why we are fighting against Mr Green to win our family back.

Please give us a chance

Thank you
Leo Carpenter
Headmaster of Misselthwaite
Manor for girls and boys

I smiled at my dad and hugged him tight “thank you so much” I said. My dad kissed my hair

The next day I was with my dad in the office when Melinda came in “hey dad, this just came in the post for you” said Melinda “what is it?” I asked curious. My dad opened it and read it “Ava, don’t be rude” said Melinda “no it’s okay, it’s a character reference” said Mr Carpenter “what’s that?” I asked “it helps the judge choose us to let you live with us and it’s from my mum so your grandmother. You’ve met her before don’t worry. You’ve met everyone. No secrets” said Mr Carpenter “good” said Melinda and I “what does it say?” I asked. Mr Carpenter read the letter again and looked at us and smiled “we’re 100% going to win this case” he said.

The letter said

Dear Jonathan Lemons,
I’m Emily Carpenter, the mother of Leo Carpenter.

I’m writing a character reference to help my son win custody for my grandchildren.

Leo and Stephanie have six wonderful children, two boys and three girls. They were happy until Stephanie, my lovely daughter-in-law had health problems and Leo had to look after her, the children, go to work and look after the house. He got so stressed that they only had one opinion but to put them in care. This was a hard decision

But it would be for any parents who love their children as much as my son and daughter-in-law do.

They had no contract with them for fiffteen years until Ava and Ryan came to my son’s school and they found out that they have more siblings.

The seven of them have now reconnected with each other like no time has pass.

Leo and Stephanie’s relationship with their children is a lovely kind and thoughtful one.

I think Leo and Stephanie deserve another chance to be the parents they’ve always wanted and the children deserve to have a real family. My son and daughter-in-law are thoughtful and kind people and they are the best candidate to receive custody.

Please give them another chance.

Please contact me 04460 521137

Thank you
Emily Carpenter

I looked up from the letter in shock “your mum is brilliant” I said “let’s go and post them” I added following Melinda out of the school.

“Okay I’ll come” said Melinda.

We both went out of school grounds and walked to a nearby letter box and I slipped the envelope “hey Ava, don’t tell the others yet but” Melinda stopped and showed me her finger. I looked at it then at Melinda in shock “you’re” I stopped “getting married” I finished “yeah” said Melinda “oh my god, this is huge. Congratulations. Who’s the lucky boy?” I asked “he’s called Lewis” said Melinda sounding happy “oh that’s lovely, congratulations and I’m happy for you both” I said giving my sister a big hug as we headed back to school.

The next day, I walked downstairs and went to my dad’s office giving him a letter. He opened it “we have a court case, 24th of October” said Mr Carpenter. I smiled “I’ll go tell Jake” I said and ran off.

“We have a court case on the 24th of October so be ready to lose me forever” I said and walked off.

A few days passed and it was finally the day of the court case and I walked downstairs with Ryan and the others and saw Mr Green walking over to us and Mr and Mrs Carpenter followed.

“You ready?” I asked “you’re not coming honey” said Mr Carpenter “but I want to be there with you” I said starting to cry “Ava, it’s going to be okay, come with me” said Ryan offering his hand “okay well good luck” I said hugging my real parents and gave my adopted dad a dirty look and watched them walk out of the school.

I sat down on the sofa “I know it’s hard but it’s going to be okay. They win win. They have enough evidence” said Melinda. I smiled and turned on the tv.

Two hours passed and I had fallen asleep and Melinda had put a blanket on me and left me alone.

“Is Ava going to be okay?” asked Quentin “yes she’s a strong girl” said Ryan when the door had opened and in walked Mr and Mrs Carpenter with a big smile on their faces and came over.

“Hey, what’s happened? Did you win?” asked Jemma “where’s Ava?” asked Mr Carpenter “she’s in the front room asleep” said Melinda.

Mr Carpenter walked to the front room and started to shake me. I woke up, sat up and looked at my parents’ faces “what’s happened?” I asked worried.

Mr Carpenter handed a piece of paper to me. I read it.
It said:
Mr Leo and Stephanie Carpenter are in full custody of their five children Ava, Ryan, Melinda, Clara-Louise, Jemma and Quentin.

Mr Green has lost all contact with the six children.

Congratulations on winning your court case

I couldn’t say anything then i jumped on my dad and hugged him hard.

“We’re a real family again” I said “yes darling we are” said Mrs Carpenter and she hugged my dad and Melinda, the others and I joined in.

“I can’t believe it” said Ryan. I had to jump down “do you mind if I tell my friends and my boyfriend the good news?” I asked “go ahead sweetie” said Mrs Carpenter “boyfriend? What boyfriend?” shouted Mr Carpenter as I ran upstairs. “He’s called Mason. They’ve been together ages” said Melinda “it’s really sweet to see Ava so happy” said Ryan “aww that’s sweet” said Mrs Carpenter “i want to meet this boy” said Mr Carpenter “you have” said Clara-Louise “he helped found Ava” said Jemma “oh yes I do. Aww he’s a lovely lad” said Mr Carpenter now remembering.

As I got upstairs, I opened the door to my room “hey guys” I said then Mason came in and sat down “what’s the news?” asked Mason “mum and dad” I said “they won the court case and Jake is no longer my adopted dad” I finished “so I’m staying” I added “for good?” asked Mia. I nodded happily.

My friends and boyfriend all got up and hugged me hard.

“I love you guys so much. I don’t know what i’d do without you” I said “we love you so much too” said Mia “I’ll see you later?” I asked “definitely” said Lola as I walked out the room and downstairs.

As I reached the front room, I sat down next to Ryan, Melinda was the only one standing. I could tell what she was going to say. Everyone else sat down waiting.

“Mum, dad. I’m so glad you are both back in our lives. We can start to be a real family. As a kid, I always thought about you and wanted you to come to get us back and now we found you and you’re a part of our lives again. I wouldn't change that for the world and I’m glad Mr Green isn’t our adopted dad anymore because he was a horrible person but we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to go back into care so when they got divorced that’s when I started to think about Ava and Ryan more and started to wonder who I was but I know who I am now. But we might have to add another member” said Melinda.

Mr and Mrs Carpenter looked at each other then at Melinda “oh honey, we’re glad you’re a part of our life too and what’s going on? What new member? You’re not pregnant are you?” asked Mrs Carpenter “no but I’m engaged” said Melinda showing her ring to everyone.

“Is this for real?” asked Jemma “yes” said Melinda “oh Mel, I’m so happy for you” said Jemma hugging our sister.

We all looked at her surprised

“Oh darling, that’s fantastic. We’re so thrilled for you” said Mr Carpenter hugging Melinda.

“This calls for a party of two celebrations” said Quentin “oh no, you don’t have to throw me one” said Melinda “we are” I said sounding serious “okay little sis” said Melinda hugging me “absolutely” said Mr Carpenter.

We all looked at each other all happy Read Chapter

Chapter thirty five - surprise

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Chapter thirty - five: Surprise

The next day, I was making a banner sitting on our carpet when Mason came and sat down next to me “hey A, what’s this for?” he asked me “Melinda” I said smiling “what’s happening?” asked Mason “she’s getting married” I said “oh wow, congratulations from me” said Mason “thank you” I said “I also got some more exciting news” I said “oh Melinda’s getting married after you move away” said Mason.

His voice sounded different and his mood was low.

“What’s up Mas?” I asked “I don’t want you to move away A. does this mean we have to break up? I don’t want us to break up? You make me really happy with your happy cheeky personality. Everyday’s a new adventure” said Mason quicky. He had said as if he was wanting to say that for a very long time.

“Mas, slow down” I said “you’re my girlfriend Ava. i love you way too much for you to leave Ava. your adopted dad can’t just leave here and not contract you and as soon as you find your real parents, he turns up and plans to take you away again” he added.

He didn’t listened to what I just said.

“Mason, my love I’ve got some good news for you” I said “what is it?” asked Mason.

His mood was still low “I’m not moving away” I said beaming.

Mason just stood there and looked at me. Not sure what to say.

“Are you joking?” asked Mason seriously “no Mas, I’m going to live with my real mum and dad. Jake, my ex adopted dad has lost contact with me and the others. There was a court case between mum and dad against Jake to win custody of me and the others. Thanks to mum and dad’s character reference. They won so they legally have custody of me and my brothers and sisters again” I said sounding happy looking at my boyfriend.

Mason looked at me shocked but stepped forwards and picked me up and went in circles “princess, that’s the happiest news I’ve ever heard. I’m so happy you’re staying for good and about your real parents of course and everything. Oh my god, this is the best day of my life” said Mason “I love you so much princess” he added putting me down. I smiled at him and we kissed.

“I’ve got to finish this banner” I said “let me help?” asked Mason “thank you” I said “so who’s the lucky guy?” asked Mason “you are” I said cheekily “thanks A, you’re correct my beautiful girl but who is Melinda marrying?” asked Mason “ohhhh hahahaha, a guy called Lewis Tennant” I said “have you met him yet?” asked Mason “no we haven’t but that’s given me a great idea, hold this” I said giving Mason my paint brush and standing up “I’ll be right back” I added and rushed off.

I went straight to the front room to find Jemma and the others with mum and dad “hey A, you look like you been running a marathon” said Jemma “are you okay?” she added.

I only looked like i’d had run a marathon because I was out of breath sweating and wore out because i had been running down the stairs.

“Yeah I’m fine. I’ve got a idea about this party. How about we invited Lewis and turn into an engagement party. I’ve already started doing the banner with Mason” I said.

Mr Carpenter stood up and hugged me “that’s a fantastic idea. Oh A, she’ll love it” he said smiling at me “good, right I’m going to go back to Mason and finish this banner” I said “I’ll see you all later” and I rushed off upstairs.

“Ava’s such a sweet girl isn’t she?” asked Mrs Carpenter “yes, she never thinks of herself only other people who she loves and are around her” said Ryan smiling and looked up at the stairs.

I got back into my room and i stopped as I saw Mason had had a bit of a paint fight with Lola “what’s going on?” I asked “don’t worry I’m going to go” said Lola and walked off.

“Mas, what on earth happened?!” I asked “don’t worry A, let’s just finish this banner” said Mason “anyway did they say yes or no?” he asked “they said yes” I said sitting down next to Mason “that’s great” said Mason. He smiled at me and gave me back my paintbrush. I started painting with him.

Then Mason stopped “er A, slight problem” said Mason “what’s up?” I asked “how are we going to get Lewis to come here?” he asked “oh yeah” I said “what about his mobile number? Do you have it?” asked Mason “no only have yours babe. I guess Melinda has it on her phone?” I asked “yes” said Mason “how are we going to get it?” I asked “get her phone without her knowing and send him a message to come here ASAP and pretend it’s from you” said Mason “okay let’s go” I said going downstairs.

We reached the front room and it was empty and I saw Melinda’s Iphone on the arm of the sofa. I sneaked over to the sofa and picked up my sister’s phone, looked into her contacts “found his number” I said smiling “what should I say?” I asked “don’t say it’s from you just say. Hey baby, could you come to my sister’s school ASAP. love from Melinda” said Mason “okay” I said.

I sent the text and waited for a reply back. It vibrated, I had a look. It said “of course, I’m on my way. Love from Lewis”

I smiled and put the phone down on the arm of the sofa.

“She’s going to be so surprised” I said “yes, this is really generous of you A” said Mason “thanks Mas” I said.

I went into my room and sat down then stood up again, went over to my desk, took my flowery butterfly notebook out of the drawer, went back over to my bed, sat down and started writing.

Mason came and sat next to me “what are you writing?” he asked me “a list of important things we need to make this engagement party of the year” I said “so we need food, drinks, decorations, invitations with some good music also a good photograph” I added “yes!” said Mason.

I got up and went over to my desk, unplugged my laptop and came over to Mason and sat back down “what are we looking for?” asked Mason “music” I said “okay so what sort of music does Melinda like?” asked Mason “err” I said awkwardly.

I didn’t know “I’ll be right back” I said and rushed of across the hall into the spare girl’s room where Jemma, Clara-Jane and Melinda slept and I saw her diary laying on the bed. I opened it up to a page where it said personal information about me. I read it up to her favourite music, closed it and went back to my room.

Luckily Mason was free of paint and I sat back down again “fifth harmony and one direction” I said “how? What? How did you know?” asked Mason “I read Melinda’s diary” I said smiling at my boyfriend.
The next few days, I was rushing around making sure everything was ready when there was a knock on the door and I went to answer it.

“Hello” I said “Hello, I’m Lewis. I got a text from my fiance to come here ASAP. you must be the little sister. Well it’s nice to meet you. Your sister Melinda, where is she?” asked Lewis. I stood there not saying anything when Melinda came over.

“Lewis, what are you doing here?” asked Melinda “princess, you sent me a text to come here ASAP?” asked Lewis “did I?” asked Melinda.

Lewis got his phone out of his pocket and showed Melinda the text “i never sent that” said Melinda.

Melinda looked at me and I ran as fast as I could.

“Ava-Rihanna, come back here right now” shouted Melinda running after me with Lewis.

I got to the living room. Everything was ready “quick, hide they’re coming” I said rushed over to hide behind the sofa.

Melinda and Lewis got into the front room and looked around.

The front room’s ceiling had a banner hung up saying congratulations on your engagement Lewis and Melinda with pictures of rings in between the writing.

With a big table set with a cloth with party food and a pile of plates and paper cups.

There was two balloons tied together with string in each corner and some on the floor.

Also pictures of Melinda and Lewis together, Melinda with Ava and then everyone together and last separate pictures of Melinda and Lewis.

“What in the world is all of this?” asked Melinda

“SURPRISE!!” we all shouted jumping up behind the sofa.

Melinda and Lewis looked at each other in surprise “Ava, are you responsible for this?” asked Melinda “we’re throwing you a engagement party” I said smiling at my sister.

Melinda couldn’t say anything but just looked at me.

“I’m definitely surprised, thank you so much. Oh god, I love you so much” said Melinda “I really don’t know what to say” she added “that’s okay” I said. Melinda smiled at me and she smiled back.

“I can’t believe you did this for us” said Melinda “only the best for my fave big sister” I said. Jemma and Clara-Jane looked at me in disgust “don’t worry, I’ll do it for you guys too” I said “good” said Jemma and Clara-Jane together.

“This is Lewis btw” said Melinda introducing Lewis “nice to meet you” we all said together “same. What a lovely party” said Lewis “thank you” I said “no, thank you for throwing a lovely party for us. We really apperaticle it. So it was you who sent me that text not Melinda?” asked Lewis “yes, I needed to get you to come here” I confessed. Melinda and Lewis sighed of relief with laughter “what are you like” said Melinda smiling at me.

Mr and Mrs Carpenter came over “what’s going on?!” asked Mr Carpenter “this is Lewis, my fiance dad. Ava’s throwing us a engagement party” said Melinda “nice to meet you. Welcome to our mad family” said Mr Carpenter jokily.

I smiled at everyone.

Later, that evening I was in my room when Melinda came in and sat down “what you did for me and Lewis” said Melinda “it was a success” she added “yes?” I asked “I really don’t know what to say” said Melinda “I don’t think saying thank you is enough so I know how much you’ve always wanted to be a maid of honor at someone’s wedding” said Melinda “how?” I asked “ryan told me how when you was little. You used to dress up as a maid of honor and pretended to use your stuffed bears and pretended that they were getting married and you was the maid of honor because it made you feel like a princess” said Melinda “yes?” I asked “well would you like to be my maid of honor?” asked Melinda “what about Jemma and Clara-Jane? I thought a maid of honor was usually your best friend” I asked “you’re my best friend A. no one else is perfect for the role of maid of honour but you” said Melinda.

I didn’t say anything. I was shocked and surprised at this request.

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Chapter thirty six - friends forever

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Chapter thirty - six: Friends forever

“Melinda” I stopped “I don’t know what to say” I finished “look, Ava I know I haven’t been in your life until recently but I never stopped thinking about you. The day I had to leave with Paige and we lost contact with you and Ryan was the day I lost my best friend. When you found me and I found out I had a kid sister. I needed to find you and when I did, that was the best day of my life because I had found my best friend again other than you being born. Jemma and Clara-Jane aren’t my best friends unlike you. A, I don’t ever ever want to lose you again. I’d never forgive myself” said Melinda.

I looked at my sister in shock “you never stopped thinking about me?” I asked “Never. I always knew I had a kid sister out there somewhere. I never forgot about you” said Melinda “that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard” I said “it’s all true. I love you Ava. please please say yes” begged Melinda looking at me

I looked at my sister and thought hard

Melina was still looking at me “okay yes I’ll be your maid of honor” I said giving in “yay” said Melinda hugging me and picking me while squeezing me so hard I couldn’t breathe “thank you! Thank you! Oh I’m so excited” said Melinda finally putting me down and I could breathe properly again. I smiled “I’m glad, I’m going to go and find my friends. I’ll see you later?” I asked “of course” said Melinda. I smiled at my sister and rushed off.

I walked into my room and I wasn’t expecting Zoey, Mia and Lola all standing up just looking at me.

I sat down on my bed “what’s up guys? What are you looking at me for?” I asked “you’re going to be the maid of honor and Melinda said that you're her best friend” said Lola “yes and?” I asked “and? A, Melinda hardly even knows you” said Mia “were you overhearing our conversation because that’s constituted rude” I said “and she’s my sister just because you’re all jealous” I added “jealous of what?” asked Lola “jealous i’m going to be a maid of honor at my sister’s wedding” I said “at least our brothers and sisters have been in our life since we were born unlike Melinda who’s only been here in yours since your birthday” said Zoey “so? She’s my sister and if you don’t like it then maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore” I said “yeah maybe we shouldn’t” said Lola “fine” I said “fine” said Zoey, Mia and Lola together and we walked off in different directions.

I went downstairs and landed grumpily on the sofa next to Melinda.

