Oracle in My Church

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I have only added all you listen when you are visiting this premises of belief in a simple poem. May you shine where you are. :)

Submitted: June 05, 2016

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Submitted: June 05, 2016



When our teacher listen I dreamed one day will move every cowebs of faith in our world towards peace,

Helplessly in God's extended love for happy among this presence of all things for the man within find angels besides HIS side,

I always knew the only risk is heartlessness to keep indiscipline of the burned look I wipe all crimes done,

No thought if I lose my mind in incomplete disobedient satisfaction I know who will be unwashed yet unkept in its state,

This shadowless hour I'm not in the street of strangers unborn with every cry I look in the eyes,

Once this nightmare haunted one oracle in my church I discovered the core of clay belong to the fashion I present outside,

If any unread goodnews behind all night the day before yesterday cloth for our days ahead,

Finding my way back home I wanted to make a livingroom carrying a daily cross all may dance beats of HIS extraordinary heart,

Very voiceless our ancestral friends left away in memories of a Christmas pass in my slow thought I see a rattle of shaking steps in this unseen shore besides my lifetime,

Who may dwell in the hope finding this miracle of grace for time far away sleeping with the Lord of great changes yet my steps in this hurrying chariots always be behind in my walks of this life I long for true genuine cause I am born for?

May this reflection of ultimate spirit deliver the future that bring us back lost travellers we love and work in prayers,

As our oracle search into other names and forms clotted on their shadows through my sleep there is a reason why I believe may remember this whole human life from another existence,

If this flowering tree by a passing umbrella of one belief I tour without any questions bliss on tatters of attachments they knew my truth eclipse unfolding happiness in a lot of characters in this play I am found in time's fury of wellbeing,

Where love can take away longtivity of fear sleeping in an ignorant language I return back in voice when our teacher light this preternatural spirit in my church,

The watchers of this stairs on the mark of superior beings cement the time of supreme virtue I learn with oracle in my church,

When this heart opens near a backyard well of our culture I win every time I climb this ladder lifting my heart hugging self touching spirit of self within,

Where Ganges turn the colours bringing my knees of one spiritual poverty in a world we live our epic of existence you remind me of this different deep in all senses of our heart,

I let loose this feeling to look within what will be the last word our teacher may inspire under the sigh of all guests who take this procession for one congregration beyond time,

If the little ones ahead garnet the beauty you will light for all God's creation at the touch of the greatest sacrifice our teacher made for us,

If it could burn wrinkles away from my heart I will learn the difficult art of compassion all your blessing may harvet in this everlasting name of God's promise,

Slowly in time small steps I know my heart may light how can I tell the crowd troubled on very stars our teacher laid HIS life for every place we will visit in this lifetime,
Now seen from the garden I know you'll in another half of this perfection we will find in God may the center of our days spent in the affection I live my life for this message through the time of safety I feel the tug of this simple chemistry is the foundation I am lost in this care of ultimate soul that bonds our beginning for all above what you always knew,

For those angels who rise in this upbringing I ask this ordinary question,

If you saw our teacher who answer all the calls of nature that watch our steps for enlightment in every currency of this life,

Will your silence for the oracle in my church unbroken pass on this foundlings when all this dream in an old language I seek for all the struggles our teacher been through yet gifted everyone an awesone opportunity to shine where they are for a better world we like to return in our special journey ? 

I hope the youngest gift of one oracle in my church hear this prayer for the grace of God that listend yet unknown where its faints for hope I am so blessed... :)

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