“Hey, why so grumpy? What’s happened?” asked Melinda turning around to face me “my friends” I said “we had a bit of a disagreement” I added “what happened?” asked Melinda “they don’t think I should go to your wedding because you hardly know me and you haven’t been in my life until my birthday” I said “I’ll be right back” said Melinda rushing off upstairs.

Feeling like my big sister ignored everything I just said and our prep talk didn’t matter, I watched her as she went upstairs by two at a time.

“Where are you going?” I shouted up the stairs. No answer so I just sat back and relaxed.

20 minutes later and Melinda came back and sat down “where did you go?” I asked “I went to get these” said Melinda and she passed me a pile of letters with a plastic band around them. I took it off and Melinda looked at me hopeful.

“What are these?” I asked “they’re letters I wrote to you from me but never sent them” said Melinda “why didn’t you?” I asked “we didn’t have your address” said Melinda “why are you giving them to me now?” I asked “because Ryan used to send me letters about the things you did as you grown up. So i do know 100% about you. I regret not being in your life until now but I would also not get married if I knew you weren’t going to be there because I really want to share my big day with you” said Melinda.

I stared at Melinda “you’re the best” I said and hugged my sister and ran back upstairs with the bundle of letters in my hand.

As soon as I got to my bedroom. I was about to open the door but stopped myself “come on A. you can do it” said Melinda who was behind me “I can’t do it” I said.

Why should I apologize?

At last, as I opened the door I smiled at Melinda who put her thumbs up and smiled at me and I went inside.

“Hey” I said quietly

My friends looked at me looking very sad and stepped towards me “we’re really sorry A, we didn’t mean any of the things we said” said Lola “it’s okay” I said hugging my friends.

“What are those?” asked Lola looking at the letters in my hand “I’m not sure but Melinda gave them to me. She used to write to me from her but never sent them because they didn’t know our address” I said “let’s look” said Mia kindly. I smiled at Mia and gave her one of the letters.

It said:
Dear Ava, my baby sister,
I am Melinda, you probably don’t remember me but Ryan has been telling me everyday everything step by step what the things you’ve been doing, learnt and are learning to do.

I feel like I’m missing out on you growing up but unfortunately things turned out differently and I hope one day you understand and that you know that I love you.

When i get married, I’m 100% going to want you as my maid of honor because the day you was born was the best day of my life. Don’t tell Jemma or Clara-Jane but you are my best friend and even though I can’t see you or contact you. I hope one day I will be able to be with you and we can be together again because you are always going to be my baby sister no matter what happens. No one can ruin the bond we have.

Ryan tells me everything about you. What sort of a personality you have, what’s your favourite things so even though I’m not there with you, I’m learning all this stuff about you and don’t forget that you will one day be a beautiful princess.

When mum packed our things and we left.

I felt heartbroken and upset and when she lost contact with you and Ryan.

I was off edge, I felt broken but one day, somehow we will be with each other if it’s the last thing I’ll do. One day I will find you and we will be together I promise you that.

Whenever it’s your birthday, I’ve always brought a card but never been able to send it and I get a letter from Ryan that you’ve turned 13 and have just started year 9. That makes me proud but also sad.

You’re not just my little sister, you’re my best friend, my world and my other half. We are a lot alike and everyday, I wish things had turned out the way we wanted but I can’t change what’s happened.

You are going to do great things one day Ava. you are going to make me even more proud of you.

Just remember, I love you so much Ava-Rihanna.

Don't forget that and please please don’t give up on anything in your life.

Love you always,
Melinda, your big sister

“Wow” said Lola “that’s so sweet” said Mia “it’s all true” said Melinda coming in.

My friends smiled at me and Melinda “I love the bond you guys have” said Zoey “thanks zo” I said “you’re going to look beautiful as a maid of honor” said Lola “does that mean I can go?” I asked “yes” said Mia “we’re sorry” said Zoey “friends?” asked Mia “of course” I said “always” I added smiling “friends forever?” asked Lola and I stood up and hugged my friends.

“FRIENDS FOREVER” we all shouted going round in circles while Melinda watched. Read Chapter

chapter thirty seven - A real family

Submitted: December 27, 2016

Chapter thirty-seven: A real family

“I’m glad you’re all friends again, I haven’t properly introduced myself. I’m Melinda” said Melinda shaking the girl's’ hands and smiling at each of my friends.

Melinda looked into space for 20 minutes, then came back.

We all looked at her “what?” I asked “I just had the best idea ever” said Melinda.

We all had our arms crossed and eyebrows raised and waited patiently.

“What is it?” I asked “how about you three come to my wedding?” asked Melinda.

My friends were shocked of my sister’s request.

“Um that’s awfully kind of you” stopped Zoey “but we can’t” said Mia “why not?” asked Melinda disappointed “we’re not family” said Lola “yes you are! You’re like sisters to me” I said “you three and Mason are part of our family now” I added “you helped me found my real mum and dad” “you helped us find A” said Melinda “aw thanks” said Lola touched by the commitment

“What’s happening?” asked Mason coming over “Mason, I’m Melinda, I’m Ava’s older sister and I would to invite you to my wedding because you and Ava are a couple and you are part of our family” said Melinda. I smiled at Melinda then at Mason “thank you, I would love to come” said Mason smiling back at Melinda “that’s really kind of you” said Mia and Zoey “it’s all true” said Lola “it’s all true” said Melinda smiling at the four of us together.

“Let me get my camera” said Melinda and rushed off.

“Where is she going?” asked Lola “who knows” I said laughing.

15 minutes later, Melinda came running back with her camera.

“Where did you go?” asked Lola “I went to get this” said Melinda “what are you doing now?” I asked as she stood in front of me putting the camera up high “I’m trying to take a picture” said Melinda “you know what you need Melinda, you need a selfie stick” said Mason “yes” said Lola.

As we all squeezed closed into together behind Melinda so we were all in the picture and Melinda pressed the camera button.

After Melinda insisted on group photos and separate ones. She left us on our own.

“That was fun” said Mia smiling at me “yeah it was” I agreed “did you mean what you said?” asked Lola “about what?” I asked “about us being like your sisters?” asked Lola “and being part of your family?” asked Mason “yes 100%” I said smiling “you’re part of my family now” I added.

Mia, Lola, Zoey and Mason all smiled at me and we hugged together.

“So where are you going for your honeymoon?” I asked Melinda the next rainy miserable morning “Italy” said Lewis coming over and putting his arm around Melinda’s waist “wow, that’s nice” I said trying to support Melinda going to Italy “it’s nice of you to support us Ava” said Lewis smiling at me. I smiled a fake smile at my sister and her finace “thanks A” said Melinda “what for?” I asked “for everything. The party. Understanding why I haven’t been in your life and for welcoming Lewis into our family. I really appreciate it” said Melinda smiling at me and giving me a squeeze “it’s my pleasure. Lewis is part of our crazy family now. Our real family and I’m happy for you both” I said “and it wasn’t your fault why you weren’t in my life until now. I’m glad I went to look for you and we found each other and no one can tear us apart” I added and Melinda and Lewis both hugged me.

The next morning I woke up refreshed but feeling really worried and upset so I shock Mia awake “I don’t want her to go” I said as Mia woke up and sat up and looked at me “Ava, it’s 7am in the morning. What’s so important that you got to wake me up. What’s wrong?” asked Mia “oh okay fine. Go back to sleep” I said sounding down.

Mia sighed “Ava, I’m awake now. Talk to me” said Mia “I don’t want her to go” I repeated myself sitting up and clutching my pillow “what happened?” asked Mia.

Lola and Zoey had heard us talking and woke up “what’s going on?” asked Lola “Ava’s upset” said Mia getting out of bed along with Lola and Zoey and coming over to me “so what’s wrong? Talk to us” said Lola “they’re going to Italy” I said “who are?” asked Zoey.

A tear rolled down my face “A, what’s happened?” asked Lola “Melinda told me last night where they’re going for their honeymoon and they’re going to Italy” I said “Melinda also thank me for welcoming Lewis into our family, understanding why she wasn’t in my life and for basically everything” I added “wow what a nice thing to say” said Lola “yeah” I said “that’s nice of her” said Mia. I smiled at them.

“But how do you feel about it?” asked Mia as I was getting dressed “I’ve only just got my sister back and now Lewis is taking her away. It’s like my ex adopted mum all over again” I said “she took Melinda, Clara-Jane, Quentin and Jemma away” I added “yes but that was different reasons A. Surely they’re coming back” said Lola “I don’t know” I said starting to cry “Oh A” said Mia hugging me “look, Melinda loves you right?” asked Zoey “yes” I said “so she will be back” said Zoey “but you need to tell her how you feel” said Lola “otherwise she won’t know and probably go and not come back” said Mia. Zoey and Lola looked at Mia and I started to cry again

“A, I didn’t mean that, she will be back I promise” said Mia quickly trying to make the situation better. I smiled at Mia “thank you” I said.

I smiled at all my friends when Melinda came in all happy “guess what?” she shouted “I don’t know” I said “I’m going to Spain” said Melinda “when? What you mean on a holiday and then you’re coming back?” I asked hopefully “sort of” said Melinda “where’s mum and dad?” she asked “downstairs I guess” I said sounding upset but Melinda ignored it and rushed downstairs.

“You’ve got to tell her how you feel A before it’s too late” said Mia and we rushed after Melinda.

As I got downstairs and into the front room. I opened my mouth while everyone was looking at me. I started to say something but the words wouldn’t come out.

Everyone turned back towards Melinda “so what’s up?” asked Jemma “well I” Melinda stopped.

“I don’t want you to go” I finally said. Read Chapter

Chapter thirty-eight: This isn't goodbye

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Chapter thirty-eight: This isn’t goodbye

“Go? Go where? Mel, what’s going on?” asked Mrs Carpenter “umm” said Melinda awkwardly and she looked at Lewis not sure what to say.

“Well Mrs Carpenter, I’ve booked a nice romantic holiday away for two weeks for Melinda and I” said Lewis “aw that’s nice. I hope you both have a fantastic time. Send us a postcard and loads of photos through email okay” said Mrs and Mr Carpenter together “why are you saying they can go mum?” I asked sounding pissed off “because they’re adults Ava, they can do things together can’t they?” asked Mrs Carpenter “no she can’t. She can’t go. She just can’t” I said starting to cry and ran upstairs.

“What’s wrong with A?” asked Mr Carpenter “I think I know” said Melinda running after me “Ava, wait”

I slammed the door behind me and landed on my bed.

Melinda quietly sneaked in my room, shut the door behind her and walked over to my bed and sat at the edge.

“Ava, what’s going on?” asked Melinda.

I ignored her when everyone else came in

This made me sit up and look at everyone “so tell me, what’s going in that head of yours that’s made you so upset?” asked Melinda “where’s Lewis? I asked “I don’t know but what’s wrong?” asked Melinda not having a care about her new fiancee. I smiled at her then I started to cry “I don’t want you to go to Spain” I said admittedly “why not?” asked Melinda “I’ve only just found you and found out you’re my big sister and now you’re leaving again. What if I never see you again? I’m scared Mel. I’m scared of the thought of losing you again” I said truthfully.

Melinda signed and turned to face me and put her hand on mine to confront me “you will never lose me so stop thinking you will and one day, it’ll be your time to go away with your fiancee. It’s a part of growing up and you’ll soon be the one doing what I’m doing. Just because I’m getting married, it won’t change anything between us” said Melinda. I hugged my sister “this is goodbye. We’ll be back soon I promise” she added “how long are you in Spain for?” I asked “2 weeks” said Lewis. I smiled at Lewis and signed “well try and not miss me too much” I joked and Lewis and Melinda laughed “I’ll try my best little sis” said Melinda ruffling my hair. I smiled.

“Melinda and Lewis are going to Spain for two weeks and I want to plan a farewell party for them” I said “aren’t they coming back?” asked Zoey “yes but this is just to say au revoir” I said “what does that mean?” asked Mia “it means farewell or goodbye” I said “in french” I added as I saw my friends’ faces “aww that’s a lovely idea” said Lola. I smiled “so we’ve got some planning to do” I said “er what do you mean we?” asked Mia taken a back “you’re helping me” I said grabbing my friends’ hands and walked downstairs.

“So what first?” asked Zoey “we need to make a list of food, drinks, board games, music and other things we need” I said “right so what drinks do you want?” asked Lola getting a notepad and pen and sitting down “lemonade, shloer” I stopped “wait hold up what’s shloer?” asked Mason coming in and sitting next to me and I put my legs on his.

“It’s a fruity fizzy drink” I said “that Ava loves” finished Lola “I do” I said smiling “what other drinks do you want?” asked Mia “orange juice or apple, coffee, tea, gin and whisky are going to be the drinks” I continued “food?” asked Lola “we could have a bbq?” I asked “okay so what’s the food going to be?” asked Lola “sausages, burgers, chicken legs, chips, potatoes, potato wedges, sausage rolls, mini sausages, scotch eggs, fruit, kabobs, salad and tigger burgers” I said “games?” asked Mia “moneyfye, wordie, space dogs and mystery encounters” I said “music?” Zoey “rainbow shine, sky gods, the three musketeers and goodbye blue” I said “these are bands that Melinda also likes now” I added “and do we have a bbq at school?” asked Mia “no I don’t think we do but I think dad has one at home” I said “is that the location of the bbq?” asked Mia “let’s ask” I said starting walking downstairs and my friends followed.

“Dad, do we have a bbq at home?” I asked as I walked into my dad’s office “yes, we do. Why sweetie?” asked Mr Carpenter “can we throw a bbq farewell party for Melinda before she goes on holiday?” I asked “and Lewis” added Lola “I think that’s a lovely idea, yes you can. Go for it” said Mr Carpenter “great, thanks dad” I said and we walked outside into the hallway

“We need to get organised” I said smiling at my friends. Read Chapter

Chapter thirty nine: Au Revoir

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Chapter thirty- nine: Au Revoir

That afternoon, I was getting the table ready with food and drinks while my friends and Mason were pumping up balloons.

I smiled at the table of food and turned to face my friends “great, everything’s ready. Did you do the invitations? I asked my dad “yes I did sweetheart” said Mr Carpenter coming into the front room followed by my mum “good, thanks dad. Let’s see them?” I asked.

My dad got out a handful of invitations and handed them to me. It didn’t have any information yet.

It said:

“Oh dad, these are great” I said re-reading it again “thanks honey” said Mr Carpenter “I’ll see you later” I said and I ran off upstairs.

When I got upstairs, I walked over to my desk, got my notepad out from my desk drawer and a pen out of my pen pot and started to write down all my relations, my real ones not my ex relations through my adoption because they have nothing to do with me anymore.

I’m a hundred percent happy about that.

Sometimes i wish things would've turned out differently.

As I started to write everyone down. I counted it up and it was 14 including me and I started to write out all the invitations.

The first one was for Clara-Jane

It said
To Clara-Jane,
You are invited to Melinda Carpenter and Lewis Tennant’s Farewell Party. The location is Misselthwaite Manor on the 12th of August 2016 at 1pm-6pm, there’s no dress code expect wear anything party themed. There’s going to be free refreshments and drinks. The party is organised by Ava Carpenter.

I hope you can come

Contact me if you can’t ASAP on

Ava-Rihanna Carpenter

There were 14 of them exactly the same “they’re great. Thanks dad” I said “no problem sweetie” said Mr Carpenter “I hope Melinda likes them” I said “and Lewis?” asked Mr Carpenter “oh yeah” I said sounding down “what’s bothering you sweetie?” asked Mr Carpenter “don’t you like Lewis?” he added “yeah he’s lovely, he looks after Melinda and loves her, that’s what matters” I said “but you’re not sure? You don’t want Mel to go on holiday do you? Because you only got your sister back and now you’re feeling like Lewis is taking her away?” asked Mr Carpenter

I went quiet because my dad was right “I don’t want her to go dad” I confessed “I thought so baby. She’ll be back I promise” said Mr Carpenter. I smiled at my dad.

The next few days was full of absolute chaos and I spent days rushing around getting everything finally ready for Melinda and Lewis’s farewell party.

By the time the day came, I was in my room reading when Jemma and Ryan came in “what are you doing? Why aren’t you getting dressed? Melinda and Lewis will be coming down any minute” said Jemma in a panic and taking my book out of my hand “I’m not going” I said “what? Why? You planned everything” said Melinda “yeah why?” asked Ryan “joking” I said laughing with a cheeky grin on my face.

Jemma slapped my arm “ouch, what was that for?” I asked “for tricking me and for being cheeky” said Jemma. I giggled.

After I got ready and got my clothes on. I headed to Melinda and Lewis’ room and wrote on a piece of paper “meet me in the front room at 1pm” and then left it on her bed and headed downstairs with Jemma and Ryan, I went into the living room wearing a sparkling purple dress with glittery sequins and Jemma and the rest looked at me in surprise “A, you look stunning” said Lola “you look a million dollars” said Mason. I smiled.

Then we heard Melinda calling my name “Ava, where are you? You said you wanted to see me?” she called out

“Quick, hide” I said quickly and I ran and hid behind the sofa with Mason while everyone else found a place to hide and we waited patiently.

I peeked behind the sofa and watched Melinda and Lewis as they looked around the front room.

We had decorated it with balloons, party poopers, fairy lights and banners.

The biggest banner said “Au Revoir Melinda and Lewis. See you soon” and then there was a table filled up with all different party food and a photo frame sat in the middle of the table, it was of my brothers and sisters, me and my parents and Lewis”

Then I counted in 1 2 3 and we all jumped up and shouted “SURPRISE”

Melinda and Lewis turned around and saw all of us standing and smiling at them “what is this? Ava, what are you up to?” asked Melinda “it’s your and Lewis’ farewell party” said Jemma “Ava organised the whole thing”
Melinda smiled over at me “she did? Even though she didn’t want me to go?” asked Melinda “yeah, well she knows you’ll always be there for her and will always be her big sister and will be back very soon” said Quentin.

Melinda and Lewis looked over at me again, I was too busy talking to Clara-Louise.

When Melinda and Lewis came over “you did all this for us?” asked Melinda “yeah” I said quietly “you know I’ll be back very soon. 2 weeks isn’t that long. Hey, just remember when you go off to uni, it’ll be the same for me to but I will know that you’ll be back very soon. We can call and text everyday all the time I promise even video call can’t we Lewis?” asked Melinda “of course. You doing this for us is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me and I can’t wait for the day I can call you my little sister” said Lewis. I smiled “you already are family Lewis. You don’t need a ring to prove it. You are my big brother and I will miss you both like crazy but I hope you guys have a fantastic time and send us a postcard” I said smiling at them both

“thank you” said Melinda and Lewis together and hugged me tight. “It’s okay” I said smiling

We all started dancing to the music and threw balloons to each other having a good time together when there was a knock on the door.

Quentin stopped the music and we all stopped dancing and looked at each other “who is that?” I asked … Read Chapter

Chapter fourty - Until I see you again

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Chapter 40 - Until I see you again

“Maybe answer it and find out honey” said Mrs Carpenter. Melinda looked at me. I looked back at her looking nervous “do you want me to come with you?” asked Melinda. I nodded.

We both walked over to the big front door that belonged to the best school in the world. But I’m only saying that because my real dad works here to but it’s still true.

I opened the big brown door and there stood ….

That man who was my ex adopted dad and a liar. Mr Green.

I stood there frozen. I was in shock

“Mr Green” Melinda stopped “what are you doing here?!” she finished “I’m here to tell you something or to show you” said Mr Green “you can’t. You’re not allowed to be here. You lost contract with us when mum and dad won custody against you. You shouldn’t even be talking to us” said Jemma coming over “I know but I want to you to meet some people. You’ve got to. I order it” said Mr Green
Mr and Mrs Carpenter came over when it was getting too much for us to handle “you need to leave now Mr Green or I have to inform the police” said Mr Carpenter coming over with the rest of my family “I know but” he stopped because some strangers we didn’t know came in the school.

A tall thin girl with her nose and ears pierced who looked about 18 with a unsmart looking boy who had a unhappy face with his tshirt hanging out and one of his socks up and the other down. I had guessed that he didn’t want to be here and that he was only 8 years old. Then followed three others girls came with a smart good looking lad. The first girl looked like she was 15, then the second looked like she was 12, then the third looked like 10 and then less little girl was only about 5 and the lad was about 27 followed by a old looking but pretty lady who looked like she was their mum.

“Why are you here? What do you want?” I asked “I wanted you to meet my children” said Mr Green “Casey, Bailey-Mae, Amber-Lee, Reece, Edwin and Scott” said Mr Green.

“I’m sorry since when did you have kids?” asked Jemma “They are Jennifer’s children from a previous marriage so they are my stepchildren and your stepbrothers and sisters through your adoption” said Mr Green

“I can’t deal with this. I’ve got to go to the airport. I’ll see you all soon okay, A, are you going to be okay? She asked me.

I couldn’t say the truth and make her stand could i?

I nodded “call me when you guys get there and have a fantastic time” I said. Melinda smiled at me when Lewis came over and she opened the school door and they both waved and were gone.

“Why did you do that?” asked Jemma “I couldn’t tell her to stay could I? That’s just selfish” I said “they deserve a holiday together with no drama” I added “true” said Jemma

I turned around and Mr Green and all these strangers were looking at me.

“I can’t deal with this” I said and shook my hands and went upstairs to find my friends.

I came into my bedroom and shut the door behind me.
“Has Melinda gone then?” asked Zoey “yes, she and Lewis enjoyed the party and are on their way to the airport. But guess who turned up unexpected?” I asked giving them the look. I always give them the look when something unexpected happens.

“No. not him” said Zoey

They knew exactly who it was.

“He can’t be. He’s not even allowed to see you anymore. He’s lost his visiting rights when your parents lost custody against you” said Mia “is he downstairs?” asked Lola “yep” I said “he’s brought Jennifer too and guess what” I added sounding annoyed “what?” asked Lola “he’s got kids” I said “wow” said Mia “his stepkids. They’re all Jennifer’s from a previous marriage. He still thinks we’re a family” I said “he said they’re his stepchildren and my stepbrothers and stepsisters” I added “he must be joking. He’s got it wrong. You’ve got nothing to do with him anymore” said Lola “I know right” I said “what did Melinda say?” asked Lola “I told her to still go on holiday” I confessed.

“What?!” asked all three girls together “I couldn’t tell her the truth. I couldn’t spoil her holiday not when she’s been so excited!” I said “I wouldn’t feel right about her missing her holiday” I added.

My friends smiled at me “no wonder she loves you Ava, you’re the sweetest girl. Always going out of your way to make others happy” said Mia. I smiled.

That afternoon, I was hiding in my bedroom quietly reading my book “me after you” by Jojo Moyes when Mr Green stormed in.

I dropped my book in shock and pulled my headphones out.

“What are you doing?” asked Mr Green “what do you think I’m doing?” I asked sounding annoyed “do you want to spend time with your stepbrothers and stepsisters instead of reading a boring book?” asked Mr Green “reading is NOT boring and no I don’t want to spend any time with your kids” I said “since you were such a rubbish father to me, I feel sorry for them” I added “because that’s the thing” I said “I’m not even related to you anymore” I said “I know I was a horrible dad to you and Ryan. I know that and I’m sorry” said Mr Green “sorry isn’t good enough” I said

Mr Green didn’t say anything because he knew I was right.

“When did you get married anyway? Does your ex Paige know this?” I asked “5 months ago and yes she does” said Mr Green truthfully “and what does she think of your new kids?” I asked “she’s fine with it” said Mr Green “wow that’s shocking after you treated her so badly” I said “why didn’t you invited us to your wedding?” I asked “I couldn’t” said Mr Green “why?” I asked “because I was such a bad father to you and you looked so happy with your real parents. I couldn’t step in and ruin that” said Mr Green.

I was surprised when he said that because he never said it when I was living with him.

“I’ve changed a lot Ava since you left me” said Mr Green “we didn’t leave you. You made us leave” I said “have you really changed?” I asked him not believing him “because I don’t even know who I am anymore or who you are” I said and walked off.

Read Chapter

Chapter fouty-one: Finding myself]

Submitted: February 12, 2017

Chapter forty-one - Finding myself

“Mas, can I ask you something?” I asked as I closed Mason’s bedroom door and sat down next to him on his bed and he put his arm around me “ask away princess, what’s up?” asked Mason “if you had a adopted dad who had kids with his second wife and you left to be with your real family and he lost custody and came back and you met his step kids. Would you be angry?” I asked “yes definitely. Why? What’s going on?” asked Mason “who am I?” I asked “you are my sweet beautiful baby girl” said Mason “I need more than that” I said.

Mason stopped and thought. I waited.

“You are a beautiful, funny, cute, kind, lovely, gorgeous and loveable girl I’ve ever met. You make me smile even when you don’t do anything. You make me laugh. You are always helping others to make their lives better, you go out your way to make everyone else happy. You care a lot about the people around you. You worry about everyone but not about yourself. You are my best friend, you are my girlfriend, you are my princess, you’ve been my rock ever since I met you, you are my world and you are my everything. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You support me with all the things I do. We can muck around with each other, tease each other and love each other. I wouldn’t be where I am without you and I owe you so much” said Mason “thank you, I love you” I said kissing my boyfriend on the check “I love you too princess” said Mason smiling at me. I half smiled back at him.

“I don’t know what you’re feeling right now about all that’s happened but you’re strong enough to get through this and I’m right here beside you” said Mason. I smiled.

“I think I’m going to tell mum and dad” I said “tell them what’s going on?” asked Mason “yes” I said “thank you” I added “no problem princess” said Mason and I smiled and we kissed and then I rushed off.

“Mum! Dad!” I cried loudly. I heard them running quickly coming downstairs.

“Honey, you okay? What’s wrong?” asked Mrs Carpenter worried “no” I said “tell us what’s going on sweetie?” asked Mr Carpenter “we’re here for you darling” said Mrs Carpenter “well” I said

“Don’t do all overprotective okay” I said “okay?” asked Mr Carpenter. I breathe heavily “Mr Green is still here” I said “WHAT!” asked Mr Carpenter suddenly going all overprotective and rushed off.

Why does dad have to be so overprotective?

“So, what’s happened sweetheart?” asked Mrs Carpenter. I wiped my tears “well Mr Green has step kids now and apparently, he has changed a lot since we left to be with you guys. He’s not the same guy he was when we were living with him and I don’t even know who I am anymore” I said “honey, breathe” said Mrs Carpenter. I breathed in and out a few times “I know who you are” said Mrs Carpenter.

“You are a beautiful, kind, lovely, caring, important, clever and funniest person we know and we are so glad you came and found out and found out we were your parents. You’ve turned our lives upside down and we all love you so much” said Mrs Carpenter “thanks mum, I love you too” I said smiling “dad is so overprotective” I said laughing “yes but he loves you honey and Mr Green shouldn’t even be here or he’s not allowed to contract you and the others. He’s not your adopted dad anymore so his step kids don’t have nothing to do with you. We asked him nicely to leave and he’s still here so we’ve got to do something” said Mrs Carpenter “like what?” I asked “maybe we could come to an agreement first before we take any action but I don’t know if your dad would agree with that idea. He’s not a fan of Mr Green and the way you were treated with him. We’re glad you don’t live with him anymore. We had to save you the minute you told us what he was doing to you and Ryan” said Mrs Carpenter.

I nodded in agreement. My mum was right. Mr Green shouldn’t even be here. But is his new step kids related to me still? Why does Mr Green still thinks we’re his adopted kids? What was the real reason he’s here? Is his step kids in with his plan? What’s his plan though?
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Chapter fourty-two: How could you?

Submitted: February 21, 2017

Chapter Forty-two: How could you?

As my mum and I caught up with my dad, Ryan and Melinda. He was about to talk to Mr Green when my mum grabbed his arm “honey stop” said Mrs Carpenter and Mr Carpenter turned around.

“what actually are you going to say to Mr Green darling?” asked Mrs Carpenter “to leave and to never come here or contact my family ever again and he has nothing to do with you or the others. It’s his own fault he messed up being your adopted dad and you made the right choice by coming to live with us when you did princess. It was very grown up” said Mr Carpenter “okay I agree” said Mrs Carpenter “but could I say something to him first?” I asked.

My dad and mum looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

I went over to Mr Green and tapped on his left shoulder and he turned around. I breathe in and out.

“how could you?” I asked sounding upset “I thought you loved us like your real daughter and son” I added “and you do this. You lied to me for 13/14 years and you lied to Ryan for 18 years and you hit Paige, you hurt her, you threated her, you shouted at her when you were drunk and you abused her. No wonder she left you when she did and I’m glad she did, because she was a better adopted mum then you were a adopted dad. You hit us, you lied to us, you pretended to love and care about us, you made me feel scared so Ryan ended up standing up for me and you lied about who I am. I had to end up finding out for myself by running away. Did you know that? Yeah, I ran away to found who my real parents are. How could you?” I shouted. Mr and Mrs Carpenter stopped me before I could say anything else.

“honey, maybe you should stop” said Mrs Carpenter pushing me away from Mr Green and taking me into the front room

We both sat down on the sofa “breathe sweetie” said Mrs Carpenter trying to calm me down and we both looked at each other “he just makes me so angry mum, how could someone do that and then live with so many lies” I said “I know he does sweetie but you don’t live with him anymore. He shouldn’t even be here. He’s breaking the law by contracting you and coming here darling. Don’t worry, your dad and I will make sure he doesn’t come near you or our family again” said Mrs Carpenter trying to make me feel better “mum” I said “yes baby?” asked Mrs Carpenter “I love you so much, you’re the best mum in the whole world and I understand why you gave me up for adoption but that’s in the past now, we are in the present that’s what matters. We found each other and I am happy that we did” I said. My mum smiled at me and hugged each other “I love you so much baby girl, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and your dad and thank you so much for finding us. You made us all a family again and I couldn’t be any happier” said Mrs Carpenter

Then we just heard shouting in the background “who is that?” I asked. My mum recognized the voice and looked at me and rushed to the hallway and we heard Ryan’s, Melinda’s, Mr Carpenter’s and Mr Green’s voices all at once.
“Melinda?” I asked “what’s she doing back?” I asked and we rushed into the hallway.

And we saw Melinda, Ryan, Mr Carpenter and Mr Green just shouting and yelling at each other.

“you know that little girl is upstairs heartbroken about what’s happened and it’s all your fault” shouted Melinda “Me? It’s not my fault. She never asked about you or her past!” shouted Mr Green “but this is Ava we are talking about, she doesn’t tell people how she feels” Ryan shouted back.

I rushed over to break up the argument.

“guys, stop it” I said. No one was listening to me “yes, it is. You shouldn’t have been hiding things” shouted Melinda “she started to figure it all out and why you left so quick. She’s a smart girl so this is all your fault” shouted Ryan.

I couldn’t take no more shouting or yelling so I went up the stairs halfway and stropped my feet to get everyone’s attention

“SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!” I shouted and stormed upstairs.

Melinda, Ryan, Mr Green and Mr Carpenter all stopped shouting and watched me going upstairs.

“Now, look what you’ve done. I hope you’re happy with yourself. That poor girl has been through so much because of your lies and betrayal and you didn’t even do the mature thing and tell her the whole truth, you just continued to lie and she has a heart of gold and she doesn’t deserve any of this. I’m surprised she’s forgiven you to be honest. Now we’re going to go upstairs and see that girl who is heartbroken and to see if you’re okay” said Melinda and they went upstairs.

I was packing my bags full of clothes and books and my notepad when Melinda and Ryan came in “Ava, what are you doing?” asked Ryan.

I was folding a pink t-shirt with a unicorn on and put it in my suitcase with other clothes, my books and my notepad and zipped it up.

I sighed heavily and looked at my older brother and sister.

No one said anything for a few minutes and then I breathe “I’m leaving” I said straight away
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Chapter fourty-three: Please stay

Submitted: February 21, 2017

Chapter forty-three: Please Stay

“What? You can’t leave” said Melinda “why not? No one wants me here” I said “don’t ever say that again Ava. I love having you here” said Ryan “not what you said when we first arrived here” I said “yes, I know and I’m sorry for that. I really am. But things have happened and I’ve realized that I shouldn’t of treated you so badly. I hated not talking to you all those years but I was so angry that I blamed all on you and I shouldn’t have” said Ryan “I love you Ry, I know you are sorry and I’m so glad we’re talking again and our relationship is fixed” I said smiling at my brother “then please stay! Please don’t go!” begged Melinda.

I jumped out of my skin, I had forgotten Melinda was still with us.

“No one wants me here” I said “we do” said Ryan.

Then all my other brothers and sisters came into my room “what’s going on?” asked Jemma “Ava’s leaving” said Melinda “what?” asked Jemma “you can’t go” said Clara-Louise “yes I can and I am” I said going into the hallway.

All my siblings rushed into the hallway and Ryan stepped in front of me “Ryan, move out the way” I said “no I’m not letting you leave” said Ryan.

I sighed and looked at my brothers and sisters

I had to think of a sneaky way to get past Ryan.

Then I got it.

“Hey, Ry, look behind you on the left. There’s a big spider” I said and waited trying not to laugh or give it away by smiling.

Ryan looked behind him on his left. This was part of my plan to leave. I ran quickly passed Ryan and down the stairs.

Then everyone turned around and watched me run to the front door.

“Ava-Rihanna Carpenter, get back here now” shouted Ryan and he rushed so fast that he jumped two steps at a time and reached the front door.

We had our surnames changed to Carpenter when our mum and dad won custody. We thought it would make more sense to have the surname of our parents right?

“What are you doing?” asked Ryan “leaving” I said “please don’t go Ava” begged Ryan “no one will miss me” I said starting to open the front door “no you are not letting you go anywhere on your own” said Ryan “how old do you think I am?” I asked sounding annoyed “too young to go anywhere without a adult” said Ryan but I stepped outside “what can I do to make you stay?” asked Ryan.

Ryan was now looking at me and all of my brothers and sisters came over.

“Nothing because he won’t do it, it won’t work. You should just give up trying” I said

By this time, Ryan was still thinking of ways to make me stay but I walked off without saying goodbye to my brothers and sisters or parents.

Ryan looked at the others in panic “we can’t just let her go again. She’s too young to go anywhere without a adult” said Ryan sounding worried “Ry, she’s fiffteen not 5” said Jemma but Ryan wasn’t listening and rushed off after me.
After about 15 minutes of walking, Ryan had caught up with me. I stopped walking.

“Ry, what are you doing here?” I asked “taking you home” said Ryan “I’m not going anywhere” I said.

I sighed and thought about what Ryan could do to make me stay.

I thought there’s no point in trying to win “fine, there is something you can do for me to make me stay for good” I said “name it? Anything you want” said Ryan.

I thought about it while we were walking.

Ryan waited as we reached the school’s front door and went inside.

“I want a full apology from Mr Green and Paige and a explanation about why Mr Green did what he did and why Paige didn’t see us and why he did the things to us and why he lied to us all these years” I said “your wish is my demand. May all your wishes come true with the wave of my special big brother powers” said Ryan. I laughed “how?” I asked “come with me” said Ryan and he grabbed my hand and the others followed.
“What are we doing?” I asked “you wanted Mr Green to apologize and why he lied all these years and why Paige never came to see us” is this what i’ve got to do to make you stay for good?” asked Ryan “yeah” I said “so that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to look for answers from Mr Green about our past” said Ryan as we reached the bottom of the stairs in the big school that I grown to love so much.

I couldn’t really leave could I? All my friends and family are here with me. That’s all I need. Read Chapter

Chapter fouty-four: Saying sorry

Submitted: February 28, 2017

Chapter forty-four – Saying sorry
Half an hour, we eventually found Mr Green.

“Hello” said Mr Green as we walked into the front room of the school. It had a big wide TV and a few sofas to sit on and one of the sofas was opposite the TV with cushions and also a drink machine “Jake, we want to ask you a question?” I asked “go ahead princess” said Mr Green “that’s the thing she isn’t your princess or little girl anymore” said Ryan “you lost that right a long time ago” he added “I want an apology and a full explanation on why you left us here without telling us why and why we had to found out the WHOLE truth about our past and why you lied to us for 14/15 years” I said confidently “I’m sorry I can’t” said Mr Green “yes you can. I want an honest apology” I said.

With the mood, I was in, I wasn’t going to take any more lies from Mr Green or a no

“okay fine!” said Mr Green sighing and giving in
He waited a few minutes.

“the only reason I didn’t tell you the truth is because on the day we adopted you two and the others. Your social worker threatened me and I couldn’t say nothing about your past or your real mum and dad for all these years” said Mr Green

I wasn’t believing any of this rubbish
“How did our social worker threatened you?” asked Ryan “she really wanted you guys adopted so much. She thought Paige and I were the perfect parents for you all. She told us why you guys were up for adoption and she said, don’t tell the kids the truth, they don’t need to know. Just love them as if they were your real children and if they start asking questions about their past, just lie” said Mr Green “and when you started to mention Paige, I panicked so I sent you here with no reason why” he added “because if I had told you the whole truth then your social worker would have taken you away. I didn’t know what else to do”

I couldn’t say anything or even look at him

I felt so betrayal and hurt. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone in this world.

Ryan looked at me with a worried face.

“Why make promises and then not keep them. I thought you loved me. I thought you was actually going to come and visit me. You let me down so many times. I don’t think I could ever trust you again. You were an okay adopted dad you know until you messed everything up now I wish you didn’t adopt me in the first place” I said out of the blue

Mr Green looked at me not really sure what to say

“what?” I asked sounding really annoyed.

Ryan moved me over with him away from Mr Green so he couldn’t hear our conversation.
“Are you okay?” he asked. I looked at Ryan “yeah” I said and went back over to Mr Green.

“Why didn’t you contract me like you promised” I asked “I don’t know sweetie” said Mr Green.

I backed away from Mr Green, he followed me “Ava, please” he said grabbing my hand. I pulled away from Mr Green “please forgive me” he begged “I’m never ever going to forgive you unless you tell me the whole honest truth on why you treated us so badly otherwise I can’t” I said and rushed upstairs.

Ryan watched me go upstairs “you better tell her the whole truth. That little girl is heartbroken enough with everything you’ve done. You’re pathetic. My little sister deverses better” said Ryan and rushed after me

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chapter fourty-five: Forgiveness

Submitted: March 04, 2017

Chapter forty-five: Forgiveness

“Ava, wait” said Ryan “what are you doing?” he asked as he came into my room and I was dialling a number “ringing Paige” I said “what? What for? Why?” asked Ryan “you don’t believe that ridiculous story do you?” I asked “yeah, why wouldn’t I?” asked Ryan “because he’s a liar and that story is all lies” I said. I was now on the phone waiting for Paige to answer.

“Hello” said Paige on the other side of the phone “hello Paige, it’s Ava, can you come to my school as soon as possible. It’s an emergency” I said.

Ryan was mouthing “Ava, stop, don’t do it” “oh hello sweetie, of course darling I’ll set off first thing in the morning okay” she said “Thank you. See you tomorrow” I said and hung up the phone.

Ryan looked at me and he didn’t look impressed because he had his arms folded and eyebrows raised.

“What?” I asked “why do you have to do that?” he asked “I need to know if Mr Green’s story is true” I said “but why ring Paige?” asked Mr Green “because they adopted us all together remember and she knows what happened and if that story is true” I said “okay good point” said Ryan starting to agree with my plan.

I started to dial someone else’s mobile number “now who are you ringing?” asked Ryan “Paige’s parents and Jake’s parents” I said “why?” asked Ryan “I want to know exactly what happened. Every little detail that happened to us and get to the bottom of our past. Don’t you want to know what happened?” I asked “yes but” I didn’t let him finish “shh, I’m ringing Sonia” I said. Ryan signed.

I wanted for an answer “hello” said Sonia “hey Sonia, it’s Ava. Could you and Frank come to Misselthwaite Manor for girls and boys in Bristol. Come as soon as you can. It’s an urgent matter” I said “oh of course Ava. What day do you want us to come?” asked Sonia “possibly tomorrow” I said “yep, that’s fine. We’ll be there. See you tomorrow” said Sonia “thank you so much” I said and hung up “I can’t believe you just did that” said Ryan “how else am I going to find out the truth” I said starting to dial Susan’s number. Susan was my ex adopted grandma on Paige’s side of the family but I can’t remember her very much. She wasn’t very keen on the adoption or Paige being married to Jake so she stayed away. Their relationship was bad and we never saw Susan or Frank.

I waited for an answer “hello, who is this?” asked Susan on the other line “Hello Susan, it’s Ava, do you remember me?” I asked “oh little Ava, oh darling of course. How are you? How is your mum?” asked Susan sounding in shock.

I heisted for a moment. I had forgotten that Paige wouldn’t have told Susan what had happened with the adoption “she’s good thank you, gran” I said “actually could you come to my new school?” I asked “new school? Of course, sweetheart. Just give nanny the school name” said Susan “Misselthwaite Manor for girls and boys in Bristol” I said “yes, thank you. That’s fine, we’ll see you tomorrow darling. Oh, I can’t wait to see you sweetheart, it’s been to long” said Susan.

I couldn’t say anything. Susan seems so nice. How could Paige not have told her?

I smiled and hung up “there all done. They are all coming tomorrow” I said smiling.

Ryan was still unimpressed with what I’d done but he just smiled and went along with my plan.

Tomorrow was the big day, I was finally going to find out about my past.

The big day arrived, I woke up smiling and feeling good. I hoped into the shower.

When I got out the shower, I came out the bathroom and went into my room.

25 minutes later, I was walking down the stairs in a pink flowery sparkly dress with sparkly pink shoes. I had my hair curly and up into a ponytail and a pink cardy.

Melinda had come over as I reached the bottom of the stairs “Ava, why are you all dressed up?” she asked me.

Of course, I had forgotten to tell the others about my plan.

“what’s going on?” asked Jemma now coming over with the others.

“Ava’s done something ridiculous” said Ryan “I wouldn’t say it’s ridiculous” I said “then what would you call inviting your ex adopted family just to find out about what happened on the day of our adoption?” asked Ryan “I would say it is a great plan” I said “what have you done?” asked Jemma “she’s rung Paige, Jake, Paige’s parents and Jake’s parents to come here and tell us about our past” said Ryan “WHAT?!” asked Melinda.

Everyone was looking at me “what?” I asked “why would you do that?” asked Quentin “because what happened on the day of our adoption” I said “what happened?” asked Clara-Louise “Mr Green told Ava and I the story of what happened on the day of our adoption but Ava doesn’t believe the story” said Ryan “why?” asked Jemma “because” I couldn’t finish my sentence because there was a big knock on the door.
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Chapter fouty-six: Not again

Submitted: March 12, 2017

Chapter forty-six: Not again

Everyone looked at me “don’t look at me. I wouldn’t know” I said “maybe it’s them” asked Jemma “maybe but I’m not answering” I said stubbornly.

Jemma sighed and went over to the door and opened it.
There stood my ex adopted parents and Jennifer and there were also two little girls holding Paige’s hands?
But I didn’t invite Jennifer so why was she here?

The two little girls also had a man with them.

I walked over with everyone “Jake? Paige?” I asked “what’s going on?” “can we go somewhere quiet?” asked Paige “and private” Jake added.

I nodded and I led everyone into the school’s garden.

We all sat down on one of the school’s benches. The two little girls were sat down in between Paige and Jake and the other man just stood still standing and looking at us.

“Are you going to sit down?” I asked Jake when Mia came over and took me over so it was just me and her
“What’s up?” I asked “there’s four people at the door asking for you. What should I say? Ava, what are you up to? What’s going on?” asked Mia.

Then she noticed Paige and Jake sitting with my family.

“Ava, what’s Paige and Jake doing here? I thought they had no contract with you guys?” asked Mia “I found out something happened on the day of our adoption but I don’t believe it so I got Paige and Jake here and I’m waiting for their parents to find out the truth” I said “why would their parents know what had happened?” asked Mia “because they were there when Paige and Jake adopted us. Paige’s parents weren’t keen on Jake or the adoption. They wanted their daughter to leave Jake and to have children of her own. Jake’s parents, however were keen on the adoption but then Jake messed the whole thing up and lost Paige anyway but we never saw any of the grandparents” I said.

Mia had that look on her face “what?” I asked “are you sure you want to know the whole truth?” asked Mia “well I know part of it but I don’t believe it” I said “what is it?” asked Mia “Jake told me and Ryan that our social worker Claire threatened him and Paige. They weren’t allowed to tell us the truth about our past, just love us as their own children” I said “wow” said Mia “are you sure you know what you’re doing?” she asked me “yes” I said “okay just be careful” said Mia hugging me and looking at me seriously “I will” I promised and Mia nodded and went upstairs.

I walked over to the door and opened it and there stood Susan, Ricky, Sonia and Frank.

I smiled at them “hello” I said “hi there Melinda. May haven’t you grown? You’re all grown up. I can’t believe it” said Susan smiling at me. I smiled at me but didn’t responded.

I wasn’t sure what to say. No one had ever called me Melinda or any of my sisters. But to be honest, I didn’t know about them so no one would have been able to.

“Err nan” I said “yes sweetheart” said Susan “I’m not Melinda” I said “oh well, then you must be Jemma, oh Jemma” said Susan “I’ve missed you terribly” said Susan now hugging me “No I am not Melinda or Jemma or Clara-Louise. I’m Ava-Rihanna, I’m your ex adopted youngest granddaughter” I said finally.

Susan looked at me confused
Then she smiled at me realising it was me.

“Oh, baby Ava-Rihanna! I can’t believe how grown up you are. It’s really you. My little Ava” said Susan.

“what do you mean ex adopted granddaughter?” asked Frank “what’s going on?”

I smiled at my ex adopted grandparents awkwardly.

“So, darling, what’s the problem? Why did you want us to come here?” asked Sonia “follow me” I said and walked into the garden.

I walked over to my ex adopted family and Miss Thomas stood up and looked at her parents in shock

“Mum! Dad! What are you doing here?” she asked looking at Susan and Ricky “Ava rang us and said to come here because it’s an emergency” said Susan “yeah what are you doing here mum and dad? I thought I said I don’t want to see you again after what happened” said Mr Green

I looked at Mr Green
“Jake, what happened?” I asked “nothing, don’t worry” said Mr Green “it was Ava who rang us so she must have some answers” said Frank

Everyone looked at me. I smiled “I want to ask Paige a question” I said “yes sweetie?” asked Paige “who are those little girls sitting next to you and who is that man?” I asked.

Paige was shocked with what I’d ask her but I wasn’t in the wrong for asking was I? I needed to know

She shallowed but smiled at my brothers and sisters and I. While her parents looked at her not impressed with what their daughter had been hiding from them all these years.

This is Esmeralda and Mildred. You can call them Esme and Millie for short. They’re my step kids” said Paige

I looked shocked as much as Susan and Ricky looked at Paige.

I wanted to scream so loudly but nothing came out of my mouth.

My mind was thinking other things “NOT AGAIN”

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Chapter fouty-seven: Good or bad news

Submitted: March 25, 2017

Chapter forty-seven: Good or bad news

“Paige? How could you?” asked Susan “why hide something like this?” asked Ricky “you know we’re a phone call away. Why didn’t you tell us?” asked Susan “because I knew you would be angry because you didn’t approve of the adoption in the beginning and if I told you what had happened years ago, then you would be disgusted with angry. But why did you do what you did on the day of the adoption?” she stopped.

I looked at Susan “what happened?” asked Susan “nothing don’t worry” said Paige.

I looked at my brothers and sisters.

“Paige, why didn’t you tell us?” asked Susan. She looked at Paige in a hurtful and betrayed way. I noticed in her eyes that she wanted to cry.

Paige looked at her parents full of embarrassment.

“I don’t know why I didn’t tell you mum, I’m sorry okay. But you didn’t take the adoption very well and I didn’t want to tell you or dad what had happened between me and Jake because you would have said I told you so. You weren’t keen of Jake or the adoption that’s why I cut you off and why I didn’t see you all those years. Is that why you did what you did?” asked Paige.

But what did happen on the day of my adoption that was so hurtful to Paige?

I was standing there just not saying a word.

“You’re unbelievable!” said Ryan sounding crossed “Yes! Why did you do this?” agreed Jake. But Ryan was horrific with Jake’s respond.

Ryan laughed “what’s so funny?” asked Jake “you are!” said Ryan “why?” asked Jake “you’re as bad as each other. You’re both liars. You’ve both kept secrets from us. You’ve both betrayed us. You’re supposed to be adults and you’re behaving like children” said Ryan.

I stood there almost in tears and ran off

I needed my big sister, I went to go find Melinda and Lewis.

She was with Lewis looking through a catealog in my bedroom.
They looked up when I walked in “A?” asked Melinda. At this point, I had tears down my face, my nose running and my hair all over the place.

“Ava? What’s wrong? What’s happened?” asked Melinda coming over and helping me sit down on my bed “she” I began “she’s a big” I stopped “who is?” asked Melinda. I couldn’t say it but I had to. “liar” I finished “who is a liar sweetie?” asked Lewis softly “Paige” I finally confirmed to Melinda and Lewis.

Melinda and Lewis sighed and looked at me seriously “right, tell us what exactly is going on, word by word. I mean everything” said Melinda

Lewis and I looked at each other than Melinda.

Her voice tone was different.

“it’s not just Jake who has step kids now?” I said with more tears down my face “you’re joking?” asked Melinda. I shocked my head “she’s got step kids and a husband now” I said and Melinda ran downstairs and Lewis and I rushed after her.

Melinda reached where Paige was “how could you be so careless?” asked Melinda “I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Paige.

Melinda laughed “I thought you really cared about us” said Melinda “I do” said Paige now getting worried “I thought you were going to take care of me and my family” added Melinda “Oh Mel, please” begged Paige “no I don’t want to hear it. I hope you and your new family are very happy” said Melinda and ran upstairs and me and Lewis followed.

Melinda walked into my bedroom and almost hit a wall but Lewis quickly grabbed her arm and stopped her “how could they do that?” asked Melinda now sounding angry “I know babe, I can’t believe it either. But you mustn’t let it get to you. You’ve got your real family together now. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?” asked Lewis “yes, I’m sorry. I love you Ava” she said looking at me “I’m so glad I found you” she added “I love you too Mel” I said

Melinda looked at Lewis and they both looked at me smiling. I looked at them confused.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” I asked rubbing my face “no, no you’re beautiful A. Don’t worry” said Lewis “are you sure of that?” I asked “yes” said Mason coming in and walked over to me and put his arms around me “you’re the beautiful girl in the world” said Mason. I smiled.

Melinda was still smiling at me and now at Mason.

“what?” I asked “Lewis will tell you” said Melinda looking at Lewis “no you tell them” said Lewis “no you tell them” said Melinda “no you tell them” said Lewis “no you tell them” said Melinda.

This could carry on for hours so I stepped in “why don’t you both just tell us?” I asked finally getting fed up.

They both looked at me so happy and sighed together.

“Okay, get hyped” said Lewis. I raised my eyebrows “we know the date for our wedding” they both said happily and looking at me and Mason.

I couldn’t breathe

This was so exciting
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Chapter forty-eight: I want it all to be over

Submitted: April 02, 2017

Chapter forty-eight: I want it all to be over

At first, I didn’t say anything because I was going to exploded with excitement and joy.

Mason looked at me. It was written all over my face how happy and excited I was that Mason quickly grabbed both of my hands together and held tight.

I looked at Melinda and Lewis smiling and I was off jumping up and down in the air because Mason had let go of my hands.

“When is it? When is it? When is it?” I shouted happily and I waited patiently and I calmed down a little bit.

“The 24th of July” said Melinda “oh my god! EEK this is so exciting!” I said with so much joy.

“Yes, we thought you deversed some good news” said Lewis smiling at me and I hugged my big sister and my future brother-in-law to be.

“We are so proud of you Ava, with how you’ve handled everything. You’re a little superstar” said Lewis smiling “thank you” I said, “I just want it all to be over and be with my real family with no secrets, lies or betrayal” I said, “I know A” said Melinda “don’t worry we will sort this whole mess out once and for all” said Lewis.

We hadn’t noticed but Melinda had disappeared.

“Wait a second, where’s Mel?” asked Lewis looking around the room “I think I know” I said looking at Lewis and he suddenly realized that I was right and grabbed my hand and we ran downstairs as fast as we could.

“I can’t believe you two would hide something like this from your own adopted kids and parents. Paige, I thought you loved all of us as your own. Look, I wasn’t keen on the idea of being adopted because I didn’t want the others to get hurt and I slowly came to realize that, that wasn’t going to happen but I guess I was wrong” said Melinda “I do love you all. I really am sorry” said Paige “I wish I could turn back the clock and handle things more better and not hurt or betrayal you but I can’t” she added “well, poor Ava is hurt or betrayal by you both. All she wants is this whole mess you’ve created to be over” said Melinda and she turned her back on Paige. “Jake, how could you hide so much from poor Ava. She used to think you were her hero and her daddy forever and you wouldn’t hurt her and you wouldn’t let anyone hurt her but guess what? You failed because she’s upstairs with my fiancée upset and this is making her stressed out. All she wants is to have a normal life and for all of this to be over. She’s only fifteen” said Melinda

I came over with Lewis “when will all the lies and secrets be over? I can’t take much more lying from either of you. Don’t you think I deverse a happy life with no stress and no lies?” I asked “You’re supposed to be the adults. I’m only fifteen and I shouldn’t have to deal with all of this. I hope you all are very happy together because I’ve had enough. You asked me for forgiveness and I forgave you because I thought there won’t be any more lies then I found out more lies from you. I trusted you both that you weren’t going to hide anything else from me. I don’t think I could ever forgive you for this. I no wonder think of you as the adopted parents that I always wanted. You are both strangers to me” I said, “I’m done” I added and went upstairs.

“See how much mess you’ve caused now” shouted Melinda “Melinda, wow calm down” said Jake “no I will not calm down. You can’t tell me what to do anymore. You’ve broke that sweet kind beautiful little girl’s heart” said Melinda almost in tears “Melinda, open your eyes and wake up and realize that Ava’s not a little girl anymore. You hardly know her” said Jake “and who’s fault is that?” asked Melinda “Look, I’m getting to know Ava again okay and I know my little sister no matter how much I’ve missed she will always be my sister” added Melinda and walked upstairs with Lewis.

Jake and Paige looked at each other and then their parents “she’s got a very good point” said Susan “why hide that from us?” asked Ricky.

I was with my real mum and dad sat down on my bed quietly talking when Melinda and Lewis came and walked over to us “A, are you okay?” asked Melinda.

I was smiling and happy “yes, I’m perfectly fine” I replied with a smile at Melinda and Lewis. Melinda looked at me suspiciously and doubtful that I was telling the truth.

“Darling, where’s the others?” asked Mrs Carpenter “they’re all in the game room, why?” asked Melinda “what’s going on?” she added “could you go and get them?” asked Mrs Carpenter looking at her eldest daughter “yeah sure mum” said Melinda and walked across the hallway. The game room had recently been added into the school and students go in there when they have free lessons.

“Mum and dad, wants you guys to come into Ava’s room, I don’t know why” said Melinda.

The others stood up looking like they had no energy to move but followed Melinda into my bedroom and they all sat down.

Mr and Mrs Carpenter looked at each other than at all of us “okay so we’re all a family together, again right?” asked Mrs Carpenter “yes mum” said Quentin “would you like to extend the family? Or do you want us to stay the same?” asked Mr Carpenter “extend” we all said together.

Melinda looked at my parents standing up then looking at my mum’s stomach and how big it was.

We’ve all been wondering why mum’s stomach had been so big recently because she’s never been big like she is now.

“No! you can’t be” shouted Melinda getting excited “oh my god mum! You are, aren’t you?” asked Jemma. Mrs Carpenter nodded at Jemma “I can’t believe it” shouted Ryan getting up and smiling “dad, congratulations! At your age, wow” said Quentin.

Both of my parents were standing up at this point with all my brothers and sisters and I still had no idea what was going on and why everyone was so happy.

“oh mum, this makes me so happy” said Clara-Louise hugging my mum “thank you sweetheart.

“I was wondering why you were so big mum but now I know” said Melinda smiling.

I was getting annoyed and now confused

I looked at everyone “can someone please tell me what’s going on?” I asked sounding annoyed.

They all looked at each other than at me.

“Ava, darling, I’m pregnant” said Mrs Carpenter confidently
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Chapter forty-nine: I know who I am

Submitted: April 02, 2017

Chapter forty-nine: I know who I am now

For a moment, I thought I was going faint but all it was, was the news of having a baby brother or sister for the first time was overwhelming.

I stared at mum and dad and everyone was crowned around my mum. I looked at her smiling and then I looked at her stomach. How on earth can she be pregnant?

She looked at me confused “you okay sweetie?” she asked me “I’m going to be a big sister” I said getting excited “yeah you are princess” said Mr Carpenter. I smiled at my parents and my brothers and sisters.

Finally after months of trying to figure it out and having to deal with so much drama and heartbreak. I finally knew who I was.

“I’m going to be a big sister! I’m going to be a big sister! I’m going to be a big sister!” I said and I kept on saying it over and over again and started to jump up and down repeatedly.

“I see someone’s excited” said Mrs Carpenter smiling at me and I ran upstairs smiling.

I entered my room happily and I found Zoey, Mia and Lola and Mason all sat quietly watching TV.

Zoey looked at me suspiciously “A, what’s happened?” she asked.

At this point, I was getting excited and started to jump and down.

Mason quickly jumped up and ran to grabbed my hands together.

“What in the world is going on with you miss trouble?” asked Mason.

Trouble was one of my nicknames that Mason calls me.

“I’m going to be a big sister” I said with excitement.

All my friends were shocked at this news.

“WHAT? Are your parents actually” Mia stopped. But I knew what she was going to say and nodded excitedly.
“SHE’S PREGNANT” said Mason “she’s pregnant” said Zoey getting up and coming over and we both started jumped up and down “do you know whether it’s a boy or a girl?” asked Lola “no not yet” I said smiling so much that I burst out crying.

Everyone crowned round me “A, don’t be sad!” said Mia “I’m just so happy. After everything I’ve been through since I got here has been bad and I have had my moments that I wanted to go somewhere and go away from all the drama. But I didn’t. the good thing is meeting you guys, meeting my brothers and sisters, meeting my real mum and dad and finding out who I really am and a real family like I’ve always wanted. The best news ever is that I know the date for my sister’s wedding” I said “oh my god. What is the date?” asked Lola getting excited “24th of July” I said happily. “Oh, how lovely. A summer wedding, how romantic” said Mia “I’m also going to be a bridesmaid” I added.

For a moment, we all thought Lola was going to faint as we all knew she loved clothes shopping

We all looked at her worried that she was going to fall but signed with relief as she didn’t.

“Lola, what’s up?” I asked concerned “so if you’re going to be a bridesmaid. That means you have to go dress shopping?” she asked me “yes it does” I said, “take me” she begged “please” she added and she now had hands together and was on the floor on her hands and knees.

I signed “okay, I’ll take you” I said giving in and laughing while I helped Lola stand up and getting off the floor “I’m coming too, to make sure you don’t run away again” said Mason.

I looked at Mason smiling “I love you” I said “I love you too. So, can I come?” asked Mason “okay fine you can come too” I said.

They all smiled at me

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Chapter fifty - Let's go

Submitted: April 02, 2017

Chapter fifty – Let’s go

“I’m happy for you beautiful” said Mason “yeah you deverse a happy ending” said Lola “after everything you’ve been through. I’m surprised you’re still standing” said Mia “You’re our hero Ava and we love you so much” said Zoey “thank you so much guys. I couldn’t of made it without you all being there and supporting me so thank you” I said smiling at my friends “shall we go and find Melinda so we can go dress shopping?” asked Lola looking at me.

I didn’t answer because I was texting Melinda, it said:
“do you want to go dress shopping?”
Then my phone vibrated and I had a text from Melinda. It said:
“Yes. Also could you bring your friends and Mason with you? We’ve got something to ask them”
I replied to the text and said: “yes, see you downstairs xxx”

I looked up from my phone “guys, you’ve all got to come downstairs with me” I said, “why what for?” asked Mia “I don’t know. Melinda and Lewis want to ask you guys something” I said and we went downstairs and walked over to Melinda and Lewis sitting on the sofa in the front room of the school. The sun was shining bright through the big windows

“Hey guys, what’s up?” I asked. Melinda and Lewis turned around and smiled “I’ve got a question for your friends and Lewis has a question for Mason” said Melinda “what is it?” asked Zoey “how would you feel joining Ava and our sisters as my bridesmaids?” asked Melinda.

My three best friends were in shock but looked at me and didn’t say anything. I was also in shock but happy at the same time and smiled at Melinda.

“Melinda, we don’t know what to say” said Mia and all my friends looked at my big sister then at each other.

“We are honoured and happy that you asked us. We appreciate the invitation but we are not part of your family” said Lola “Why would you think that?” asked Melinda “because it’s true” said Mia “You’ve helped Ava find me and the others and our parents haven’t you? You’ve been through all of that with her and not left her side? Like I said before you’re like sisters to Ava, you are part of our family. Blood or not. It doesn’t prove anything” said Melinda “Mel’s right” I agreed “for once” I added cheekily “oh thanks A, that’s so nice of you” said Melinda sounding sarcastic. I poked my tongue out at my big sister.

“I’ve got a question for Mason” said Lewis “sure” said Mason “I would like you to be my best man” said Lewis.

Mason was the same as the girls were. In shock.

“oh Lewis, I’m honoured you asked me but I am not family” said Mason.

Melinda and Lewis sighed and looked at me “what is it with your friends A” they laughed and looked back at my friends
“You are Ava’s boyfriend, right?” asked Lewis “yes” said Mason smiling at me “how long have you been together?” asked Lewis “6 months nearly” said Mason smiling “you are part of Ava’s life and Ava’s part of our family and your part of your family. Please say yes” begged Lewis. Mason sighed “okay fine, yes I’ll be your best man” said Mason.

“Great, thank you” said Lewis smiling at Mason and Melinda looked at my best friends “please be my bridesmaids guys. You’ll be joining Ava and our sisters and all in pretty dresses” said Melinda trying to convince my friends.

My best friends looked at each other than back at Melinda.

They all sighed “okay fine. Yes, we’d be honoured to be your bridesmaids at your and Lewis’s wedding” said Lola giving in “oh thank you. You won’t regret it I promise” said Melinda “thank you so much for asking us” said Mia “yeah, thank you” said Zoey “like I said, a million times” said Melinda “your family. You always will be” she added smiling.
We smiled at each other “let’s go shopping” said Lola.

We all laughed
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Chapter fifty-one: Let's go

Submitted: April 10, 2017

Chapter fifty-one: We are one big happy family

The very next day, Melinda, Jemma, Clara-Louise, Mrs Carpenter, Zoey, Mia, Lola and I set out into town for a girly day out.

We headed to Princesses’ Weddings. The most popular wedding shop in the big city of Bristol.

We entered the shop and stared around at all the lovely wedding dresses.

We walked down three steps and Lola suddenly stopped as we were all behind her and each other we bumped into each other accidentally.

I went around the others and stood in front of Lola. She didn’t notice I was there. I waved my hands in front of my face a couple times but no response. I tapped on her shoulder, poked her, slapped her lightly but nothing.

“She’s completely gone” I said to the others “no wonder! Look” said Mia pointing at the dresses. I turned around

We knew why Lola had zone out. It was like heaven for Lola.

“She’s in heaven” I said waving my hands in her face again starting to worry.

“Lola?” I asked “Lola?” asked Mia “Lola?” asked Zoey.

We called her name a couple times and waited. Her eyes moved

“Hey guys. Have you seen all the pretty dresses! It’s like heaven. I never want to leave this shop now” said Lola laughing “we know it is for you” I said laughing.

We all walked up to the counter and there was a tall young girl who looked like she was 22 behind it counting out the money from the till.
“Hello there, can I help you?” she asked politely looking up from the counter “we’re looking for a wedding dress for my eldest” said Mrs Carpenter “are you all related?” asked the girl. My mum looked at me not sure.

“Yes. We are one big happy family and we are looking for a wedding dress” I said smiling “okay who’s it for?” asked the girl “me” said Melinda “what’s your size and what type of style would you like?” asked the girl coming out behind the counter and walking over to some dresses on display.

Melinda started to look around the room.

There were loads of different brands of wedding dresses.

We were in the shop that felt like forever.

Finally, it was 4pm by the time Melinda chose a dress.

“this one please mum” said Melinda smiling and pointing to her chosen dress.

We all sighed heavily and I mouthed “thank god”

The dress included a wide band of diamonds beading along it’s neckline to drop waist. The skirt created drama, beauty and movement. It comes with unique style with a lace or a zip up closure with several buttons.

“Oh, that is lovely” said the counter girl “thank you” said Melinda walking over to the counter and getting out her purse but Mrs Carpenter stopped her “let me pay” she said getting her own purse out of her bag “but mum” said Melinda “Melinda, your my daughter, it’s my job to pay for your wedding dress” said Mrs Carpenter and that was the end of the conversation.

Next place we headed was upstairs where all the veins and headpieces were stored.

Melinda looked around at the veins and headpieces.

She was much quicker at choosing these items.

“These please mum” said Melinda

We looked at the chosen vein and headpiece.

“They are so pretty, you are going to look amazing Mel” I said smiling “thank you A” said Melinda.

The headpiece was gold with features of a scrolling pattern high-lighted with a brilliant round rhinestone nearly half an inch wide and bordered by gorgeous swirls of round and marquise cut stones.

The vein was scroll like embroidery and beadwork along the edges peeking into a pyramid shaped centre motif.

We went downstairs to pay and then headed back to school.

“that was a fun day out” said Mrs Carpenter turning into the school “it was especially with my big happy family” said Melinda who was sitting in the front with my mum.

I hadn’t said anything since I got into the car.

I was thinking about family. But what family is mine?

I mean what is family?
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Chapter fifty-two: What is family?

Submitted: April 10, 2017

Chapter fifty-two: What is family?

As I got inside, I ran upstairs with saying anything.

My mum quickly took off her coat and ran after me up to the bottom of the stairs

“Ava? Where are you going?” asked Mrs Carpenter.

Mr Carpenter rushed out into the hallway with my brothers and boyfriend.

“Hey, what’s going on? We heard shouting. Didn’t it go too well?” asked Mr Carpenter “I don’t know. We only just got back in from a successful shopping trip with one wedding dress, vein and headpiece. She didn’t say a word in the car and as soon as we got in, she ran upstairs” said a very panicked a very confused Mrs Carpenter “Steph, calm down it’s okay. Do you want me to go and talk to her?” asked Mason calming down Mrs Carpenter “oh, would you? Thank you so much. You’re a sweetheart” said Mrs Carpenter now calmed down and Mason ran upstairs.

I hope she’s okay” said Mrs Carpenter “I think she’s just really confused of who her family is” said Melinda “yeah mum, she’ll be okay. You know what Ava is like. Strong as a brick, she can get through anything” said Jemma “but we’re her family, what’s so confused about that?” asked Mrs Carpenter “the thing is now that Mr Green and Miss Thomas have new families with their new husband and wife. She’s just very confused of where she belongs that’s all” said Clara-Louise reassuring my mum.

Upstairs, I was sat on my bed choosing a tv show to watch when Mason came in.

“Hey beautiful, what’s going on?” he asked sitting down next to me. I looked at him “I’m sorry for running upstairs so fast” I said “it’s okay sweetie. We’re just really worried about you that’s all. You hardly said anything in the car apparently. I even had to calm down your mum that’s how worried she is. Come on, talk to me” said Mason “I mean what is family? Who is my family? Is it Stephanie and Leo with my brothers, sisters, you, Mia, Zoey and Lola or is it Paige and her new kids or is it Jennifer and Jake with their new kids? I mean what is family Mas?” I said, “Oh A” said Mason giving me a hug.

“Jake, his wife, his kids and Paige, her new husband and their kids are definitely not your family. Stephanie, Leo, your brothers, your sisters, Lewis, Zoey, Mia, Lola and I are your real family” said Mason.

I smiled at Mason and we kissed

“Thank you, Mas. I don’t know what I’d do without you” I said smiling at my boyfriend.
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Chapter fifty-three: Adventures

Submitted: April 17, 2017

Chapter fifty-three: Adventures

“Do you want to go on an adventure today?” asked Mason “sure, what are we going to do?” I asked, “we are going into town?” asked Mason “yeah, sure” I said, “I’ll go get the girls” I added and went towards the door but Mason pulled me back and I turned back around.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Mason “don’t go and get the girls. Let’s go on our own together. Please” Mason begged “okay so what are we going to do?” I asked “we’re going somewhere” said Mason and he grabbed my hand.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we started walking “I’m not telling you” said Mason “Mason! What are you up to?” I asked “nothing” said Mason trying to sound innocent.

As we entered town, we walked into Princesses’ weddings.

“Mason, what are we doing here? We picked Melinda’s wedding dress already” I said “I know that. We’re here to buy your bridesmaid dress” said Mason “happy 7 months’ baby” said Mason kissing my surprised face “we’re going bridesmaid shopping and to dinner” he added.

I was shocked and surprised that Mason had organized this.

“Mas, why?” I asked, “because I love you so much” said Mason.

I smiled at Mason “I love you so so much” I said, “I love you so so much too princess” said Mason “thank you so much” I said.

I looked around the shop at the bridesmaid dresses.

20 minutes later, I found a stunning dress exactly my dress size and I thought that it would suit me and the right colour too. Weird, right?

“This one” I said to Mason and showed him the chosen dress “that’ll look beautiful on you princess” said Mason “thank you” I said.

It was pink and long. It was train A-line princess/sleeveless v neck bridesmaid dress with sequins.

“That’s lush” said Mason “It is, isn’t it? I’m going to try it on” I said as I walked into the woman’s changing room and got changed into the dress.

I came out wearing the bridesmaid dress and Mason looked up at me in amazement.

Mason looked like he was going to faint.

“Oh, my god, you look incredible princess” he said, “thank you” I said smiling “how much is it?” asked Mason “210 pounds why?” I asked coming out from the changing rooms back into my original clothes.
Mason was getting his wallet out “Mas, you’re not paying, I am” I said sounding serious “no, I am” he said “no, I am” I argued back.

We kept saying we were paying for the dress and not the other for ages.

Then Mason stopped and signed “half and half?” he asked looking at me “okay, 105 pounds each” I said as I worked it out in my head “yes” said Mason.

I got my bank card out of my purse and walked over to the till.

“hello again” said the counter girl “hello, this is my boyfriend Mason. We want to buy this dress between us if that’s possible?” I asked putting the dress on the counter and the counter girl scanned it with the till.

“210 pounds please” said the counter girl smiling at us. Mason put his bank card into the little card machine waited to put his pin in.

He entered his pin, paid 105 pounds and waited again until he could take it out. He took it out and I put my bank card in and entered my pin, paid the other 105 pounds and I took it out.

“Thank you” I said, “have a nice day guys” said the counter girl as I folded the dress inside a carrier bag and the counter girl waited for the receipt to come then put into the bag for us and we walked out of the shop waving goodbye.

As we got outside “thank you, that was the best adventure ever” I said “no problem baby” said Mason “it’s not over yet” he added smiling at me and we headed back what I thought was school.

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Chapter fifty-four: Thank you

Submitted: April 20, 2017

Chapter fifty-four: Thank you

As we turned a corner, we reached a restaurant

“What are we doing here? I thought we were going back to school” I asked “this is the second part of our 7-month day trip. We’re going on our first date at Diamond stones restaurant. It’s the most popular restaurant in Bristol. The reviews for it are excellent and it only opened 4 months ago” said Mason “wow that’s good. But why what are we doing here?” I asked “this is my way of saying thank you for the most amazing 7 months with you A. You make me so happy, you support me and you are always there for me. You make me so happy and I love you so much. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me” said Mason.

Mason looked at me. I thought I was going to cry “oh Mas. You’re such a sweetheart, thank you. I love you so much too” I said smiling and we hugged each other.

“I can’t believe you organized this just for me” I said “you’re important to me, I’d be lost without you Ava. You deverse to be treated and appreciate and treated like a princess. I love you beautiful and keep smiling. Melinda’s wedding is in a few weeks” said Mason as we entered the restaurant and sat down at an empty table.

I looked at Mason and smiled.

How could I have landed someone so kind and lovely?

“Oh, Mas. I love you too and I know you’re crazy” I said.

We picked up a menu each and looked at something to order.

“Are you ready to order?” asked a thin young girl with apron “can I have a cheese burger and chips with tomato sauce please and a diet coke?” I asked and the girl wrote my order down “could I have soup of the day with a cup of coffee?” asked Mason and the girl wrote Mason’s order down “thank you” we both said together and the girl went away.

I held out my hand across the table and Mason joined his hand with mine.

“Thank you for this meal” I said, “no problem princess, but I’m not finished yet” said Mason “please tell me you’re not thinking about paying for my meal?” I asked “yep” said Mason. I sighed “you don’t have to babe” I said, “I want to and I am end off” said Mason “thank you” I said smiling.

After we had our meal. We headed to the chip shop because I was still hungry then we headed back to school.

“Are we actually going back to school now mas?” I asked “yes” said Mason “have you planned anything else secretly that I don’t know about because if you have then we’ll be so late for class” I said looking at my watch “it’s nearly the end of lunch” I added “no I don’t think so babes” said Mason “okay good” I said.

I had a tub of chips that I brought from the chip shop and I was eating them while walking with Mason hand in hand with Mason.

Mason looked at me with the biggest smile on his face “Mason, what have you got planned?” I asked “nothing” said Mason “okay good” I said believing him.

Boy, was I wrong?

“expert from this” said Mason and snatched one of my chips and ran fast.

I looked up quickly “hey” I said laughing at Mason “give my chip back Mason” I shouted and we ran back to school.
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Chapter fifty-five: I love you

Submitted: April 23, 2017

Chapter fifty-five: I love you

As soon as we got to school, we went upstairs to my room.

“Hey guys” I said to my friends “do you want to see my bridesmaid dress?” I asked, “oh my god, yes” said Mia.

I smiled and took my bridesmaid dress out of the plastic carrier bag and held it up to show my friends.

“Wow, that’s lush” said Mia “I love it!” said Zoey “You’ll look beautiful” said Lola “try it on?” asked Mia “Okay” I said

I got changed into my bridesmaid dress and my friends were amazed.

“You look beautiful” said Lola “you look amazing” said Mia “that dress really suits you” said Zoey “you look stunning baby like always” said Mason “thank you, I love you” I said, “we love you too” said my friends and Mason together.

I smiled at my friends and we hugged each other.

After we hugged, I took my bridesmaid dress off and put my normal clothes on.

I was walking downstairs and I bumped into Mr Green.

I ignored him and kept on walking passed him and down the stairs.

Mr Green followed me downstairs and grabbed my arm so it got me to stop.

“Ava” he said “what?” I asked. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to Mr Green “I love you. You know, that right?” asked Mr Green.

I laughed “yeah right” I said not believing him “so if you love me then why did you lie to me about who I really am and the fact that you got married again without even telling me. You made promises and you didn’t keep them. You lied to me and to Ryan about who we really are and who our parents are and the fact that we have more brothers and sisters. That’s what you called love is it?” I asked now in tears “Ava, please I’m so sorry for everything” said Mr Green “you betrayed me and my heart was broken over and over because of what you’ve done to me and my family. I don’t think I could ever trust you again” I added and I walked back upstairs.

I walked into my room, got my suitcase, clothes out of the wardrobe, my books, my notepad and pens. Everything that was important to me when my brothers and sisters without Melinda came in with Mason and then followed by Mr Green. I quickly wiped my eyes. I didn’t want my family to know I’d been crying.

“what are you doing?” asked Ryan “packing my suitcase” I said “why?” asked Quentin “I’m leaving” I said zipping up my suitcase and walked out into the hallway and then Mr Green followed.

“What? You can’t. Melinda’s wedding is in a few days” said Zoey “you were so excited before” said Mia “why are you leaving so suddenly?” asked Lola “don’t leave A” said Jemma “we need you” said Clara-Louise

“what happened princess?” asked Mason looking at me

I stopped walking and signed. I looked at my friends and family and they waited for an answer. I put down my suitcase.

“I was walking downstairs after I showed you my bridesmaid dress when I bumped into Mr Green and he told me” I stopped “told you what?” asked Ryan now sounding serious. I looked at my big brother “he told me I love you” I said truthy “he what?” asked Mason “he seriously doesn’t know what love is” said Ryan “he lied to us about who we are and that he didn’t tell us that we have more siblings and who our real parents are. He’s seriously got the wrong idea of what love is” Ryan added “I know. That’s why I should leave. I can’t be around him with his lies and his secrets. My heart has already been broken with him betraying me. I can’t be here. I just can’t” I said and picked up my suitcase and continued to walk downstairs.
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Chapter fifty-six: Leaving

Submitted: May 01, 2017

Chapter fifty-six: Leaving

“Wait Ava wait” said Ryan running downstairs after me with my friends.

“You can’t go” said Ryan. I stopped “and why not?” I asked “Melinda’s wedding is next Friday. Don’t you want to be there to help celebrate Melinda’s big day?” asked Mason “yes but I can’t be here if he stays” I said, “come with me” said Mason grabbing my hand.

“where are we going?” I asked going into the front room where Mr Green was sat on the sofa.

“You need to leave” said Mason to Mr Green “who says?” asked Mr Green “I do” said Mason “you’re not wanted here. You know, Ava’s leaving because you’re still here” said Mason “why?” asked Mr Green.

Mason started to laugh “you’re kidding?” asked Mason “her heart is broken because of your constant lies and betrayal. All she wants is you out of her life because you’re nothing to her anymore. You need to get out of this school and never come back again” said Mason.

Mr Green was surprised with what Mason had just said.

“Fine, I’ll leave” said Mr Green.

“Come on A, let’s go somewhere he isn’t” said Mason.

We held hands and walked upstairs.

“Guess what princess?” asked Mason “I don’t know?” I asked walking into Mason’s room “look inside there” he said pointing to his wardrobe.

I opened it and the suit hung neatly on a black hanger.

“You brought a suit?” I asked “yes” said Mason.

The suit was light grey featuring some notch lapel and flat-front slacks made with premium, lightweight super 120s wool.

“You’ll look so handsome” I said smiling “I’ve brought you something to go with your dress” said Mason smiling. He now had a box in his hand and was looking at me “Mas, you didn’t have to” I said, “open it” said Mason ignoring what I just said on purpose.

I opened the small squared box and there was an ankle bracelet with a satin bow.

It was a poise, class and beautifully accented with an adjustable, crystal ankle bracelet with a satin bow.

“It’s beautiful. Thank you” I said speechless “anything for my gorgeous princess” said Mason.

I smiled and we kissed
Then there was a knock on the door. I went over and opened the door.

“Hey, do you guys want to plan Mel’s hen do?” asked Jemma “not me, no boys allowed hahaahha” said Mason laughing “that’s why you’ve got to go downstairs to plan Lewis’ stag party” said Jemma “okay, see you later” said Mason and he walked out of his room “let’s go and plan this hen do” I said. We walked downstairs to find the others sat round a table and we sat down.

“So, what’s the location and what are we going to do?” I asked getting my notepad out with a pen “I thought we could do it in Bristol with a full breakfast, a full use of the pool, gym and spa and a 40-minute spa treatment with a 2-course meal. This is for 2 nights in Bells Hotel” said Clara-Louise “oh wow, I love it. Sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to tell Melinda” I said and I wrote of this down smiling at my friends.

Meanwhile, Mason and the others were planning Lewis’ stag party “so what are we thinking of doing and where?” asked Mason “2 course meal to start with then a party bus and a boat party” said Ryan “cool, sounds awesome” said Quentin.

After we finished the plans, I was designing Melinda’s invitation about the hen do.

I couldn’t wait to see Melinda’s face with what we’ve got planned.

It was going to happen on 14th June 2017 on a Wednesday. A week before the wedding.

The next few days, we had to keep quiet to Melinda about the hen do. Most of us found quite easy but Lola didn’t.

“Melinda, guess what we’ve got planned for you tomorrow?” asked Lola “what?” asked Melinda.

I quickly stepped in and put my hand over Lola’s mouth “nothing, she was just joking you know playing around. Lola, how about that assignment we’ve got to do” I said winking at Lola “what assignment?” asked Lola “you know the assignment about frogs” I said trying to get Lola to play along. She was failing.

She looked at me confused “we’ve got to go. We’ll see you later” I said and I took Lola’s hand and we walked out of the room.

“what are you doing Lola? We can’t tell Melinda about the hen do” I said, “sorry A” said Lola “it’s fine just try not to bring it up next time okay” I said “okay” said Lola smiling at me “is there actually an assignment about frogs?” asked Lola “no, I was just trying to get you to play along” I said laughing “oh, sorry” said Lola laughing

We were stood outside the door where Melinda was in.

I bent down and slipped the invitation through the gap between the floor and the door.

“what are you doing?” asked Lola “putting Melinda’s invitation through the door” I said.

“I can’t wait to see her face” I added getting up. Lola smiled at me and I put my arm around Lola and she put hers around mine and we walked downstairs.

The day of the hen do had finally arrived and we were all dressed up all nice and we were downstairs because we all fell asleep accidentally the night before while Melinda was in her room.

“is Mel still asleep?” asked Jemma “I don’t” I stopped because I couldn’t finish as Jemma’s question was answered as we all heard loud but happy screaming that I thought belonged to Melinda. “Who’s screaming?” asked Clara-Louise “I don’t know” said Zoey “maybe it belongs to Melinda?” asked Mia “it sounds like it” said Lola laughing and we all stood up and waited.

Melinda was happily running downstairs.

“I’M GOING TO BRISTOL! I’M GOING TO BRISTOL! I’M GOING TO BRISTOL!” Melinda shouted “YOU GUYS! I’M GOING TO BRISTOL” she added “yes, we are all going to Bristol” I said, “thank you” said Melinda “I love you all so much” she added giving us each a hug “we love you too” we said together.

Melinda was smiling at us, we smiled back “I’m so lucky to have such great friends” said Melinda.

“I’M GETTING MARRIED” Melinda shouted.

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Chapter fifty-seven: Wedding

Submitted: May 15, 2017

Chapter fifty-seven: Wedding

As we got our things packed into our suitcases, the boys came in with their suitcases.

Melinda went over to Lewis “I’ll miss you so much” said Lewis “I’ll miss you so much too, stay safe” said Melinda “you too baby” said Lewis and they hugged.

Mason looked at me and started to cry “why are you crying “you stay safe in Bristol okay?” asked Mason “I will, I love you” I said, “you also stay safe in Bournemouth” I added “I love you too princess” said Mason “I can’t believe this is really happening” said Melinda smiling at her friends and family. We all smiled at her and set off in different directions.

Where we were going, it only took us 30 minutes.

“we’re here!!” I said getting out of my mum’s ford car. My mum came along too.

We all looked at Bells Hotel.

“Bells Hotel? What are we doing here? It’s not anyone’s birthday, is it?” asked Melinda looking at all of us.

I had forgotten that Melinda had no clue why we were here or what was going on.

I looked at everyone and Jemma nodded and mouthed “1,2,3” to count us all in.

“Surprise!” we all shouted, “this is your hen do” said Jemma.

“what?” asked Melinda “why? I mean how did you do all of this?” asked Melinda sounding shocked.

“Ask your little sister. She planned all of it” said Clara-Louise.

Melinda looked at me. I was too busy talking to Lola to notice that she had come over until she tapped me on the shoulder.

“Ava, did you planned all this by yourself? Why?” asked Melinda “yes, I did and because you’re my big sister and my best friend. I’ll do the same for Clara-Louise and Jemma when it’s their turn to get marry.” I said smiling at Melinda “oh A” said Melinda almost crying.

She looked at me with tears coming down her face and hugged me.

We walked into the hotel and up to the reception.

“Hey, we’ve booked two nights to stay” said Jemma “ahh yes, you’re the Carpenter’s, aren’t you?” said the woman behind the counter “yes” I said “if you would like to follow me and I’ll show you to your room. Your breakfast will be here shortly with a 40 minute spa treatment” said the woman.

We got to a room and entered it. We all sat down.

“someone will be with you shortly for your spa treatment for 40 minutes” said the woman “thank you” said Mrs Carpenter and the woman left.

“Guys, what’s going on?” asked Melinda “welcome to your surprise hen do which includes breakfast, a spa treatment for 40 minutes and tomorrow, we get to have the full use of the pool and the gym before going back to school the next morning” I said.

Melinda was shocked “I don’t know what to say” she said, “but thank you so much” she added.

Then there was a knock on the door “are you the Carpenters?” she asked “yes” said Jemma “we’re ready for you” said the woman and we all followed her.

Meanwhile, the boys had reached Bournemouth “we’re here” said Mason “what’s going on?” asked Lewis “this is your stag party” said Ryan.

There was loud music nearby.

“And this is your first activity” said Quentin “A party bus and a boat party and a 2-course meal to end it tomorrow” said Ryan.

Lewis had the same expression as Melinda.

“Wow” said Lewis “thank you so much” he added.

The boys smiled at Lewis and they all got onto the bus party.

Back in Bristol, Ava and all of the girls were enjoying and relaxing having their spa treatment that included nails painted, massage, eye treatments, body, face and hair.

“You guys are adorable” said Melinda “I’m having the best time” she added “thank you” “you’re very welcome” I said.

Later that evening, we were getting ready for bed “I can’t believe my wedding is next week” said Melinda smiling at us and we all got into bed “night guys” I said.

Back in Bournemouth, the boys were celebrating way into the night and into the early morning.

“That was a sick party” said Lewis “it was mate” said Ryan “thanks guys” said Lewis “no problem Lewis, welcome to the family mate” said Quentin.

The next morning in Bristol, we had woken up and we were all relaxing in the hotel’s pool. We had eaten our full breakfast.

“I’m just going to freshen up and we’ll get going?” I asked “yes” said Melinda “I’ll come with you” she said and we both got out of the pool and went back into the hotel.

“So, Mrs Carpenter, do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl yet?” asked Zoey “actually I’ve known for a while” said Mrs Carpenter.

The other girls looked at my mum “I’m having twins” she said.

Neither my brothers or sisters could say anything.

“Wow! That’s amazing. Congratulations!” said Mia “yeah, congratulations Mrs C. do you know if they’re boys or girls?” asked Lola “a boy and a girl” said Mrs Carpenter “congratulations” said all my best friends “thank you” said Mrs Carpenter.

“Wow mum. That’s huge” said Clara-Louise “we had no idea” said Jemma “but you and dad are amazing parents to all of us” said Jemma “these babies are lucky to have you both. We’ll all help with babysitting. Ava’s going to make a brilliant big sister” said Clara-Louise “it’s the best fresh start for all of us” said Jemma when Melinda and I came back “we’ve packed all of our things so you don’t have to do it” I said, “oh thanks darling” said Mrs Carpenter “are we all ready to go back to school?” asked Mrs Carpenter “yes” said Melinda and we went into the hotel to hand in the room keys “thank you for an amazing room service” said Mrs Carpenter “you’re very welcome, have a safe drive and thanks for staying. We hope to see you again” said the woman and we waved goodbye and we set off back to school.

It’s 4 days until the big day” said Clara-Louise “yes! I can’t wait” said Melinda.

The afternoon we all got back, I was in my room with my friends when Mason came running to me and hugged me tight “I’ve missed you so much” said Mason “I’ve missed you so much too” I said.
I went over to my desk, got my notepad out and sat down.

“What are you doing?” asked Mason coming over “we’ll see you later” said Mia and the three of them went out of the room.

“I’m writing my speech for the wedding” I said. Mason went over to my bed and sat down quietly.

The next four days went by quick.
Until the big day arrived and all of us was getting ready in our dressing rooms. Melinda was in a separate one then the rest of us.

“I can’t believe it’s today” I said smiling.

Half an hour later, we were all ready “aw, Ava, you look beautiful” said Jemma “thank you” I said.

“The limo’s here” said Mrs Carpenter.

We all went outside and got into the limo and headed to the church.

All the boys were standing in the right place when we got to the church and waited for my dad and Melinda.

“This place looks amazing” I said and I was passed some flowers to hold.

The vicar came over to us and we all waited.

Then in walked a fairy-tale princess that was my older sister walking in her wedding dress linked arms with my dad as they walked down the aisle together.

They walked up to us and my sister smiled at me then at Lewis.

Then we all looked at the vicar.
“We are gathered here today in marriage. Their decision to marry has not been entered lightly and today they publicly declare their love for one another and devotion towards each other. The essence of this commitment of each other in entirety, as a lover, a companion and a friend. A good and balanced relationship is one in which neither person is overpowered nor absorbed by the other one in which both give their love freely and without jealously” said the vicar.
“Marriage, ideally, is a sharing of responsibilities, hope, and dreams. It takes a special effort to grow together, survive hard times together, and be loving and unselfish” added the vicar.
“Do you both pledge to share your lives openly with one another and to speak the truth of love? Do you promise to honour and tenderly care for one another, cherish and encourage each other, stand together, through sorrows and joys, hardships and triumphs for all the days of your lives” added the priest?

“We do” said Melinda and Lewis “do you pledge to share your love and the joys of your marriage with all those around you, so that they may learn from your love and be encouraged to grow in your own lives” said the priest “we do” said Melinda and Lewis “may these rings be blessed as a symbol of your union. As often as either of you look upon these rings, may you not only be reminded of this moment, but also of the vows you have made and the strength of your commitment to each other” said the priest.

“Lewis, please repeat after me” he added

“I, Lewis, promise to love and support you Melinda and live each day loving you with kindness, understanding, truth, honour and passion. With this ring, I thee wed” said the priest “I, Lewis, promise to love and support you Melinda and live each day loving you with kindness, understanding, truth, honour and passion. With this ring, I thee wed” repeated Lewis.

“Melinda, please repeat after me” said the priest

“I, Lewis, promise to love and support you Melinda and live each day loving you with kindness, understanding, truth, honour and passion. With this ring, I thee wed” said the priest “I, Lewis, promise to love and support you Melinda and live each day loving you with kindness, understanding, truth, honour and passion. With this ring, I thee wed” repeated Melinda “I, Lewis to take you Melinda to be my wife, my best friend and my life partner to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, till death do us part, according to god’s hold law. In the presence of God. I make this vow” said Lewis “I, Melinda to take you Lewis to be my husband, my best friend and my life partner to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, till death do us part, according to god’s hold law. In the presence of God. I make this vow” said Melinda.

“Go now in peace and live in love, sharing the most precious gifts you have, the gifts of your lives united. And may your days be long on this earth. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Life partners and best friends until we say goodbye. You may kiss the bride” said the priest

Melinda and Lewis kissed
We all smiled and threw flowers everything around and on top of Lewis and Melinda and they ran out of the church with all of us following. Us bridesmaids held the end of Melinda’s dress and we went out of the church cheering and laughing.
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Chapter fifty-eight: Can you keep a secret?

Submitted: May 18, 2017

Chapter fifty-eight: Can you keep a secret?

After the ceremony, the reception had started and we all sat round a table and my mum clicked her fork on her glass and waited for everyone’s attention.

We all turned to face my mum “time for speeches” said Mrs Carpenter “who wants to go first?” she asked.

I stood up and smiled at Melinda.

I cleared my throat with Melinda smiling at me with the happiest smile.

“so the big day has arrived and it’s an honor that you chose me to be your maid of honor. You are an amazing best friend and big sister. I am so glad I found out about you. Not in the best way, my 15th birthday but I am happy I met you and the others. You saved Ryan and me from Mr Green. Our life was miserable before you came, but it’s gotten better because of you.

You are not just my big sister, you are my friend, my best friend, my hero, my world and my everything. I’m extremely proud of you and what you’ve been through. It’s been tough for all of us. But we are now a family again with no one spoiling that for us. I am so happy that you found someone who takes care of you and loves you for who you are as much as I do. Thank you for coming back into my life and being the best big sister and best friend I could ever ask for. You are supportive and kind, you are overprotective and you have a good sense of humour. Lewis, thank you for making Melinda so happy and there’s no one else I’d rather have as my brother-in-law. Welcome to the family mate” I said.

“I give you all the luck I could possibly give you as you start your new life together but I will still come over and annoy you all the time and steal your clothes and makeup without asking just like all little sisters do.

To the bestest and sweetest sister in the world, I love you so much and good luck. Here’s to marriage and hope your love for each other is never broken, I love you” I said smiling at my sister.

Everyone clapped and cheered for me “that was beautiful Ava” said Mrs Carpenter.

Melinda looked at me and she burst out crying and ran up to me and hugged me tight.

She looked at me and couldn’t stop smiling “what?” I asked, “it’s nothing, it’s just” she said “that was beautiful and I love you so much. I’m so glad I found you when I did” said Melinda “thank you, that brought a tear to my eye” she added “I love you” she said smiling at me and giving me another hug “I love you too” I said smiling at my sister.

“now it’s time for our speech” said Mrs Carpenter “oh god, more tears” said Melinda.

“Our oldest daughter, we are so proud of you and we are super pleased for you and Lewis starting your life together.

Giving you all up was the toughest decision we had to make and we didn’t even know that you had lost contract with each other but we are so happy that you have all found each other and have bonded like no time has passed through and we are a family again.

We love you so much Melinda and we wish you and Lewis the best of luck in your new life together.

If you ever need anything sweetheart, you know where to find us and how to reach us, we’re always here. We’re not going anywhere.

To your marriage and to you both, we love you and good luck to you both. Forever and always.

Love you forever” said Mrs Carpenter.

Again, Melinda burst out crying “oh mum, dad! Thank you, I love you both. Thank you for everything” said Melinda hugging my parents.

“it’s my turn now” said Jemma standing up and cleared her throat.

“Melinda, my big sister, my best friend and my world. You are amazing and kind sometimes annoying but you can’t help that” said Jemma with everyone laughing

“I love you and good luck” added Jemma “thank you Jem, I love you too” said Melinda.

“My go” said Clara-Louise and we all looked at Clara-Louise.

“Melinda, I’ve known you all my life. It has been a bit of good and a bit of bad. Mostly good because I was born” said Clara-Louise with everyone laughing again. “But I’m so proud of you and I love you. Lewis, I’m glad Melinda has found a decent guy who loves her and her family. But also takes care of her and spoils her with not just gifts but with love and attention. I want to congratulate you both. May you be together forever. I love you guys” said Clara-Louise “I love you too!” said Melinda.

“my turn” said Quentin “Melinda and Lewis, good luck!” he said, “thank you” said Melinda “My turn” said Ryan “Melinda, I haven’t been in all your life from the beginning but I have for a small amount and I’ve loved getting to know my big sister again. The day you got taken away was one of the worst things in my life. You are amazing and good luck with everything. I love you” said Melinda “I love you too” said Ryan.

Melinda looked at everyone “thank you so much for all your speeches, they were so lovely and I love you guys so much. Here’s too new beginnings” said Melinda raising her glass up and we joined her and everyone cheered and laughed.

Melinda came over to me “Can I talk to you?” asked “sure” I said Melinda “sure” I said, “in private?” asked Melinda “okay” I said and went into the bathroom and I closed the door.

“so what’s up?” I asked, “can you keep a secret?” asked Melinda “of course!” I said, “promise you won’t tell anyone including Lewis” said Melinda sounding serious “I promise! What’s going on?” I asked.

Melinda looked at me and swallowed

“I’m pregnant” said Melinda.
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Chapter fifty-nine: It's not all about you

Submitted: May 24, 2017

Chapter fifty-nine: It’s not about you

“What?!” I asked in shock “I found out a few months ago” said Melinda “what?! Why haven’t you told Lewis?” I asked.

Melinda couldn’t answer it because there was a knock on the door …

I went over to answer the door and it was my worst nightmare …

It was Mr Green and Jennifer

“hello Ava” said Mr Green. Jennifer and Mr Green weren’t on their own together. They were accompanied by his step kids who I hated and they hate me and then Jennifer was holding a baby which looked like a new born. But why?

“May we come in?” asked Mr Green

I stopped and stared at Mr Green and then I looked over to Melinda and she saw my scared face.

“No” said Melinda “we told you to leave and never come back” she added “I don’t remember hearing this” said Mr Green ignoring what Melinda just said and came in “what are you doing here?” asked Melinda “and what’s with the baby?” she added “she’s my daughter” said Mr Green “what are you doing?” asked Melinda “I wanted to come and see you” said Mr Green “well we made it perfectly clear that we don’t want to see you” I said.

Mr Green ignored me “This is my daughter Anastasia” he said “and?” I asked, “she’s got nothing to do with us” I added “you have nothing to do with us anymore” I said, “Ava’s right” said Melinda “hey, that’s my daughter you’re talking about!” said Mr Green “didn’t we mean anything to you? We were your daughters too” said Melinda “you know something?” I asked “you were a pathetic father to us so that kid has no hope having you as her dad. I feel quite sorry for her. You let us down so you will let her down. We meant nothing to you. We thought you loved us like we were your own children but no” I said, “see you” I added and walked away.

“How rude” said Jennifer “Ava’s got a point. You were a pathetic father to us especially to Ava. She has every right to say that. To be angry, to be upset, to be heartbroken with you. Because you chase that angry, you chase that upset and heartbroken and pain that she is feeling. Yet she’s not showing it because that girl is the strongest girl I know. Nothing will knock her down. She always helps everyone as much as she can even when she’s been through so much pain that you chase. You should have told her the truth from the beginning. But no, you kept lying to her about who she really is and the past. That girl is only fifteen and she’s been through so much and it’s your fault. You treated her like you didn’t love her at all, all through her life, she didn’t know about what happened with you and Miss Thomas. Does she know about your new baby? You lied to Miss Thomas too. Not just us but the person who was supposed to be your wife. You treated all of us like dirt and this is what you paid us. A new born child with Jennifer. Not everything is about you Mr Green. Think about what you put Ava through. Think about that not everything is about you” said Melinda “good luck Anastasia. You’ll need it with having a pathetic dad” she added “and you better not been hiding anything. That kid deverses better with all the chase you’ve caused her” said Melinda and she went upstairs.
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Chapter sixty: Connections

Submitted: May 29, 2017

Chapter sixty – Connections

I was upstairs looking through a box which I found stuffed at the back of the wardrobe when Melinda “Are you okay?” she asked me “no” I said “can you believe him? He just comes back here with his new daughter like we meant nothing to him” I said “I know A but don’t let it bother you. You’ve got to finish your first year here. Contrace on that and nothing else okay” said Melinda. I nodded in agreement.

I continued to look through the box that was in my hand “what are you looking for?” asked Melinda “nothing much” I said then I saw a piece of paper folded up.

“What’s that?” asked Melinda “I don’t know” I said as I opened it up.

I stared at the letter and read it.

As soon as I saw my mum and dad’s name with Mr Green and Miss Thomas’. I completely froze.

Melinda saw my face “Ava? Are you okay?” she asked, “it says it’s from mum and dad to Mr Green and Miss Thomas” I said, “what does it say?” asked Melinda.

I cleared my throat and read it out loud.

“Dear Mr Jake Green and Mrs Paige Green, my husband and I are asking after so many years of not being in their lives. We want to come and visit our kids again. We know they’re in your custody but we would like to see them as much as we can and as often as you both want us. We know they must be very special to you and we understand that.

Please reply with your answer as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Mr Leo Carpenter and Mrs Stephanie Carpenter” I said.
“So, mum and dad basically wanted to see us all these years. Is there a reply to the letter?” asked Melinda.

I looked through the box, there wasn’t another letter saying Mr Green’s reply but there was another letter about something else.

I looked at it for a long time.

“Are you okay?” asked Melinda “so Mr Green was in contact with mum and dad when we were living with them and Mr Green stopped them from visiting us?” I asked “sounds like it. But what else is there?” asked Melinda.

I went through the box when Melinda saw something “hang on A, what’s that?” asked Melinda pulling out a piece of paper. She read it to herself and I waited patiently.

“Ava” said Melinda “yes?” I asked, “you better sit down” said Melinda “why? What does the letter say?” I asked.

Melinda looked at me worried “you know what happened on the day of our adoption how Mr Green threatened Claire, our social worker about adopting us?” asked Melinda trying to break the news down gently and kept on patting my arm and hand “yes?” I asked, “what’s wrong?” I added “nothing” said Melinda “then what’s the letter about?” I asked “well, with your birth certificate. Mr Green made another one and made it fake so that you weren’t mum and dad’s daughter at all and that you had nothing to do with them” said Melinda finished.

I looked at Melinda in shock “how could he do that? Is the fake certificate in there?” I asked and Melinda looked through the box again “yes, it is” said Melinda but then she saw something else.

“Ava, it gets worse” said Melinda “it can’t” I said.

Melinda cleared her throat and looked at me.

“You have a twin!” said Melinda
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Chapter sixty-one: I want to be with my real family

Submitted: June 05, 2017

Chapter sixty-one: I want to be with my real family

“What?!” I asked not sure what to say, “it’s true” said Melinda “it says so here” she added and showed me the letter.

It said:
“Dear Mr Jake Green and Mrs Paige Green, we have discovered that Ava has a twin sister. We found a birth certificate with Ava and her twin’s name on it.

We searched and searched for Sabrina but we couldn’t find her anywhere. We called the care home and they told us that Sabrina had been taken away.

One day, please tell Ava about Sabrina. One day the girls will meet each other.

Yours sincerely,
Mr and Mrs Carpenter”

I looked up at Melinda with tears down my face and ran out of my bedroom clutching the letter “Ava, wait a second. Where are you going?” she asked me as she ran after me.

I ran into the living room where Mr Green was with Jennifer and his kids watching tv.

“Is this true?” I said out of the blue holding the letter in front of Mr Green.

He stood up “Ava, what is that?” he asked me “do I have a twin sister, yes or no?” I asked as Melinda came running.

Mr Green took the letter from me and read it

“Ava, this letter is 15 years old. Where did you find it?” asked Mr Green “in a box in the wardrobe at the back” I said, “you weren’t supposed to know” he added “so it is true. More lying” I said and I ran upstairs with tears still and Melinda went to go and find the others.

“Jemma, I need to tell you something” said Melinda “what’s up?” asked Jemma “well, where’s the others?” she asked as soon as she said this, the others had walked in and they all came over to Melinda and Jemma and sat down.

“So, what’s up?” asked Ryan “Mr Green is back and Ava has a twin” said Melinda “wait what?” asked Clara-Louise “since when?” asked Ryan “Ava was looking through a box that was stuffed at the back of the wardrobe and she found a letter in there from mum and dad explaining that she has a twin sister called Sabrina” said Melinda “who was the letter written to?” asked Ryan “Mr Green” admitted Melinda and Ryan was gone.

He ran downstairs and into the living room.

“How could you be so disloyal to Ava? Not telling her that she has a twin sister. That’s pure evil” said Ryan and walked off to find me.

I was sat in the school’s back garden.

“Are you okay?” asked Ryan now walking over and sat down next to me.

“I’m fine, I just” I stopped because I couldn’t get the words out.

Ryan looked at me worried and I stood up.

“Just what?” he asked, “talk to me A” he said. I turned around to face him because I had my back to him.

“I just want to be with my real family and every time, he comes. He brings another secret with him. How far is he going to go until I’m heartbroken because now, he’s succeeding well. I can’t take it any more heartbreak Ry; my own twin sister is out there somewhere and probably doesn’t even know who I am” I said almost crying.

Ryan hugged me tight as tears fell down my face and onto his shirt.

“We will go and find her okay and you are with your real family A I promise. I love you” said Ryan “I love you too” I said wiping my nose with tissue. Ryan went back inside and I followed holding his hand.

“One day, soon I will be reunited with my twin sister. You’ll see” I thought to myself
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chapter sixty-two: No more lies

Submitted: June 05, 2017

We walked over to Mr Green followed by my other brother and sisters.

“No more lies. I want a confession” I said, “is this true?” I asked and held the letter in front of Mr Green.

He took the letter out of my hand and read it all in his hand. We all waited patiently. Jennifer was watching me in a weird way.

Mr Green looked back up at all of us.

“So, is it true?” asked Melinda “that letter explaining that you have a twin sister is 100% true” said Mr Green “I KNEW IT! Why? Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked almost crying “I can explain, Ava. I promise” said Mr Green “go on then” I said.

Mr Green cleared his throat “on the day of your adoption, we, meaning Paige and I were planning on adopting you all but then this other family wanted to adopt you all too so I threatened Claire to adopt you and she let us adopt you and she gave us money and we took all of you with us but we were going to take Sabrina but we didn’t know because we were talking to Claire and had our back to Sabrina but she was kidnapped” said Mr Green “we were devastated and heartbroken. We searched and searched for Sabrina but we had no luck” said Mr Green “so you just gave up?! You didn’t think to tell me, I have a twin sister outside these four walls” I said sounding annoyed “Ava, come on” begged Mr Green “and what about faking my birth certificate? Why do that?” I asked, “we wanted you to forget about your real parents” said Mr Green “why?” I asked “because we didn’t want to cause heartbreak for you” said Mr Green “well I found out everything, the whole truth. What happened with you and Paige, what happened on the day of my adoption day, why Ryan treated me so badly so you can give up with the lies. I know everything and the heartbreak, well you’re a bit late for that. No more lies. I can’t stand any more heartbreak. Please, do you know where Sabrina is?” I asked, “yes I do” said Mr Green “where?” I asked.

Mr Green signed and cleared his throat then looked at me.

“she’s living with her adopted family in Weymouth” said Mr Green and I ran upstairs quickly.

“I have to go and look for her” I thought to myself.
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Chapter sixty-three: Broken

Submitted: June 05, 2017

Chapter sixty-three: Broken

“What are you doing?” asked Mason “packing” I said smiling “why? Where are you going?” asked Mason “I’m going to look for my twin sister” I said causally.

Mason just looked at me and watched me packing clothes into my suitcase “what?” asked Mason “you have a twin?” he added “since when?” he asked me “since birth apparently” I said putting some t-shirts in my suitcase.

Mason looked at me “wait a second” said Mason making me stop putting clothes in my suitcase and I looked up at him.

“Let’s talk” said Mason grabbing my hand and led me over to my bed and we sat down.

“Tell me everything, from start to now” said Mason “but I need to” I stopped because Mason had purposely put his hand over my mouth.
I looked at him and signed “fine. What is it that you want to know?” I asked “how did you find out about your twin sister? When did you find out? Do you know where she is? What’s her name?” asked Mason “I was looking through a box and I found a letter explaining about Sabrina. Mr Green knew all this time and didn’t tell me but he did tell me where she is” I said, “where is she?” asked Mason “she lives in Weymouth with her adopted family” I said “wow A, that’s amazing. Another you, scary though” joked Mason. I laughed “our relationship, meaning mine and Mr Green’s is broken. He’s been lying to me my whole life, he knew about Sabrina and he didn’t even tell me. How am I supposed to be able to trust him again without him lying to me? I can’t. The relationship is just broken and I’m not willing to fix it. I don’t need him in my life anymore” I said “good on you A. I love you” said Mason “I love you too” I said smiling.

Mr Green was in the front room.

“Mr Green?” I asked “Ava?” asked Mr Green “our relationship meant everything to me and you took full advantage of it. Yes, I thought of you as a dad but I couldn’t forget about my real mum and dad growing up. They gave us up, that was the right thing to do. But because of your lies and betrayal, our relationship that we had means nothing to me now and I am really really broken and so is our relationship but I can’t trust you anymore because all you do is lie and lie repeatedly and I’m not willing to fix it. I want to start fresh which means starting fresh without you, without your lies and betrayal and especially no more heart break because that is all that you’ve caused me since I’ve been here. I’m sorry, you need to go” I said.
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Chapter sixty-four: I hate you

Submitted: June 10, 2017

Chapter sixty-four: I hate you

“Ava, come on” said Mr Green “no” I said “you need to go” I added “I hate you for what you did. My heart is broken” I said “I’m sorry” said Mr Green.

Melinda walked in with everyone else “hey” she said and sat next to me “hey” I said back. Lewis sat next to Melinda.

“Lewis” said Melinda “yes?” asked Lewis “I’m pregnant” said Melinda “what?” asked Lewis “with a baby boy” added Melinda.

Lewis stood up “oh my god” said Lewis “this is great news, congratulations” I said “thanks A” said Lewis “how have you known?” he added.

Melinda looked at me silently panicking “just a second ago” I said.

Melinda and Lewis smiled at me “oh my god, a baby boy. I can’t believe it” said Lewis “I know” I said smiling at my big sister and my brother-in-law.

“I told Mr Green that I hate him and I don’t want anything to do with him anymore” I said.

“Ava, I’m so proud of you. I know how much you loved Mr Green” said Melinda “what he did was unforgivable” said “well done” added Melinda “thank you” I said smiling and then almost a sudden we heard loud screaming and shouts for help from upstairs and it sounded like mum. We all rushed upstairs.

We all ran into my parents’ room. My mum was sat down on their bed screaming in pain with tears down her face.

“Mum? Are you okay?” I asked. Our mum looked like in a big amount of pain and started to look like she was crying.

“Mum?” asked Jemma “I think my water’s just broke and I’m going into labor” said Mrs Carpenter.

We all looked at one another

“Okay, can you get up?” asked Melinda and my mum struggled to get up but managed to stand up straight.
“Right Ava, go and get dad ASAP. Jemma, go and get some towels” said Melinda.

Jemma and I both rushed downstairs as quick as we could.
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Chapter sixty-five: I don't ever want to see you again

Submitted: June 11, 2017

Chapter sixty-five: I don’t ever want to see you again

As I rushed downstairs as quickly as I could. I accidentally bumped into Mr Green. I looked at him for a second and then carried on running.

“Wait Ava, please” said Mr Green “you shouldn’t be here. I asked you to go. You need to go please. I can’t be around you anymore. Please go” I said “I’m sorry, I really am. I didn’t mean to hurt you so bad honestly. You’ve got to believe me” said Mr Green “no I don’t have to do anything. You’re not my dad anymore” I said “you must believe me. I love you” said Mr Green.

I looked at Mr Green “you need to leave because I don’t ever want to see you again. I don’t want anything to do with you ever again Mr Green. You’re out of my life for good and it’s staying that way. Goodbye” I said and I ran off to find my dad.

I knocked on my dad’s office. He answered, “hey sweetie, you okay?” asked Mr Carpenter “it’s mum, she’s gone into labour” I said. Mr Green looked at me and we rushed upstairs and ran into mum’s bedroom.

“Come on love, I’m taking you to the hospital” said Mr Carpenter grabbing my mum around her waist so she feels secure and safe and held her hand. We slowly walked downstairs.

“We’ll meet you at the hospital dad” I said as we all helped mum into the car and Jemma and Quentin got in the back followed by dad.

“Is mum going to be okay?” I asked sounding worried “yeah of course she is. She’s having our new twin brother and sister. She’s had five kids and we’ve turned out, okay haven’t we? So, she’ll be fine” said Melinda and we all got into Melinda’s car and headed to the hospital.

1 hour and a half, we arrived at the hospital and Melinda parked up and we spotted dad’s Toyota car and rushed into the hospital.
We walked up to the reception “hello, we’re looking for Stephanie Carpenter” said Melinda asking the nurse “turn left then right then you’ll find her” said the nurse “thank you” said Melinda.

As soon as we found mum, dad, Quentin and Jemma. Mum was screaming at the top of her voice, in lots of pain, doctors rushing around her.

“Come on mum, pull” said Jemma.

My mum pulled as hard as she could.

“Mum, you can do it. I know you can” I said. The doctors helped my mum while we all waited patiently.

“You’ve got this one honey” said Mr Carpenter holding my mum’s hand tight and smiling at her.

In a insist, one head came out followed by a body and some legs then another head appeared.

The doctors got the two tiny babies out.

“Congratulations, you have twins. A boy and a girl” said the doctor.

We all looked so chuffed and happy.

“Well done mum, we are so proud of you” said Ryan “you did great” said Jemma “can I hold one?” I asked, “of course darling” said Mrs Carpenter and she handed me the most gorgeous small baby girl I’d ever seen in my life.

“She’s gorgeous” I said smiling “oh look at her little nose, oh mum she’s gorgeous” I added sounding happy “I agree” said a stranger.

We all turned around “who are you?” asked Quentin

“I’m Sabrina” said the stranger
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Chapter sixty-six: Brothers and Sisters

Submitted: June 11, 2017

Chapter sixty-six: Brothers and Sisters

“Sabrina?” I asked, “as in my twin sister Sabrina?” I added “yes” said Sabrina.

Everyone looked at this beautiful tall stranger.

“Oh Sabrina. How are you? How have you been? We’ve missed you so much. Just remember, we searched everywhere for you but we couldn’t find you but we’ve always loved you” said Mrs Carpenter “oh my gosh, I can’t believe you’re here. My twin sister” I said and we shacked each other’s hands.

“Hello, do you remember me? I’m your dad and this is your mum” said Mr Carpenter “hello and yes, I do remember and I know you loved me. My adopted parents told me you searched everywhere for me” said Sabrina looking at all of us. We smiled at Sabrina.

“how have you been?!” asked Jemma “I’ve been really good. I found this letter from you explaining that I have a twin sister and I just wanted to find her and I guess I have” said Sabrina “yeah you have. I’m your twin sister” I said smiling and Sabrina smiled back.

“I can’t believe it. Our family is completed at last” said Mrs Carpenter looking at all of us.

“what’s their names?” asked Jemma.

My parents looked at each other then turned to look at all of us.

“Martha Joanne and Ethan Christopher Carpenter” said both my parents proudly and I handed my new baby sister over to my dad while mum was still holding Ethan.

“I want a picture of all of us” said Melinda.

Mason and Lewis had joined us an hour after my baby brother and sister were born “how are you going to do that?” I asked, “Lewis and Mason are going to be in it as well as they are both family too” said Melinda smiling at me and then she ran off.

“Where is she going?” I asked, “who knows A. this is Melinda after all” said Lewis laughing “so true” said Jemma joining in with the laughing.

20 minutes later, she came back with a nurse.

“Hi, I’m Rebecca. How are you doing Mrs Carpenter?” asked Rebecca “I’m good thank you” said Mrs Carpenter “that’s good” said Rebecca “Rebecca offered to take the picture of all of us together and then separate ones because I’m going to do a family album” said Melinda “what a good idea” I said smiling at my big sister.

Rebecca smiled at all of us as we got together.

“Say cheese” said Rebecca “cheese” we all said together and clicked the photo was taken.

“Aw, that is lovely” said Mrs Carpenter as the nurse showed my mum the picture.

We took a hour to take separate ones.

“All my kids together again at last. We can finally start fresh and be a family again” said Mrs Carpenter.

We didn’t realise that Melinda was in pain until she screamed so loud.

“Darling, what’s wrong?” asked Mr Carpenter above the screaming and shouting from Melinda.

“My little boy is due any day now. I can’t believe it” said Melinda.

“Okay, but we are all brothers and sisters and we will always stand together no matter what happens” said Sabrina “Sabrina is right, we are all here for you” I said.

We all smiled at each other

“Here’s to a new life and a new beginning” said Mr Carpenter
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Chapter sixty-seven: A new life

Submitted: June 11, 2017

Chapter sixty-seven: A new life

“Yes! I can’t believe it” said Lewis “let’s go home” said Mrs Carpenter

My mum got discharged from the hospital and we headed home.

I got a whole new life now. No more Mr Green. I’ve got my twin sister back and twin baby brother and sister.

My nephew is due any day now.

When we got home, Sabrina and I went inside with my mum and dad.

“I can’t believe you’ve found each other at last. But what about your adopted parents? Do they know that you’re here with us?” asked Mrs Carpenter.

Sabrina looked at all of us as the rest of the family came inside.

“Well” she stopped and she looked at us sad.

“What happened to them honey?” asked Mr Carpenter.

“They died in a car crash but before the car crash. They told me to go and find my birth family and have a new life with them. The car crash happened when I was on the train coming here and I got a phone call from my adopted nanny and she told me what happened to them. The funeral is in a couple of days but I’m not going. This is my new life with you. My adopted parents always wanted me to go and find you but I just couldn’t and now I have and I don’t regret it because I’m with my twin sister at last” said Sabrina “oh I’m sorry to hear that. Yes, this is your new life now. My adopted family is out of my life for good and I’m ready to start fresh with my real family, making lots of memories and having lots of fun and adventures together because that’s what we deverse” I said “you are so right A. We all deverse a fresh start in life and a happy ending after all we’ve been through and don’t worry, we’re going to fix that broken heart of yours as well. We deverse a new life together as a family” said Lewis.

A few days after Martha and Ethan were born, we were all in the front room watching tv quietly when Melinda came rushing in “Err, guys” said Melinda “what’s up?” asked Quentin “I think my water’s just broke” said Melinda.

We all looked at each other in panic.
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Chapter sixty-eight: A happy ending

Submitted: June 13, 2017

Chapter sixty-eight: A happy ending

“Oh god, okay let’s go to the hospital again then” said Lewis and we all went outside.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a mum and have a happy ending” said Melinda as she got in the back of her car and we all headed to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, we walked up to the receptionist. Rebecca was on the computer.

“You back already?” she asked “yes, my daughter’s waters broke” said Mr Carpenter “right okay oh gosh, come with me” said Rebecca and she led us over to a hospital bed and we helped Melinda sit down as her bump was massive and she struggled to sit down by herself.

“How are you feeling?” asked Rebecca as she pull the curtain round to give us privacy “I feel like this little boy is going to come any second” said Melinda “okay, stay calm. How many weeks are you?” asked Rebecca “she’s 37 weeks” said Lewis “okay let me just go and get the doctor” said Rebecca and she rushed off.
“Okay, honey, take some deep breaths in and out” said Lewis.

Melinda took some deep breaths in and out.

Rebecca came back with lots of towels and three doctors.

“Hello, Mrs Tennant. I’m Dr Sharp. How are you feeling?” asked Dr Sharp “I’m okay” said Melinda.

I never heard Melinda being called Mrs Tennant before. Even a week after she got married, no one called her Mrs Osment.

Was this baby boy going to give us the happy ending we’ve always wanted?

Melinda started to scream in pain “he’s coming” she said.

“Okay, you can do it darling. We love you” said Mr Carpenter.

The doctors surrounded Melinda.

“Pull, honey, you can do it” said Lewis holding Melinda’s hand tight.

“1,2,3, pull” said Dr Sharp. Melinda pulled hard and there it was.

A small round head followed by a body and two short legs with two pairs of small feet.

“Congratulations, you’ve got a beautiful healthy boy” said Dr Sharp “thank you” said Melinda.

Dr Sharp smiled and him and Rebecca walked away.

“He’s gorgeous” said Jemma “he is isn’t he” said Melinda.

“What’s his name sweetheart?” asked Mr Carpenter smiling at Melinda and Lewis.

Melinda and Lewis smiled at each other than at all of us “Dylan Ryan Quentin Tennant” said Melinda smiling proudly “you’re going to call your son with our names in his name?” asked Ryan “yeah, he’s going to have his two cool uncle’s names’” said Melinda.

Ryan and Quentin smiled at Melinda “thank you” they said together “no problem” said Melinda.

“We are so proud of you, you did fantastically well” said Mr Carpenter “yes you did. You did brilliantly” said Mrs Carpenter smiling at my big sister “thank you mum and dad for everything” said Melinda.

Then Mr and Mrs Carpenter smiled at the rest of us “we are also proud of the rest of you” said Mr Carpenter “you’ve all come so far” added Mr Carpenter “thank you” we all said.

“We want to ask you all a question” said Mrs Carpenter “ask away” asked Ryan.

“Would you all be okay with the idea of moving house and starting fresh in Montacute?” asked Mrs Carpenter “Will Mr Green be able to find me?” I asked sounding scared.

Mr Carpenter held my hand “no never sweetheart. You won’t ever see Mr Green or anyone from that family ever again. I promise you” said Mr Carpenter “can my friends come and live with us?” I asked “yes of course. They’re part of the family. Lewis and Dylan as well” said Mr Carpenter.

“Then I’m 100% going” I said “yes, us too” said the rest of the family “great! We’ll start packing first thing. We’ve already bought a house” said Mr Carpenter.

We all laughed and hugged each other.

So, this is my happy ending after all, not seeing Mr Green ever again, starting fresh with my real family, I found my twin sister, my twin brother, sister and my nephew are born and my heart is finally fixed after so much heart break.

What more could you want?
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Chapter sixty-nine: End of an Era

Submitted: June 13, 2017

Chapter sixty-nine: End of an Era

As soon as we got back to school, Mason and I rushed upstairs and into my bedroom.

My friends were sitting on their beds doing their own thing.

“Hey, you’re back” said Lola “yes, Martha and Ethan were born perfectly healthy and a few days after my nephew decided to make an appearance” I said laughing “oh good, I’m glad they’re all born and healthy. What about Mr Green?” asked Lola “he’s out of my life. He won’t see me ever again when he won’t know where I live” I said “why? Are you moving to a new house?” asked Mia “yes, my parents want a new fresh start now. My family is all back together” I said, “oh did you find your twin sister then?” asked Zoey “yep, she came to the hospital” I said “where are you moving too? What’s your address? So we can come and see you” said Lola.

Mason and I looked at each other smiling “what?” asked Mia

We both looked at my friends “you can come and live with us” I said jumping up and down “you’re joking?” asked Lola “nope” I said, “oh my god” said Zoey starting to jump up and down “where are we all moving to?” asked Mia “Montacute” I said, “that’s a nice village” said Mia “you’re quite right. It’s a lovely small village” said Mr Carpenter coming in with the rest of the family “shall we start packing?” asked Sabrina “yes sweetie” said Mr Carpenter.

We all went upstairs and started to pack our things.

“I’m so excited about this move. It’s exactly what this family needs” said Lewis “yes, it is” I said.

“Can I say something to you all?” I asked “sure A” said Mia “when Ryan and I first came here, I knew no one, my relationship with Ryan was broken and that wasn’t his fault, I know that now. Then I met Lola, in the weirdest way possible and then met Mia and Zoey who introduced me to Mason who is now the love of my life. I didn’t think I would have you guys as my best friends for life and then all this heart break with Mr Green happened and I found out so much about myself but I’m glad because it’s time to move on and to start fresh. It’s end of an era and it’s time to move on from Misselthwaite Manor. We’ve had loads of adventures and fun times here and we always remember them” I said
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Chapter seventy- Goodbye

Submitted: June 13, 2017

Chapter seventy- Goodbye

“You are so right Ava. I love you and I’m glad our relationship is fixed and we can start fresh” said Ryan “I love you to big bro” I said hugging Ryan.

When we finished packing, we walked downstairs and walked into the front room and we saw my friends’ parents and Mason’s dad with Cole.

“Mum, dad, what are you doing here?” asked Mia “since you’re moving in with the Carpenters’. We’ve come to see you all off even though we’ll see you all the time but we are so proud of you sweetie” said Mrs Peyton “thank you” said Mia.

“We all wanted to send you off, that’s why we’re here” said Mrs Perkins “aw mum, I love you” said Lola hugging her mum “I love you too sweetheart” said Mrs Perkins hugging her daughter.

As my friends’ parents hugged their daughters and son.

The rest of us went over to the big door of the school.

“I can’t believe we’re leaving” I said “you all deverse a fresh start in life and with us” said Mrs Carpenter “we love you” said my siblings and I together “we all love you so much” said Mrs Carpenter and we all hugged each other.

“Don’t forget to text me when you get to Montacute okay” said Mr Matthews “yes dad, I won’t forget” said Zoey “love you” she added “we love you too” said Mr Matthews “we’ll come and see you all the time” said Mrs Matthews and all my friends hugged their parents and came over to us.

“You already to go?” asked Mr Carpenter “you bet” said Melinda as she put Dylan in his car seat.

“Let’s hit the road then” said Mrs Carpenter as she put Martha on her waist while Ethan was on Mr Carpenter’s and they all headed towards the car “I’ll catch you up” I said, “I’ve got to do something first” I added “okay sweetie” said Mrs Carpenter.

I was alone in the big empty school that became my home.

I looked around the school and smiled.

“Goodbye Misselthwaite Manor for girls and boys. It’s been a good laugh. But now it’s time to move on and to start fresh. Goodbye” I thought to myself smiling and I shut the big brown door behind me.
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